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GNN Report

“In the past month, there have been a number of attacks on attendees of several anti-mutant rallies. The most recent and most devastating of these attacks took place on July 7th at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. What was meant to be a gathering for supporters of the Institute for Human Advancement quickly became a bloodbath. Five unknown assailants were reported to have interrupted the rally just minutes after the main speaker took the stand. While the identities of the five assailants have yet to be determined, it was clear each of them had similar goals in causing harm to the head speaker: Thomas Hilstone.”

While the report continues, there is a video that shows footage of a rather large crowd at the base of the Memorial. After a few minutes, people can be seen scattering and running for their lives when a clean shaven, dark haired, middle aged man took the stand to begin speaking at the podium at the top of the Memorial’s steps and was quickly restrained by what appears to be magical ropes (darkness tendrils).

“The mysterious group of villains also seemed to have their own agendas as several focused on attacking attendees, or were busy kidnapping them. However, a heroic young woman that goes by the name Paradigm was able to arrive on the scene to help with the situation. After a short time, and handling the five on her own, a great number of gigantic machines that are currently known as ‘Meta Hunters’ arrived to assist. It was clear these giant robots were sent to help against the threat and to help secure civilian lives as they had not attacked the young heroine.”

“An estimated 36 casualties were reported, along with an estimated 22 wounded. Among the casualties were several of Washington’s own police force. Thomas Hilstone had this to say:”

“From deep down in my heart, I sincerely apologize to those that have lost loved ones during that horrible day. I don’t know what possessed these..monsters to make them want to cause so much destruction. We have every right to protest against these ‘superhumans,’ and all we want is to have a peaceful world, but we won’t achieve this until every last one of them is behind bars or given the death penalty. So many innocent lives have been lost because they were caught in the middle of an all out war. How many times must we rebuild the same buildings when two super powered brutes have a brawl? How many times must our homes be put in danger because we allow some alien lifeform to live on our planet? We live in dark times and in order for us to crawl out of the darkness and get into the light, we must take that first step forward in preserving our home by getting rid of what threatens us most! At times like this, I am grateful we have someone watching over us. If I could shake hands with the person behind the Meta Hunter designs, I would.”

“After Hilstone finishes recovering from his injuries, he plans on returning to campaigning against both superhumans and extraterrestrials. While this left a deep scar in his memory, Hilstone won’t allow this from spreading awareness.”

“However, this also raises the question: Are Meta Hunters evil? Are Meta Hunters simply programmable machines, or are they vessels that allow regular people to fight against what threatens them? While the Meta Hunters continue to fall under ridicule for doing what they are nicknamed after, it is apparent that these massive goliaths are here to protect the innocent lives that are caught in between these desperate struggles.”
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Arc Thunder grimaced and turned the tv off, laying down on the couch that was one of two pieces of furniture in his spartan apartment. He only had one thing to say on the matter. "Bloody hell...they're actually buyin' th' line of bullshit?" He closed his eye and let his head rest on the arm of the couch. Some days, some days...


Quick Shrike sat on the mattress checking her gear and retuning her bow, tuning out the radio broadcast, something about anti-mutant rallies or something. She had bigger fish to fry, trying to work out this craziness with the vampire attacks, trying to keep the media from blaming her for some disturbingly close-to-home murders after the first fiasco with that Queen Bitch vampire. And there was seeing that hacker she was trying to bag get topped right as she went for the takedown. God she was ashamed of that mess, she'd been trained to handle a high stress situation like that-but it wasn't just that, it was everything else on top of it. Straw that broke the llama's back or something like that. She blinked and looked up, then reached over and turned up the radio "...estimated 36 casualties...22 injured" Jesus was that the rally in DC? She stopped what she was doing to listen in. "Meta Hunters huh, guess I don't have to worry about them coming after me at least. I wonder who the attackers were...shit, I got too much on my plate already, better leave that to someone like that Paradigm chick."


Wham!! Ellie punched another hole in the rusted out empty holding tank. Normally she preferred to work on her precision in the gym but after the argument her team-mates and friends had had she didn't really want to go in there. Wham!! Just as well, the idea that those giant robots that had gone after Emily, albeit futilely, were being lauded for protecting and shielding innocent people was enough to get even her slow temper up.Wham!! No one would complain about an abandoned junkpile getting a few fist-sized holes in it. Couldn't say the same for a public gym or the equipment inside it. Wham!!


Warpblade shared a world-weary look with Malga as their twin children played at hunting. This was his home now, despite the hero's welcome his former disciple and protege had offered him following the hectic rush to save his people from themselves, he had realized that. He just hoped that no one from that rally would target his family, they lived by the laws of the land and merely wanted to do so in peace. Glancing down at the faint scar on his bicep he couldn't help flashing his shiny, serrated teeth in a rueful grin at his mate. Living in relative peace, anyways.

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Aldenard shut off the TV after the news was done, turning around back to his computer screen to continue his work. Going through countless numbers and files. Typing and cracking codes, going deeper into the muck that was corporate life. He frowned, the report still etched into his head.

A lot of things've made him consider how different things were if metahumans never existed. But then, it doesn't change a thing. Chaos always exists.

He frowns, continuing to write away, more determined than ever.
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Surge poured himself a glass of scotch for breakfast. He'd already heard about the incident first hand, and hearing it again on television didn't make it sound any better. He knew Hilstone indirectly through his parents. He knew what this was really about. Lassie echoed the news in her monotone voice, "An estimated 36 casualties were reported, along with an estimated 22 wounded."

Surge downed the glass and shrugged, feigning disinterest, "Good."

The AI continued, "Reports indicate that the majority of the casualties were civilians."

"IHA sympathizers," He corrected. What troubled him more than the deaths was the fact that Paradigm, a metahuman, had come to the defense of the rally attendees rather than assisting the attackers. What would possess a mutant to do that? It was like a Jew standing up for the Nazis.

Le Fou sat in his beat up armchair in the basement of a Maniac's hideout. He gave the old TV a kick, bringing the picture back into focus. What this Hilstone guy said made sense to him. Maybe not the part about killing all the supers, but certainly some of them would die. Sacrifices and strife must occur for a successful revolution to take place. Society was being run by beings outside of humanity's control. And it was about time that changed.
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The blue wolf's mouth clapped open a slight, as though to remove some of the bile he had thought had entered his maw, green eyes still staring over at the screen, but clearly not looking at it.

They make a good point. This world would be a fair more normal without beings like us. ...but what can those of us who were thrust into us do? The Germans didn't know what they were going to unleash when they allowed for things like this to happen. Sure, some of us have chosen to become like this. Many of those close to me happen to have. But myself and others...what are we to do?

Darius heaved a sigh as he slacked in his chair, looking up towards the ceiling of the apartment, eyes glancing over the abstract, seemingly random definitions of texture up above. We never asked for this. Let alone wanted it. ...perhaps there lay the justification for such an attack. How could anyone who loves life reasonably give up their own when such a death would be meaningless?

A relaxed closing of his eyes, the wolf took a deep breath before he exhaled slowly, as though making a final effort to expel the bitterness which had suddenly twinged in his maw. "If I were faced with the inevitability of genocide...I don't believe even I would walk willingly to my death. Why expect others to follow rank and file?"
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Avro fiddles with the rabbit ears on the tiny television in his galley, "Come on, come on... piece of crap." The static finally clears and the GNN report flicks on. He purses his lips slightly, and seats himself down in one of the lawn chairs he has scattered around his home. "Well dip... " Avro mutters, running a hand along his stubbly chin, "I'm going to get in trouble that... " He pauses a moment and then corrects himself, "Some of my friends are going to get in trouble for that... "
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