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#8264107 Aug 08, 2013 at 09:07 PM · Edited 8 months ago
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Hokay, first things first, here there be spoilers for folks who haven't run that mission thing yet.

Got it?


Everyone else who's done it so far, we know what's up with Fatal Error: Cybermind's being a dick to show he's still relevant or something. According to Bob, the final chapter of this will involve a ten-man level 40 raid team against a final boss. Which got me to thinking.

What Champions villain could stand up to that many heroes? Who specifically hates Cybermind? Who's been hinted at since the launch of the game?

My best guess is that we're finally going to see Mechanon enter the fray. Cybermind's going to get cocky or bite off more than he can choose (Or Mechanon will even come after him for daring to mess with artificial life like Cyberlord and SOCRATES, but that's not likely), and we'll end up having to rescue everyone's least favorite psi-hacker from one pissed off robot overlord.

That said, I'm really impressed with the devs during this storyline. They're pulling from the lore more often and Cybermind's escaped the whole "Let's slap together some costume bits and call it a day" thing that plagued villains earlier on. He's pretty spot-on when you compare his design to the book's designs, too. (I really should've seen it coming as soon as I saw 'DanMan' in the Spider's code, though). And if it does end up being Mechanon, well. Looking at his latest book design, it shouldn't be hard for them to kitbash a decent look for him. And if they continue this awesome "We're paying more attention to our existing resources!" thing they've been on lately, they'll probably just whip up an entirely new look with a minimum of current costume copying.

It'd probably be wrong of me to claim that the final nail in the coffin is that the Book of the Machine is on sale.
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I bet Cybermind is hacking Cyberlord because he thinks Cyberlord was behind the massive hacks

IT WAS ALL MECHANON and we get to chase Cybermind who will be hacked by Mech-Assassin - then Mech-Assassin will be hacked by X - then X by Y - the Y by oh look

What Doctor Awesome's mirror shows.

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#8266073 Aug 09, 2013 at 08:48 AM
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And then Tetsuronin shows up to slap them on the back of the head and go "Stop that shit" before going back to designing Jaegers for Japanese kids shows.
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Truth be told I'd lie saying that I pay too much attention to CO ingame storylines. *shrug*
I love the event though. Because of costume parts and missions aren't too long for farming.
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Bah. Looks like it's gonna end with Cybermind. No Mechanon.

Still, a new Rampage event, more costumes, more AFs? This can't be all bad.
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sounds like a surprise twist waiting to happen
What Doctor Awesome's mirror shows.

Are you ready for Pain? Are you ready for Suffering? If your answer is YES, get in CORP FORUMS!