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Just a bit I had written about a little RP snip that happened one afternoon at random. I do like to keep track of how my guys react to stuff Off-screen. Makes it easier to get back into their perspective. :)
"Free to good Home"

Looking back on it, it was an otherwise very uneventful day. The vampire and the werwolf had been caught brawling on the lawn again, a few cuts and scratches on each, but nothing serious. No broken bones from gym class, no accidental explosions in the science wing, or people being turned into newts in the magic department. Not that I could help much with the newt-thing anyway, I'm a doctor, not a veternarian.

I don't get called to the school cafeteria often, though like the rest of the staff I eat there regularly, the chef is excellent. So it was with great surprise when I arrived not to find a kitchen accident, a choking or the aftermath of a foodfight, but a baby swaddled in tea towels being spoonfed mash by the chef, and several very confused clones. A cardboard box sat on the counter above the trash compacter, stained and damp with "Free to Good Home" written in black marker on one of the flaps.
"Some people do not make good parents," The chef was explaining as I hurried in, and he nodded at me. "Ah Jorge. The clones found a baby."
The identical girls nodded, looking concerned and confused. "We thought," "was kittens," "maybe." Their communal way of speaking takes some getting used to but their work with the school's speech therapist seems to be helping, they are a lot more understandable then they used to be.

Now I have some issues with the clones, or rather their original, their "elder sister". I think she's quite dangerous and a bad influence on the others... though if that's a defect on her part, or springs from the man she and her sisters were created from - a rather notorious villain, I'm told- I don't rightly know. We have several theories floating around the Infirmary about them and their creator, but nothing we can easily confirm.
But that's a bit beside the point. The clones while violent, loud, rambunctious and surprisingly cruel, especially to themselves, also show a kind streak, feeding stray cats in the area, and helping those less fortunate that they happen to meet.
When they do have a problem, or something they can't handle, they do have enough sense to come, and ask for help.
Apperently, scrounging for recyclables in the nearby alleys they found a baby. As a doctor I know more then a few reasons why someone might give up a child this way, and most of them aren't good. It was lucky they found him when they did, his chances of surviving more then a day or two alone, on the street would have been very low.

"We find!" "Box beside dumpster." "It made a noise." "We thought it was kittens... but it not." The girls gestured as one toward the baby in the chef's arms, small and dirty and obviously hungry. "We bring here." "...not know what else do."
The chef handed him to me and I looked him over- nothing seemed to be wrong, other then how he'd been found. A closer examination could wait until I got him back to the infirmary.
The boy snuggled in my arm happily, his head in the crook of my elbow. I assured the chef and the clones I could take care of him... I come from a large family, it wasn't the first time I've held a little one. The chef nodded and packed up a bowl of the mash for him then set about cleaning the kitchen where baby and box had been, given the sad state of the box, it was needed.

"What happen to" "Free?" The clones turned to me, one wiggling her long fingers at the baby.
"Free?" I asked, not quite understanding.
A third clone pointed at the box. "Free to Good Home. Him Free."
"We're not keeping him." The chef frowned, squirted a bit of cleaner on the countertop, and said instantly. "Stray cats are one thing, a human baby is entirely different. No."
The girls looked disappointed, but didn't argue. Free burbled a little in my arm as we spoke as I mentally reviewed the number of people I'd need to call about this, not just Child Services, but the Police as well...

The chef moved off to shoo the clones from his kitchen and finish preparing supper. I heard the girls in the cafeteria talking about the "Bald baby in the box." It occured to me then that this might be the first human baby they had actually seen, in person, not on the television or at a distance. No wonder they were so confused by finding him! I made another mental note to have one of the nurses come by their dorm and talk to them about it.

Shortly thereafter I took him and the box back to the infirmary with me, and while we didn't have anything for a patient in his size, the student body being significantly older, we made do. I borrowed a pram so the nurses and I could watch him while he slept. I knew he'd only be with us a few days at most.

After being cleaned properly, fed and snuggled, played with and held, he was a much happier baby. He was asleep when the lady from Child Services entered the lobby. We get inspected regularly, not simply because we are a school, but as a school for supers and meta-humans, we have a higher then average injury level per student. I don't think that surprises anyone, but it has to be checked into all the same.
Plus more then a few of the students have a villain in the family -not just the clone girls- and while this is kept quiet, those students are monitored as well, just to be on the safe side. It isn't unheard of for our students to be kidnapped or used as leverage for their family. Luckily we have more then a few supers on our staff, and those students are usually returned quickly, and unharmed.

Free was checked over again- he didn't like being woken up and cried some. Forms were filled out reviewed and the staff and I interviewed. She left, telling us when she'd be back to pick him up and place him properly in an orphanage.
We all knew that would happen, but while he was with us Free was doted on by the staff. Even the clones pooled their lunch-money and brought him a couple plushies, nearly bigger then he was. I think they felt rather sorry for him. In some ways their situation and his were not dissimilar.

Then he was gone, whisked away in a van bearing an official looking seal on the door, and life in the school infirmary returned to more normal ways. Not that it was ever quite 'normal', given this particular school, but the bumps and bruises we treated were of the usual variety.

Nearly a month later it came as quite a surprise to me one afternoon as I sat filing paperwork at the front desk, when, quite unannounced the lady from Child Services returned. Smiling, she slid a glossy photograph across to me. It was Free, clean and happy, laughing when the shot was taken, in a handsome puppy-dog sleeper, clutching one of the plushies.
"He's quite the character." She said to me. "He's been adopted- we've found a good family for him. I thought your students would like to know."

Later that day I brought the picture up to the clone's dorm, high up on the eighteenth floor. I'd shown it to the rest of the staff earlier, they too had been quite happy. But the clones found him, I thought they ought to keep it.
Their floor was built to accomodate them, as they were all nearly eight feet tall, with furniture to match. Several of the other floors were constructed with our more special students in mind, but the top floor belonged to the clones, forty of them enrolled. I didn't envy the chef trying to feed them all, and the rest of the school as well.

They passed the photo hand to hand, exclaiming in delight and surprise. Then the last moved into their kitchenette, picked up a pen and carefully wrote "Free" and the date on the back, and proudly attached it to the side of their refrigerator, with their crayon drawings and glued-macaroni pictures, held on with glow-in-the-dark letter magnets. The others, gathered around me, towering over me, nodded their approval.
"Free." "Him find" "Good home."

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Linden is one of my clones, the Teenage model. I like to describe her as the Homicidal Cheerleader. She's got some anger issues. :)

This bit happened totally off screen- other folks knew about it, it was mentioned in character a few times, but totally off screen.
"The Bus Ride"

This is a stupid idea. It's not going to change anything. I was made to be this way. The therapist is stupid, this diary is stupid and I don't know why I'm bothering with this. Maybe I can keep it a while and write a book or something. "I was a teenage supervillain, Linden Snook, My Story." I bet that'll go over well. Make a million bucks, right?

I guess there's no harm in it, it happened a long time ago and there's police reports and Until knows the details already. Now I gotta figure out how to start...

Some days I hate this town. Like really hate it. It's not so bad once you get used to it, and if you got enough money you can enjoy yourself, but if you don't you're totally screwed. I had a job in west side when this happened, worked with some nice guys -they made the best coffee- and it wasn't very hard, just had to cook some books. My lawyer says I cant give any more details then that, it wasn't particularly legal.

Anyway I was coming back from cheer practice at the school on the bus, listening to some music on my phone and the guy in the seat beside me goes "OOOH" and leans over to look out the window. City busses, you don't have any personal space, it's kinda creepy. I look over and he's not the only one. Bus is at a red light and everyone's looking out the window at these two supers slugging it out in the middle of a vacant lot. Capes, stupid looking little party masks, fugly print tights- the usual right? And everyone's all "gee wow Lookit!", like this isn't Detroit and these chumps aren't wandering all over. Go for groceries, there's a cape, go to the movies? there's a cape! It gets old after a while.

Anyway, these two, they'd tore it up pretty good, chunks of dirt all over, fence down, hole in a building. I mean okay, it's west side and some of the buildings look like they never got fixed from when Doctor D trashed the city. Detroit apperently has no civic pride. Stoplight turns green, the bus starts moving and then someone screams.
The bus jerks suddenly, wheels spinning, and it sways drunkenly because the closer cape picked it up off the ground. And a lot of people are screaming and there's a mass movement from my side of the bus to the other as people instinctively try to get away- except they're trapped. sure, drop ten feet into traffic, brilliant idea. Though looking back, maybe it would have been, I don't know.
Then the guy throws it. Just like he was playing darts you know, kind of over his shoulder and straight on. Though that was kind of hard to see being in the bus and him mostly under it.

I saw, just for a split second, the other super's eyes get really big, and he mouthed something- Probably "Oh shit". That's what I'd say. Then everything happened all at once. The whole bus screamed. The second guy just dove into the dirt, duck and cover and the bus sailed over him right at this brick wall, across the alley. I think you can guess what happened then.

I'm not sure how much time had passed when I woke up. I don't think I'd been unconsious long, a minute, two, five? Couldn't tell you. I wasn't feeling too good. The bus had hit front on, and rolled down the alley a bit, it was completely upside down, wedged against a dumpster and some flattened cardboard boxes. I couldn't see the driver, but there was a big red splotch up front, on what was left of the windshield.
The whole bus was crumpled, kind of like an accordion. I didn't know busses could do that. The advertisements had fallen out of their slots, under some people, over others. "Eat at Giovanni's Pizzeria" was draped over a torso. No head, lots of mess.
Most of the hard plastic seating had been jerked loose and was piled up. It looked like some cheap horror movie. There was glass shards all over, the wierd little saftey glass cubes, and brick dust, and pooling on the ceiling -now the floor- was diesel fuel, swirled here and there with red, blood, bright as paint.
There were bodies all over, like store mannequins. Some were moving a little, others, it was clear they'd never move again.
I looked down at myself, half kneeling on the ceiling in the petrol and there's an eight foot metal rod impaling me, like right through me, my spleen or my appendix or something. The doctors at the hospital told me after. I've forgotten, it didn't seem very important. It was one of those handrails that run the length of the bus that you hold onto if the seats are full.

