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Post about the most recent activities that has happened with your characters.
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] In-Character Chatroom

As per request, I've added an in-character chatroom for those of who prefer to chat RP than post-by-post. Please abide by the forum rules.Click here to join!Thanks!CORP Staff
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] Roleplay Rules & Guidelines [Please Read]

General rules apply here. • READ EVERY POST BEFORE YOU POST!• Please keep O.O.C. to a minimum and only when it's necessary. • Avoid hi-jacking threads and making drastic changes to a scenario to the extent of god-modding. • Keep in-character confl...
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Roleplay & Stories

Say AMEN report summary

Say AMEN report found here
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Roleplay & Stories

A Fine State of Affairs

Warning: Politics, more bigly nasty stuff about the current American president. No tiny hands jokes though._____________________The astral cop frowned at his monitor and turned to his partner. The dimensional law enforcer pointed out the result on...
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Roleplay & Stories

Old Friend, Old Enemy

Rain.It rained often in Vancouver, and this January was no different. A cold deluge, a gash of rainblood out of the wounds in the open sky, little thunder, just a Noahtic deluge. It was umbrella weather, though the whipping wind was as likely as n...
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Roleplay & Stories


Excalbur Michigan.Once a small mining town, a hundred miles vaguely north of Detroit, Excalbur boomed to the size of a small city in only a few years, thanks to the burgeoning robotics trade. Unfortunately, with great growth came great peril – in ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Fire and Der Fuhrer

A light-hearted tale.--------------------------------------------------------Nothing good can happen when such a motley assortment of men and women in brightly-colored tights assemble around each other. Much less so when one of them is holding a w...
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Roleplay & Stories

Of Many Things Summary report

OOC Note: Started up this story last month with my group and we plan to expand on it further later down the road. Thankyou for reading.Of Many Things
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Roleplay & Stories

P.O.P. (People Of Power ) Report Summary

OOC Note: From now on I will start posting up various stories from the Project On Call site of rps we actually done ingame and outside of game. We're gonna start connecting more and more with the CORP community a little better than we have in the...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Fight

(Politics warning, some violence, mildly suggestive content).-------------------------------The man stood at 6’9” and bordered between athletic and muscular. Blond haired, blue eyes, and beautiful, and quite, quite naked, there was something else ...
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Roleplay & Stories

All in A Day's Work

There was never a better start to a morning then popping the bright yellow yolks of lightly cooked eggs, and seeing the golden goodness run all over sourdough toast. Complete the routine with a pot of black coffee and a morning cigarette outside i...
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Roleplay & Stories

THE CULT OF ADRANUS: The Fire Which Burns (Prologue)

Millennium City. January 21st, 2018.An average morning in one of the world's most un- average cities. Traffic was lighter than usual as people went from one side of town to the other as various heroes flew across the skies. A recent snowstorm was ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Snookums' Scribblings

Just a bit I had written about a little RP snip that happened one afternoon at random. I do like to keep track of how my guys react to stuff Off-screen. Makes it easier to get back into their perspective. :)-*-"Free to good Home"Looking back on it...
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Roleplay & Stories

A New Year

----------------------------------------------------A single night can change everything.A lone, frightened boy staring towards speeding headlights. A panicked mother’s cries. A father desperately reaching out for his son. A crowd of onlookers bar...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Christmas Party

A Christmas gift for the Protectors, shared with you. Merry Christmas and enjoy.-------------------“No, no, no…” Craig said. “Sorry Rimi, but your friend is a walking anachronism. Especially after a century on an alien world.”“Please, Craig.” Rimi...
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Roleplay & Stories

Forewarned, Forearmed

“Eram quod es, eris quod sum.”Inquisitor broke a silence that felt hours long, while he stared into the empty sockets of a dessicated corpse. The venue for this strange vigil was a dim, disused crypt. Light from eighteen candles shimmered against ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Good Intentions

Monitor duty at the Barlowe. Such a chore, not the way any sane man wanted to spend the Christmas season. But, on the positive side, Craig Carson was wearing a very nice Santa hat.“How goes the calculations, Kivioq?” Craig asked his AI. The comput...
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Roleplay & Stories

Time Enough for War

Warning: Language, Nazis.-----------------------“Hi Craig,” Captain Chronos said, appearing out of nowhere. “Do you have time to save the world today?”Craig Carson, immersed in a biography of Bertrand Russell. Thank goodness he was something of a ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Adv. Cryo Contr Armor Report

[ 1 - Introduction about Crysis] This is our report about of the project to develop a new bio-energetic suit, capable of controlling the effects of cryogenic energy.Initially, the project began in two versions of development: one seeking the contr...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Quiet and the Cold

CLINK.The bartender served Carter Williams and George Ogawa their bottles of AmberBock without looking at them. He moved swiftly through a haze of Hank Williams Jr. and radiator-heated air, carrying off their empty bottles with him.Each man raised...
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