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Earlier today, police and firefighters responded to the third in a recent string of arsons plaguing the Westside of Millennium City. When it was revealed that a metahuman was responsible for this heinous crime, local heroes and a squad of MARS officers were called in to help deal with the threat. Superheroes Galatea, Recurve, and Wreck responded to the call, while a fourth, unnamed man was reported to be on the scene, but left before local law enforcement could take note of him.

The man responsible for these attacks on the public has refused to offer any name other than 'Pyre.' According to police reports, the man believes himself to be an instrument of God's will, which served as his motive behind the attacks. He has been temporarily detained at the Millennium City Correctional Facility, pending psych evaluations and a trial.

Officers believe up to ten lives were lost, including four officers of the law. At this time, their names have not been released to the press, but the MCPD extends their well-wishings to the families who lost a loved one today.
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Lassie brought Sergio the news, displaying it on the kitchen window as he walked through his home. He paused to read the story, "I used to...think like that. Do misguided things in His name. The old me would blame this on Pyre's mutation. I hope someone can sort him out before the end."

His eyes hovered over Galatea's name. She'd stopped the man he'd sworn to take down. And she'd helped Racer Red on three other occasions, even saving his life at least once. Was she doing this at someone's command? Or was she doing this of her own free w....

Sergio felt an odd tightness in his throat. He swallowed, then whispered his question, " robots...have souls?"

The AI responded in it's usual feminine monotone, "I do not know."

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Totally wish I could have been there on Aelith, but real life is a cruel, demanding mistress...
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