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There's a thread like this for Westside High, so I figured I'd put one up for the big league education center.
Have a character that goes to the University? Post up some info here, be it student or staff!

Pre-set Format: (not mandatory, but there for the sake of convenience)
Real Name: <obvious>
Student or Staff
Classes: <doesn't need to be precise, just a general overview>
Extra Facts: <anything else that pertains to the character related to school, or would be public knowledge for those on campus>

Real Name: Albert Wagner
Classes: High-end science classes, mainly physics; high-end engineering, mechanics, and pre-calculus
Extra Facts: Active member of the premire engineering and chess clubs; infamous among staff for always one-upping his professors; widely-known across the university for his powered armour persona, Panzer.
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Real Name: Helena Detroit
Classes: Business and finance courses, working towards MBA.
Extra Facts: Doesn't look much older than most students but seems more mature, is rarely seen at social functions. Is notorious on campus for DAT ASS. Her identity as Stargirl is not secret but for whatever reason, no one has made the connection aside from a group of devout superhero fans who have sworn themselves to secrecy.
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Real Name: Dr. Seth McIlroy
Classes: General Archaeology and South American Studies
Extra Facts: Insists his students call him "Keio" just like everyone else and gives free Tai Chi lessons every Saturday morning at the campus.
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She's just starting college very recently, but:

Real Name: Alexis Hayle
Classes: Sports Medicine
Extra Facts: Her identity as Velocity II is public. She doesn't get all too much attention for it, since she's not a super famous lady, but she won't deny it if someone asks. Often exercises by jogging around the track, and is a big supporter of sports teams. It might have something to do with her status as a metahuman preventing her from taking part herself.
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Real Name: Felicia Barnsworth
Classes: Mostly general education; she has yet to declare a major despite being a sophomore
Extra Facts: Known disparagingly as "that blind girl." Some students think she is secretly the superhero Fuchsia the Blind, but her lips are sealed.

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(sorry I missed this thread when it was initially posted, I don't even remember what I did on the 3rd)

Real Name: Adena Taylor (Goes by Iggy as far as any classmates/faculty aside from her percussion professor are concerned)
Classes: Not degree seeking, takes private lessons with a music professor and participates one semester a year with the campus percussion ensemble.
Extra Facts: Is rarely seen on campus as she prefers to practice at home, or hang out at local bars and clubs, is occasionally recognized as the Hellemental Hard Rock/Metal drummer Ignition though she tends to dress 'down' when she comes on campus.

Real Name: Warpblade
Classes: Civic Law, Liberal Arts
Extra Facts Is an alien, father of two, stands out vibrantly in a crowd thanks to his bright green skin, blue hair and clawed feet but is reserved and while respectful tries to keep to himself largely in public, has gotten into arguments with campus security about bringing his sword, which he refuses to set aside. Political Science and World Studies students definitely recognize him on sight, have probably talked about him if not with him and may even occasionally have enjoyed some of his or his mate's alien cuisine (vegans need not apply).

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Real Name: Josie Czertawa, aka Nineveh
PhD Candidate in Linguistics
Classes: Currently teaches "Introduction to Linguistics", a first-year Communications class, and is working on her thesis.
Extra Facts: Josie's progress in her PhD was set back when, after being asked to translate some fairly unremarkable tablets found in the excavation of Nineveh, she abruptly dropped her old thesis and chose a new one. She's now completed her course work and is currently teaching her first course to undergraduates.
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Real Name: Veronica Brimstone
Classes: Hasn't chose a degree yet, thus is taking only basic classes during her first year.
Extra Facts: This is her first year of attending after receiving her GED during the summer of this year. She works as a model for Kastor Ignatius' Urbanwear magazine and is the lead guitarist as well as one of the vocalist for underground punk band M.A.W.
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Real Name: Pyridai Caiaris
Religion, Philosophy, general high-level sciences. Graduate student, TAs for basic courses.
Extra Facts: Notorious around campus for ungently slapping down students (both his and others') that think super intellect powers gives them the right to hassle the professor. Hard worker, understanding as a teacher. Very scarce outside of classes due to insistence on keeping up with studies. Identity as Skypiercer still secret.
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Real Name: Dr. Garth Alexopoulus
Classes: Greek History, World Religions, Philosophy
Extra Facts: Dr. Alexopoulus is known to be an archaeologist, and he frequently uses his own experiences in his lessons. He gives plenty of writing assignments, but often wishes to know the why of something, as opposed to just the how and what. He encourages in-class discussions and debates.
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Real Name: Prof. Arthur Phibes
Classes: History Department. The only staff member who teaches Sanskrit or any of the older Mesopotamian languages.
Extra Facts: Phibes is a hardass as far as grading goes. He spends more time researching and writing papers than teaching, and thus keeps a small and specialized course load.
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Real name: Kathleen Grant

Classes: English, specialization in Drama.

