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This little post is an attempt to give the quick and dirty on magic in Champions Universe. It's by no means the end all source. If you want that, snag a copy of Mystic World. It's 5e so it's previous edition, but the lore in it is the most current on magic lore and it fills you in on the multiverse. Plus you get to see the 5e look of the champions. I hardly recognized them, except for nighthawk.

The Raw of Magic

Champions Universe was designed to be rather accommodating to any level of character creation madness. The intricate details on how magic works has not been heavily covered, all sorts of takes on how to work your wizardry are all fully valid. I've seen a wide range of styles played out in various characters.

Trickiness only ensues if you try to use established stuff that is in the game world. Most specifically the Qliphoth, more on that later, general rule of thumb is you don't want to use it.

Magic was rather weak until sometime in 1938. That heraalded saw a sudden rise in magical power and a growth in superpowered beings. Champions Universe 6E claims that the rise in magic allowed for superpowers to exist. Champions Beyond, claims that superpowers exist because an ancient race of progenitor aliens found the evolving humans and played with their DNA in their pursuit of making a super race of justice. Honestly I like the contradiction, leaves questions in the air, of course they might both be true too...

But back to magic. Magic was weak before 1938 but it did exist. It kind of waned up until the ban put the nail in the coffin. 1938 pried the lid back open. The last few centuries BC lead to a waning of godly power with the growth of ethical religions like buddhism that put emphasis on living an ethically good life over worship and sacrifice to an icon. The Gods were shut out at around the turning of the BC/AD with something known as The Ban. The Ban completely locked the gods out of this world for nearly 2000 years, with the 1938 event the Ban was weakened. Gods now have some access to this world, more on this below.

While magic was weak for a very long time it existed. Vlad Tepes was transformed into Dracula by some accounts an Atlantean Mage did it. Sherlock homes actually encountered him in Champions lore. The most obvious recent display of magic was written off as a comet exploding. The Tunguska Blast in champions lore was the Circle of The Scarlet Moon assassinating the Arch Mage. The last Arch Mage had sided with the Trismegistus council and hindered the Scarlet moon. They retaliated with a rather nasty ritual that blew up a lot of wilderness and the arch-mage. Current science believes that it is a comet exploding much like real world science does. The Scarlet moon was never able to capitalize on the mage's defeat because a lot of the people involved in the ritual were killed with the backlash.

Magic though is an ever changing ballgame in this day and age. Before the leylines and focus of power was in Europe. The power has since shifted towards the US, which has caused mage groups to relocate there. While this is not explicitly stated, I imagine with the sudden growth of magic that everything with spell slinging has turned into a whole new ballgame with every mystic scrambling to update and get ready to use the new power to its fullest. I personally imagine all those new up and coming magical heroes therefore aren't at a heavy disadvantage with any old blood out there in regards to slinging large gobs of pain. Older mystics from before '38 will likely have a lot of experience with working with very little magic and subtly.

There is actually precident in the lore of magi who swap their known spells by consulting books. Also there's things so darn powerful with magic ability they just bend the cosmic laws without so much as a wink. Any style is really possible.

Planar Matters

The champions multiverse is divided into planes arranged in the kabbalah tree of sephiroth. You can actually look it up since it's a take on mysticism that actually was followed in the real world. Here's what it looks like kinda. Now, each circle of that tree is not a plane. It is a family of planes. The lowest level Malkuth. Any world like our own that is not composed of magic or built around widescale magic use falls in this category. It's a material world. As you go up from Malkuth everything becomes increasingly abstract and magical. Kether the top is the source of all existance and being that cascades down the levels to Malkuth, and then pours down the drain of anti-creation known as Qliphoth which exists below the Sephorith as a dark shadow of it. One can not comprehend the highest levels. At Keth you become aware of all, see all, and are in fact all simultaneously, it is something no mortal mind could comprehend. Yesod, however, one step up fro Malkuth has places like the Faerie Realm, something easily comprehended by a human (though can be quite deadly in its own ways).

It is important to know NO list of planes is exhaustive. You can easily make up just about any plane of any level and stuff it in where you see it fits best. And assuming no other plane fits that niche you're good to go. Planar creation is plug and play and modular. Also it's of note that mystics are constantly bickering over where certain planes may fit in the diagram. There's no hard and set way of knowing. It's kind of scientific classification of animals by species in that the darn chart keeps changing.

Yesod style planes are the ones nearest to earth and known as the imaginereal realms. They are echoes of beliefs and concepts. There's plenty of them, but the big ones are Elysium, Nether, Dreamzone, the Faerie Realm (also known as the Land of Legends), and Babylon.

You have Angelic heavenly stuff within Elysium. All heavens exist here. All angel lore exists here. Each style of belief has its own region within Elysium. This place can be quite hazardous if you dog into angel lore you'll find some really freaky stuff, and some of them might wish to push you for defiling the sacred soil of Elysium with your imperfect mortal feet. It's can be a scary unforgiving place.

Nether has every hell imagineable. It even has a personal hell for every single person. Demons from every religion exist here. If you go to nether via deliberate travel you'll first end up in the hell that most matches your general ethical beliefs. Enough travel can get you to any hell you desire. Naughty souls can end up here, they are effectively immortal. The demons exploit that fact to torment and punish them over and over. The demons will trade souls as a commodity. They actually eat souls, which destroys the soul in question. You can not permenantly destroy a demon without some very extreme measures. A particularly disobedient demon might be punish by being made into a meal, which also destroys the demon as if it were a soul. So yes, you can very easily end up with demon trying to deal for your soul. The supreme evil embodies the nether. It is known as The Dragon. The Dragon is miles long and its throat forms the portal to Nether, it's currently chained down with chains forged from the virtue of mankind.

The dreamzone is where all dreaming happens. When you go to sleep a pocket with your dream opens up and you live it out there. It's filled with dream pockets. The Dragon silently watches this realm from its prison.

The Faerie Realm, also known as the land of legends is where all those faeries from folk lore exist. It's also where every pantheon that has ever existed resides. Each pantheon has its own domain styled after itself. The gods used to keep a closed door policy in relation to each other. In the wake of the ban they banded together believed in each other and lived off stored power. Like other settings, gods feed off belief. With the loss of belief several pantheons were harmed, but even in their weakened state they can easily slap aside a human in their home ground. With the increased inter-pantheon contact between gods there has been some intermingling and the possible birth of some godlings. Nascent godlings are about as tough as a superhuman. They aren't really cataloged in the lore so as to give possible open threads for character creation. But as always exercise caution when using divine influences in making a character. The Faerie sits on top of The Dragon's back.

Babylon embodies human drive and accomplishment. Every city from every civilization is cramed together in a massive mishmosh of city that makes up this dimension. Babylon used to be a rather small and weak dimension. However with the sudden growth of civilization within the last few hundred years, babylon has reached epic heights. Agents from the other big planes such as Eyslium, Nether, and Faerie, are all trying to influence Babylon politics through shadowy games and swing it over to their side, especially Nether and Eyslium, if Babylon sided either it would definitely tip the balance of power betwene heaven and hell. Babylon's menaces and beings tend to have a technological flaire. There's a problem of packs of feral cars for example. The newest mystical beings are coming to life in this realm known as the conurbites. Conurbites are a counterpart to elves from the faerie realm. They look mostly human but sport a cybernetic flaire or have skin that looks synthetic. They live glamorous lives of consumer ideals. Conurbites, like faeries have innate magical abilities, usually based on reshaping materials. They also tend to have a special attack focused around an appliance. Like one might be able to turn his arm into a chainsaw. Another one might be able to form a singing curling iron from his body. Money is power in babylon. Your ATM card will be useful. Any money you withdraw in Babylon will look like monopoly money versions of real currency, or freshly minted versions of antique currency. You will find all currencies represented. Money represents power in babylon, and money brought over from the real world is REALLY powerful and has 4X the buying power. However throwing it around is frowned upon. An upstanding citizen will point someone with such stuff to a bank where they can get it changed for proper currency. A disreputable party might lie about the value and attempt to get as much of it as possible, assuming they don't outright mug the obviously ignorant new travel. Babylon has a subway line that goes to Nether, and an escalator that goes the Eyslium (hey that's a form of stairway isn't it?).

There are lesser planes too, like yggdrasil, the gestalt plane of all plant consciousness. Plants don't have much consciousness persay, but there's so many of them they are all encompassing. Plants don't percieve the world the same way we do. Plants view all organic matter as possible compost. Their roots consume all. Anyone who visits yggdrasil will get heir mind blasted by incomprehensible thoughts as their spirit is consumed by innumerable plant spirits. It's generally avoided.

Blood tide is the plane of animal consciousness. It won't obliterate you instantly like yggdrasil, but the law of the jungle rules here, it will chew you up if you aren't careful.

The burning sky is a dimension of fire, from which certain magic spells pull their flames from.

