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Real Name: Oliver Thomas Black
Classes: Chemistry major
Extra Facts: Oliver is Black Ice, an up-and-coming young hero with a corporate sponsorship and a public identity. His efforts to keep a low profile on campus are not always as effective.
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Real name: Hope Mist

Classes: Journalism

Extra Facts: She is a witch. She doesn't show her power a lot but she isn't hiding herself. She also works at her bookstore in Chinatown.
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Real Name: Jennifer Bagram Kelly
Classes: Agriculture, Architecture
Extra Facts: She owns a Red/Black Dinosaur which she won in a Power-Ball Lottery 3-4 years ago. She likes Pink Colored chips.
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Real Name: Dr. Sebastian Steinman
Classes: Physics, Engineering, Biology, and related fields at high levels
Extra Facts: While he works with the University's researchers and post-docs for the most part, Sebastian is more often than not a guest lecturer, considering his superheroism keeps him unavailable on a consistent basis. When he does find the time to teach classes, they're usually very casual and engaging, trying to approach new, advanced topics in whichever field is being discussed in an easy-to-understand matter. The degree of his success is debatable, depending on who you talk to.

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Real Name: Saffron Paige


Classes: Occult Studies, Mythology, Drama and Fashion.

Extra Facts: Saffron is secretly the up and coming hero Spellbound. Although she comes off as an innocent and naive girly girl, Saffron has a sharp mind, a fact which has surprised many of her Professors.
Friendly and outgoing, Saffron is fond of light flirting but seems to prefer to keep it at that level. She seems to prefer not being in a relationship with anyone, although quite a few have tried to engage her interest.