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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] CORP Discord server and how to join!

Thaaat's right! We got a Discord now! Now, in case you don't know, Discord is an app/program that functions like Ventrillo, but is free like Skype! Anyone can make a server, and manage it. It's super easy. So, since we don't have a voice server ...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Heroes, Villians & Organizations

This is for NPC heroes and villains. Names that one may have heard in passing, on the news, in someones backstory, or is now deceased. Please use the following skeletons and they will be added to the main list.HERO/VILLAINNAMETrue Identity:Gende...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] The Mystic World and You

This little COMPENDIUM of information is not to restrict you or your characters, but an attempt to try and preserve what makes The Mystic World so interesting, it’s y’know. Mysticalness and secrets.This can definitely help with mystical characters...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] CO Lore Primer (Updated 3/19/17)

Go here:
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Places & Things

Landmarks, cities, bases - post it all here using the following skeleton.NAMELocation:Brief Description:Remember to keep it BRIEF! Just a few lines, please.
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Formatting your bio

I said I would put this on the forums for everyone and no one, NO ONE!!!!, can say i'm a liarBIG NOTE HERE: this isn't my template. someone I forget gave it to me. Also FYI LONG runon sentences with no spaces or weblinks will break your bio when o...
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Creative Corner

[Pinned] Artists to Commission

Been meaning to do this for a few months now but never got around to it after mentioning it in an old thread. While there is another thread like this, I felt a more organized take with links would be less confusing to read for people interested i...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] So you want to join an event?

A successor to my last guide, this one will give you some small tips on how to join an event, and what to expect/how to behave in one. Many people host events, and, if you're looking for your action and superhero fixes, this is usually the best pl...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] So you wanna host an event.

I feel a lot of people don't know how to throw an event, or are worried that they will be a terrible GM. So I've decided to make a list of tips for being a better GM, and getting started with it. Feel free to add some opinions or more tips, This l...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Ways to help CORP

People have been asking me recently what they can do to help. You don't even need to be a mod to improve the channel. Here's a few things you can do as a community to help improve the quality of CORP.1) Don't argue: It's one thing to debate a topi...
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Gaming Center

[Pinned] Steam, Xfire, Xbox 360 Tag, PSN I.D.

I noticed we didn't have one of these threads yet. So! Here it is, the Steam, 360 tags and PSN I.D.s thread. Now people can get a hold of each other and play other games together!Steam: Reldin360 tag: ReldinXfire: Reldin
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Forum Rules, Help, & Feedback

[Pinned] The "I need invites to the in-game channels!" thread!

Greetings everyone!This thread is for those looking to receive an invite to the CORP and Champions RP channels in-game.PLEASE NOTE! For those trying to get a CRP invite, please contact a moderator in-game. Do not post here if you only need a Champ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

[Pinned] New Supergroups List

Hero Groups:The Aurora Institute A multi-faceted group with focuses on scientific research, technological advancements, magical studies, and a school for young would-be heroes. The Guild of Clandestine Wardens A privately funded organization of he...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Obligatory Real Life Picture Thread

This thread was bound to show up some time or another so why not make it a sweet sticky thread for all to enjoy sexually.Me and Mr.Pigglesworth don't fuck around!
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] CORP Championship! (If CORP had a fighting game)

I know I have, but has anyone else considered what it would be like if your own characters had their own fighting games? Post your character's fighting moves, their quotes and their stages. You can have heroes and villains! Below is a template tha...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

[Pinned] Recruiters and LFG (Looking for Group section)

Recruiters! Don't forget to check out the new LFG section for possible interest!
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[Pinned] Event Overviews
Player Events

[Pinned] Event Overviews

Yeah, I got you with that. No, I’m not holding any events, plots, arcs or anything noticeable myself. But with all the events being presented in the last days, I thought we could use an overview. And here it is, complete with links to the original...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] Global@Championsonline!

Yay! The game is here! Lt's all post our global names in this thread so we may easily find each other! I will be doing so in list format so it's easier to be read. Now available in alphabetical order and bold font! Batteries are still not included...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Rex's Writing Tips: Introduction and Table of Contents

This is a series I started writing for a super group that I'm no longer a member of. I'm going to post a few of the articles here to gauge response and see it's something I should continue with. Before I begin, however, I thought it best to provid...
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Forum Rules, Help, & Feedback

[Pinned] CORP Code of Conduct

CORP CODE OF CONDUCTIn recent times, it's become apparent that alot of the things that we thought could be left unsaid, well, can't be left as such any longer. By participating on the Website and the channels in-game, you've bound yourself to this...
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