Next step up from yesod is Hod and Netzach planes. Hod planes run on magical rules completely unrelated to anything earthly. Netzach planes run under the control of some consciousness that runs the whole affair known as a dominion. Further up the tree it gets increasingly bizarre and abstract and visitors don't really see it so much as percieve it in a fashion their minds can comprehend.

The shadow of the tree of life, the Qliphoth is uncreation personified. It is not good, it is not evil, it is hungry, you are food. It calls out more towards the call of Cthulhu styled stuff. Thundrax put it best when he described trying to harness it as “Having Cthulhu as a pet with all the hassle.” The book Mystic World describes mages who study the tree of death as tending to “die messily” or developing a “sick fascination with destruction and death.” The anti-kether to the tree of death is Solipsist. Those who manage to get there somehow instead of becoming all existance would achieve utter non-existance, complete and total obliteration. The closest anyone could realistically get is Quemetiel, which is a maelstrom of now dead cosmic beings that mindlessly sucks in and obliterates anything that gets too close. It is the magical equivilent of a black hole.

It is a realm filled with shining darkness instead of light. Any light sources have all their power ripped from it before exploding. People exposed to it grow increasingly more corrupted until they are utterly destroyed and replaced with a qliphothic version. If someone returns to earth before the transformation is complete they will ooze shadow as if it were light and it would be akin to a radioactive disaster, except magical.

Those who use qliphothic power tend to die. They are described in lore as becoming rather cancerous and sickly, hair falling out, pleasant stuff like that. It devours you as you use it. Those who manage to master it only do so through the lost of a lot of lives. Shadow Destroyer sacrificed the entire city of Multifarian Detroit. Luther Black lived on life support in a magically hidden 13th floor of some Las Vegas hotel. Morbanes within DEMON who became a problem were sent to Luther who would then consume their life force causing their body to waste away gradually in a horrific fashion.

Therefore, if you have something that uses the Qliphoth as a power source, then either that character is going to die might take a few months but they are a doomed soul, or that character is lives to the Qliphoth. Even then, it will turn on you, look at Shadow Destroyer in the end of resistance. Luther Black did not fare much better either.

To put into perspective how dangerous this thing is look at the dimension of Loezon, a Malkuth world like our own, but it is doomed. It was a high magic world where they probed the multiverse, collected beasts from every dimension as prizes and a qliphothic entity got loose. It got into their sun. That was many years ago. Currently their sun is a sickly pale green thing nigh indistinguishable from their stars. Special megaliths all ove rthe planet keep it from freezing. The Qliphothic entity sits in the sun eating it growing in it like some unholy womb. It has utterly devoured the astral realm of Leozon. All gods had to build their own little fortified pocket dimensions and hide in them. If you die in Leozon your soul is sucked into the sun where it is devoured by the qliphothic entity. The only way to have an afterlife is to be in the good graces of a god, who will pull you into his pocket realm upon death. Loezon is what happens if you make light of the Qliphoth.

Incidentally, demons HATE the Qliphoth. It's a good way to get utterly obliterated and immortal evil things would rather not be obliterated and corrupted to something else. DEMON may bind demons and force them to work in conditions involving Qliphothic matters, they really do not like that.

Godly Matters

So gods exist. All the gods exist. There are new children god too which are largely undefined. However, The Ban, though weakened also still exists. A god may get around the ban in three ways, empowering a mortal, making an avatar, or siring a child. An avatar may be of any strength. But it drains the god's reserve of power. The more powerful an avatar the shorter lived it is. An avatar roughly the strength of a superhuman may last indefinitely. When forming an avatar a god is in a trance much like a projecting mage. Dionysus, for example has an avatar who is a vastly popular musician known as “Dion Bach”. Debauchery and hedonism rules his concerts, and all who buy a CD end up giving him worship, and largely the world just thinks he's a very popular musician and not a god. Empowering a mortal allows a god to influence matters with their power in the mortal realm again theyare limited on how much power they can lend, but such empowered mortals can act on their own, and therefore don't leave the god in a trance and allow the god to multitask better. Having half-mortal children allows the child to stay on earth indefinitely, have super powers, and not cost the god anything outside of the usual song and dance that goes with having a child. Of course such offspring do have free will despite being their parent's child.

Gods have varying responses to how things have gone recently with the Ban. Some feel betrayed and wish vengeance on mortality wish to make them know fear. The Circle of the Scarlet moon prefers to deal with such gods. Beings like that are less likely to ask for souls in their deals like a demon and less likely to try to catch you in a twisted bargain. Some gods persevered and see this as a call to champion their cause harder to humanity and win back followers and power now that The Ban is starting to lift. One thing is for certain. The godly domains are rather shaken up as of late.

Arch Demons, Angels, and Saints, though not part of the Faerie Realm are essentially gods as well. They operate on all the constraints listed above. So any Christian Saint, any Arch-Angel any Demon may operate under the same rules as listed above.


There's a few magical societies. They tend to operate in the shadows when they can. Some big ones are The Circle of the Scarlet Moon, The Trismegistus Council, and DEMON.

DEMON is the most organized like a sinister organization like VIPER. They have mages out scouring for artifacts they do all sorts of wicked stuff. The deep dark secret is the upper enchelons are trying to get Qliphothic power. Since this became more apparent in recent years most every other magical community really really really does not like DEMON. Nobody likes DEMON. DEMON and VIPER have a whole lot of bad blood between them. Luther Black attempted his apotheosis once before the events of Demon Flame, and VIPER's patron god realized just how bad this would be to the world and forced the organization to band together under a single banner of saving the world from Qliphothic obliteration. Due to a lot of warring with DEMON, VIPER in the US really distrusts and dislikes magic.

The Circle is far more subtle. It was founded back when magic was weak in order to control the world through the use of magic. The members of the Circle are more or less magical organized crime. They use code-names between each other to help preserve their true identities. They use a lot of cloak and dagger. They all tend to be in positions of power. An example Circle member was a politician who had mastered 2 spells. One caused a person immense pain via a voodoo doll. The other caused him to see a moment of indiscretion of someone when he burns a personal item of theirs. He'd use the later to find dirt on people, confirm that dirt and then blackmail them to heighten his own political power. Anyone who got too troublesome he'd wait for them to get in a situation where a sudden sharp pain would cause a deadly accident and then he'd use the other spell, their deaths would appear to be due to accident or misfortune instead of magic. The Circle doesn't want to summon any demonlords or cause an apocalypse or anything. They just wish for money and power. Any Circle caught using the Qliphoth is executed on the spot.

The Council was founded to counter the circle. Like the Circle they operate in secret and try to hide the full scope of their power. They've been engaged in a shadow war with the Circle for over a century. They view costume wearing heroes as yahoos. They tend to treat them like mushrooms, feed them a lot of shit and keep them in the dark while they use them as cats paws to further heir own ends. The Council's aims are good natured, stop the dark influence of the Circle, but they can be a bit ends justifying the means.
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Thanks for this. :) I've been trying to find out magical stuff about CO, specifically the divine and magic in general, so this is a big help for me.
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Bonus Round: Astral Matters

The astral plane is a strange thing to quantify. It's more of a highway that connects many planes. It also hangs about earth like a veil. It's a common magic power to astrally project. Witchcraft uses it in the desert mission chain involving her to get help while she's being held prisoner. Dr. Ka uses it for some recon in Vibora Bay. The astral realm is broken into three broad catagories. Lower Astral is the astral realm that hangs about Assiah type realms, earth type realms. Middle astral links together all the imagenareal realms I discussed above. Middle astral is also known as the void or limbo. Though, middle astral is hardly empty looking, it's just nobody stays there, they are moving from more portal to another. Upper Astral, known as the Viel on the Temple is where stuff gets more abstract.

The lower astral echoes earth. It tends to exist stronger in placces people think about and places of magical power. Places where nobody's thinking about it exists less or not at all. Out in the middle of the ocean tends to not exist astrally. On top of that stuff exists there that doesn't exist in this world. Stonehedge for example exists in its pristine condition in the astral. You percieve the material world as a silvery washed out area. You can't smell it or taste in the astral. Pain is muted (but the damage can be quite real). Sounds from the material world sound distant and faint. Ghosts exist in this plane of existance. The talent to peer into the astral and see spirits and such is known as the second sight. Astral travellers are generally invisible unless they make themselves visible on the material world through some means. The second sight also grants one to see nexuses where middle astral. You can get a general gist on where such a nexus leads by the feel it emits. Something that might feel like hellfire brimstone and general wrongness likely leads to the nether. Getting around in the lower astral is either a matter of just going there like a normal person, or thinking hard about where you want to be and travelling in any direction, depending on your mental discipline you will arrive at your destination in a variable amount of time.

