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This is a series I started writing for a super group that I'm no longer a member of. I'm going to post a few of the articles here to gauge response and see it's something I should continue with. Before I begin, however, I thought it best to provide some background about myself and explain my purpose in writing these tips.

I received a BA from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana, where I took some creative writing courses and majored in Asian History. After returning to the States after a two year stay in Japan, I attended graduate school at Chicago's Roosevelt University where I completed their program and received certification as a middle and secondary level teacher.

I taught middle school (grades 5 ~ 9) for a total of five years, two in rural Japan and three in Evanston, Illinois. Since entering the private sector, I have also instructed masters candidates in Education as an adjunct professor for Olivet University.

In my current position as Business Analyst I prepare documentation, use case scenarios, and test cases. I lead a small group of script writers, charged with creating a weekly videos series of tech commercials. I've had a couple of white papers published and contributed to a number of training manuals.

Throughout all this time, I have been writing fiction. I think I wrote the first story I enjoyed back when I was 12. I've posted pretty much everything I've had a hand in over the last 15 or so years at my personal website. To be honest, I'm embarrassed by some of the stuff there. Still, I like keeping it around, to remind me how far I've come and how far I have yet to go.

Over the last few years, people have asked for my commentary on and reviews of stories they've posted on the web. Throughout this time, I've seen a number of similar issues in what I've read.

I've been in a number of groups who like to write. I'm partial to forum RP and like to read other people's stuff. I've seen some great ideas. However, I still continue to see those same issues crop up: grammar, writing as the opposite gender, story progression, effective fight scenes, etc.. This series of articles is not to call out any individuals, but rather offer some tips to those working towards growth as authors and storytellers.

I will also mention, as someone who has hired and helped people he's met on the Internet find work, correct use of language stands out as a basic requirement of many jobs. Someone reading your work, might be looking to hire.

I'm very interested in input and thoughts. I'd like to know if people will find such a series useful. I'm still willing to look at people's individual writing, provided my works receive the same critical treatment in return.

The series so far:

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Updated. If these are see as helpful, any chance this TOC post could be stickied?

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