Extra Facts: Since the Metahumans : Boon or Bane talk, she has been seeking to transfer out of MCU, feeling that the campus is unsafe and unwelcoming for her and those of her ilk. While her "identity" is hidden as Improv, pretty much everyone knows that she is a metahuman with a genetic mutation.

Recent Updates: She has recently dropped out.
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Real name: Zelara T'shan


Classes: Engineering

Extra Facts: Is a freakin' alien (possibly the only one at that particular institution). Will be starting this winter semester, wherein we see what happens when someone from space tries to join a sorority.
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Oh, here's this thread. Yay!

Name: Snow Leopard
Real Name: Lori Talbot
Classes: Anthropology, Theology, Archaeology (Major)
Extra Facts: Superhero identity is public. Originally on a full-ride scholastic scholarship. That has been threatened by her focusing more and more on superheroing lately. Currently has BS in Anthropology and Theology, MS in Archaeology, and is working on doctorate in Archaeology.

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Name: Abyss
Real Name: Brian O'Neill
Classes: General Physics, Quantum Mechanics
A young, Irish professor, Brian is host to a cosmic entity which calls itself Abyss. Brian uses Abyss to further his studies on parallel universes, as Abyss himself claims to be a sentient universe.
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Real Name: Rachel Davison
Classes: criminal justice, forensics, basic law
Extra Facts: Active member of the gymnastics team, co-leader of the "Guns aren't just for men" club, active memeber of the Eternals Inc. Supergroup.
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Name: Ann Mary Beckett (hero identity is secret)

Classes: Anthropology, Archeology, History (focused on Ancient Middle East, Mesopotamia and Syria)

Extra facts:
Already completed her BS in anthropology and goes straight for MS. Definitely wants PhD. Is very good at Sumerian and Semitic languages, especially Akkadian. Her Egyptian, Greek and Latin are good enough. Persian languages are much better, but also not exceptional.
Ann has a very time consuming job at Lenoir Publishing & Auction House, so her studies are often conduced in absentia.
She spent last few months of 2013 in Egypt, Palestine and Syria, supervising MCU archeology expeditions sponsored by Lenoir's company. Aside of her studies, she also works as a licenced appraiser of antiquities, also on behalf of this company.
Ann's very smart student, with a great ease of learning, but also very often busy and withdrawn from social life. Not enough time between her work and studies.
Conveniently, irregular nature of her work makes it a very good smokescreen for heroic activity.
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Name: Monolith
Real Name: Dr. Buck Goodman (is known)
Classes: Planetary Geology, Geology
A middle aged Professor, Dr. Goodman is a world renowned expert on Planetary Geology. During his time here, he experimented with creating a "mock" Earth to better understand the Earths infrastructure. Due to lack of funding, he had no help and very little safety precautions were taken. A freak accident with one of the power conduits caused the mock Earth to collapse in on itself. Buck was caught in the explosion. The radioactive materials combined with his matter generators turned his entire body into igneous rock. His organs crystallized, and he was suddenly well aware of the Earth's magnetic field. Using this, he is able to manipulate any form of rock and sediment. Buck found himself changed for ever. With his new found abilities, he took the name Monolith to better fit his monstrous figure. Buck is stilled considered the leading expert on Planetary Geology. He still teaches and is always doing field work.
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Real Name: Elizabeth Kensington


Classes: Journalism

Extra Facts: Elizabeth hails from London and had already studied journalism at the City University London for about 2 years. In late summer 2014 she came to Millennium City with a student visa, in order to continue studying journalism at the MCU.
Since then she has taken up to write for a student newspaper at the MCU (often covering the doings of both heroes and villains in MC). Additionally she's working as a freelance photographer. In her civilian guise, she keeps a rather low profile socially and is still trying to settle in.
Her hero identity is not publicly known, what she intends to keep that way.
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In case anyone is interested in adding a little more role playing background to their MCU experience, Hero Games sells a neat little Millennium City University PDF sourcebook for only $2.00 US, describing notable facilities, classes, instructors, campus life, and the like.