Some areas of the lower astral do not mirror earth. To get to such places you need to use the above technique. These places are created by shared imaginative experiences of people, similar to full out dimensions like the faerie, but more of a singular experience. An example is the spooky abandoned house. Inhabitants of the lower astral are ghosts of the dead, imaginary people, and astrally projected travellers. This is the place where any new astral traveller starts. You'll expect any novices at this to get used to it by wandering around this realm. When someone dies, their spirit resides in this realm for a while before it fades away to their afterlife. Some merely stay some days, some stay for years. Ghosts start where they died, but they may wander off. There's an astral ghost house of a building that long since burnt away, but the ghosts keep the astral version upright and well kept as a place of refuge for spirits. Other spirits find their way to other places in the astral realm. If someone dies while dreaming they end up in the dreamzone instead, possibly stuck in an eternal dream, or wandering the dreams of others. Atavisms are another thing that lurks about. They are described as "groutesque" by mystic world. They are created by strong emotions. They linger on and act in accordance with that emotion, the strength of the emotion dictates the strength of the atavism. A group of people sharing an emotion, like a religious ceremony can create especially powerful Atavisms. Capturing and consuming one will cause the person to live the emotion that created it. People tend to consume atavisms from pleasent experiences leaving such things rather short lived. Atavisms of rather unpleasent situations tend to linger, though demons do like those.

The dream zone though a realm of imagination is classified as part of lower astral. Inside it you'd see a lot of silvery wombs filled with either people in fetal position or dreams playing out in them. When a person sleeps and dreams, their dreamzone self inside the womb will open its eyes and a dream will begin in it. To get into the dream zone an astral traveller needs to find a dreaming mortal and track the link to their dream, it requires a little bit of a skill to navigate the link but it's quite doable with a little practice. Once inside a dream you can cross over to other dreams with overlaps in theme. Force a mortal to wake suddenly and you are dumped into the sea of dream wombs. The dream womb protects a mortals soul from all harm. An astral project has no dream womb, they've been birthed into the astral. Such beings must protect their souls within their body when sleeping, or wander the dreams of mortals. Their spirits are actually open to attack. The power comes with cost.

When percieving or travelling the astral it's possible to spot demons and such whispering into mortals ears and attempting to influence them.

The middle astral connects to all the other imaginareal realms. It's a roit of colors and swirls and vortexes opening into more riots of color. Navigating it takes a bit of practice. It's filled with flecks of color, each fleck is a portal to another realm. The shape and color of the fleck tells you where it's leading. It's a matter of finding the one you need in the roit of colors and going there. It will open to the size of whoever is entering it. Force of will certainly helps when navigating the middle astral. It's known as the void because there are no permenant residents that anyone knows of there. One can find portals to the nether and eylsium and babylon and anywhere at multiple points through the void.

If someone has access to the astral, they have access to all the above dimensions. However once you get into one of those dimensions you'll need a way to get back into the astral and backtrack.
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A conversation with Dean (The Mystic World) Shomshak on the Hero Boards:

A Champions Online player wants to know if the Ban applies to the Lords of the realms in Netzach.

No, the entities from the Outer Planes can invade Earth at will. The Ban applies only to humanity's gods.

As a setting element, the Ban exists because of the way Steve Long wanted gods to be written -- on thousands of points. See Tezcatlipoca for an example. If dozens (hundreds?) of such entities can be active on Champions-Earth any time they want, it dilutes the impact of human heroes and villains. It also raises the question of how Skarn, Tyrannon or other dimensional conquerors can pose a serious threat to Earth if dozens (hundreds?) of Tezcatlipocas can defend it and have an interest in doing so.

(Which also explains why Mystic World says the supernatural powers of gods don't work against entities from the Outer Planes. The defense of Earth is humanity's responsibility. I forgot to mention it in the book, but all the "dodges" by which gods reduce their power to operate on Earth as PCs also remove that limitation. So, if Tyrannon invades Faerie, the god Ogoun can't fight him in any way but fisticuffs, but the god's mortal avatar, the hero Ogoun, can use all his powers effectively. So can the PC-level demigod Chrysaor because he's not a full god. Etc.)

The Ban is sort of a brute-force solution, I admit, and I'm not entirely happy with it. I wouldn't criticize a GM who adopted some other solution to keep gods from dominating the setting.

In a related question, are Thulkos and the Congeries, the dimensions of Tyrannon and Skarn, in Netzach like the realms of other "dimension lords?" I know The Mystic World p. 135 says, "Thulkos began as an Assiatic dimension," but doesn't say whether it's still considered part of Assiah.

The Congeries is definitely a Netzach plane. There is no law but Skarn's will.

Thulkos superficially seems to maintain some natural laws, such as the tendency of matter to collect in Hula Hoop shapes. That is only an appearance, though. The central spheres of world-loops and star-loops could not exist under Thulkos' old system of natural law. So, modern Thulkos is a Netzach dimension as well.

Keep in mind that the distinction between Netzach dimensions and Hod dimensions is partly political: Whether there is a dimension lord actively controlling the dimension. So, what if Skarn or Tyrannon die? The GM must decide what happens to their dimensions.

If the Congeries and Thulkos continue operating by whatever rules, in whatever condition their masters last imposed, they become Hod dimensions.

On the other hand, maybe the dimensions fall apart without their masters as keystones... which means Skarn and Tyrannon both have a whole lot of hostages to protect their lives.

For a third option, maybe the system is so strong that if you kill the dimension's master, the plane sucks a new entity into the role of dimension lord. (Think of how Dormammu's flames of regency switched to Umar and Clea.) Plausibly, this would be the nearest and most powerful mystic to the slain lord. Like, the PC who just struck the death-blow, who is now the *new* dimension lord and bound by the same restrictions as Skarn or Tyrannon.


(As GM, I would give the PC a brief window in which to use the vast Cosmic Pool "inherited" from the dead dimension lord to restructure Thulkos or the Congeries so the dimension could survive on its own, as a Hod plane. But it would be interesting to see the player's reaction.)
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This is an excellent read. All people playing, or interesting in playing a mystic themed character in any capacity need to read this.
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Interesting notes there Thundrax. I do recall Tyrannon's realm being a dimension of torus shaped planets before he went on his power trip, I'd be inclined to let it to continue to exist after he dies if I were running a game where that somehow happens. The cogeries however..... they are pretty messed up stuff.

Now it's time for another...

Bonus Round: Extraplanar Beings

Demons: They exist in every shape size and form that every single possible incarnation of hell assumes they exist in. They are rather wicked things. The ruler of hell is The Dragon, though the Dragon has been known as other things, Satan, Lucifer, they all refer to the same supreme evil. It doesn't rule in any conventional sense, a better term would be to say the dragon IS the embodiment of hell itself, it is Satan. The Dragon wants to take over the earth and subjegate all mortality, rest of hell's along for the ride. The general actual breakdown though is squabbling fiefdoms and domains and well, demons will be demons. Pretty much everything in the nether can't be killed permenantly. Bad folks go there when they die. Demons torment them. As much as they mutilate and maim and damage those souls, the souls eventually gett well enoughf or the demons to continue the job. This allows damned souls to be tormented for all eternity, or at least until a demon decides to nom on it. Demons generally don't torment each other so much, they can regenerate from any harm inflicted upon them. Destroying them on earth merely sends them back home. The only really well known way to destroy a demon is to have a higher ranking demon eat that demon. Generally speaking it's a punishment only reserved for real serious problem demons. Demons also eat souls, this destroys the soul permenantly. While demons are quite difficult to kill, it is possible to strike one down. The act is just so hard and undefined that it's generally the topic of an epic adventure and probably will involve a large elaborate ritual that may or may not involve a rubber chicken. The point is, there's no hard and set way to take one out, it's going to be a special event. Heck, they got a special metal they can forge that uses souls. So, a damned person could end up as a sword for all eternity. Demon lords have various domains themed after various vices, people end up in the domain of the demon who best matches their sins. Demons however do trade souls, they area commodity, so spirits get around. For example, the demon who forges weapons out of such things doesn't get too many souls naturally because few people manage to damn themselves via crafting and such which is his domain. So he trades gear for souls. Generally speaking demons are wicked evil things and anything dealing with them and hell, nether, whatever you wish ot call it rarely ends well. Mystic world spoke of rare exceptions (likely to leave the door open for any evil-curious players who wish to make something demonic) however such exceptions are rather rare and their peers will actively work against such a non-evil abomination of a demon. Also bear in mind demonic heroes are a touch over-done, so do exercise caution with such a thing (And I shant discuss that further because that's a topic for another thread). Demons do deal with mortals, generally for mortal souls, and they do like to twist the contract to their favor. Dealing with a demon rarely ends well.

