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New CORP picture

We all have seen the artwork on the CORP front page. It's been there for years. It's great, but it does have a problem... It's pretty dated, Most of the people on it aren't in the game anymore and the ones that are are pretty old characters. So, I...
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April fools

Of course it was an April fools joke. I'm not going anywhere as of yet.That being said. I hope everyone continues to use CORP to the fullest of it's abilities, and I hope to see more people come and for the community to grow. I know there isn't mu...
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Bowing out.

It's been real guys. But unfortunately, it's time for me to hit the old dusty trail. I've been your admin for the better part of a year at this point but the stress of being the leader of pretend time has gotten the better of me. At times I sit up...
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2017 is here!

Hello everyone. It's your friendly neighborhood admin, touching base with everyone and hoping everyone the best for the new year. CORP has been around a long time, and has seen a rise and decline over, and over again. But still it holds strong as ...
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CORP now has a Discord server!

Thaaat's right! Now, in case you don't know, Discord is an app/program that functions like Ventrillo, but is free like Skype! Anyone can make a server, and manage it. It's super easy. So, since we don't have a voice server I figured I'd make o...
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New Mods!

I've been watching the channel and the people posting in it pretty carefully. After some careful thought, I have decided to bring in two more people for mod status.Congratulations to both @Astrosimi and @TurboRaptor (Dabbler on the forums) on thie...
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CORPfest cancelled!

It's been a while since we've had one of these, So with everything going on, I figured now would be as good a time as any to do this.CORP fest is, or used to be, an annual gathering of CORPers for a few fun activities, Such as costume contests and...
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Forum Moderators & In-Game Moderators Needed

Due to some unforeseen circumstances my time with CO and CORP will be even more limited or possibly cease to exist after some recent events. Family member has been in critical condition and my online time will be more sporadic or non-existent due...
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CORP & CRP to be Open

As of 11/29/2015, both the CORP (ooc channel) and Champions RP (ic channel) will be open. Those looking to join the community will not require an invite from moderators. You are still required to abide by CORP rules and abuse of the open door pol...
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Hope you all have a great time this holiday season and have a happy new year.
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The PDB is back up and running again! Information inside.

Current PDB Status: ONLINEWell, as some of you no doubt already know, the PDB is back up and running once's still in full debugging mode, along with the server being updated and such. So it'll bounce between super-fast speed and ...
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Winners of CORP Fest 2013

Winners of the Classic CategoryWinners of the Modern CategoryWinners of the Technology CategoryWinners of the Fantasy CategoryWinners of the Anthropomorphic CategoryWinners of the Novelty CategoryWinners of the Casual CategoryWinners of Mister Mil...
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CORP Fest 2013

What is CORP Fest?CORP Fest is a yearly event that celebrates the anniversaries of both Champions Online and the CORP community. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for being apart of the CORP Community as well as a huge Thank you for playing the...
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CORP Fest Forum Contest

For the first time this year, CORP will be having a costume contest on our forums that will be included in this year’s CORP Fest. For those of you that may not be able to enter CORP Fest this year, here’s your chance to participate in the celebra...
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State of the Wiki (Primus Database) 2013*

THE STATE OF THE WIKI (or Primus Database) 2013*As you all prob know, Primus Database is down.The reason for this is, the host that was supporting the site basically cut and run, maybe from money troubles or some other thing. What does this mean?W...
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Congratulations @MainframeError!

After some time carefully considering people that'd be best suited to the job, we're proud to welcome @MainframeError into the ranks of the CORP Moderators. As a member of the community, you will be able to turn to him for all your needs regarding...
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Create a villain contest!

See the bottom of the post for the winners!Heyo everyone, It's Caps! {Insert applaud} I decided I wanted to run a contest, so here it is. We're going to have a 'Create a villain' contest. Now, I know ya'll are like "But Caps! What do you mean" And...
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And the Screenshot Contest Winner is...

After taking some more time for consideration (also fending off distractions in both RL and internet), I have finally chosen the winner of the Screenshot Contest.That winner is............................@AceOfFours!For showing the sense of scale ...
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CORP Screenshot Contest

How to EnterFrom now until Monday, June 10th (11:59 PM PST), CORP will be hosting a Screenshot Contest and one lucky winner will win a very special prize. To enter: submit your entry along with your global on this thread. You are not limited to...
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Positivity in CORP

Okay, so maybe the thread is a bit of a misnomer, but this isn't a complaint, it's more of a call to arms.The whole negativity thing is still a problem and it doesn't seem to be getting better. People, we've got the Volcano for stuff like this so ...
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