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Welcome to Champions Online Role Players or CORP for short! As we all know, the Champions universe started on the tabletop PnP game where roleplaying and immersion was required in order to complete tasks in an evolving storyline. The spirit will continue on in Champions Online as this will be a place to socialize with other roleplayers, show your characters, write in your own journal and fan fiction, recruit and create a group for your superteam and post events!

Spread the word and join the CORP community fan site as together we will create an immersive environment in the Champions Online MMORPG!

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by CapsLockRAGE! on Feb 25, 2018 at 12:26 PM
Hi everyone. I try to keep everyone updated where I can, but lately things have been falling to the wayside. I feel like I need to explain some things, and there's an announcement at the end. When I was first handed the Admin role, I was immediate... Read More
by CapsLockRAGE! on Nov 29, 2017 at 04:15 PM
Hey everyone. Sorry for the infrequent activity. Works picked up and I haven't had a lot of time for admin stuff.A couple announcements, I'm opening up the CRP channel so anyone can join. You can find the rules for the CRP channel here. http://cha... Read More
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