Angels: Angels, Devas, Yazatas, call them what you will, they exist in Elysium. Hard to kill too like demons and they are all generally good. However the definition of "good" varies from religion to religion. Fear the hell-fire and brimstone religion born Angels, they aren't very warm and fuzzy. Like demons they are very hard to kill. Unlike demons you can't get a superior to merely eat a problem angel. However like a demon, you can take out an angel with an elaborate song and dance that will likely be the subject of an epic adventure. An interesting thing about elysium is any visitors to the plane become immortal too, and there are objects and stuff from Elysium that can grant a mortal immortality. Taking such things without leave from the greater powers there will earn you a lot of potent enemies, and actually sounds like an interesting plot hook. As mentioned earlier they sometimes lurk in the astral realm whispering temptations into mortals ears. Someone with the Second Sight will be able to see such a being. Being able to affect something on the astral is not easy unless you can step in there, or you have superpowers that can strike beings accross the veil of dimensions. Also, people are liable to call you crazy if you point at the empty space next to the businessman and shout "DEMON!" However, influencing acts of passion and sowing discord does strike me as a good way to create some negative atavisms for a nice demonic snack.

Fairy-Folk: Elves, fey, sidhe, Nunnehi, these beings from various folklore and tales fall into the catagory of fairy-folk that inhabit the faerie realm. They are neither fully good or evil, though some seek the harm humanity rather actively. A whole lot of sentient mythological creatures fall into this catagory, such as centuars. General folk-lore tales for each various brand tend to hold true. For example, Iron is quite effective when dealing with certain types of faerie.

Nature spirits: Similar catagory to the fairy-folk, nature spirits embody an aspect of nature. Things such as a dryad fall into this grouping. It is of note that these beings and Fairy-Folk are not specifically exempt from being destroyed. However nothing is for sure, certain nature spirits such as baba-yaga are effectively minor gods.

Bonus Bonus Round: How to Raise the Dead

A comic book universe wouldn't be complete without some means of turning back time and undoing death with some sort of deal. While it is likely possible to undo it through a demonic deal, you know well and full that a demon will twist it in some way, you'll likely get a zombie for your troubles, or worse. The best way to deal with such matters is to take it up with death himself in Death's Domain, it's a Tipereth realm, upper astral beyond the veil. Generally speaking upper astral places are hard to reach so you will likely have to get a rather competent mage. Such a mage likely won't take such a request lightly. When you do finally get to the realm of death you'll find that it's such a higher state of existance that you can not comprehend it's true state. Everyone who visits death's domain sees something different, what they see is what they expect the realm of death to be. It is always quiet unchanging place. The dead, buried or not, are unmoving and waiting. The living are the only thing of change here. You can rouse the dead you find here, but it's only for a few seconds, unless it's a loved one, in which case you might get several minutes out of them. You can not change anything in death's domain, and the only thing that can hurt visitors to his domain are other visitors. Loved ones and people you know are always the easiest to find in death's domain, but it doesn't matter where you go because you eventually stumble upon death's throne room. His throne is massive and angular and empty. Yet everyone before it can feel that something is in the throne, watching. Death is there and no matter what powers you have, what abilities you have, one features you have or whatever, you can not percieve it. He can not be affected and while he is the one thing in death's domain that can take the life of visitors, death rarely if ever bothers. Death can not be targeted or effected in any way in its own domain. Since mortals can not comprehend death, he has a loved one of one of the visitors speak in his stead. The mortals can present their case to death, and if death is interested it will offer an exchange of life for life. The person that Death requests killed is always someone who has extended their lifetime beyond their mortal years by unnatural means such as some lich or some such and Death uses this bargain as a means to set things right. Just pray Death doesn't send you after Takofanes. Should the visitors accept the deal and follow through, death will restore the lost life via retcon. Reality will be rewritten so the fatal event never happened. Bear in mind an old person likely won't have much time left regardless if restored in this fashion, so this ordeal is best used for a young life. The retcon may be the fatal bullet missing, or the medics arriving just in time, circumstances are rewritten so the person survives the fatal event. Nobody will know the person was dead except for those who went through the ordeal to bring the person back to life, not even the restored life. If a party visits Death's Domain, the person with the highest willpower will dictate how it looks for everyone, so the whole group will see the same thing. Also all visits are effecitvely instantaneous, no time passes in reality, and while in death's domain nothing ages.
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Just as a point of clarification on the demon bit - the Dragon doesn't actually rule the Netherworld. It just happens to be technically located within his stomach. There's no single ruler of Netherworld, it's segmented out into fiefdoms and territories that are individually lorded over by specific demon lords.

EDIT: Also - the 'new' version of Mystic World is actually 6e's Book of the Empress - all the pertinent cosmology information and such can be found within it's pages.
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Ah yeah, I have a copy of that one too. Mystic world isn't fully replaced by the empress though. It still referrs to mystic world in places. The Dragon entry is pretty much a straight copy and paste from Mystic World and refers you to it for more information.

Well the more I read about it is is less of nether being inside the dragon so much as it being an extension of it. It's described as being an extension of the darkness of all mankind, and to truly destroy it would be like removing an arm from the collective consciousness of humanity. It is outright stated to be satan. It is evil in its most distilled form. I suppose one could argue it doesn't rule hell in any conventional sense, but it doesn't just contain hell, it is an extension of it. Regardless, some wording has been changed.
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Another question I posed to Dean, from a CO player:

"Regarding The Ban. I've been reading The Mystic World and I wanted to know, does it affect Gods and Goddesses made AFTER it or not? I can't find anything saying it does or doesn't."

"Before or after makes no difference. It's not a curse on specific individuals, it's a metaphysical brick wall with a teeny tiny hole in it. Above a certain power level, you can't squeeze through."
New sig to follow.
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Since you see a lot of the big names in CO and some you don't see why not cover them so you know the full scope of these fellows.

Big Names, Big People

The Archmage - The archmage is a station that only one person holds. They are not allied with anyone necessarily, though the archmage has a nasty little spell that can evict extranplanar invaders. The Quaternion Banishment. To be an archmage there's a song and dance involving the 4 elemental gems of humanity and you need gifts from Faerie, babylon, elysium, and the nether. The last archmage allied with the Trismegistus Council, got in the way of Circle of the Scarlet Moon plans, the Circle hit the archmage with an epic ritual that hurtled a hellstone down upon his residence. The result was the Tunguska Blast and it killed half the people who enacted the ritual, which prevented the circle from capitalizing on their success. Both sides had to retreat and lick their wounds. General accepted explanation is a comet, much like how it is in real life. Mystics who know that the Archmage died in that general area at that general time would likely suspect foul play at the least. Until Robert Caliburn took the mystics gossiped over who might be the next Archmage. Speculation ran the gamut of Takofanes to Witchcraft. Robert Caliburn actually came completely out of left field, nobody really expected some disheveled looking vietnam war vet to suddenly come out of nowhere and take the station. The Quaternion Banishment incidentally takes all the life-force of humanity and slams it at an extraplanar invader. Earth and all its imaginareal realms become poison to the victim and they must flee or suffer the consequences unless they possess a human or someone of this plane-set invites the schmoe in, victim has the glowing Quaternion sigil on them while the spell is in effect. The spell literally slams the victim with humanity's collective life force, people die, weak and elderly first, then infants, starts moving up the ladder. The caster is aware of every single death he causes and sees it. Those that die are aware of the fact that they are dying, why they are dying, and accept their fate. If this spell's used, even if it doesn't kill you, if you are part of humanity you WILL feel something.

Robert Caliburn - 1971, a young american soldier named Robert Coble got seperated from his unit in Vietnam. He stumbled on a secluded temple, within was the fire gem. That man became Robert Caliburn. He hasn't aged since then, still has his fatigues (though they are magic now!). He traveled the world, studied with mystics of India, middle east, Europe, he unlocked the mysteries of magic. He is a skilled soldier, knows his way around a variety of guns. He is quite skilled in martial arts, he commands the power of magic, he has a .45 that's been blessed by Azreal, his SMG's been blessed by Shiva. Caliburn's competent with magic, and VERY good with fire magic. He also can also take some time to enchant a bullet to be especially lethal vs a single designated person ("Bullet with your name on it"). Also, he has a pet dragon familiar named Nicotene. The guy comes off as odd to most people, they see some fellow who looks a bit disheveled, has that 1000 yard stare and wearing vietnam equipment despite looking way too young to have been in that. Mystics might still be surprised at his come from behind snatching of the archmage title, few will deny the guy's got power, even before he became Archmage local mystics of Vibora showed him some respect.

Therakiel - When the angel of light, Lucifer, rebelled against god with all the agels of heaven, God cast the rebelling angels to hell. Therakiel in that war did not take a side. He decided to sit on the fence and side with the victors. God, unamused with Therakiel's non-comittal attitude cast him from heaven as well. As the angels fell to hell, Therakiel fell with them, but when he hit earth in what would become Vibora Bay he collided with it. Hell wanted no part of Therakiel. Denied by both heaven and hell, he settled down in earth, waited, and planned. It's his doing that Vibora bay is a major crossing of leylines. There's much magical power there. It's a means of drawing magical talent to Vibora bay to further his ends. He, rather bitter that nobody wants anything to do with him, wishes to tear down everything and rebuild it better. To quote bender, "Fine! I'll build my own theme park, with booze, and hookers!"