I look up and there's this kid, maybe seven? I'm no good at guessing that sort of thing. She's staring at me wide eyed, upside down, blonde pigtails with pink Hello Kitty elastics, and hanging from one of the seat piles. Her leg's trapped in there, and twisted so wrong I knew it was broken just by looking.
I guess maybe it was the shock of it, or I just didn't notice, but what had seemed to be so silent was filling with noise. Sobbing. Grunting, sickly moaning, something dripping, screaming, a voice in Spanish praying. The window I'd been at was gone, I could see both capes had left: the vacant lot was empty.
I just sort of sat there, staring at the kid, who was just... staring at me.
"Are you okay?" "she says.
I got bigass pole jammed through me, are you okay? Yeah. I guess it kinda snapped me back and I looked down and nodded stupidly. "Yeah, I'm fine." My nanites had come out and plugged up around where it went in and out, I wasn't leaking anything, and the drug packs or whatever I came installed with were making me feel pretty good. I suppose I should thank my Other Self for that. She built me tough. I was in a lot better shape then, well, pretty much everyone else.

Kid tries to nod, winces and I look around slow, I'm like the only one that's really moving in the whole mess, and that was a pretty full bus. So I reach down and wrap my hands around the back rod, close as I can get to my skin and I snap it off. Big loud metallic crunch. Then I do the same in front, Snap it off real careful. Clonk, splash as the bits land.
"Cool" Says the kid. "You're like a Hero."

No. I'm not a hero, not any meaning of the word. So I stand up real careful, there was a severed hand near my knee, didn't notice that until then. Pick up my backpack, push-pull the seats until I get the kid out and duck through the broken window, carrying her. It must've hurt like hell but she did'nt say anything until I set her down in the lot.
She clutched my arm. "My brother." She said, just that.
So I dropped my bag beside her and fished out my cellular phone. Screen cracked, doused in petrol, it amazingly still worked. I handed it to her. "Call the cops."
She took it and started to dial and I walked back to the bus. Or maybe I staggered or lurched, I'm not sure. Doesn't matter. But I made it back and went back in. There.... was a lot of dead people in there. I hauled them out as best I could, laid them out in the alley on the other side. Kid didn't need to see that, not after what just happened. Most of them were... really messed up. On the bright-side, they probably got it fast.
Found a bunch of little kids, hauled them back to the seven year old. She squealed and hugged a little sandy haired four year old. They weren't nearly as hurt as the adults. Why I don't know. Protected from the debris by their size, or maybe protective adults? Just lucky? I'll probably never know. But they all huddled together in a whimpering bloodied clump. I found the Lady who was praying in Spanish at the back of the bus, under about six people and more of the seats. I don't think she spoke any English. I also think her back was broken. I know you're supposed to not move people with neck and back injuries, but the way the diesel fuel was coming in, I couldn't not leave her.
Put her down, walked back, I heard her praying again, and crying. Saw one of the little kids lean over and hold her hand. And I just kept doing that. Grabbing people. In the bus, out of the bus, This ones moving, that one isn't. Running on automatic.
I heard the sirens in the distance. West side isn't the best place to live, but the cops and the fire department- when something bad happens, they're pretty quick to get there, I give them credit for that. I didn't quite realize it, though, until I stepped out of the bus with a baby carrier - yellow stars, and the baby didn't have a scratch, why do I remember that?- and someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I turn, and there's a fireman there, behind me.
"I have her" He says to me, and takes the baby out of my hands. "Go sit down."
And I sit, by the kids and the living people, and the crying baby with the happy yellow star blanket and things get kind of fuzzy at that point. Sirens and flashing lights, blue, white, red. Police and firemen and stretcher bearing paramedics... it all blurs together at that point. Shock maybe, or the drugs wore out or, whatever.

I woke up in the hospital the next day. I had an I.V. drip in my arm, and was wearing one of those totally embarassing robes, the ones that don't close all the way in the back? Those things suck. There was a policeman looking at me, his hat on his knee. He looked kind of bored, like he'd been sitting there a long time. Wanted me to tell him why I did that, got the people out of the bus. What a stupid thing to ask. I'd think the answer would be pretty damn obvious.
I'm sure I said something snarky and he kinda sighed and shrugged. Then he said they'd found the two capes that had started it all. One had turned himself in, the one that ducked. The other they had to get the super powered swat team out to get him. I didn't know they had a super powered swat team, but I suppose it makes sense. This town, they need it. Crazy ass capes doing stupid stuff? Yeah, I can see that.

I went back to sleep after that and then more annoying stuff happened. Got kidnapped when my Father's mooks knocked a hole in the wall and fished me out, took the entire hospital bed, hauled it up on cables to a helicopter. I hate my family too. Have I mentioned that? chumps, the lot of them. But that's an entirely different story and its long and its dumb and I'm not going to write it here. I got rescued after a few days and everything was fine. I thought things would get back to normal, right? Or as normal as they... can get for people like me.

Turns out I had to go talk to the police- and then I find out the Mayor wants to see me. I was like "What?" He made a big speech- blah blah civic duty and Samaritains and a 'fine example of human decency' and so on. It was all over the TV that night and I got my picture in all the papers and shit. So much for keeping a low profile.
Guy gave me a commendation for saving nine people on that bus. Didn't see that coming. I might even vote for him the next election.
It's a nice looking plaque, wood frame, engraved, real fancy. They even spelled my name right. Not sure it's a good way to spend taxpayers dollars, especially with how many people are looking for work in this town. Something kind of ironic about that, what I do, what I did. I'm not a hero. But I kept it anyway, it's on my wall.

So that's how it turned out. Shit happened, people died and I get a plaque 'cause I didn't. I told you this was a stupid thing to write about. Stupid diary, I'm going to get a bubble tea now.

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Linden again. She isn't very sociable. Not the best, I think it's missing something, but am not sure what, or where. Oh well :)

"The MooseScouts"

Hello Stupid Diary, it's me again. I've come to scribble another story for the Stupid Therapist to read. I went camping this weekend. It wasn't something I planned on doing, it... just kind of happened.
So the Elf is my dorm-mate. Room-mate. Whatever you call it, right? And we get along pretty good now. We didn't at first, had some good fights. Did you know she spits acid when she gets mad? Burned a hole right through the rug. I think the Cook set it up so she can keep an eye on me, she's like his sidekick minion, she's always running his errands and lurking near the cafeteria. The Cook is pretty wily for 'just' a cook.

Anyway she comes up to me just after cheer practice. She's all like "Sooooooo Linden, can I talk to you a minute?" Didn't even wait til I had a shower right, bounces at me. Are all elves hyper, or just her? I haven't met enough to find out. So I'm all "Yeah, what."
"I need you to supervise us on our camping trip." She's got this odd fruity kind of accent, Elflands, I guess, it sounds kind of neat when she talks.
I just kind of stare at her a bit, I'm all "Huh?" And she goes on, "I need you to supervise us on our camping trip. It's the MooseScouts!" Then she gives me this weird salute thing. You ever watch that super old cartoon, the 'Flintstones'? Fred and Barney go to this Loyal order of Water Buffalos, and wear these giant fuzzy blue hats with antlers on the sides? Imagine that as a moose, and you get the MooseScouts uniform, only with red. I think parents must sign their kids up for that as some sort of punishment.

"Ask the Cook," I told her, and she made a face. "Well he's your boss, right?" She has a matching uniform in the closet, I've seen it.
"Um." Informative answer. "Um, well, kinda yeah. To the boss part. And No to the Asking part, cause I got permission to go camping a long time ago, and then the lady that was gonna come with us broke her ankle so she couldn't and the other lady couldn't get time off work so I said you'd do it, cause you're a superhero." I'm not sure if she breathed during that entire run-on explanation.
I face palmed. I'm totally a super...hero. "I need supervision to leave the school grounds."
"I supervise you while you supervise us!" She beamed at me. She's so damn perky it's hard to refuse. I think she was counting on that. "It totally works out! It's like I'm your sidekick for the weekend, not his! It'll be fun!"
"Am I going to have to buy some of your cookie boxes because of this? They're totally over priced you know." I swear they bake smack into them, you can't stop eating them, and I don't really like sweets. She just laughed.

So I got roped into going camping. I'm just going to put here that I've never gone camping a day in my life. This one, or the fake implanted one. So I went and got a bunker key from my sisters, I know they have tents and hammocks ....and stuff... you take camping there. Checked online to see what you need, and what the MooseScouts actually do.

The school was nice enough to drive the lot of us out there, to the bunker, which, to be fair looks like an empty lot with some scrubby trees in the middle of no where. It was probably more remote when it was built, no idea when that was, but now theres a subdivision two miles down the road. My sisters told me once our Father was fighting this purple alien chick here and crashed into it and totally smashed the bunker, and the alien felt bad after, 'cause thats where they were all living, packed in like sardines, and had it rebuilt, only much nicer.
On top there is some mostly dead grass, a volleyball net that is sort-of intact, a faded hammock in between two pines, and a barbeque, chained to a tree trunk. I think most of the other trees are oaks , but I'm not entirely sure. That was where we went camping. The elf and I went ahead of time to get it ready, to make sure we had the food, and set out the tents and so on, then back to the school to meet the MooseScouts.

