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[Pinned] Brainstorm Guidelines [Please Read]

Please remain constructive when it comes to criticism. Remember to respect and differentiate out-of-character knowledge and in-character knowledge. Just because a player is sharing his ideas with you, that doesn't necessarily mean the information ...
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RP SG Brainstorming thread

HelloSo, there seems to be some intrest in an RP SG project that I first brought up here. So, this thread is meant to be used to brainstorm it into reality. :)First of all, let me put forth my intentions. My hope was/is to get together a core grou...
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Coruscations of Power Exposure?

Hey~I was reading up on the Unique Origins and while reading about the Coruscations of Power section-I came upon the part that mentioned the heroine Victory.Since it wasn't mentioned and I was curious I wonder if you knew how exactly she was expos...
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The Gasin Gods and The Ban

So I've been thinking of trying to start using a character of mine again who's heavily steeped in Korean mythos. This means working on "his" antagonist, a group of cultists who worship an antagonist Gasin Goddess. This led me to a certain brick wa...
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[Planning] COMPASS: Wheelman's new direction

A bit of a preamble, so bear with me. I wasn't going to post anything about this until I had posted the story for it in the Stories from the Aftermath thread, but since the story before that in my queue is giving me a little trouble in the lexical...
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Mandarian Character

Aside from the information provided on the Champions Wikia, is there any info anyone can provide on the Mandaarian species and their likelihood to produce a superhero or the scope of their telepathic powers?
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Atlantean/Half Atlantean/Artifacts

Hey! I was reading over your info section on Atlanteans and got slightly intrigued. I was mainly left curious about the abilities a general Atlanteans physiology offers and the various magical mutations that can develop, how common they can be, an...
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Engine troubles!

Consider this post a hastily prepared summoning ritual for our Lore Lord, for this is a character concept that's been a bit tough to finalize and I'd like some clarification/further ideas on how to make it work. After spending one time with a frie...
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True Immortality

1 Character of mine by the name of Dirg is cursed with well true immortality while being in a cycle of regeneration&decay meaning death is not permanent in his case and i was thinking how do you play-up that power without seeming like a godmod...
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Location, location, location

Hey everybody!So I was getting to ready to post Part 2 of my Mind Games mini-arc, but I hit a snag and was hoping some of you could give me some ideas.Part 2 would take place in Cam-Teth's homeland of Hyperborea, which is now lies at the bottom of...
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Psi-Serum/PSI and Mind Inc. related toon?

Hey all!I was struck with the thought, ironically enough, to create a mentalist toon who's powers possibly involve being exposed to the PSI Serum-my idea was that a teenager referred to counseling at Mind Inc's offices is exposed to the serum by h...
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A Question of Heaven & Hell

I'm working on creating a new character.What can you tell me about Champion's lore in terms of heaven and hell? Specifically what happens to souls, hierarchy/rankings, and any additional, pertinent information you think could be helpful. My charac...
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A "Semi-Official" Origin? (Opinions sought.)

Hey, gang,A lot of you are probably aware by now that Champions Universe lore is kinda my thing 😊 , and that I enjoy sharing what I know about the official setting to help members of the community develop character and story ideas. There's a huge ...
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Character Concept: Alchemist/Plague Doctor

I have wanted to make a Plague Doctor Alchemist style toon for a very long time but was never able to really get it right until now. However I would like input on some of his concepts I have been thinking about.He is immortal. He is from the age o...
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Head Hunter: Villain Concept

I had an idea for creating a ARGENT contracted mercenary who hails from Australia, a sort of gruff and cocky former sport and trophy hunter who has turned his talents to tracking and eliminating metahumans, often in wild environments their employe...
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Lugendu Origin+Animal Powers Character Help~

Hey all, I was reading up on the lore about the African nation known as Lugendu and its dictator, Joseph Otanga, and I had a thought. It's said his piers come from an alter he discovered in the jungle, that only he knows the location of, and from ...
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Help me design my Alien Hero

So I've been playing as my newest hero for a week now. They are an insect-ish alien and I'm pleased with their design however I keep retconning my powers because I'm just not happy with the concept (thematically) and I always need the powers to be...
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Alien Bounty Hunter Organization Idea

So I had this idea for a villain group (not for players) made up of Alien bounty hunters and contract killers from across the galaxy. The main purpose of it is to be a constant stream of Nemeses (yes this is the plural of Nemesis) for one of my al...
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[A Call to Arms/Keyboards] Friends, Countrymen, CORPers!

For starters, this thread is a brainstorm. And a call for help. Help from all those of you, who'd love to run an event or five but could never quite come up with an idea they like. Those that want to be involved in a great, lengthy plot. Those tha...
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A departure, a return and an introduction

I'm going to start this with a slight preamble. This thread's come about for a simple reason: an all-but-formally-decided intent to shelve Atomac-- a character I've had since I joined the game in 2012-- from RP for the time being, in order to pote...
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