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(Sep 09, 2017)
oooooh Art! SO EXCITING! :D
(Sep 09, 2017)
That's pretty awesome. It's very Silver Age feeling, which is grand.
(Sep 01, 2017)
Co's launcher art: Does it look like mechanon is jumping out of the cake to anyone else? :D
(Aug 28, 2017)
HA! OMG that brou pic, i cracked up XD
(Aug 28, 2017)
O hai dar pepl
(Aug 28, 2017)
Did you get in Smackwell's community poster? Check this out!
(Aug 27, 2017)
So, how about a COMPASS restart?
(Aug 24, 2017)
Thanks for that :)
(Aug 22, 2017)
Gotcha. Please check your Messages. :-)
(Aug 22, 2017)
So, essentially anything there is to offer
(Aug 22, 2017)
I came across this little excerpt, and was wondering what has been mentioned of it in the books
(Aug 22, 2017)
"The Omniverse a term referring to the total sum of multiple universes, including those considered part of the vast Multiverse normally accessible in the world of Champions."
(Aug 22, 2017)
Malanchai, could you define what you mean by "the Omniverse," and what type of info you want?
(Aug 22, 2017)
Is there any information out there regarding the Omniverse?
(Aug 21, 2017)
Eclipse: surreal! Hoping pictures turned out :D
(Aug 13, 2017)
All packed for Eclipse Trip! O BBY it's gonna be great :D
(Aug 01, 2017)
*does the boogie*
(Jul 26, 2017)
Sorry for that :P My current job unfortunately sucks my soul out on a daily basis.