The Elf introduced me to all the girls, before we left town. There were the blonde Twins, Isabella and Ysabel, Dana, a Chinese girl, Mina the redhead, Tiffany and Linsy- both of them had brown hair, but Tiffany had it darker in a pixie cut, and Linsy as more mouse-coloured. And the Elf of course. They all looked about twelve, though I know the Elf isn't. She's older then like half the teachers at school. Bet she didn't fill that in on the form when she joined the club! Nice enough kids, I guess. I haven't dealt with many other then the other students. Anyway, they didn't believe I was the hero type - HA!- and made me pick up the van before we set out. They spent the entire trip out of town with a bottle of purple nail polish and braiding each other's hair. Though okay, some of the stuff they did was kinda cute.

I saw the kids get out of the van and look around and make a face. I guess they were expecting some fancy campground with a pool and a rustic sauna and all that stuff. Because 'roughing it', right?

Setting up wasn't that hard. I bummed my sister's tents for this, one for each kid, all different colours, and big: my sister's are tall for their age. Put them up in a semicircle, bedrolls and backpacks inside. Then I had the kids pull up the grass and dig up stones to make a fire pit for when it got dark, and scrounge around for wood. They protested that too, chipped their new polish. I remembered to buy one of those premade wood logs that you light the edge and it cooks itself? Them. MooseScouts are supposed to learn how to make fires and stuff, I checked their webpage but hell, doesn't hurt to be prepared in case they couldn't get one started.

After everything was in order, that's when it got kind of awkward. Sitting around in our cheap plastic lawn chairs in the late afternoon sun, sipping pop, swatting bugs and Tiffany looks around and says "Where's the bathroom?" I knew there was something I forgot.

So I play it cool right, and say "Downstairs." And all the girls are like "Whut?"
"Being a hero has it's perks." I winked at the Elf, she blew me a raspberry. I clicked the button on the Hello Kitty keychain my sister gave me and the hatch hidden in the fake tree stump rose up, the lock cycled and it popped open. I figure it's a safe bet even if one of them comes back here to poke around, they probably won't find this spot, or get the hatch open if they do.

"Holy sheet!" "Linsy gasped. "It's a hero base!"
"It was under us all along?" Dana blurted, eyes wide. Kids live in Detroit, you'd think hidden bases were something they'd be totally used to. Wasn't it some base that got half the city trashed that one time, way back when?
"I don't care what it is, I gotta pee!" Tiffany sounded kind of angsty, so I laughed and led the way down into the bunker. "Bathrooms on the left at the bottom."
The ladder down is long and narrow and not well lit but no one fell to their deaths, which is good because I have no idea what I'd tell the cops when they asked how it happened. But they all got to the bottom safely and looked around at the blank cement walls, the plain ceiling overhead... the massive toy car racing track on the floor.

As Tiffany pushed past the others into the bathroom, they stared at the Hot Wheels setup on the floor. I admit, I was impressed. For all their failings, my sisters can make some pretty spectacular things, and the multi-tiered racecourse for those little zippy cars was one of them. I guess they came out here more then I thought they did. Anyway they had it rigged with a bunch of loops and trestle bridges that stacked over each other and hairpin curves - pretty crazy, but I bet they can drive it without flipping a car.

"Is this yours?" The girls were looking up at me, wide eyed.
"Well... It belongs in the family. It used to be this Survivalist type bunker, one of those "I'll live through the end times!" kind of things, then we had it improved." I grinned, that was mostly true. "Have a look around."
And with a whoop, they did. It's not the biggest secret base or the fanciest, but there's a little kitchen and seating area, the bedrooms, chock full of giant bunk beds with thrift store quilts neatly folded on top- sleeps forty by my count. Several storage rooms which were mostly full of guns.... I made sure to lock those up before one of the girls got nosey and walked in: they had enough stuff in there to besiege a town. I looked in the kitchen -the cupboards were full of canned food, beans and soup and you know, normal preserved stuff but the fridge was full of beer. My sisters and their priorities. World's ending? Save the Kegs!

I came back and Tiffany and Dana were racing the cars around the track, Linsy, Mina and the twins were having a massive pillow fight and the elf was drinking a beer. She has this thing about water and milk, She doesn't think they're safe or they poison people, or something weird along those lines. I've never quite understood it. She probably wasn't supposed to be drinking that around the others, but I'm not gonna say anything. The Cook can, if he finds out.

Went up, got the cooler full of food from up top, hauled it down, put it in the fridge for later. Having a stove made cooking much easier, and a proper sink. I can see why some people like those bigass RVs, seems like it would be convenient.

Left the hatch to the bunker open incase any of them needed to get a drink or something that night. Tied glow-sticks to the ladder. Turns out it was good that I did, because about two in the morning, there's this weird PUM PUM PUM noise waaay off in the distance. Then a kind of crackling- it woke me up. For a minute, I thought maybe it was a Bear. Though, I don't actually know if they have them around here. So maybe a really big raccoon, right? Then I figured maybe it was the kids playing tricks so I get up... and the wind starts to pick up- so much it was shaking the tents. I heard startled squeaks from the girls, and saw glow-sticks snap on as I crawled out to check the embers in the fire pit. The girls had doused them pretty well, and stirred up the ashes to be sure, but I didn't want it to spark back up and cause a grassfire in the dark with a bunch of teenagers.

I was wondering why it got so windy, so fast and I looked up... and duking it out mid air between us and the subdivision, is a couple of Capes, one shooting off lightning bolts, another flying around in the middle of their personalized tornado, aiming for this giant robot guy. We were getting the backwash of the fight. The girls in their pyjamas, a couple holding plushies, others with bathrobes half on gathered beside me, half asleep and watching it.

Robot guy lets off a barrage of missiles from his chest, as the Tornado guy zooms in close and wrenches off one of his legs. He waves it for a minute then just kind of tosses it over his shoulder.
So there's this whistling noise -like in war movies, and the place is getting shelled, right?- then the robot's left thigh landed on three tents. SPLAT. I did a quick headcount to make sure no one got squished and as the girls screamed, and flailed and the Elf took a selfie with the tents and the leg, I shooed them into the bunker.
"I'll keep them inside." The Elf told me, last down the hatch.

They hussled down the ladder just in time, because ZiiiingSNAP! The Robot guy explodes! Looked like something out of a videogame cut scene, big fireball out his chest into the sky, lighting up the place- arms leg and bits of metal spraying all over! It was pretty cool to see, I think one of the rockets in his chest must have misfired.

I got hit by one of the metal shards a moment later, damn near took my hand off- but my nanites rolled up and kept it in place. Still a bit stiff now. If it had hit one of the kids? She'd totally be dead. I look up and theres the Tornado guy, all "Hey Baby, sup?" I flipped him off and he shrugged and flew away. I don't know why people look up to Capes when they do stuff like that, I really don't.

On the upside the girls got to practice first aid, even though I was stitching my arm back together by the time I made it downstairs. I think it made them feel better to wrap it up. Though they did poke the nanites a bit. I guess you don't really see people with squirming bits of metal inside them every day. It is kinda freaky.

The Elf had gone ahead and put their stuff in one of the bedrooms while the others dealt with me by the kitchen sink. I borrowed one of my sister's shirts from the closet, waaaay too big, but mine had the sleeve ripped off and it was all messy and gross.
"How big are your sisters...?" Ysabel asked, looking at the cuffs dangling around my knees.
"Oh, they're like seven feet tall, maybe a bit more." The kids are all sorta staring at me. "I'm still growing." I probably am, being the only one of the lot left to mature at a semi-normal rate.

My arm was pretty much fine when we all got up the next day. I woke to the sound of dishes being clinked and giggling- they'd all gone and gotten their own breakfast. My sister's stash of oversugared cereal and pop. I wasn't gonna tell their folks- they're on vacation!

We go up top and its warm and sunny and the birds are in the trees, some sort of tiny ones, in an enormous flock, singing their little hearts out. I notice a couple of things: one- warm pine smells really nice and two- the birds never sing like that in the city. The kids are chasing each other with water guns they found downstairs and Dana had a basket of embroidery floss and little beads and started weaving some bracelets. Or maybe they were bookmarks, I couldn't quite tell, she'd only just started them, while the Elf and I cleaned up sharp bits of exploded robot- what a mess, they were all over the place. Got them picked up and started to haul the leg off the tents when the wind picked up, just like the night before and the birds went quiet, all of them at once, because Swoooosh! It's Tornado guy again.

He lands and strides over grinning at me, "Hey Baby, I came to see h---uh..." And thats about when he noticed the MooseScouts standing there, looking at him. I watch and he stops and fidgets a minute and looks around the camp, the kids, the fire pit, me, the Elf, the tents, the giant robot leg on the tents....

"You should watch where you chuck them things." The elf says. She barely comes up to his ribcage. "If you guys fightin hadn't woke us up, we'd all be dead right now."
"But I..." This didn't seem like the conversation he had been expecting when he arrived. "I didn't mean..." He kept stammering. "I didn't see you here." He walked over to the robot leg and picked it up with one hand, posed as if he was about to throw it away into the distance again, looked around at us then sheepishly left it propped up beside the fence.
"We saw you." Linsy nodded, the other girls nodding with her.
"It scared us." Tiffany frowned at him and I saw the Cape's resolve turn to mush inside him. I have no idea what he originally intended to come here for.
"Who are you?" Tornado guy is looking at the kids again.
"We're MooseScouts!" They give him that weird salute then headed over to the weathered garden hose by the fence line to fill up their water guns again.
"The Hell is a MooseScout?" He turns to me and the Elf. Dana, coloured threads looped around her fingers watched him silently.
"They are." I told him. "Honest, Loyal, Dependable." I guess that's their motto. I've heard worse. "You and your buddies need to be more careful when you fight." The Elf looks at me, and gets this odd expression on her face. I knew she was plotting something.
Like magic- okay I know it's magic, her backpack holds waaay more then it should- the Elf starts pulling out boxes of cookies, piling them on one of the lawn chairs. And not the good flavours either, like Triple Chocolate Mocha or Lemon Crunch or Raspberry Swirl. She pulled out the flavours no one wants to buy. Gets about thirty boxes piled up and the Cape is watching her, his eyes are getting wider and wider. I didn't see them put them on but suddenly all the girls are wearing MooseScout sashes with bright patches sewn on all over. Maybe it's something they have to do to sell the cookies, I dunno.

