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Post about the most recent activities that has happened with your characters.
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] In-Character Chatroom

As per request, I've added an in-character chatroom for those of who prefer to chat RP than post-by-post. Please abide by the forum rules.Click here to join!Thanks!CORP Staff
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] Roleplay Rules & Guidelines [Please Read]

General rules apply here. • READ EVERY POST BEFORE YOU POST!• Please keep O.O.C. to a minimum and only when it's necessary. • Avoid hi-jacking threads and making drastic changes to a scenario to the extent of god-modding. • Keep in-character confl...
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Roleplay & Stories

Hercules vs. Thundrax in the Arena of Death!

“This is boring,” Sean Doerksen complained, his thin voice stretched into an irritating whine. The teenage son of Craig’s former Northern Guard leader was not having a good day. “I thought when you were going to show me your business, you’d show m...
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Roleplay & Stories

"To you from failing hands..."

Private Wesley Atkins hauled his gear towards the Humvee. He struggled like a hound trying to break free of its leash. He grit his teeth, and came to lean on the vehicle’s desert-colored armor for a moment, reluctantly basking in the high noon sun...
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Roleplay & Stories

This Story Does Not Exist

“Gentle reader,” Incubus said, jutting out of the page to directly address the reader, a smile grafted onto his face, half-leprechaun, half-imp, and half Miguelito Lovelace. “Because this story tramples on copyright law like the Running of the Bul...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Late, Late Night of Metahuman Talkshow Writings!

I've created this thread with an idea of others posting interviews their toons might give. I think it's an interesting concept to have our various heroes have another potential RP Hook that's a little different and novel. I hope y'all folks follow...
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Roleplay & Stories

Mauler's Bold Basket of Background Blabber

A long time lurker has decided to speak. And share character story no less. We will start with some random snippets from the bizarre past of Scotland's Grumpiest Wizard and Occasional (yeah, right,) Arcanist Know-it-all.The writings will come in t...
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Roleplay & Stories

Checking in

From behind his intricately worked metal wolf mask, Zoltar permitted himself a smile of self-satisfaction as he laid out the circle upon the ground. He had executed all of his master's plans exactly as commanded, and soon those plans would bear t...
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Roleplay & Stories

IC News Reports

<Everyone please feel free to add news reports concerning their IC exploits to this thread>This evening, 14 employees of Forge Incorporated, including CEO Christian Troy were taken hostage by the bloodthirsty villain, "The Lash". "The Lash" ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Christmas? Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!!

(( Open RP Thread. What are your characters doing during Christmas? ))GidgetGidget cackled, hovering about the town, eager to spread his peculiar brand of misery. Life is suffering, and he'll extend such suffering until forever!It always baffled h...
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Roleplay & Stories

To the Fan's Delight/An Old Enemy's Return

The dark room flickered with the light of the television in the background as a woman in her pajamas was staring intently at her computer screen. Images of heroes and villains were open on some of her tabs as she watched old news fo...
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Roleplay & Stories

Snookums' Scribblings

Just a bit I had written about a little RP snip that happened one afternoon at random. I do like to keep track of how my guys react to stuff Off-screen. Makes it easier to get back into their perspective. :)-*-"Free to good Home"Looking back on it...
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Roleplay & Stories

Gorick Voice Acting Bullcocky Audio Log Series!

Hello there CORP! I haven't been on here in such a long time that I feel like a ancient dinosaur. A skeleton trex! ROAR!Anyway, I've been working on a audio log series with the collaborative voice talents of @stratos27, @ComradeCrimson(Doesn't Pla...
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Roleplay & Stories

UNTIL Field Director Report: Case File - G.O.R.I.C.K

UNTIL Field Director Kevin Benjamin MichaelsonREPORT FILE: G.O.R.I.C.KDATE: 11-13-16, 8:43 PMSUBJECT: Loremaster Tidebrius KaineI was sitting in my office when I got a phone call stating that someone required me down in the information and interro...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Shadow Manifest

July 15th, 2016Arc-Angel walked the path that led to the mouth of the cave. Though he had other means of getting around, he understood that humility was an important trait. It kept him above the rabble. ‘Villains’, ‘heroes’ – they all gave themsel...
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Roleplay & Stories

Aiurdae's Writings Thread

I'll be using this thread to post IC writings from the perspectives of my various characters. Most of the time they won't relate to anything ingame/that occurred during RP
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Roleplay & Stories

Tales of Blood and Thundrax

A link to my Thundrax fiction, collected. Nothing much that is new, but it's in one place now. Please let me know if you can't view.
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Roleplay & Stories

On the Prowl

Commissioned for a friend (Dark Prowler's old player).“But dad!” the young man shouted. “I want to be an accountant!”Peter Palmer glared at Maysie and put on his best dad voice. “The only money any daughter of mine is going to count is the money ...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Return of Vanguard

July 18, 1992. Jeffrey Sinclair felt the ground beneath his feet congeal as Binder’s glue gun ensnared him. “Finally,” the young villain snapped. “We’ve brought the high and mighty Vanguard down to earth at last. Take him ‘Star!”“My pleasure,” Bla...
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Roleplay & Stories

I Fall For Her, Every Time

And so an unlikely angel tumbled from the sky, cast from the heavens into the heart of the Kansas farmlands.Crap, thought Craig Carson as he descended, the world spinning, the uninviting solid ground spinning beneath him as he approached all too r...
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