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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Heroes, Villians & Organizations

This is for NPC heroes and villains. Names that one may have heard in passing, on the news, in someones backstory, or is now deceased. Please use the following skeletons and they will be added to the main list.HERO/VILLAINNAMETrue Identity:Gende...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] CO Lore Primer (Updated 3/19/17)

Go here:
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Places & Things

Landmarks, cities, bases - post it all here using the following skeleton.NAMELocation:Brief Description:Remember to keep it BRIEF! Just a few lines, please.
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] The Champions Lore Links

So, the CORP forums has a whole heap of threads about the Champions lore, posted by helpful folks out to give a hand to fellow RPers. But, alas, like any forum, these threads often get lost to the passages of time. So! This thread is designed to b...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Heroes, Villians & Organizations

A list of official heroes, villians & organizations in the Champions Universe. (source)AACI: Advanced Concepts Industries, one of the largest corporations in the world, run by unscrupulous businessman Franklin Stone. All-American, the: Patrio...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Places & Things

A list of places in the Champions Universe. (source)---Agharti: A city of evil martial arts masters and teachers located several miles below Mt. Everest. Arcadia: The secret city of the Empyreans, located in Antarctica. Atlantis: The fabled under...
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Champions Lore

Playing an undead in the Champions world

Those who have followed lore discussions here on the forums have probably heard references to the assertion in the Champions PnP book, Stronghold, that the undead do not enjoy the protection of "civil rights" in the United States as defined and gu...
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Champions Lore

Looking for Radion's info for a friend

Hi, got a question, a real good one, for an old friend. He's a Costume Contest veteran and host. His query:What can you tell us about Radion (a la Blood Moon, before he was a zombie) if we want to make Radion II please?We know the original died ...
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Champions Lore

Champions Universe: Unique Character Origins

The Champions Universe, being inspired by the major mainstream comics companies, embraces the full range of classic super character origins you see in those comics: mutagenic accidents, genetic mutation, radical scientific inventions, mystic marti...
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Champions Lore

League of Assassins and the Hand: Champions Analogues

The two comic-book villain organizations in the title of this thread have been rather prominently featured in other entertainment media over recent years. DC's League of Assassins has been a major element of the CW television series based on those...
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Champions Lore


I may have asked about this years back, and if so I apologize...Are the Irradiates a strictly CO-type thing? If not, is there any great amount of information available on them as a group?
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Champions Lore

Modus Operandi: DEMON vs Circle of the Scarlet Moon

Okay, it could just be old lady brain, or just having a hard time focusing on the details enough to figure it out, but I've scoured my copies of DEMON: Servants of Darkness and The Mystic World, and I just cannot get a real sense of the working ha...
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Champions Lore


So, I'm edging back into Champions a bit, with a new character - specifically, "Wildestarr", who owes a huge amount of her look to the Galaxy Rangers - though the concept's older than my knowledge of that show, and was poked at in a PnP Mutants &a...
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Champions Lore

Lore Questions?: PSI and psychic stuff in general

First i would like to know as much as possible about PSI since a friend of mine asked about it and i like to sound like i know what I'm talking about to some degree(yes I'm stealing yo knowledge😛) and second I'm curious how many types of psychic t...
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Champions Lore

Lore Question: Horrorifying monsters and where to find them

What are some the most terrifying monsters in lore that scare the living hell out of both heroes and citizens of Champs earth? That arn't the Kings of Edom or some other cosmic level horror. I want to hear about the creatures that if ya saw in the...
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Champions Lore

What do we know about the Turakian era?

I'm wondering about the artifacts and events in the Turakian era that aren't solely Takofanes fault or at least that he may have played small part in that we know of in and out of character.
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Champions Lore

Magic Lantern Bookstore?

Was simply curious if there was any info offered on the bookstore, or how it presents itself given the way magic is seen in the Champs universe.
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Champions Lore

Magic Lantern Bookstore?

Was simply curious if there was any info offered on the bookstore, or how it presents itself given the way magic is seen in the Champs universe.
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Champions Lore

Half Demon Heroes or Villains

I'm wondering if there are any named half demon heroes or villains in Champs lore mostly cause I'm curious about how there received in lore(not by the player base) by both demons and mankind at large.While I'm at it can The Dragon have kids with m...
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Champions Lore

Lore Question: Named informants or people to shake down for info

I'm asking asking this question mostly out of curiosity since i know i can actually make some up since most of my characters take a very street level approach even when there dealing with so called "Big Fish"
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