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[Pinned] The LFG Section
Looking for Group

[Pinned] The LFG Section

This is where people can post if they are looking for specific super groups, or super groups in general without worry of their posts being lost among the numerous recruiting posts on the main section.
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Looking for Group

On the Search for a RP Supergroup

I'm an experienced RPer, mostly through tabletop RP, who is searching for a Supergroup where I can enjoy RPing. Searching on my own has yielded few results. Thus, I turn to the forums for help. I would be open to any possible suggestions by the co...
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Looking for Group

Mighty Miracle: Looking for RPSG

I could give you the story: Andrinne Duponte is one of the Quebec bodybuilders turned adventurer like her father and her grandmother; her sickness came in 1976 when she thought that she caught a cold but it's something worst than that. She coughed...
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Looking for Group

Looking for RP-themed guild.

Been a long time since I've RP'd period, and i'd love to get involved in the community here in this game. I have a ton of preferences about what the guild offers and i'll be pleasantly surprised if you manage to get all of em. Even if you cant fil...
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Looking for Group

Active and Helpful RP Group

Hello, I am the newest person here and wish to completely join and engage. I've gotten stuck on dealing with Kevin Poe and..sorta wished for an active group i could join! Some sort of group that could've it like a league group in DCUO? So...
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Looking for Group

Kenndar LFRP

Hey, fellows! Kenndar here again, after a long absence. Really hoping the forum is still active, especially with the game growing just a tad bigger!As you may have guessed, I'm looking for a SG or RP in general.The characters I'm currently playing...
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Looking for Group

Hvy RP Supergroup Wanted

I am looking for a RP Heavy type supergroup. Though fairly new to CO, I'm not new to RP. It is the RP that keeps me in a game along with clothes..many many clothes.I've found my share of 'casual' and 'light' groups but it's not my cup of tea. I pr...
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Looking for Group


Hello folks. I've been considering coming back to Champions after a long, long time away. But what makes a Superhero MMO for me is the roleplaying and relationships between different members of a Supergroup. So I'm hoping Arsenal here will find a ...
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Looking for Group

In search of an RPSG

I've been playing (and more importantly, RPing in) CO for a bit now, a little over a year. Though I have been RPing on other platforms for 5 years now, counting my time on CO. I don't play many characters, but I'm interested in finding a group fo...
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Looking for Group

Looking for RP Group

Hello! As you can probably guess I'm interested in finding an active group to RP with. I've been roleplaying in CO for a few years now and I've enjoyed it, though it seems to be harder and harder to find RP lately. Before that I roleplayed heavily...
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Looking for Group

Returning Player Looking for Sgroup

Hi, I'm a returning player to Champions (from a long time ago) and i've become more and more interested in joining an RP group. It's one of the aspects of the game i didn't get a chance to truly savor the last time and i regret it. I was wondering...
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Looking for Group

Looking for A Supergroup

Much like the title says I've been trying to find an active RP group. I returned to the game more regularly a few months ago and most of the groups that I used to know are gone and the ones that are still around aren't all that active anymore. M...
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Looking for Group

Group or Roleplay Spots!

Greetings again! Now that I finally got a concept that I really like that has developed into a full-fledged character, I would like to get into the RP. Obviously, a group is one of the best ways to do this, but severe social anxiety kind of make...
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Looking for Group

Characters LFG!

What!? You mean to tell CORP that you don't have enough SGs to worry about as it is, Epelesker?Here's some characters I may be interested in looking for new homes for. While I might have faint ideas for a couple of these concepts already for group...
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Looking for Group

Looking for RP Supergroup to join

Please refer to link below for Character Bio. am looking for an RP Supergroup to be a part of. I have been Rping for several years now and I have enjoyed it on Champions Online. My former SG ha...
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Looking for Group

Looking for a home for anti-heroes / vigilantes

Just wondering if there are any vigilante-type / "dark" heroes superhero group out there! My characters would love a place to call home with his comrades.Also, any place for a "Special Unit" kinda deal for a superhero group? Something similar to B...
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Looking for Group

Looking For RP Group

I'm new to Champions Online but not new to Roleplay. I have done Runescape roleplay for 4 years before I left, one of my main RPs was a super hero type roleplay, and I would love to do this. I have multiple character ideas I could choose from, I j...
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Looking for Group

You got any more of them teen groups?

Hey guys, is there any active teen groups about that are currently taking new members? I'm looking for something moderate RP, not school based, and you know, friendly. Silver Age even. Something closer to the Teen Titans than to the New Mutants, i...
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Looking for Group

looking for evil / villain themed SG

Hello all, I can see this has been asked before but I was wondering if there were any decently active villain / evil groups out there. As I've only just returned to the game I'm not sure who's around. As for my character they of a supernatural ori...
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Looking for Group

new player, experienced roleplayer looking for new home in CO

Good evening, after drifting game to game since the closure of CoH I've finally decided to give champions a go and as such am looking for a group for rp. Personally I don't mind whether it's 100 people or 3 as long as the rp is of good quality. I ...
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