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#7308208 Jan 29, 2013 at 01:17 PM
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Yeah, I got you with that. No, I’m not holding any events, plots, arcs or anything noticeable myself. But with all the events being presented in the last days, I thought we could use an overview. And here it is, complete with links to the original threads.

1. Bushido:
- Revolutionary Muse – (Paramilitary Group, The Revolutionaries, High School Targeted)
- Annual Parade in Black (and Red) – (Maniacs, Unknown Forces, Disturbances in Westside)
- Private Protection or Private Oppression? – (Drug Trade, The Silver Lodge, Strange Happenings)

2. Anubis:
- On The Horns of a Dilemma – (Atlantis, Scylla, Oceanic Adventures)
- The Things We Find Beautiful – (Children of Amaranth, Asylum, Monster Hunting)
- Hope Rides Alone – (Alternate Earth, Paradigm, One World Government)
- In All Things, PURITY – (Anti-Mutant Sentiment, IHA, PURITY)
- EVOLVE or Die – (Pro-Mutant Sentiment, Terrorism, EVOLVE)

3. Darkblade:
- Rising Tides – (Atlantis, Typhon, MANTA)
- Even a Worm will Turn – (Space, Elder Worms, Star*Guard)
- Fire in Babylon – (Babylon, The Ripper, Conspiracies)
- School’s Out – (Teens, Headmaster Grim, Teenage Supervillains)
- The Wild Hunt – (Vigilantes, The Huntsmen, ???)
- The Tournament of The Five Lions – (Shamballah, Dark Forces, Martial Arts)

4. Witty:
- The Collective’s Will – (Anti-Mutant Sentiment, The Collective, Mechas and Power Armor)
- The Gathering Storm – (Space, The Torrentian Army, Space Battles)
- Something Wicked – (Street Level, Wicked Witch, Supernatural Gangs)
- A Tale of Two Cities – (Alternate Universe, Aliens, Invasion)

5. Swordsaint:
- Apocalypse Shmolocalypse – (Apocalypse, Unknown Threat, Ziggurats)
- The Salesman vs. The Strongman – (Weapons Dealer, Serpentstrike Inc., Technology and Mythology)
- Rise of the Suneater – (Egypt, Ancient Darkness, Time Travel)
- Skyfall – (Babylon, Little Grey Men, Cataclysm?)
- Aria of Destruction – (New York City, Heaven and Hell, Mysterious Songs)
- The Iron Overlord – (Rocky Mountains, Dark Secret, Ancient Metal Vault)

If I should add anything, just tell me.
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Pinning this for usefulness sake.
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#7359304 Feb 09, 2013 at 08:16 AM
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I believe Trinitite and MainFrameError are also doing several events.
#8749066 Nov 22, 2013 at 01:48 PM
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I saw this, mustered enthusiasm, then belatedly noticed the date of posting was January.

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