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(Feb 28, 2017)
Yeah, as soon as you go onto TV Tropes, you are subjected to the terrible curse of WikiWalk!
(Feb 27, 2017)
Trying to use tropes to add character details, ended up choosing 88 tropes #feelsbadman
(Feb 23, 2017)
Very interesting update to Unique Origins thread
(Feb 22, 2017)
What's up, fam?
(Feb 13, 2017)
I think it'd just go there, yes.
(Feb 13, 2017)
Hey guys, is there a forum thread if I wanted to post an in-character interview in a talk-show of some sort? Or does that just go in RP Stories?
(Feb 03, 2017)
(Feb 03, 2017)
(Feb 03, 2017)
Redundant but not wrong either.
(Feb 03, 2017)
I'd use it if others used it. A redundant statement, I know
(Feb 03, 2017)
No one ever uses the chat. I am sad :<
(Feb 01, 2017)
That is awesome!
(Jan 31, 2017)
Several folks announcing their arrival/return recently. Encouraging. :-)
(Jan 31, 2017)
At the end of the 18th Century, to oppose the Circle of the Scarlet Moon.
(Jan 31, 2017)
When was the Trismegistus Council founded/created?
(Jan 23, 2017)
And I'm back.
(Jan 17, 2017)
I'll be offline for a few days. See y'all next week.
(Jan 16, 2017)
Just wanted to give a quick thanks to all who watched the live art stream and here is a link to the full recording
(Jan 13, 2017)
PM sent
(Jan 12, 2017)
There's a little lore on Harmon Industries history. PM me if you want to ask.