Shadow Destroyer - The multifarian mirror of Dr. Destroyer was a very bad man, from a very bad family, that practiced very bad magic, they were also the Harmon family, the family which in our world gave us the Defender. Seeking to further his power he touched upon the qliphoth. Things got a little complicated them. He ended up sacrificing the entire multifarian city of Detroit to harness the power of the Qliphoth. There were books on the topic of Qliphoth that he dared not touch, out of fear, though he sensed a man, in our world, who would dare, that man was Luther Black. He lured Luther into Multifaria. Luther got the lore retreated to our world. Shadow Destroyer waited a few decades of his time (over a century for luther black's time, Multifarian time is weird), and came to our world to see what came of Luther Black. His coming had several effects. First it caused a lot of qliphothic seepage into our dimension that might have hindered magic (depends really). It caused Dr. Destroyer and Shadow Destroyer to have a simultaneous "someone stepped over your grave" moment. Dr. Destroyer woke up in a cold sweat, panicked, checked all his security systems, certain that someone somewhere was making an attempt on his life. He found nothing, and decided to track down whoever the hell caused him to feel scared and make that bastard PAY. Both parties knew it was on. Eventually Dr. D ended up in the multifaria with an invading destroid armor ALMOST succeeded on Shadow Destroyer's home turf. Shadow D decided to keep Doc D prisoner while he extraced the man's secrets from him and make use of his Destroid army. His hijinx caused the events in the beginning of Champions Online. Turned against him when a party of unlikely heroes showed up and sprug Doctor Destroyer loose, that's covered in Resistance.

Luther Black - 1896, Shadow Destroyer lures Luther black to his world to a forgotten bookstore where he found Liber Terribilis, the Harrowing book. He crossed two silver accross the tome to hide it from the eyes of man and god, and walked off with it. You know that tunguska blast being a magical ritual? Luther Black lead it. All the apprentices struck down dead, the people in charge suffered horrible fates like their eyes exploding, heart bursting into flames scorching its way out of their torso, fun stuff like that. Those that survived, including Luther Black, had much of their magical power ripped from them. He retreated to America, studied the Harrowing Book some more, learned of the Kings of Edom, and got the clever idea of drawing power from these other-worldly gods to strengthen his position, and the position of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. Circle of the Scarlet moon decided these beings were too unknown, and too risky to Deal with, Luther Black Forged ahead, and Formed DEMON, the letters are the first letters in the various names of the Kings of edom. The lower ranks are kept in the dark as to the true purpose of DEMON, thinking they are merely sacrificing to dark gods and demons. Luther black knows they are dealing with something far worse. Of course Luther black tipped his hand during the first demonflame incident. VIPER came out of nowhere and helped stop him. Mystics of the world, including the circle of the scarlet moon want nothing to do with him and his perverse magic. DEMON however is a very well organized machine, much like VIPER. Luther black in his time has clawed out his eyes, lost much of his health, up until the more recent Demonflame he lived in the 13th floor of a casino, living on life support and draining the life force of troublesome morbanes away to keep alive because one doesn't mess with the Qliphoth without paying the price. After demonflame, well, look at Demonflame and then aftershocks.

Jack Fool - He was a hero his tale is tragic. He's currently part of the inverted trinity, something few within DEMON are even aware of, let alone any other mystic. The inverted trinity is a perversion of the blessed trinity created by Luther Black. It consists of the Black Shepherdd, Jack Fool, and the Left Hand. Jack was the son of a gypsy and an italian, he was a hero whose superpower was luck. He tried to rush into a burning building to save a girl, and he died. Luther Black brought him back as a regenerating nigh unstoppable undead assassin. When he's not on the job he poses as a vagrant lurking in places the dead luck, cemetaries and the like in a stupor haunted by the memories of his life and his parents. Every now and then he gets an assassination mission, usually from his handler, the Shepherd, which causes him to snap to attention, don his mask, and go forth and kill that target before going back to degenerate back into a catatonic undead wreck of a man. In his current state he still has powers of absurd luck. He has the supernatural ability to pick up any sharp object, stab someone with it, and just happen to go between the kinks of their armor or hit precisely the weak spot and do rather grievous harm (Check your combat logs when he does the katana stab it's called "any sharp object"). He bypasses security by opening up the console, jiggling the wires, and the right connections happen to get made through luck. The only thing that counters his supernatural luck really is supernatural luck. He also regenerates. Perfectly so. If you strike him down, he will return. The only way to effectively kill him is to find his soul which is currently being tormented by a demon, and return it to his body. He was chosen by Luther Black to be a mirror of the Holy Spirit.

The Left Hand - He was birthed from the Qliphoth via Luther Black's talents during the first demonflame event. He is the blasphemous conception. An obscenity against all life. He appears as some fell angel though he is far from any Angel or Demon, he is a creation of the Shining Darkness. The Left Hand is very arrogant in willful, demands that lesser beings kneel in his presence (which is just about EVERYTHING). He never creeps upon his foes, instead descending upon them like an angel of vengeance. It's all Luther Black can do to keep him in check. The only way to properly destroy him permenantly is to cast him back into a qliphothic rift, much like the one that spawned him. He mirrors the Son.

The Black Shepherd - What do you get when you take a yoruba, stuff in 4 hero's souls, stir and seven demons, and season with the entirety of knowledge within the Libris Terribilis? You get The Black Shepherd. Luther Black really knows how to create his abominations. This thing drifts in and out of the astral drifting through the entire world, sometimes it's drawn to people in dire needs, and then it appears to such beings, either casting them to madness, or drawing them to DEMON. The blak Shepherd oversees all promotions to Morbane. He can shape shift, go invisible, infiltrate the lives of just about anyone. There's really no place the Black Shepherd can not be. It acts as the handler for Jack Fool, relaying Assassination orders from Luther Black. Again, like all other things within this circle of blasphemy the Black Shepherd can only be undone if all the demons within it are banished and the souls of the heroes trapped in it are put to rest by bringing it near the resting places. He is naturally, the father of this inverted trinity.

Demoiselle Nocturne - I can't speak much about ALLL of DEMONs horrors, there's a lot of twisted people in there, but I am going to talk about this one, because she's appearing about in the MMO. One day a man named Georges Charlebois just up and had enough one might suppose, it was his birthday, pleasentday with movies time with his wife, but for some reason strangled her that night as a rather spontaneous impulse. He then left and went into hiding. In his dreams he saw his wife, a dark inversion of her, she got nearer and nearer in his dreams until one day she stood before him. Georges' last thought was "even as a murderer my life is cliche" when staring at his wife in his dreams and then things got rather unconventional as she grapped his jaws and ripped him inside out. She woke up in his sleeping bag, got out, the Black Shepherd was waiting for her. She is born of a nightmare can change form, invade dreams, and KILL people from within them. She is a nightmare incarnate. She doesn't have desires like a normal person does, she mere does what nightmares do. It's a natural as breathing.

Takofanes - 65 thousand years ago, the free people of earth banded together and cast down Kal-Turak, ravager of man. He was far to powerful to destroy, the great evil was sealed away in a tomb, where he waited. 1987, an oil drilling operation in Oklahoma penetrated his tomb, the action freed Kal-Turak, whom we know as Takofanes, and he arose from this tomb, killed the staff of the oil drilling operations and they became his first undead thralls. Sensing power to the east, he cut a swath of undead destruction through the US before a combined effort from heroes drove him away. He resurfaced during the blood-moon events in Millennium City. He is an ancient being, not one for conversation with those he can convert into undead thralls. He seeks to rule the world, and he does that by turning everything into undead servants. He is a necromancer of magical power without peer. He can command all brands of sorcery with the exception of divine power, he can not withstand it, nor can he withstand being on holy ground. Little is known about this undead abomination since few know of the Turakian age from which he came from. However the Crowns of Krim threw themselves at him, which surprised the mystic world, this combined with the distinct crown he wears has lead to speculation that the Dragon Crown he wears is one of the Crowns of Krim, which leaves him connected to them somehow. Mystics who have been paying significant attention to him would be aware of the fact that he has avoided holy magic and they might actually deduce that holy ground is not too good for him either. It's only the most esoteric of historic lore however that speaks of the Turakian age, so few know anything concrete about that except perhaps hearing the term thrown around. You can bet though, with his recent activity in Millennium City, many likely have heard the terms now thrown wildly by various mystics concocting theories, through few know the full story behind them, much like hearing physicists talk about quantum mechanics, you likely learn a few buzz words but little else.

I meant to do more, but this is taking more time then I planned, so I'll post this, and throw up a few more mystic names later.
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More People

I'll cover a few more people here. For the dimension lords you can find info in Champions Villains Volume 1, Mystic World (5e, so any contradictions from the other books default to the others), and the Book of the Empress.

