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Craig Carson and the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Warning: political content.----------------------The VIPER commander was halfway into The Speech. You know the one. After a decade, they sound like a broken record; after two decades, they’re as mind numbingly repetitive as the dance music at Capr...
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The Two Defenders

“Defender? There’s two of you?”Craig Carson gaped at the sight of two Defenders standing next to a terminal in RenCen, where the arch-hero volunteered his time to help coordinate young heroes in handling the myriad threats to the city and outlying...
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Gone Like Lightning

MILLENNIUM CITY (AP) -- Local authorities are seeking information from the public as to the whereabouts of a missing teenager. Timothy Ohlmann was reported missing by his family yesterday, when he did not return home from an appointment. In speaki...
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Building demolished under mysterious circumstances

MILLENNIUM CITY (AP) - MCPD authorities and construction crews were sifting through the rubble of a Downtown construction site Sunday morning as a building being built on the property was brought down during the night. While few details have emerg...
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The Daily Heroscope Featuring Ouros

*When you turn to the Daily Heroscope you would see someone looking up at the stars via a telescope, said stars form into the words The Daily Heroscope then the name of this week's special guest which is Ouros*Paige Turner: "Good morning Millenniu...
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The Daily Heroscope Featuring Chivalry

*Upon turning to channel 6, people would see an intro, familiar to alot of people, the intro would be looking through a telescope into the starry night sky, where the stars form the words The Daily Heroscope, and beside it, those stars would form ...
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World News Alert: North America - American Superhero and Entrepreneur Killed in the Line of Duty

Millennium City, Michigan, USA“As many of our viewers have likely taken notice of there are some new additions to the skies above our little planet. A fleet of alien ships appeared in orbit with the intent of destroying Earth. They used advanced t...
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Ex-Reporter Arrested

Former WCOC Action news reporter Brent Johnson was arrested today on charges of public drunkenness and reckless endangerment, according to Millennium City police. Johnson was released on $10,000 bail and an agreement to wear a power dampening coll...
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Media Exposure

Brett Johnson only smoked on extremely stressful occasions. Today was certainly one of them. The interview with Sutherland had certainly given him exposure to a mass audience, though at a professional cost. Colleagues were laughing at him. They to...
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Flame War

Flame War“This is Brett Johnson filling in for Kristie Gardner who was filling in for Rob Mahogany, as both are on vacation.” The well manicured man with what may as well have been plastic blond hair shifted in his chair, slightly uneasy, wonderin...
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Recently Resurrected Hero Dies In Unfortunate Accident -- Also Kills Friend

Today, the hero known as All-Star died shortly after being resurrected by unknown cosmic forces in a freak motorcycling accident. Reports say that All-Star was seen crawling out of his grave early this morning. After crying out in rapture at the s...
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JigsawCraig Carson crawled out the lightning storm, onto the deck of his apartment with a scream. This time, he did not stop screaming."Craig," Kivioq said over the loudspeakers. Kivioq was the AI of Canada's Starforce team, on which Craig still s...
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Breaking News! Research Facility in Ruins!

*A cameraman begins to count down to al lovely reporter behind the desk. As it hits one, she shows a bright smile as the cameras begin to broadcast the signal*Good evening, I am Rebecca Storm and this is Channel 9 News. Our breaking news tonight i...
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Breaking News: Deadly Westside Skirmish Destroys Buildings! Cosmic Glory Unmasked?!

Lights. A reporter sits alone at the desk, organizing papers.The cameras focus on the sharply-dressed male reporter and zoom in."Good evening, citizens. I'm Carl Smith, and we've got some startling news for you today. Last night, an explosive batt...
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(AP) UNTIL announced that popular Canadian superhero, Craig “Thundrax” Carson was missing and presumed dead following an incident outside Millennium City on Monday afternoon.“A category F4 tornado was heading toward Millennium City,” explained UNT...
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A Series of Misfortunate Events

The past two weeks have seen some unusually dangerous things: a return of a monster, people being attacked, heroes becoming evil. What exactly has been happening? The “sentient primordial soup” reveals himself after disappearing for nearly four...
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Reckoning Singer and Guitarist Kidnapped and Returned

Yesterday during the twilight hours in a neighborhood of West Side, Gloria Harper, metahuman guitarist and singer for the heavy metal band The Reckoning was kidnapped by a large polymorphic metahuman. The fight started outside of The Last Shot ta...
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Terror Attack in London thwarted by lone Hero!

Tonight on World Alerts Twelve!, we bring you a news report from, ahem, 'Across the pond'... really? You're making that joke? Ahem, right then: viewer discretion is advised as the following footage, captured on a bystander's smart phone, contains ...
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MCH: Anti-Meta Group Runs Rampant in US! Husk Continues Killing Spree!

<MILLENNIUM CITY HEADLINES><MAY 14, 2015>Lights.Camera.Action."Welcome to Millennium City Headlines. This is Carl Smith reporting alongside Jennifer Winslow, and we've got a whole lot of stories tonight to share with you. April was a v...
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Birth of a Nation

*The news desk shows two news reporters appearing to hold their ear piece*“Citizens of Millennium City, we interrupt your regular scheduled broadcast to bring you this breaking news in regards to the villain Warblade and his group Blackguard. The ...
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