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You may or may not have heard of us, not that it matters. All that matters, is that unless the superhumans take their rightful place as lords of the Earth, the times will never change.

If you are superhuman, we are here to set you free, if you would take our offer. Free from the tyranny of humanity.

If you are human, but understand our ideas, then feel free to come. Come and shed your weakness like a snake's skin.

Yes, we are an institution founded under the belief that humanity as it is, indeed always has been, does not have the right to self-rule. Indeed, take one look at the chaos and suffering our world has been through under humanity's hypocritical belief in "human rights", and understand why we fight. But now that the superhuman element has arisen, there now exists a class of beings capable of keeping their most self-destructive urges in check... at the tip of a claw, if need be.

The liars would have you believe that fear and hatred of the superhuman element are largely nonexistent in a society where people with powers are about as common as rocks. Do not believe it for an instant. If that were true, why are men like Senator Glassman and the Institute for Human Advancement allowed to exist? Why has it only taken until this year for there to be a medical facility, one Heart and Hope in Millennium City, dedicated to caring for those with powers who have not sold out to those who would oppress us?

Well we say no. To this, we will always say no.

No more hiding. No more licking the boots of our human overlords. No more exploitation of our powers for their own greed, cowardice and emptiness. No more!

To the those who would have their hate compensate for their powerlessness, fear us. To those with power, and are unafraid it use it to bring change, rally behind us.

For are infinite. We are everywhere. And we have the power. The power to correct the world! To correct it into a world where you must hide or risk being in constant danger from the average populace, into one where you can be among those who will bring the Earth into a glorious future!

For we, the Dominant Reptilian Alliance for Global Oppression and Nonhumanism, stand in judgement over this world! And we shall burn the corruption that plagues humanity away until there are not even ashes left!

Come, and join us. Join the future. Be the cleansing fire, or else risk being burned yourself. That is our offer. We eagerly await your answer.

Hail D.R.A.G.O.N.! Allegiance or Incineration!

((Greetings, everyone. First off, I'd like to let everyone know that this is an villainous "evil organization" RP supergroup with visual and thematic influences from the Batman Beyond version of Kobra, SPECTRE from James Bond 007, the Brotherhood of Mutants, and bits of Hydra/VIPER/Cobra Command. The premise of the organization is that of a meta-supremacist group with a heavy reptile motif whose objective is the complete and utter overthrow of the current world order, and to establish a world in which superhumans rule over the rest of humanity for what they see as its own good. Think meta-supremacism mixed with fascism and you wouldn't be too far off. While the organization is largely tech-based, with mutants, cyborgs, paramilitary, and superscience toons galore, magic is by no means disallowed. It's just considered a niche part of the organization. Aliens are also considered a minority. The membership only consists of myself and a few others and isn't that active at this time, but I want to expand it and maybe start some RP storylines in the future involving the group, hence this post. We are accepting of roleplayers of all stripes and experience levels, but I personally discourage the use of ERP. I want to keep this thing open and available for anyone who wants to participate.

For more IC information regarding the organization, follow this link:

Once this organization gets to a relatively decent size, however, I'd like to let you guys know that we be will available to serve as antagonists to other, more heroic supergroups for RP purposes.

One thing I should stress, however: this group does not tolerate "lol I do whatever I want and you can't stop me, also murder is fun"-type villains. While there are some examples of particularly twisted followers, many are anti-villains, and will work alongside the heroes to fight off threats that pose an existential danger to the Earth, like, say, the Qliphothic Realm. Not only are such characters, quite frankly, boring, I have found they infuriate people OOCly, and members are expected to follow the organization's IC rules. Intentionally disruptive behavior OOCly is also out of the question.

I should also not that I do not in any way want to steal the Blackguard or the N.W.O.'s thunder. I merely want to contribute to this community in my own way and hopefully bring the people in this game a little bit closer together.

One last thing I should note is that during college semesters, I will only be online during weekends and MAY be online during occasional weekdays, but will be online more during summer.

Other than that, even though we don't really have a site, know that we are always recruiting for anyone who is interested! Send me a tell to @sylinator if you have any questions or comments!))
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