Skarn The Shaper: Skarn started out in a world known as Orom. Politics in Orom was far more bitter then it ever is in the United States. Two politician mages from opposing parties let the extreme distaste of the opposing party get the better of them and they let themselves get posssessed by cosmic entities. One turned into a entity dedicated to razing all cities to the ground and forcing everyone to leave simple lives in harmony in nature, the other was dedicated towards allowing everyone to shape the world as they please. It was a pretty darn brutal throwdown between those two cosmic entities, Orom needed a hero. That Hero was Skarn. He managed to whip up a spell that would link the life-force of those two entities, hopefully creating a feedbackloop of destruction that would annihilate them. His own chances of survival were grim, but he proceded with it anyway. Somehow, in the casting of the spell, he ended up becoming entwined with their life forces. He accidentally the whole thing. All their life force, all their power, all their minds coursed into Skarn as they were annihilated. Skarn inhereted all their desires and cosmic power. It broke the poor bastards mind. Skarn now embodies the urge to make everyone live in harmoy in nature AND to change the world AND a bit of a messiah complex. Let's just say he's a bit weird. Also he's a bear. A cosmic bear whose fur looks like a starry void when he's full into cosmic mode. He conquers dimensions, absorbs them into his own which he calls the cogeries. Since his desires are at conflict he's often reshaping things here and there. He wants to make an ultimate utopia with himself as a benevolent despot, except his idea of utopia changes from time to time. He doesn't care how many eggs he has to break to make an omelete, he'll make it! He is convinced anything he does is for the best, the ends justify the means, and what he is doing is making a brighter future for everyone. It's just that well he isn't. While the mundane folk might not know of or know much of this thing, Skarn is a known entity among the mystics of earth.

Tyrannon the Conqueror: Five centuries ago Tyrannon was a mortal on a torus shaped world known as Thulkos. He was much like a human otherwise and the world was rather earth-like despite it's unconventional shape. However, due to the way the world's magic worked, magic conly only be worked through enchanted items and potions. Tulkos had a problem of numerous mindless gods infusing themselves into hunks of matter and causing all sorts of trouble. Tyrannon was part of a project to get rid of these mindless rampaging gods, he, and a bunch of other mystics were to infuse themselves with a god. The people reasoned that no single mystic would become too powerful to be overwhelmed by the magical technology they had. The god tyrannon infused with was powerful, it gave him the ability to absorb the powers of others. He quickly mastered that power, wanted more, killed another god-mage, absorbed his power, wanted even more, all the souls he was devouring chipped away at his original spirit, Tyrannon the mage was no more, in his place was Tyrannon the conqueror with a raging addiction to souls. By the time the rest of Thulkos had realized what was happening, Tyrannon was well too powerful for them to deal with. The world was prepared for hundreds of mage-gods with a variety of interests, not a single all-god. He wasn't happy with one dimension, he started absorbing others. Any absorbed dimension's natural rules got overwritten by his, and soon they were filled with worlds just like the original Thulkos. Also, he's a tree now. Well, actually he's many things. When he absorbs someone they remain a seperate physical entity, but they are also tyrannon. There's hundreds of tyrannon, 888 to be precise. Good luck trying to figure out how to exterminate it all. He has his power focused in a variety of "throne" forms, the greatest of which is a massive tree on Thulkos, hence my earlier tree remark. If one were to take out the tree, they would greatly hamstring Tyrannon but not destroy it. The dimensional lord is scarcely known even to earthly mages.
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Magic and Technology

Now I'm sure you've heard the explanation that nazis worked a ritual in the 30's that opened the floodgates of magic and that's why we have mutants and super-science. However, Champions Beyond claims that aliens mucked with our DNA in the ancient past and that is why earth has so many mutants. Of course it could have just been a floodgate to some unknown energy and that's what's powering magic and mutants but it isn't in fact magic. Who knows for certain? I don't! (besides undefined mysteries can be fun).

Nothing explicitly prevents magic and technology from working together. However the land of faerie (and the realm of most gods) the place most people look for high magic is decideably old-styled classical fantasy. Babylon the city of man is a rather recent newcommer in terms of magical dimensions that have sway, previously it was a rather small dimension before humanity really got its civilization on. Babylon is a rather modern realm of magic where you can have feral packs of cars and such, since it's reasonably recent in it's current state of affairs no dusty old tomes or anything will help you learn about babylon. Only recent information is good. I would not be surprised if you could find magical contemporary stuff there though. I've been half tempted to have a character pull out a magical cellphone picked up from there that somehow always has signal. Heck, the Conurbites which I mentioned before are magical cyborg elf-equivilents. If you don't like such things, avoid babylon, you could havey our character actively dislike Babylon stuff if you like.

Since magic tends to be fluffed as steeped in tradition, people using it tend to be old-styled sorts of individuals. Nothing forces you to be so however. Casta Blasta by Nefandus is an excellent example of a Babylon themed mystic. Now, while nothing prevents you from being good with magic and technology, do be careful about it. Magic is something mastered with a lot of time spent studying and practicing, much like science. If a character is quite good at both, then they've must have spent an aweful lot of time learning, in fact it's quite easily to slip down the slippery slope of coming off as overpowered. It's best to have any scientific expertise being tangental to your mage's style of magic. An Alchemist who knows a thing or two about chemistry? That makes sense. I won't go too deep though on that, this isn't a thread really on balancing power level...

Lemurians have their magic powered technology forge-alchemy. They've harnessed the four elements in their purest form, Ignateum for fire, Corusqua for water, Fulminor for Air, Crystallos for earth. They've built some pretty ridiculous stuff, for a good look at their technology, just look at the mandragalore, many cogs, gears, bulky large. It's definitely a different route then what human technology went. They can design rather terrifying things too, like a gigantic lens capable of zapping things with gathered solar energy, or a 200 meter tall war-golem powered by ignateum. I honestly dont know how plentiful and available those materials are, though I personaly roleplay it like it's pretty darn hard to get your hands on even a little of it, unless you're a Lemurian. The Lemurians incidentally were not a very nice set of people.

It is of note that what works on mutants does not work on mages and vice versa. There's a wide array of power suppression systems in the stronghold that lock out all mutant powers. It gives all the light in the areas affected a bluish hint. Affected mutants feel mentally and physically burdened, like they have a wet blanket laid over themselves or some such. There's even portable shackles/collar versions that can suppress a single person, the collar is especially bulky and uncomfortable. None of this works on the mages though. They have their own magical ward they are sealed away in, inside the stronghold. It's filled with sigils wards magic circles arcane barriers EVERYTHING to nullify and block out the magical power of the innmates. The people who make and maintain these wards are basically everyone in the mystic community of heroes. True, some people may not take magic seriously, but the stronghold staff are ahead of the ballgame. If you have a magic themed hero of any renown, it is not unreasonable ot state that youv'e been invited to the stronghold to help add your own warding to the mystic ward. Just about every mystic hero has likely laid some ink there at some time. Yet, despite all those wards, they do nothing to mutant powers, or any power armor or the like.

So, while there is a stated link to the rise of magic and the rise of mutants. The two are quite different in terms of being suppressed or effecting each other. Do not make the mistake of assuming that mutants or super science is merely magic in a different package. It isn't, at least in function.
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You should totally read this thread, because Darkblade is awesome and I totally forgot he made it, even though I posted random asinine banter in it.
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Things From the Qliphoth

As a general warning. Studying the qliphoth for too long tends to lead to general insanity, madness, and doing less then intelligent things. It's kind of like that whole HP Lovecraft theme of people digging into knowledge they shouldn't have and it just destroys their mind. So it is highly unlikely that even a well learned mage is going to have comprehensive knowledge of everything listed here. Heck, when Luthor Black brought up the Edomites when he first discovered them in the Harrowing Book, the other people among The Scarlet Moon had no idea what these things were, but had a general concensus that it was better to deal with the Devil Known then this new unknown entity. This lore may be found in Arcane Advesaries. Check under "The Kings of Edom."

It is of note that some real complicated super-sciency-quantum-experimentation has been causing a few brushes with the edomites. It's quite possible for a scenario not unlike the game "DooM" to unfold in a facility with an experiment gone horribly wrong.

While it may be possible to summon or deal with the edomites, this won't go well. It's far worse then dealing with demons from hell really. At least a demon you can bind through ritual and make it do things it really didn't want to do. At least a demon is willing t make a bargain and follow through on it, even if the wording on the contract is twisted and it'll likely get the better end of the deal, and your soul. You can NOT control a qliphothic entity like a demon. A qliphothic entity is likely to make some really nice promises, and forget about them the instant you cease to be useful, more likely it'll just kill you after you've outlived your usefulness. They'll just tell you precisely what you want to hear.


