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#10450210 Dec 24, 2014 at 04:38 PM
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I wasn't sure where else to put this. I created a channel for more villainous types of characters to ICly RP. it is similar to Champions RP channel where it's a place for villain characters to come together for rallying to various pursuits (bank robberies, etc.) to full on [temporary] partnerships (taking down a super group, salvaging a super death ray, etc.).

Thanks to everyone in CORP who gave input and ideas. I will note that I did not do it all myself, more of just created that channel via the in game mechanics.

For those of you that need a purpose for why villains would be together on a channel beyond general associations, think of the channel as a place to ICly broker information to pursue crimes, a preemptive sort of thing. The opposite of "Respond & Protect" that is used while/after a crime has taken place.
#10570854 Jan 24, 2015 at 02:47 PM
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Just FYI, I would just want to note that all the rule/policies/expectations for this channel are the same as the other CORP IC channel.
#10571079 Jan 24, 2015 at 03:39 PM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Problem with villians is getting them to work together ;)

They actually outnumber the heroes when it comes to metas, the fact the world hasn't degenerated into utter chaos is related to the fact that villians tend to act against each other as often as they act against the heroes.

That said perhaps some sort of bounty line. If you got the right connections and enough people within the bounty line say you're legit you get access to the comm band. It's used as a staging point for hiring muscle for whatever schemes and jobs you might want, but various ne'er do wells may gab on it.

Now bear in mind I certainly don't have the attention or resources to set up anything like this, but if anyone wants to take the stuff I'm going to spew and run with it, be my guest.

The Blackline, one stop shop for cutthroats with no questions asked.

Getting in: You don't find the Blackline, the Blackline finds you. If you make enough of a name for yourself and 3 members in good standing vouch for you, you'll get approached with the opportunity get a Blackline comm.

Access: The Blackline is accessed via a specialized comm. Each comm is stamped with a unique identifier that is hard-coded into its circuitry. It isn't something easily cracked, if you lose your comm you are expected to immediately report it so it loses access. All communications are encrypted with the latest mil-spec encryption routines. People do not casually hack this line.

Use: The Blackline is a place where people can fish for muscle for various schemes and help organize. People advertising on the blackline are advised to not give out too many details on the line, while the law is not tapping it (we hope), your rivals might be listening in. General tactic is to request for mercs for your job, give a general overview of type without tipping off anyone on precisely what you are doing, those interested should be privately contacted with a meet location where additional details can be hammered out. When it's not being used in this fashion, various factions using the line may use it for general chit-chat but Blackline moderators at anytime can tell you to shut it up if you're cluttering the line too much (generally when it involves too much angst and a moderator has a hangover, hangovers decrease one's patience for such things).

Rules: While a lot of villains, rogues, and mercs may be using this service, we need some rules to keep things in order.

1) Do not betray the Blacklines trust. Cross us and you'll be blacklisted in the worst way, we'll also likely take out a contract on your head. Don't eff with us.

2) Keep your grudges off the comms. Friendly smack talk is one thing. Actual piss fights on the comm band are annoying to the rest of us. This isn't the place to fight, take it elsewhere, unless you're hiring mercs to kill the other guy, then you may use the line for hiring.

3) We don't care what you do to other people on the Blackline so long as you aren't tipping off the law or betraying the Blackline's Trust. If Bob blabs too much about his plans to hit a bank, and you grab a few mercs and jump bob as he escapes and steal his swag, that's his problem for blabbing too much. We don't care. Bob's problem for having a fat mouth. We aren't going to retaliate or help Bob, unless Bob's willing to throw down money for mercs to get it back.

4) Do not talk about the Blackline outside of the Blackline. Loose lips sink ships, if the law gets tipped off about us too much they'll start prying.

5) We reserve the right to drop your ass from our service for any reason we deem necessary. NO arguments ifs thens or butts. We don't like you you get dropped. ((In actuality the actual mods won't be dropping players arbitrarily but ICly it makes sense))

6) Don't don't leave your comm on broadcast in the middle of a firefight. Nobody wants to hear gunfire. Especially if they were in the middle of a stealth mission, that sort of sound tends to make them think they botched it or draw back conclusions. If you broadcast gunfire or fighting noises we'll mute your ass from across the world if need be.

While this next bit isn't a rule, we're going to just lay this out for any newbs on the line. We got people of differing moral compasses on the line, you'd be wise to not brag about how many wicked acts you're doing or how many babies you've been eatin'. You might end up with a lot of people gunning against you behind the scenes. Also nobody likes a brag.
#10574030 Jan 25, 2015 at 10:10 AM
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Sounds like a good idea to me.
Relevant CO Characters
*Taiga Zero
*The Fatalist

#10575891 Jan 25, 2015 at 06:14 PM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Idea's one thing, just need some insane bastards who got the mien, patience, and time to hook up and work out a channel like this and keep the ball rolling on something like that. If you guys know me for anything it's likely my tendancy to wander in and out like a cat with a short attention span.
#13890511 Oct 31, 2018 at 06:15 PM
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This channel was closed recently. I wasn't able to keep up playing and finally got around to cleaning up things. This thread can be closed/archived.
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