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(Nov 29, 2017)
Guess he really is Drax the Destroyer. :p
(Nov 29, 2017)
Aw Drax, i dont need to see the movie now, the trailer showed all the good bits..
(Oct 22, 2017)
Thanks folks. Keep your fingers crossed, lots could still go wrong...
(Oct 22, 2017)
Ooh, a book? That's very nice. Congratulations.
(Oct 19, 2017)
Also, a little birdie told me that a certain Thundrax may be publishing a book?? Congratulations!
(Oct 19, 2017)
Lord I sent a reply
(Oct 11, 2017)
Let us honor those who've passed on this month, The spirits come and Jack is restless...
(Oct 08, 2017)
but both taste sooo good goddamit now i'm conflicted :(
(Oct 06, 2017)
"Candy" corn is utter rubbish. Gummi spiders is whereit's at!
(Oct 06, 2017)
I'm indifferent to candy corn, hence neutral in the coming battle.
(Sep 30, 2017)
Its October in a few hours, and the time has come to draw battle lines between those of us who like candy corn and those who do not ... Godspeed
(Sep 29, 2017)
As a result of the Vibora Bay Apocalypse storyline, Caliburn ascended to the office of Archmage, Earth's premier mystic defender.
(Sep 29, 2017)
What's the current information of Caliburn the Magnum Mage? I've only really seen him mentioned as an overview rather than in detailed description
(Sep 29, 2017)
Yes, yes it does! :) 710 pronghorns today + 3 Bighorn Sheep!
(Sep 28, 2017)
Does that make you smarter than the average Snookii?
(Sep 27, 2017)
*Waves Hello from Jellystone! No bears stole my picnic basket*
(Sep 21, 2017)
Really missing the game :/
(Sep 17, 2017)
Need to go offline for a few days. See y'all soon.