Probably one of the more powerful edomites. It is massive tentacle covered, 5 grand eyes cet upon a face topped with a beak. It is said to be so hideous and mind blowing to look upon that it causes insanity to anyone who tries to look at it. It was sealed away in an impenetrable shell covered with unbreakable wards and the whole parcel was stuffed into a highly unpleasent dimension known as the "Black Maze". Vulshoth can defeat most things by just having them look upon it and have their mind shatter at the sheer horror before them. Those that survive will have to contend with tentacles that rip the life-force from anything they touch. It is Bad News, with a capital B and N. It also has reality distortingly good psionics, it doesn't even speak, it just projects images into your mind that gets the point accross rather clearly.

There is a lore entry for Vulshoth in CO, go into the upper walkways in Project Greenskin, and look for some scattered papers on a bench that are interactable.


Also known as Diezzhorath the Dissolver, it is said to be made of mathematics and energy, it's full form isn't known, but when bits and pieces of it leak into reality they tend to manifest as a tangled mass of thin tendrils made out of "you die". It was sealed away in a prison dimension that is a recursive gateway to everywhere else. The being is imprisoned by being stretched to thin it is everywhere and anywhere. Anything that messes with reality too much may allow a portion of Deizzhorath to appear. This being is too far out there to attract many cultists. Few brave things that wish to know what is going on in other places or perhaps wish to get into someplace via a round-about way may try contacting this thing, but it's mind is so alien, so strange, it is quite a mind-blasting experience to deal with it. Since it's touch tends to annihilate anything not protected in a force field, some really twisted mystics may try to harness Diezzhorath as a means of breaching vaults or a means of attack, certain real ill-advised magic to draw a small portion of it into reality. The problem is Diezzhorath doesn't have much of an attention span, in fact any part of it you see in reality has about as much awarness as one of your toes. You may be able to focus it upon yoru task, or it may decide to make geometric doodles on the wall that'll disturb anyone who studies them too hard or just attack some random person in the room, maybe you.

There's a bit of lore on this in the millennium city park, if you ever did the mission Diary Queen you likely found this instead by mistake, it's at (8324 246 888). The gist of it is a quantum physicist accidentally built a radio that lets him talk to Diezzhorath, but he soon got so disturbed he unplugged it.


A minor king, I'm mentioning it due to him having a lore entry in a tent in the desert at (-1201 68 -1692). It appears as a cone of black blue jelly topped with an eye ringed with tentacles. It can extend tentacles toothy maws from its body that are filled with stone and metal teeth. It's powers allow it to reshape matter on a subatomic level, rewriting the states of matter.


Again, a minor edomite covered via a lore entry, in Well's Pass of Monster Island at (424 14 -5441) at the VIPER docks. Esleggua is the fear eater. It's a masive pillar of fanged mouths and slimy tentacles witha howl that deadens all emotion of those that hear it, particularly the fear one OUGHT to be feeling when faced with such horrors. Prolonged exposure will leave one a fearless husk, devoid of any empathy or compassion, a mad worshiper of the kings of Edom.

And while we are mentioning Qliphothic lore scraps in CO, check near gadgetboy for one. There's another propped up on a dried out fountain in that old abandoned playground in west-side near that massive tree near the prison. The final one's in monster Island in a balcony of one of the ARGENT buildings on a small table near a chair.

Tappan Arkwright III

You may have noticed the name in those lore entries. Tappan Arkwright III was inbred and born with the vestigal face of his twin brother on the back of his skull. He keeps his hair combed over it, but his twin's minute brain touches with his, and his twin's minute brain is in tune with the qliphoth. It does horrible things when it takes over his body. Kills people, tries to call forth the Kings of Edom. Tappan himself is a kind man who likes the arts and wants nothing of this, he's tried to kill himself a few times, everytime the twin managed to exert control an thwart the plans. Tappan is a helpless prisoner in his own body. The twin covers its tracks well, the FBI knows there's some sort of serial killer on the loose who does ritual killings, but they've yet to figure out who. The "little brother" in the writings as you may guess are that twin. Tappan has some terrifying powers, such as the ability to summon forth servans of the edomites.


An angler is a qliphothic critter that is a mish-mosh of tangled edges and lines that extend in more dimensions then three. It has a variable amount of legs, however many it happens to need at the time. It's mind is so complicated and bizarre that a mentalist would need understanding of higher complicated mathematics just to even to begin to comprehend what they are seeing. Their swipes with one dimensional edges slice between the atoms of matter and can cut through anything. It can translate itself between angles, allowing it to teleport. The sheer incomprehensibility of this being tends to be rather mind-blowing for anyone to gaze upon one.

Mind Thief

Perhaps the easiest thing to describe among the edomites in terms of apperance. It's something that looks like a six-legged large spider-crab-thing. It can crawl into someone's skull, take them over. It can call on its victims powers and memories and whatnot, but it tends to be a bit off on making it's victim behave like nothing is wrong. It hates UV radiation, even when inside a skull it'll make its host wear a hat at all times when outdoors. It will avoid any sunlight. A good strong blast of UV light to the skull will drive one out, but if you don't take it by surprise it'll take a few bites out of the victim's brain as it flees, which will likely be lethal. Even if not driven out, it might just decide the brain is tastey and gobble it up, leaving a corpse with no brain.


Massive flying squids on membranous wings that anyone with a comprehension of flight physics would tell you that their wigngs shouldn't even work. They've a single double pupiled eye and they never move in a straight line. By waving their tentacles in strange geometric patterns they can cause weird stuff to happne, such as teleknetically manipulating matter, causing stuff ot distintigrate, hypnotizing someone. A squrm is very intellegent. If earthbound, these things are as helpless as a beached squid, needless to say they are not keen on anything that can negate flight. Squrm are also weak against flat surfaces. You heard me right, flat surfaces. Being on contact with a flat level surface does it great discomfort and eventually it may even harm or kill it.

Contermeasures and Opponents to the Edom

Jeweled Spider - Seems even extraterrestrials such as Ironclad have heard of the Lords of the Jeweled spider, or at least seen their iconography. The race at one time weilded powerful crystal objects and weapons. One thing that pertains to the qliphothic particularly among them is the Jeweled Spider. A Jeweled Spider must be cut from a slab of quartz at a rather specific angle. An eye-armed emblem is then engraved on this slab and inlaid with magnetite and thorium ore. You then electrify it briefly. Needless to say, this isn't a recipie someone just happens to know off-hand. Graphical representations of this will repell qliphothic entities, but they will approach it and pass if they have no other choice, it's merely a fear, not an actual compulsion. However, a properly prepared Jeweled spider as per the instructions above is utterly unapproachable by such qliphothic entities, it'll drive them insane or cause them to vanish from whatever plane of reality it was laid upon. That said, there's qliphothic things that are unaffected by the Jeweled spider. It's not a sure-fire repellant, and it sure as heck is not going to protect you from the corrupting influence of the Qliphoth itself.

Mordant Flame - Few are sure precisely what the Fire-bearer represents. Some say it is that moment of transition into sentience, the birth of civilization when a race becomes self-aware. Other say it is the lord of the apocalypse. Whatever the fire-bearer is, it gave unto humanity the Mordant Flame, a spell for dealing with these horrors. Take one brazier, add several powdered metallic reagents white reciting the mystic incantation, and then add the key ingredient: One elderworm brain preserved in something flammable. You'll end up with an eerie lavender light. The light just looks sorta eerie to anything non qliphothic and is otherwise harmless. Qliphothic things within range of its light are utterly fried until they leave it, or are consumed. It takes a little work and time to prepare this spell, not too long, under a minute, but the results will leave you with a nice anti-qliphothic zone. The Mordant Flame will even get at Qliphoth trying to hide behing cover, if they are in range, they are getting roasted.

The Ravens of Dispersion - The Ravens are a bunch of evil entities which are from an ancient world that is dying, sliding into the belly of Quenmetiel. To avoid utter annihilation from the qilphoth's corrupting dispersion, they travel to other realities, steal energy from it, and give it to their world. In short, they are parasites, stealing from other dimensions to keep their world in a state that might pass for alive. They are described as wholly evil, but they also oppose the Kings of Edom wherever possible. So, while they are certainly not friends, they are enemies of the enemy.
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A word on jeweled spiders before I get to the meat and potatoes: In the CO questline, the player can get a hold of a jewled spider from a VIPER agent fighting with netherfiends. Ravenspeaker sees the icon when the player brings it and does not recognize it. It eventually ends up in millennium city where Dr. Silverback is examining it. He puts some sensors on it and has the player hold it while dealing with the Qliphothic seepages to see what sort of reactions happen. Eventually Ironclad sees it, recognizes it as a Malvan good-luck charm and takes it. It's later handed back to the player for further analysis of its reaction to the qliphoth when dealing with more tears in Lemuria.

Thing has been bouncing around and nobody was able to identify it.

