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Framework Builds Discussion

[Pinned] Will Black's Framework Syneries Guide - Now on CORP!

Some of you may Recognize this thread from the Combat and Powers Forum on the Official Champions Online Forums. Basically, this is a thread that was originally a response to the multitude of threads started by newer players looking to learn and un...
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Framework Builds Discussion

[Pinned] The "CO Builds" Channel

Though the channel is linked under the main channel list, I figured it would be good to post a thread under the builds section.The "CO Builds" channel is a CORP owned channel that CORPers may join whenever they want. The soul purpose of the chann...
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Framework Builds Discussion

[Pinned] RYNO's Guide to Understanding Threat Management

Threat has to be the signularly least understood mechanic in all of Champions Online. Knowing how to Generate, Disperse and Manage Aggro has many myths and misunderstandings about it stemming back to the game's Original Closed Beta. Since F2P, man...
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Framework Builds Discussion

[Pinned] Updated Champions Builder!

Champions Builder updateThere you go folks, because I love you all. Enjoy.
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Framework Builds Discussion

[Pinned] The Frameworks Build Section

This is a section for people looking for builds and power selection help/guides, or for people who want to discuss about the powers in general.
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Framework Builds Discussion

Bluegrass Beast's Build Basement

Hello, I'm Bluegrass Beast....what? It worked for Johnny Cash, didn't it?I digress, I am BluegrassBeast,member of the CO community since around September of 2011, Vanguard since 2012, and overall lover of tinkering with builds; I was what the MTG ...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Concept builds needing twinking.

Ok firstly let me apologize up front for the lack on info in the builds following, I can't play champions effectively because the laptop I have at the moment runs CO at 5 frames a second. the computer I used to play on died soon after onslought c...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Wardicator, Dodge, and other questions.

Is wardicator so powerful that it makes everything else genuinely sub-par?Is 100% dodge still possible?Where are all the actual numerical statistics? I found a post on the real forums that breaks down the superstats and superstat trees, but I hav...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Build Help

I'm having trouble making a toggled power armor character, hybridized with a melee laser knight type character. I'd really like to use Quarry, I think, but from there I'm not sure how to make it A) Survivable or B) Energy Efficient. Theoreticall...
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Framework Builds Discussion

TP/Darkness build

Hi. New to these forums; I really like the atmosphere so far, and I've found Bluegrass Beast's Build Basement to be very useful. In that light, then, I figured I'd ask for advice on a TP build based on one of his (Domina).Whereas he used TP and ...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Gravity/Force/Earth Build?

So I started a character that I wanted to turn into a hero that was a telekinetic of the throw things/people around variety, and started playing with the powerhouse... then realized that I have no skill at creating builds. I wanted to focus on kno...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Rairyu, "Blade Mage"?

Hi, guys. I've been posting on the channel a bit but figured see if anyone's able to give suggestions/ideas for a build. I'll take it all and see what you guys can recommend or not recommend to make it work. I'll note I do tend to go off the wall ...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Mindhammer, Telekinetic Tank.

Back in CoH I made a character named Aud. And she was odd. She was a psychic hero who used melee range TK to fight crime because she had no control over her precognition or telepathy. I made her a Kinetic Melee brute and I had the BEST time playin...
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Framework Builds Discussion

2 Electric Builds I'm Trying

Here are two similar builds that I am trying out. The first is a dps build using Electric Form.PowerHouse to this build:
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Framework Builds Discussion

Build Dump: Ice-Heart

Ice-heart is weird. She was one of my first chars, she got respecced a couple times. She got quite deadly after Super stats were changed. When concentration was introduced, she was still doing respectable damage so I never respecced her.She cou...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Invisible Fear Puncher

I was attempting to recreate the feel of a shadow scrapper, I ended up combining things that created more of a shadow stalker. The end results are fun so far, so I'm posting it up here for you people to tinker with.Like a few things I've posted I...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Building Vita Nexus for CO

As the topic suggests, I'd like to see what I can do towards building my old CoH Tank, Vita Nexus, in CO. I know it isn't going to be a perfect fit, but I'd like to see what I can do.For those who don't know him well, in technical terms, Vita was ...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Sable Seer, the tough sorcerer

Hello everyone,Firstly, thanks for any help you can provide. I'm semi new around here, I've lurked but this is my first actual post.I'm trying to refine my concept and build into a better place. I had a rough time leveling though I did make it t...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Telepathy DOT DPS/Support build advice requested

Hevea's BuildThis is my current build for my Telepathic Slime Girl, and I'm pretty happy with it. It has infinite energy, coming closer and closer to perma AO/ADs, but I keep fretting at the build anyway. I was wondering if anyone here might have ...
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Framework Builds Discussion

Comments/Help on Super Robot Build?

First off, this is mainly a "melee/ranged hybrid" type of build. I like the feeling of up to 26, but I'm sure there might be better stuff on the last end of things. Also, thanks to Bansidhe for recommending I update Java to get powerhouse working ...
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