"Now I think you owe these girls something for nearly killing them all in their sleep, don't you?" I give him a stern look. The girls look wide eyed and cute- I bet they teach them that for their cookie drives- and Tornado guy reaches for his wallet. I have no idea where he kept that, I probably don't want to know, but instantly, there is a handful of cash being offered to the Elf. Ysabel brings over her backpack- with a giant metal shard through it- and offers it to the Cape, and he looks at her, and the chunk of metal then over to the robot leg and turns white as a sheet.

"I'm sorry." He said then, pulled out the metal spike and put the cookie boxes in the ruined bag. Then he walked rather humbly across the lot, his cape snagging on the weeds and grass to the road, looked at all of us again and flew away without another word.

"You talk to a lot of Heros right, where you go to school?" The twins were looking at the Elf and me.
"Some, yeah. Most look where they drop random robots before they do it though." My turn to hesitate. "You guys are okay, right?"
They nod at me and slowly grin. "That was kinda neat." "I never met a real Hero before!" "You totally made him buy a zillion boxes!" "His outfit is kinda dorky. Do you have a tights and cape look?"
"I don't think thats a good way to sell those, for future reference." I pictured them flopping in front of cars, with a "ugh, buy my cookies!" Yeah, that would be bad. "Heh, no. I'm just a cheerleader. Heros are normal people that some way or other got powers that made them not normal. They eat, they fart, they smell funny if they don't shower. They can do incredible things, but they're normal people otherwise. Most people don't realize that, and sometimes Heros kinda... forget." I realized then I sounded kind of like the Cook, going on about being responsible and owning up to your mistakes, and all that rot, so I shut up.

The Elf, she's his sidekick, she probably gets a lot of lectures like that, pointed in the direction Tornado guy flew. "He forgot." She looked around at the others. "You made him remember." The MooseScouts seemed a little stunned by that, and quietly went back to beading their bracelets. They tried to show me how to make them, but I'm not that dexterous I guess, and mine looked really bad.

The next day was comparatively uneventful. But for me it was the most enlightening. The girls found out I'd never been camping so they broke out the S'mores and the weenie roasting sticks and they taught me some really silly songs. Dana taught us a couple in Chinese, that was neat. There was a lot of laughter and bad jokes and hide-and-seek in the bushes. The Elf braided all of our hair, said it was a Thing they did in Elfland. After dark we broke one of the glow-sticks and poured it over the volleyball and played that in the dark. The glowy junk got all over us, and that was funny too.

The next morning -boy it felt super early- the school van rumbled up and BeepBeep! honked us awake. So we packed up all our stuff and the leftover food and rolled up the tents, even the mangled ones, left those in the bunker. The girls tidied up downstairs and we all squeezed in the van. This time, I joined in the singing on the way back, and I discovered my nails look nice in purple.

When we returned to the school the girls tumbled out of the van to the parking lot, dusty, smelling of woodsmoke, a little sunburned, but smiling. Their parents were waiting, and a smattering of the students.
"That was great!" I heard Mina say to her mother, saw the twins hold out their bracelets to their parents to be admired, and laugh. Dana was dragging Linsy over to meet her parents and it seemed like everyone was happy and having a good time. I looked over and the Elf was standing beside me, grass in her hair.
"Camping is fun, see? I told you!" She bounced in place.
Next time I need a sidekick? I'm totally hitting her up for it. 'Cause she was right, that was fun.

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This is the first Clone story snip, wrote it in December. Once again it refers to something that happened in character, but mostly off-screen. R's speech patterns are much harder then the other clones to write.

Putting it here so I remember where I left it :P


My name is Bill Rogers. Nothing fancy like William, just Bill. Good solid name. I've lived in Detroit almost all my life, seen all sorts of "heros" wandering around, especially all these years after Destroyer's attack.
I hadn't seen any hero quite like her before, not the way she was, all curled up, looked like one of those wierd modern art sculptures or a inside-out pillow or something, fluffy white feathers sticking all over. I didn't realize she was a person and not a thing until I got close and she raised her head to look at me.
Her hair was in scruffy cowlicks, white as her wings- thats what I saw they were, close up, wrapped around her for warmth, a dusting of half melted snow blown over her and glittering like diamonds. She looked at me with a pair of puppy dog eyes the colour of those fancy gemstones, aquamarine. My wife had one in a ring, once, long ago.
There were tears dried on her face, and silvery metalic bits covering her hands and ears, shot through the feathers. Billy two was with me when I found her, and bless the boy, right away he decided she was an angel, sent from the lord... just a little lost on the way.
Billy Two- If he has a last name, he never told me- he's a good boy, little touched maybe. Hears voices, says theyre the Blessed Virgin and the saints. He wanted to think the girl is an angel, I'm not gonna tell him differently. Theres plenty of other 'heros' in town that say they are, whats one more?
She hopped up when we walked over, her back to the old doorway I spend the nights in, tall, taller then anyone i've seen, the wings flaring out in surprise, or fear. Billy two gasped out "Praise the Lord!" and dropped to his knees, crossing himself. She just shook her head a little, no. "Ah R." She talked with a bit of a slur, like a boy I once went to school with, when I was young, fell off a balcony and smacked his head, never was quite the same.

My name is Bill," I told her, hands outspread. One of the fingers on my glove is ripped I see, pale insulation visible against the torn dirty fabric. They're still warm though, good enough. "This is Billy Two, he's my friend. We didn't mean to startle you hunny."
I managed to calm her down some. She was nervous and wasn't dressed for the weather, just a Tshirt and Jeans, but it's December and the wind was strong. Even heros must get cold now and then. I watched the metal bits crawl up her bare arms as she sat beside me on the step, sheltered as my doorway got, and far enough from the alleymouth the cops wouldnt notice unless they walked right by.
She had a pack of gum -Wint O green- she split with us, while we talked. Or rather I talked and tried to wheedle some answers out of her. Billy two curled up by her feet, listening. Turns out "R"- thats her name. Kids these days get strange names, some celebrities in the papers, name their kids crazy stuff. Makes you feel sorry for them, later in life. "I'm Rainbow Unicorn Fluffers Smith." You know they're gonna get beat up in school for that.

Anyway, it turns out she made a mistake and was looking for someone. Only she didnt know where he lived, or what he looked like, or had actually met him, but had to find him because she had told one of her teachers in school his name, and that was 'bad'. So she had run off from her classes two days earlier looking for him. Been looking ever since, with no idea how to find him.
"R, Hunny, Take it from me. This is a big town, lots of folks coming and going, all sorts of people. If this guy doesnt want to be found, chances are good you won't. It's a big town, and theres the undercity, old Detroit," The city I knew, was raised in, mostly gone now. "All sorts of places to hide down there if you knew where. Go home hunny. Go back to school."
Then she looked at me, those wide blue eyes full of genuine curiosity and asked me "...why?" Billy two scooted a little farther up on the step and we bracketed her, her wings folded half over us. They were surprisingly soft.
"...Because I am an old man R, and I've made more then a few mistakes in my life. I never went to college or university. I finished high school and got married, got a job in the factories. Oh you should have seen this town then. The glittering cars rolling off the line..." I sit and reminice a moment. I'm nearing seventy now, and this town has changed alot. Those were the good years, the american car business was booming, factories churning out Detroit Iron, Fords, Buicks, Chryslers, Chevrolets... I didnt just build em, I owned a few too.

Then the economy went bad, and the demand dried up and cheap jap imports flooded in and the factories began to close, one by one. Common enough story for this town. My friends and family and most of my neighbours shared it.
But she was curious. Young enough not to know, you could see it in her face. She'd never heard of what this town was built on, sweat and blood and steel. So I told her the rest.

How I started drinking, hard, couldnt find a job. Everyone was lookin for a job, any job, and to hell with the union and job security. Detroit Iron turned into the Rust Belt. Fitting name for a city full of broken lives and broken dreams. We lost the cars first, then the house, moved into a cheap flat in a bad part of downtown. I got arrested a few times, drinking and fighting. Then my wife divorced me, took the kids, moved back with her folks. Looking back I... can't really blame her. She told them I died, havent seen them in years, I bet they have kids of their own now. Maybe grandkids.
Billy two had heard that part before, and got a bit restless. His attention span is a little short. But the girl was stilll listening. It felt nice to be the center of attention, even just for a few minutes. "Whah happehn thehn?" It was getting on full dark now, our breath making a little smoke in the flickery yellow light of the sodium vapour bulb further down the alley.

"I ended up here." I gestured, taking in the old doorway niche, the dirty alley with the old waterstained trash blown against the stained brick wall. "Still got no job, no house, no car, no wife... none of the things most people value, not anymore. It ain't an easy life, after a while you get kind of used to it." Sometimes those years with my family, in our old house, they seem like a half remmebered dream, not real. "But I get enough to eat, and no one tells me what to do or where to go... well, except the cops. I got friends, i keep warm and I'm alive. It was tough for a while after Destroyer leveled the city. They were pulling bodies out of collapsed appartments for weeks. It.... was not a good time. Not for anyone. Lost some good friends in that."
I laughed then, i could hear the bitterness in it. "Billy Two here was just a kid then. You probably only know about it from your school history books." The girl nodded. The history books, they dont explain what happened in enough... detail. Analyzed, argued, the lead up, the follow up. But not much about everyone that survived it, and the ones that didn't. One of those things that shakes you, what you knew. Wakes you up in the dark.