Crowns of Krim

A very very very long time ago, longer then anyone remembers an arch-demon named Krim crafted six crowns of immeasureable power. He also designed them to corrupt the souls of anyone who wore them. The Demon relished any moment a mortal wore his crowns because he knew pain, misery, and destruction would follow.

Kal-Turak, Takofanes for those who didn't read my earlier writeup on him, got ahold of the crowns, and weakened them to a point to make them manageable. He would then hand the crowns out to servants. He also got the Dragon Crown, some say he got Krim to forge it for him. The fact of the matter is, however, that the dragon crown was designed much like the one ring to rule them all and bind them all in darkness.

Kal-Turak was overthrown, the crowns were lost to the mists of time. Tens and thousands of years past and they were forgotten, until now. Dark Seraph was the first, he was a british occultist who sacrificed an aweful lot of peple to Krim in exchange for the Iron Crown. Soon, others followed. Some stumbled upon them by luck, others sacrificed for them. But in the end 6 heads bore the crown, and each time someone found a crown, Dark Seraph was aware, and used his powers of the iron crown to command the lesser crowns. Despite them all being wicked men who

Over time, Kal-Turak resurfaced as Takofanes. The Crowns of Krim realized that his dragon crown could command power over them, and they threw themselves upon him, wishing their own independance. The clashes against the Lich King were certainly hopeful to the defenders of earth. However it did leave a lot of mystics wondering just precisely what got into those Crowns of Krim, a collection of people who generally do not selflessly defend or attack ancient greatly powerful arch-liches unless there is something in it for them. In the few decades that followed, some mystics had started to put two and two together on the connections between the lich king and the crowns. Many details of the tail however still remain lost in the mists of time.

The commanding power of the Iron Crown over the other crowns leaves the group very well coordinated and disciplined. When using area affecting powers and such as a team they'll use Turakian codewords to make sure their allies don't get caught in the blast while obfuscating their intentions to their enemy. Since Turakian is an ancient rather lost civilization next to no one can speak this language. They are known to be one of the most powerful supervillain teams in the world. Facing the crowns all at once is something that should make any hero break out in a cold sweat at the thought. The mystic world doesn't really take a high view of the crowns since all the members aren't commanding arcane power through skill, they're leaning on a bunch of very powerful artifacts as crutches.

Every member of the Crowns of Krim has an "Aura of Utter Evil" that can not be concealed. If you peer at one with the second sight you will know IMMEDIATELY that that is a thing of utter and consumate wrongness. Even bloodstone has the aura.

Dark Seraph

Souless wicked man. He was once Dennish Walthingham, living the idle rich life until his boredom drove him to the occult, which drove him to an awful lot of sacrifice to get the Iron Crown. It changed him to a being of darkness. He's one of the few Crowns of Krim who had arcane talent before he siezed his artifact of power. His Iron Crown allows him to command the other crowns, though it is beholden to Takofanes's Dragon Crown.

The Guy is more demon then man at this point, though he can make himself appear human to maintain his civilian identity. His magical powers allow him to some rather nasty magical assaults, he can also assault a person's very soul, ravaging it and weakening the victim, though such damage seems to be temporary. He appears as a dark demonic being with black wings. Though he does not appear in Champions Online yet, his orders to his underlines can be found throughout the world.


Nestor Castillo was kindhearted, catholic, a little ambitious, and an archeologist. Not the sort of person you'd imagine as evil in carnate really. He had found evidence of an aztech temple, and went to excavate it privately, not wishing anyone else to claim credit. What he found was a room darker and bloodier then the average Aztech fare, grimmer darker, and filling the man with a dread premonition. He pressed onwards through the chamber and he was doomed when he saw it, the Blood Crown. Acting on impulses that were not his own he took it and placed it upon his head, destroying Nestor Castillo and replacing him with Bloodstone, a wicked Haemokinetic. Soon afterwards Dark Seraph called him to his side.

Bloodstone is a haemokinetic, he controls blood. He can corrupt it, leaving a person wracked iwth pain, cause it to boil out from within, he can do all sorts of nasty things with one's blood. He is however the weakest of all the crowns for Nester Castillo has not surrendered his soul yet. The player faces him after the events of "Bloody Alliance."

And here he is courtesy of CO-Wiki


Paul Hundley was a plain man from a poor background and he deeply resented it. Looking for a way out, he turned to the occult, and when an anthropology project he was on started to match clues he found in his ancient tomes of occult lore, he knew he was on to something. That something lead him to southeast asia where in an ancient dark gloomy crypt he found the Shadow Crown. He donned it, and then willingly gave his soul up for all the power Krim could give him. Soon afterwards he joined up with Dark Seraph.

THe only crown more wicked then him is Dark Seraph. He is a ruthless souless demonic being. He has a bad habit of playing with his food, a habit that has caused problems for the crowns in the past when he failed to take out an opponent when he had the chance.

His powers deal mainly with the manipulation of shadow.

I like the CO-Wiki's illustrated image of him better then the rendered image, so Imma link that.


Force was a poor drifter, Donal Jamison, begging and comitting petty crimes to get enough money to get buy. One day while looking for someplace to keep the cold away he came accross an abandoned jewlery store with a glint of gold in the back. Breaking in, he found the Golden Crown which promised him power and comfort if he'd only put it on. He put it on.

Force is driven by averice, he commits a lot of crimes on the side, just to get his hands on the glint of gold. He has arcanokinetic powers, telekinesis driven by magic. He can be a fearsome combatant in his own right, or he can be a rather potent support member of the team, deflecting attacks to his teammates with arcanokinetic shields.

Currently he is not in Champions Online.


Like Dark Seraph Greg shakleford was born into a life of luxury, and like phoenix he was driven to the occult to sate his boredom. And like Phoenix it ended in a bit of blood and him seizing a crown of Krim, the Shining Crown. Let's just say that like Dark Seraph he isn't a rather nice man.

He is a pyrokinetic, master of firey manipulation. He is the front line blaster of the group, getting right into the mix with his fiery shield holding off abuse while he immolates all before him. He can also blind people, with an overwhelming light, something he loves to do if it means setting up one of the other Crowns to drop the hammer on the now helpless hero.

You face him at the climax of Daunting Inferno.


Miguel Cordova does not exist anymore really. He was a kind scientist, a geologist who found a curious cave formation, not waiting for his partner he braved it alone, finding the inner workings of the whole thing bizarre beyond his belief. In the deepest levels of the cave he found the stone crown, forged of granite. Unable to resist the compulsions running through his mind he picked up the crown and put it on, and that's when the screaming began. The man was twisted into a being of earth and stone wholly unlike Miguel in the least, no vestige of the original man's personality remained as he clambered back to the surface where Dark Seraph was waiting.

The guy is a brick with the ability to mold and shape earth and even his own body. He often strikes directly with fisticuffs, but if that doesn't work, he will get increasingly exotic as needed. While he does not directly appear to the player in champions online, notes from Dark Seraph indicate he had Temblor following the player discretely while he or she rescued Witchcraft, observing using his earth-meld powers to stay hidden within the stone of the mines.
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Thank you for this, Ccelizic. This really helped me figure out how one of my more arcane characters fits into the CO universe. Your posts are always so informative!

@Lyricia in game
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This is wonderful lore! Thank you!

I did have a question. Where does hedge and folk magic fall in the realm if CO sorcery?
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And here is my horrifically late response to the cookie monster.... err meister.

Here's some style style discussed in Mystic World.

Theurgy involves a lot of theory, and practiced ritual and some rather regimental mumbo jumbo. These are the sort of people you'll likely see invoking names and places and whatnot. There's a few sub-sets within it. Hermetic mages are theurges who pull on Kabbalism, demonology and astrology. While Taoist Theurgy pulls on more eastern philosophies. A theurge's invocation of a god is more of a use of a symbol of power rather then worship. The whole affair is a bit abstract.

Alchemy pulls on the natural magical properties of minerals and other substances to concoct potions and the like that create the magical effect. All regional magical traditions seem to have alchemy in some form, doesn't necessarily produce potions, may produce salves, pills, but hopefully not suppositories.

Witchcraft is a little bit of everything, steeped in a lot of local folklore tradition, it's far less formal then Theurgy and tends to invoke otherworldly beings in a more religious context.

And of course throw into the mix people who have been empowered by a deity and don't throw around their own power so much as draw on the energy of the deity and unleash their supernaturality.

There's actually a few interesting cases of that. There's Ogun, who is a power armored west-African hero who appears to control metallic objects via some form of magnetism. Ogun is actually a mortal empowered by Ogun, the Yoruba god of blacksmiths. He was an engineer, he found some dirty dealings in a construction project, tried to do something about it, got in over his head and was beaten within an inch of his life. Ogun came to him and granted him power to actually do something. So now you got a power armored hero who is working with the blessings of a God of the Forge.
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I mentioned this thread on channel yesterday. I figured I'd bump it. Thanks cc.
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