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[Pinned] Preemptive Hello and Welcome.

This is a little preemptive strike on welcoming new members to the site on behalf of myself and the other CORP moderators in case we don't get the chance to post a hello on individual introduction posts. Hello to you and welcome to the group! We...
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[Pinned] Welcome Heroes! [Please Read]

Welcome all! We're very pleased to have you and please feel free to tell us about yourself; that's what this forum is for. ;P Be sure to read the forum rules too!
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Hello everyone. I'm new to the group, although I already have experience with roleplay, in games and digital games
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Ahem. Introductions are always rather akward, do pardon me.So, my name is Andreas. I'm 23 years old, and I've been involved in Roleplaying for about...3 of those years. I started with Guild Wars 2, then had a brief stint in Champions, actually (th...
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Hi ya!

Hello fellow Champs !I'm Brandon and 23 years old. Been in the 'P&P-Business' since I'm 5 years old hehe. Grew up with it. Also a DM for 4 years now in our ongoing DnD campaign. :-) The four of us switch back and forth on who's next Sunday's D...
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Hey howdy hey

Not sure if I introduce myself properly but I'm Fared; I RPed in games like City of Heroes, Second life and most I couldn't even name. But I've known about the roleplaying since 2007. I hope I roleplay with you soon! :D
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Hello all. I first started with PnP RPGS more than thirty years ago (yes, I am old...thank you). I grew up on comics, and wonder if anyone remembers the old PnP Marvel Heroes RPG? FASERIP anyone? lol. Anyway, thats where my 'main' character, Spect...
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Hello there!

Hello folks. I have recently returned to CO after a i think it was a 3-4 year hiatus. I used to be quite active with my over 2000 clocked hours of gameplay ( yes i am a gigantic nerd :P )Anyway feel free to hit me up ingame for some RP and stuff. ...
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New Girl Question: The State of Roleplay in Champions Online

Greetings to one and all. Avid roleplayer and somewhat amateur writer. I have RP'd for quite a while, over a decade(I was like 12 when I started on some weird site called Neopets), and I have done RP in let's say 2 and a half MMOs. I really like t...
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The new guy or NFG

Hello peops I've been reading from this site 4 what feels like maybe a month(idk exactly) and it feels good 2 be a full-fledged member of this community. hmmm where do i start? well I'm a huge lore nerd(thx Lord Liaden btw) and all around nice if ...
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Greetings everyone.

hello everyone I am new to Champions online and rping in champions. I am currently working on a back story for my character and hope to have a bio done as soon as I do some research to find out if what I want to do works the way I think it does :)...
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Greetings Heroes!

Greetings Heroes!Hello there ^^ I’ve been playing Champions Online casually for a long time but only recently learned about CORP. I play tabletop Rps for about 15 years and i was looking for a good super hero rp for a long time só, here i am.As f...
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Hello, all.

I've started playing CO at the end of February. I tend to be a bit more casual when it comes to RP.Usually if I start talking about a twin sister that's when I'm IC. I hope to have a less clunky method of showing I'm IC in future.You can find me a...
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[Enter Title Here]

Hello! I'm a player that started around the beginning of the month and I am freakin' addicted to this game! Iv'e always been interested in RP but never knew where to start. Iv'e got something resembling a backstory for my main. One that's even goi...
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Sylinator's Introduction

Hi, guys. I'm Sylinator (people just call me Syl for short, and my screen handle is @sylinator).I consider myself a dedicated, if amateur, roleplayer. I'm kind of hoping to get into writing my own stories, but I'm not too experienced at that eithe...
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WELP. I'm here.

People might know me from the many times I've been an arse in the caprice- or just outright silly.Or somewhere else.I'm DeadofPool and uh.Hi?I was goin' through some bad stuff irl but now I'm back to CO and figured I should actually get more invol...
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Hello everyone, Just wanted to say hi, i've been playing CO for a while but just now really looked into trying to join the RP community, i'm pretty new to RPing in CO but i do have experience from other RPG's and stuff, i'm hoping to get along wit...
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Hi all.

Hey everyone,I just figured I would make a quick post to introduce myself. I'm a returning player to CO after having been away for over a year, and decided to get back into it. I've been an RPer, off and on, for many years now and I look forward...
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Hello everyone

Hi there! I hope that this place is still a thing. I am a RPer who comes from DCUO. and I just thought I would say hello and look to find RP in CO as well. Be it normal, Super group, or mature RP I just enjoy making really great stories and hope t...
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Guess Who's Back . . .

BACK AGAINNo, really, though, it's been a long time. I've kind of been off and on for the last couple days, since I'm trying to get more into creative writing again anyway and writing in character really helps me warm up for that.Anyway, I've bee...
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