"Momma told me." Billy two nods as well. "Thats how Pappa died, a wall fell on him. Momma told me. Momma always cried when she telled me." I reach over and ruffle Billy two's hair, he looks a little forlorn. Some folks that live on the street, they'd give you the shirt off their back. Others, well, you can see the crazy inside them, swimmin around in their heads. I tried to steer Billy two away from those ones. Someone needed to watch out for him, someone more substantial then his voices and saints, anyway.
"Can I have a Feather?" Billy two is looking at her wings with shining eyes. "Is it blasphemy to ask that? Cause I don't wanna go to H E Double Hockey Sticks. Momma said it was a terrible place. Momma was awful smart, she knew that kinda thing." R blinked and leaned forward to run her metal touched hands over one wing, then finding a loose feather tugged on it a bit.
There were a few feathers missing in her spread, I wondered if angels moulted. After a minute or two she pulled it free and offered to him. Billy two took it with a reverent expression, stroking the long shaft of the flight feather with his fingers. Kid looked like he just won the state lotto.

He leaned over and hugged her, grinning. Billy two liked to hug. "Oh! I gotta go! I gotta help out Paster with cleanin up the church!" And he reached around her to hug me then hopped up and jogged off down the alley, feather held tight in his hand. Local church lets him help out there, tidy up after services and stuff. Good folks. I'm glad they keep on an eye on him when I can't.
So I look at the girl, her head tilted, eyes distant, like shes listening to voices only she can hear. I've seen Billy Two do the same thing, not entirely with you. "So R. Now you know my story, what about you? Other then looking for the guy whose name you can't say. Mister No-Name. The school you go to, is it nice?"

I figure even if she won't give me details I can find it in the phone book and give them a call in the morning. Someone has to be looking for her, right? "...uhh... Whell Ah half shisters. Lhots. Ah gho tho schoohl wif thehm...." and she gets a little hesitant again.
"Cold night tonight, R. Gonna be colder tomorrow. You got a nice bed there with your sisters- wouldnt you rather be there, sleeping, then out here?" "Yough shleepihn heah." Well she got me there, I am. Wouldn't mind a nice warm bed. It's been a while, not sure if i'd be comfortable on it though, after so long.

"Yeah," I say to her. "But I live here, and you live there. And you should do what I never did. Get good grades and finish school, maybe go to college..." Hell, I heard even McDonalds wanted a college degree to work there these days! I wonder if theres a degree for "Fries with that"?
Shes nodding again, and mumbles something about a "French", I dunno if its a class or a person or the country. "Fhrench thell shisters whe gho tho collhege ihn... twho threeh yeahs. Longh thime." Maybe she isnt as old as I first thought. "Easht Briah." She points, I've been past that campus, and the crazy ass fuzzy elephant they keep on the lawn. She pointed the completely wrong direction.

Then she tells me about her sister's trip to a petting zoo, a field trip she missed cause she was looking for Mister No-Name. They smuggled home a duck and their pet cat ate it. I hope it was tasty, I heard duck is. Never tried it though. But I don't say that to her.
I do get a rather confused story about her sisters working for a Supervillain somewhere, Sounded like she had a lot of them. She shut up again when I asked about her family, Mother, Father. Wouldnt say a thing.

"R." She looks over at me, huddled under a wing. "R. I want you to do something for me, okay?"
"Shoh!" Doesnt even ask, just agrees to it. If she wasn't a hero she'd meet a bad end out here, and quick. "I want you to go back to school in the morning. You can stay here with me tonight, no one's gonna bug you. But in the morning, you need to go back. If you see the guy you can tell him your message, but chances are good you won't find him. Other heros maybe, or the cops, if theyre looking, but theyre a bit better equipped then you are. Trust me on that one."

She looks like she wants to protest, mouth half open.. but says nothing, just frowns. "Your sisters are missing you, and if you skip too many classes you might get in trouble with your teachers. Thats not good either."
"oh." She says. Just "oh." and after a few minutes tells me "Ohkay." Just that, and looks up at the sky, what little you can see from down here, and the tall stretch of the highrises all around us.

We sit and talk a little more then she yawns and gets a bit blurry eyed, curling up under her wings again, feathers fluffed and sticking out again. Billy two sleeps int he church basement, so it was just me and her and even though it means a cold night, I drape one of my blankets around her. Can't be very comfortable sitting like that, with those long legs of hers. "G'ni Bhill." "Good night R."
I lie down a while later, thinking. Her wings smell like soap or something, violets maybe. I have no idea what you wash wings with. Shampoo I guess. I felt her shift beside me then her face is in my back and one of the wings is over me, and the crook of her elbow. I feel like a teddy bear suddenly, and smile.

The morning is cold and bright. I lie a little longer then normal, the girl is still asleep beside me. She's warm, it feels nice. Her bare arm is all metal i see, fingertips all up until under her shirt sleeve . Definately a hero. I glance at my watch, a dollar store special, It isnt fancy but it tells time. 7.42. I wonder when her school starts.
She stirrs behind me, wings beating as she stretches, scratching at the metal on her arms. "..Hah Bhill!" She grins at me and hums a little. I recognise the song. "Vincent" Don Mclean. I pack my things, don't have many these days, not much to loose. Shes got nothing, standing in the alley looking around, still humming.

The sun catches the metal on her as we walk, glittering like the wisps of snow that fell over night, our shoes squeaking in the little baby drifts. I head toward the school and she follows, unquestioning.
"You know the words to that song?" "Whaht shong?" "the one you were humming earlier." "ohh yeh!" She grins again and skips down the sidewalk, wings fluttering. She hums the tune then breaks into the low gentle lyrics, old before she was born. I wonder if she learned it off the radio, or if someone taught it to her.
"...Starry starry night paint your pallet blue and gray, Look out on a summer's day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul..." Her speach was much clearer singing. I've heard better, but she wasn't bad. The metal faded as the sun warmed her, trickling into her skin. It was a little odd to watch, something out of a science fiction movie.

" the strangers that you've met; the ragged men in the ragged clothes. the Silver thorn of bloody rose lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow..." The words hit a bit close to home but I wasn't going to ask her to stop. I could see the campus walls, the tall blue trees with thier ornamental blue leaves, a few still clinging to the branches. I could hear the shouts of children, see a slightly melted snowman leering with his carrot nose. Somethings never seemed to change.
A couple more feet and she was home. I glanced around the street, the sodden trash, the honking cars, the towering buildings overhead, gleaming in the morning sun. She was home, and so was I.

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Mostly conversation in this one. Meet Z and R and R's friend, Invisible Haitian Guy. I expect I've butchered his patois utterly. :)

"Feathers make the Best Bookmarks"

"Ah am havhing throuble makhing teh words gho!" This said in frustration to her sister, quiet Z. Both clones sat on the floor, R with a book open in front of her, Z leaning into one soft white wing. They were in R's dorm room, alone at the end of the long hall while most of their sisters were outside, playing kick ball on the school lawn with one of their Decanting Day gifts.

Z gestured with a silverly flight feather she'd found under R's bed, and calmly flipped the page. =Lilliputians. Lilly putt she an. Just sound out the word.= She ran the feather under the first sentance, her mental voice cheerful in R's mind.

R's wings fluffed, then settled, then fluffed again as she scowled at the book and began to read aloud again. Her words were halting and slow, even with Z's coaching and the long hours spent with the school's speach therapist. Talking mentally would have been easier, but she could only do that with her multitude of sisters, and all the teachers were adamant about the clone girls 'using their words'. Except of course for Z, who couldn't, but her grasp of American sign language was coming along well. Her sister clones grasp of it... could be better.

=Thats good! Just like that! Keep doing that!= Z leaned into her sister and laid her head on her shoulder, nut-brown hair mingling with white. Then... she froze.
A man phased through the closed door of the room, and moved past R, dark bare feet on the light blue carpet.
He was a strange man, Z had never seen him before. Tall and lean with skin as brown as her hair, and odd glittering red eyes. He wore an old fashioned top hat, stained with sweat around the hairline, black jeans with the knees ripped out and ragged hems, and a string vest. He smelled of cigars, and a bottle of cheap dark rum swung from one hand.
The mute clone stared, and R kept reading, as though nothing at all was strange.

"Ahh, Ju must be Z!" The man grinned, a flash of white teeth and set his hat on the small table beside R's bed, then fished out a handful of mints from the abalone shell bowl there. He moved back across the rug and dropped to sit tailor-fashion, across from them. "Story time ag'in I be seein!"
Z kept staring, her mouth frozen in an unsure 'o'.
"I am called..." The man paused a moment, as if he had to think about it. "Kriminel. An dis is R an ju are Z an... I did no' mean to fright'n you, chile."
Z's hands moved as her lips formed an automatic "Hello". She knew R had mentioned an Invisible Friend visiting her... but she never expected it was someone real! =Are you a ghost?=

Kriminel's thin lips quirked into a wry smile. "Of a sort, oui. I am here," His gesture took in the room, and with it the school, and possibly all of Detroit. "But I be many oth'r places too. I am a... sort'f spirit. Heh."
=If you're a ghost how can I see you?= Z watched him unwrap one of the red striped mints, celophane crinkling. None of her sisters seemed to be paying attention to them. She wondered if they could see him too.
"Non, Petite. Only ju an' ju sister can be seein me." It was as though he was reading her mind. "Ju both ha' been dead... even br'fly, it is enough. Ju never made it to de Crossroads betw'n de Worlds. Ju... were send back, to keep livin'. It is a gift, Petite." He ate another mint and smiled. "Others I can be showin dem ifn I wan' to, but easier fo' ev'ryone if I stand in de shadows an watch."

He reached out and lightly touched Z, one fingertip on her lips. "I do no' need to hear dis, to know what is in dis." His hand lowered and brushed her collarbone, just above her heart. One of Z's hands moved up toward his- then froze halfway there. She blushed a little and looked down at her socks. There was a hole at her right heel she noticed, and wiggled her toes.

"What book is it today, ma Petite?" Kriminel leaned forward then, past Z and lifted the cover of the novel R held slightly. "Ah, Gulliver's Travels. Is a good book, non? I... ha' no read it in a long time."
R bobbed her head -yes- still reading. 'Blefuscu' was such a funny word. Blue foo skew!
His accent was funny, Z couldn't quite place it. =Are you French?=
"Non!" He chuckled at her surprise. "Ju friend de chef, he is from France. I am fro' Haiti- we bo' speak French, but it be diffren' dialects, ju understan'? Though I sometimes go to Vibora- dey speak a lot of French dere as well. Ju ever go der, I know a place, de best hushpuppies an crawfish étouffée! Mmmh!" He gave them both a thumbs up, set his bottle aside and streched out on the floor, arms folded under his head.
R continued to read quietly for a time, about Gulliver swiming away with a fleet of tiny ships.

"...Ju girls had a good birthday I saw, eh? Pinatas an cake, an de fireworks ju saved from de Fourth after dark? Dat was a good show. Dey not be stingin when ju shot dem at each ot'er? It looked like a fun game!" Kriminel rolled over and looked at the pair of clones. "I stole a piece of de cake. Nob'dy saw me, it was delicious. Ju friend, he can cook well I tink."

"....Youh chould half jhust ashked for ah slice, there wash lots." R frowned at him and marked her place in the book with the feather.
"I know ma Petite. But it is in my nature to sneak an' steal an' be unseen... I knew ju wou' no mind." He winked at the girls, leaned back again, and looked up at the plain plaster ceiling, eyes half closed. "Keep reading, eh? Dere be a good part comin' up."

The winged clone grumbled a moment before she opened the book and set to reading once again.
"July de twelfth. Dat is your birthday, oui? Only ju were never born, so it is jer Decanting day. Decanting, heh. Like de fine wine." He hefted his bottle and saluted the two with it. "So dat makes ju... two now?"
R held up three fingers then flipped the page.
"Ahh three. Ju are gettin older. A few more of dem, ju'll be all grow'd up, non?" He toyed with the lid of the bottle. "But ju don't look a day over twenty two."
Z stuck her tongue out at him. It -had- been a good Decanting Day, she couldn't argue that. Party games and dancing, cake, music, the bright balloons and streamers covering the gym. From the ceiling all the wonderful pinatas hanging, full of surprises.

He was a very chatty ghost. It surprised Z, his easy laughter and crude jokes. She thought they were suposed to be sad and rather mournful but this Kriminel, he sat and talked with them like he'd never had a bad day in his un-life. He felt solid enough when he touched her, but he came through the door. Maybe that was his superpower? She had heard it was possible for people to do that.
R sighed again and slipped the feather into the book and reached across the rug for the bottle of rum. Her hand closed around it, not through it, and she picked it up, twisted off the cheap metal cap and took a swig.
Smelled like rum. Sloshed like rum. So much for Z's theory it was a spectral bottle with the memory of rum inside it. The school Magic teacher liked to expound on odd concepts like that. She wondered if he'd have some esoteric explanation for this guy.
No, no, it was real. She knew the mints were real, she ate a few herself earlier. The hat looked real too. =I don't think you're a ghost. I'm telling Iggy!= The silent clone stood. Brother Ignatius took care of the school chapel, wise and long suffering, with unknown powers and was -probably- not a vampire. The clone jury was still out on what exactly the old man was exactly... but they did know he got quite angry if you ate his crackers without asking.
R frowned at her and her feathers ruffled, just a bit. You could always tell how R felt since she came back, her wings gave it away.

"Brother Ignatius? HaHa!" Kriminel laughed. "Chile if he objected to me bein here, I'd be long gone. Ignatius an' I have... we are old comrades, hey?" He grinned at her, but there was something else in his face, in his red eyes that gave her pause.
"He knows I am here an as long as I do ju, jer sisters an' de students of dis school no harm, I can come an' go as I wish. Which I could anyw'y, but we have an arrang'mnt an such things must be kept. Keepin bargains is a good pract'ce chile." He chuckled again and gestured at the rug.* "Come, sit. Give her the bottle ma Petite, you read fo' me, now I shall tell you some stories. Fair trade, non?"
R shifted the book behind one wing and held the rum up to Z who hesitated, then took it, and sat beside her sister once more. =I do like stories...= And if Iggy already knew about him, there was no point in telling him about him -again- right? Right.

The sisters moved together and leaned against one another, listening in rapt attention as the strange man wove stories and tall tales, of Carribean shipwrecks, and the secrets lost in the damp bayou. After a while R took the bottle away from Z and played with it. Her sister absently stroked the long flight feathers of the wing draped beside her. They'd filled in quickly after R's molt a month or so earlier. Straight and pale with a faint silver banding. Like a hawk, or an owl maybe, not that any of the clones had ever seen such birds up close.
Kriminel was telling them about the Spanish search for the Fountain of Youth when R opened the lid and sipped. Then when he was explaining the differences between alligators and crocodiles and how you could buy a preserved head at tourist shops, she sipped a little more.
Within twenty minutes the winged girl had polished the entire bottle off, drinking the dark Cuban rum like it was merely water.
"That was good. I was thirsty." R set the empty bottle down with exaggerated care.
The others turned to look at her and Kriminel began to laugh. "She be drunk!"
"I am not!" R, for the first time since she got sick, wasn't slurring her words. Then she hiccuped. "...mmmmaybe a little?"
Z slapped her own leg and doubled over in a fit of soundless giggles, watching as her sister stood, wobbled the few feet and crawled onto her bed, wings limp behind her. R blinked owlishly at them across the coverlet, smiled, and went to sleep.

"...She be a cheap drunk too. Dere weren't much left in dat bottle." Kriminel reached over and picked it up. "Though... it be kinda stron'." He shifted so he leaned against the bedpost, reached up with one hand and ruffled R's hair.
=If you're not a ghost and you're not invisible, why do you hang out with her?= Z asked innocently, genuinely curious.

"She... is not afraid of me, dat is one ting." He considered the mute clone a moment. "R... she helped me once, though she does no' know it. I... owe her. An' when ma Petite was brought back here, she needed a frien'. Even one only she coul' see." He gave a rippling shrug, like a cat. "So I stop in now an den to check on her... an' on de rest of ju girls."
=You know what happened to her, don't you?= Z stared intently at him, watching him stroking her sister's pale locks. =When she ran away and was gone for, oh, so long. She only had an invisible friend since she came back.=
"I do, an' -forgive me chile- but I cannot tell ju. It is a secret dat is best left unspok'n. But belive me when I say dat she is well, an' better now den she had been before her sickness. She will struggle wit it fo' a long time, oui. But dat can be said for all men." Kriminel wore a sad small smile, his gleaming eyes distant. "Ju worry for her. Dis is good. She worry fo ju, an de others, fo you all. Heh. I can... tell dese tings.

Z nodded silently, then moved to shift R properly onto the matress. One of her sister's wings collected a pillow and R snuffled and cuddled it like a stuffed toy. Z pulled the quilt over her and looked to Kriminel and froze again.
He was fading out, becoming translucent, then transparent- still sitting on the floor, until only the bright crimson specks of his eyes remained, looking at the two girls. It was rather disconcerting.
"Be a good girl Z, oui, an watch over jer sisters. R is not de only one dat is a li'le short on good sense..." One of the glints winked at her- then they too were gone, and the dorm room empty of strange semi-spectral men.
His hat remained though, forgotten on the side table.

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Here is a little somethin somethin for the recent Vampire Arc "Sanguinis Cruentatio". Clone R is flying off to Romania for an adventure there, but her sisters are still at the school. But they aren't the only ones...

The darkness didn't bother Molly. Night came a little early, her water dish was full and she had extra apples tonight- no problem.
It only began to trouble her when she noticed Dingo, staring toward the door of the Mastodon House. The tiny cat she had found and taken in months earlier to fix the mice-in-haybales problem was poofed up. Nearly three times her original size, fur on edge like a bottle brush, claws out and tiny fangs bared.
She rumbled toward her, trying to calm the cat, when she heard something land on the roof. Then another and another. Much too loud and heavy to be birds, and the clones -her herd-mates- she could hear them coming, laughing usually. The Things on the roof stilled, then moved a little, as though they were walking around. Molly reached out with her trunk and locked the doors, the wide one for her, the smaller human-sized one set within it.
Suddenly the electric brightness of the overhead lights didn't seem as comforting as they did normally, in the cold long nights of winter. Molly rumbled. Dingo continued to stare and fluff and hiss- her rising wail like an angry teakettle.
Molly scooped up one of the bags of kitty treats and popped it open, setting it in the small steel sink along the far wall. Then she scooped up the cat- startled and frightened swiped her - though the claws didn't cut through her own thick russet fur- and carefully set the little creature in the sink. The doorknob began to turn.
Dingo huffed, and growled and noticed the spill of tuna deliciousness and began to nibble. The doorknob didn't open but the door shook, as someone rattled it from the outside and Molly turned to face it, haybales on one side, her long ivory tusks facing the human door while her agile trunk reached for the nearest implement, an old wooden broom.

There was a shriek outside and growling and the door rattled harder in it's frame as something outside tugged on the knob. Then there was a terrible cracking sound and the door ripped from its hinges. It was held for a moment by something that once might have been a man, but wasn't any longer, deformed and twisted, clawed with bat-like wings drooping behind it. It hurled the broken door off into the darkness, and there was an answering cry as it landed on another - something. The not-man in the doorway opened his mouth and hissed at her then.

Molly blinked her chocolate brown eyes and trumpeted in the face of the creature, jolting him back a few steps in surprise.That was enough and she dropped the broom over the thing's head repeatedly, Whackawhackawhacka!
It, in turn winced and raised its arms to protect its head, and clawed at the broom. One hand sliced and the straw part fell away, leaving only the wooden handle.
"Ruur?" Molly paused to inspect her mutilated implement a moment, then waggled her tail and resumed thumping the man over his head.

Only... she missed and jabbed him with it and he collapsed against one of her tusks like a deflating balloon and crumpled into dust. Dingo peered over the edge of the sink and dropped the kitty treat she had been chewing on, with a ping.
Molly fluttered her ears uneasily. Was this a joke? People weren't supposed to poof into little piles of dirt on the floor. The mastodon prodded it curiously. Maybe she should go get the shovel instead of the broom?
Too late! Another man-thing at the door hissing and reaching clawed hands inside the room.
Molly honked, disgruntled- were all these guys on her roof, or what?- and jabbed him with the broken broom.
He sagged into dust as well- and a third took his place.

"Oh! Oh Gawd help me, Get away!" A scream from outside and a man in a slashed and bloodied business suit staggered under the third critter's claws, stumbled past Molly and slumped on the hay bales, gasping.
"Oh...oh.. this is a bad trip!" The man stared around the doll-house like building, the large furry elephant by the door stabbing clawed horrors with her broom, and... the fluffy ball of a cat sauntering over to rub against his ankle. Totally surreal.
"Hey... good kitty... nice kitty." He picked up Dingo and stroked her a few moments. A cat, nice, normal, safe. Not like the rest of ...whatever it was happening outside! "Yes.. good...kitty." The man fainted and slumped on the haybales. Dingo kneeded the man's arm a moment and settled into the crook of his elbow, watching warily as Molly fended off two more of the Fang-men in the doorway.

A flash of light against the darkness, the throaty roar of an engine, and the sudden squeal of.... a Dixie Horn. WAA WAA wa waaaawwwwah AH AH wah!
"Molly? MOLLY! We go now!" A voice from outside- finally, her herdmates!
Scrabbling outside in the headlights and the bigger door is scrolled up, two of the seven-foot clones running in, one holding a cat carrier. "Oh good, you okay! And Dingo okay too!" One scooped up Dingo, the packet of kitty treats and her bag of kibble from across the room as the other headed for the unexpected unconsious businessman. She hefted him over the mastodon's back, his legs dangling.

"We gotta go, there Fangula all over!" "Them come out of the sky, SWOOSH!" "Fly down and eats people!" The clones were chattering, finishing each other's sentance in a long rambling tangent. "We getting people near here off street." "Student mostly in bunker now." "Guess we not having Barbeque tonight." "Sucks. Stupid Fangulas."
"Keep the stick, you been get them good I see!" One clone flips the light switch off and the Mastodon House went dark. No sense leaving them on to lure people to possible saftey.. that wasn't safe. The clone with the cat carrier swing up onto Molly's broad back, her sister behind her, making sure they don't loose the sleeping stranger.
"Go Molly, You be safe soon!" Another clone rolled down the smashed door after they left, and slapped a note on it. 'GO TU BUNKR!' With a large arrow drawn on the bottom. Then she hurried back to the car and slid in the window.

There were four other clones squeezed into the car with several strangers in the back seat, people they'd grabbed on the way. The sisters were armed as best as they could, with a cup of sharpened HB pencils and a big sack of brightly coloured water balloons in the front seat to throw at attacking monsters. The people in the back, they'd been given supersoakers. At moments like this, every pair of hands helped.
"More Fangulas!!" "Get him!" "YAR!" Winged forms sighted, the clones hurled the pencils at them, bullet fast. Some missed, hurled from the moving car, but others hit and their targets disintegrated, shrieking.
The school's security turrets had popped up along the edge of the grounds and were firing off their custom rounds, having scanned their targets and adapted their ammo accordingly. PFFT! PFTT! PFTT! Those sent volleys of holy-water filled paintballs into airbourne arcs across the parking lots and the lush lawn, sending fluttering vampires into screaming damp oblivion.
"We make go to Bunker under Main Office!" "Come on Molly!" The clones in the car did doughnuts on the grass. There were several dents in the chromed bumper of the replica General Lee they rode -Clone K would be mad if she found out about them mowing over the vamps- but the car was in the school shop to get fixed up, and really, it was for a good cause. They'd fix it later, assuming they all survived. "Us find more people to saves!"
The mastodon stood and stretched, from her trunk to the tuft of her tail and began to run, a full on ground-shaking charge, her broomstick held tight in her trunk, pointed ahead of her like a spear.
The clones atop her let out a howling war cry as they held on. Molly was usually very gentle, but she had been trained to be a battle mount long before she had been given into the clone's collective care, and today it showed. The mastodon answered with a ringing trumpet that echoed off the school walls.
Vampires dropped around them from the unnatural darkness, and were impaled on Molly's tusks, trampled under her feet or splatered with holy water from the clone's plastic supersoakers.

The golden light from the school's main offices showed through the stands of blue-leafed trees that dotted the lawn, flickering and strange in the darkness. It wasn't the first time a crisis sent the East Briar populace into the bunkers below the offices and the Infirmary, and no doubt it wouldn't be the last. The clones made it clear to the staff they'd be staying outside trying to help, and fight the vampire menace as long as their ammo remained.
They didn't stop there but headed around the building, and the loading dock there. Molly had been here before and headed down the wide ramp that let into the burried bunker without complaint.
The car pulled up across it, blocking access from the sidewalk and the clones hurried the scratched and bitten people out, herding them into the bunker... but not without collecting the water guns. They'd be needing those.
Molly offered one of the clones her broom handle and got a loving scratch on her ear instead.
"No, you keeps that in case them Fangulas get inside." Yeah!" "You mangle many in you house, you do that here!" "Is good be prepared!" A vampire dropped from an overhead ledge and took five pencils -overkill at that point- and exploded into dust. It didn't stop his companions: a dozen more followed. As one clone stooped to pick up the pencils, the attackers were met by shots of well placed holy water and hit the pavement in mud puddles.
The mastodon flapped her ears in reply, watching this.

"Now, us gonna go around try get more people off streets. You wait here, we is come back." "You protect students, yes?" One of the clones pointed deeper into the bunker, and the crowd of summer-boarded students in the back, a few of which were trying to lure Dingo out of the cat carrier. Dingo, inside with the kitty treats and a catnip mouse, was having none of it.
One of the students was using her powers on the unconsious businessman, her hands glowing a faint purple. Other students, rumpled and scratched from the run across the lawn to safety, were moving the injured citizens beside her.
Some people stared wide eyed at the mastodon. A fuzzy elephant, even in this time of stress and confusion, was completely not normal. Then again neither were the seven-foot identical girls hussling them inside, but at least they looked mostly right. Better then the twisted vampires roaming the streets.
"You gonna stay, right Molly?" "Until it gets light outside." "Vampulas don't like daytime." The clones stroked the mastodon's russet fur. "We be back!" "Wait for us!" "If it not look like a people, poke it with your broom!"
Molly tapped one forefoot on the cement twice for yes, and nodded. She backed into the bunker proper and honked a farewell.
The younger students in the back, several looked over and a few gave the clones a thumbs up. Any vampire that got in the bunker at -this- school, wasn't going to make it out.

One of the clones hesitated as her sisters left, then grinned and gestured at the mastodon. "This are Molly. Her are going to watch you so is safe! Be good or she poke you with broomstick." There was a rumbling as the clones rolled the bunker door closed behind them and protective shields clicked into place in front of it, hiding the loading dock that wasn't. Faintly Molly could hear the Dixie horn play, and the engine roar off.
There was a smattering of applause from the students, cheering and whistles.
Molly saluted them all with the broken broom and looked around the bunker. She sighed softly: they forgot her water dish back at the house, and her apples.
This was going to be a very long night.

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And while I'm adding Rp Event responces... here is the clone response to the Death of Thundrax!
Such as it is. :)

"What is it?" There were a dozen clones gathered on the roof of their apartment complex, staring into the distance.
"I... don't know."
The sky, sunny only moments before, had darkened rapidly, swirling with greenish-purple clouds, as though the sky was bruised. The clone sisters had been planning on barbequeing their dinner- until the rain started and the wind, so still all day, picked up.
"What's going on?" Below them the streets were filled with people running into buildings for shelter, and cars, pointed away, deeper into Detroit, jostling and honking.

"It's so big."
"It's angry. It's like it's... alive." Other clones running on the street, like a disturbed anthill, scurrying around, trying to get people out of the open, into the buildings, garages, under overhanging doorways- anything. A sudden smattering of cold rain, lashed by the wind- then hail, big as golf balls, smashing into windows, denting parked cars.
One of the clones bent to pick one up off the roof gravel and several of her sisters crowded in to marvel at it. They'd never seen hail before.

"OH! Look!" Another clone pointing, at a red jeep, utterly mangled being spit out of the whirling column that covered their horizon-then a second beside her pointing, this time at a semi truck, missing most of the back trailer.
"There is a man trying to fly into it." A pale blur barely visible against the darkness. "Is he going to fight it?"
"Can he fight it?"
"I think it just ate an apartment building!" A different girl shouted, seeing a spray of debris in the distance, sucked up into the widening spout.
"Why is it making my ears hurt? I don't understand!"

The clones in their short lives had never seen a tornado- they knew the word, vaguely, from computer generated movie images, and still photographs in National Geographic... but this. This was nothing like those.
"It's getting very close. Should we go down?"
"...No. Sisters have people in the garage. There is not enough room."
The wind was howling around them now, dust and rain thick in the air, oddly separate, chokingly thick. Debris thundered down the alleyways- old newspapers spinning like scything blades, shopping carts rolling to smash into dumpsters, window shutters flapping against brick walls only to splinter and break and be carried off.

The clones above gripped the rails on the edge of their roof, fingers leaving indentations in the steel. They huddled together against the blast, which sucked the air from their lungs. They weren't talking audibly now - they couldn't!- using their mental link. Across the city their hundreds of siblings saw, and watched though them, mute witnesses- the girls at their school, the ones trying to keep people calm in the makeshift shelters, the ones using themselves to try and cover the stragglers under bus benches and trash cans. All of them, watching that rolling wall of grim destruction eating it's way across Westside toward them.

Again and again through eyes protected by adaptive shields, they watched the distant hero fly into the storm, and be thrown out, only to rise up again.
"He is not giving up."
"I wonder how he can stop it?"
"Maybe he is saving people inside it? They... could be alive, right?"
The clones doubted that, but none of them wanted to admit it. The noise was terrible, an incredible din, louder and more violent then any sound they'd experienced, like a avalanche of air, rumbling and shuddering, the building below them shaking. One of their grills snapped it's chain and flipped over, scudding across the weedy parking lot.

"I... don't see him anymore."
"Maybe he's on the other sid---!" A shriek as part of a minivan clipped one of the watching girls, and carried her off the roof, out of their frantic grip and away.

Then- the wind dropped noticeably, rubble falling from the sky to pepper Westside with crumbled brick and twisted metal, then rain, straight down as the wall of swirling wind began to dissipate, up into the sky and the bruised clouds.
There was silence. The city took a breath, then another and then a different sort of noise: the screaming of trapped and frightened people, howling lost dogs, the bleeting of car horns, the wail of sirens coming from all across the city.
"...My leg is broke but, uh... I am okay. I will wait here!" The swept-away clone called, blocks off.

"...It's gone."
"What was it? I afraid of it." Awe in the clone's mental voices, talking in a whisper.
"Is it over? Are we safe?"
"I will go get the first aid kit. We better call nine-one-one." Several clones hurried off the rooftop to fetch what supplies they had stockpiled inside.
"I will help."
"I hear ambulances on the way." Dozens of shaken identical girls slowly stepping into the streets, comforting those they could, hunting the injured and the dead. Others clearing storm tossed junk off the roads so the rescuers could roar by, closer in to the hardest hit areas.

"I don't see the hero any more."
"Neither do I." The few left on the roof stared slowly around at their changed neighbourhood, hoping to see that pale form flying off into the distance, safely.
"I wonder what he did to make it go away. All sudden like that."
"I wonder who he was. He saved a lot of people."
"He saved us."
"I hope he's okay." One last look into the empty sky and they too descended into the crying city below.

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It was Westside, where the sound of running footsteps signaled trouble, not an uncommon thing, there. A tall girl, easily seven foot, hurried through the maze of dirty alleys, something wrapped in a hoodie clutched to her chest. "No! No! It Mine now! Go Away!" She was one of the many clones that lived nearby.
Behind the running girl came a stream of irate gang members, clad in the outlandish garb of the Maniacs. A few had pistols, most of the others had weaponized chains or simply knives. There was a honk, a scream and the screech of tires as one narrowly missed a garbage truck.
The driver flipped the ganger off, said something very impolite in Spanish and received several gunshots into the front right tire. Luckily for him, the others were more interested in chasing the girl then messing with the truck.

The clone dodged, ducking under low hanging fire escapes, springing over half-fallen fences... anything to drop her persuers. She hasn't been in Detroit as long as her other sisters, the ones at the Downtown school and all these alleyways looked mostly the same. She kicked a garbage can at the first gangbanger she saw and stopped, scowling. She had been neatly herded into a dead end.
The gangsters crowded together at the mouth of the alley, chuckling and grinning, some flashing crude gestures at her mockingly. Curbstomping a cape, always a good time. "Whatcha gonna do baby? Whatcha gonna do?" "Where ya gonna go?" "We gonna have a good time with you..."
The clone glanced at them a moment, then carefully set her bundle down, on a sunken step a little to the side. She gave it a gentle pat, and folded the sleeves over the top. Glancing up, she frowned. There was movement on the rooftops near by: other gangmembers creeping to surround her. They weren't taking chances.
She moved away, back to the wall and pulled out her pistol. "Bring it."

The maniacs on the roof pulled their guns with a spill of laughter- and then- there is a sudden flash of purple tinged lightning. The clone blinked, unsure of what just happened... other then the number of mooks on the roof is one less. Maybe he was kidnapped by aliens? In this town, that was entirely possible! She crouched, pistol in front of her, trying to present the smallest target she could.
Another lightning flash and a maniac fell with a sharp cry from the ledge into the alley, and lay still amid the weeds and trash. The knot of them at the alley mouth stirred restlessly, looking around. Something strange was going on, and they obviously didn't like it.
Suddenly a brilliant pillar of light, cast from a slight cloaked figure on the sidewalk behind them- the maniacs are tossed around, bouncing off the bricks and as one hit the pavement hard.
"Uhh?" The girl stares, clueless.
"Oh screw this!" Several pick themselves up and stumble off- two others, more dedicated perhaps, or more annoyed- charge the clone, one waving a chain over his head, the other with a dirty machete. The chain swung out and wrapped around the girl's neck, hard.
She shoots in reply and Machete falls hard, one knee blown out. He drops his blade with a sharp clang, cursing to clutch his leg- bone visible, blood soaking his pants leg. A third maniac further down, using a dumpster as cover shoots back, aiming for her torso.
The cloaked figure aims a kick at the shootist's head, and he slumps, squeezing off one last round. That, thankfully goes wide, into the stained brick wall. The clone is hit though, by the earlier barrage, and jerks back hard, groaning and taking the man with the chain off balance with her.
Another maniac, this one with a long slender knife reaches for the cloaked figure, to back stab them. "Watch you Bleed!"
The cloaked hero whirls, revealing a slender feminine form, and hits him with a blast of fey energy in the face! That stops the Maniac short, and he rubs furiously at his watering eyes with his knuckles.
The clone meanwhile seems to be extruding layers of metal over her skin, rippling oddly through her clothing and hair. After a moment, a deep breath, she is back in her crouched position and shoots at the blinded maniac. He's hit, high on the shoulder, bullet barely missing the cowled woman.
A taller form - by his look another Maniac in battered leather jacket and burnt hockey mask- creeps behind the shootist and tackles the limp form, getting blood on his hands.
The clone leans against the wall, watching this unexpected assistance. The woman in the cape moves deftly, and wraps her legs around Chain's neck, pulling him backwards- then vanishing in a swift teleport before she'd break his fall.
"I never seen that stuff outside Tv!" The clone stammers. "Like 'Walker Texas Ranger'! Git him!"
A few more maniacs break off and run. Guns and knives they understand, but this magic stuff? Nope! Not worth it! The caped hero lets them go. The other man... does not.
The Vigilante narrowed his eyes under the blackened mask and pulled out a sawed off shot gun from a back holster, firing at the fleeing men, not bothering to aim. One splatters wetly against a fire door, another grabs his bleeding arm and runs like hell.
The clone isn't being strangled, as Chain had intended- her metallic augments have seen to that- but his fall took her down with him in an awkward heap, both awkwardly getting up, tangled in the links. She is faster then he and gives him a hard uppercut. Chain flops back to the ground.
One last remaining Maniac, defiant, pulls a pair of pistols and shoots fast at the apperent traitor, the man in the hockey mask. There is another of the lightning flashes and suddenly the caped woman is at the Vigilante's back, hands aglow with some sort of magical shielding.
The bullets bounce off harmlessly even as the Clone's pistol belches. The defiant gangster takes a shot to the ear... which blows half his head off. He spins to the ground, unmoving. "I forgot, shit." Old habits die hard. "I not supposed to do that!"
Silence, in the alley, save for Machete's sobs, and the heavy breathing of the injured and unconsious gangmembers. There are no men standing- save the one with the shotty. He looked at the caped hero, then nods, holsters his gun and turns. "Thanks!" He raised his hand in a sort of salute and hurried off to vanish around the corner.
The girl sighed and moved to sit beside the sunken stair and patting the hoodie. "It okay, it okay, all safe now."
The Hero walks to her- much shorter then the clone, but very capable! "Are you all right?"
"I... yeah." The clone slides a hand under her shirt and winced, and pulling it back to reveal two deformed bullets in her palm. "I be fine. I thank." She dropped them onto the weedy ashvault. "...How you.. Zap zap?"
"Magic," The woman grins, a quick flash of even white teeth. "They were very angry with you." She tugged her hood down to reveal a shock of red hair and sat on the step beside the clone.
"I know." The metal layers seemed to be retreating into the clone's skin, an odd thing to see.
"Care to tell me why?" The woman raised an eyebrow then glanced at the hoodie nearby- which wiggled a little.
"I found it, so it is mine now!" The clone picked up the bundle and held it.
"You shouldn't steal. People around here, they tend to get angry if you do that." The woman's voice was stern, but patient.
The clone shook her head adamantly. "NOT STEAL!" The hoodie wimpered again at the raised voice. "I take. Them were being mean. Them were going to put in the river!"
"...In the river..?" The woman folded back her cloak, and leaned closer into the clone and slowly unwrapped the hoodie... to reveal the bloodied muzzle of a frightened puppy. "Oh. When you said 'It's mine now', I assumed..."
"They want him back. I not could let them have, so I take and I run." The tall girl rubbed her side stiffly, wincing. The little dog snuffled at the neck of the shirt, and pawed a moment at the caped hero. "Him must see vet. Doctor Katy. Sisters say is good vet."
"Good boy. Good Boy!" The woman scratched behind the scruffy dog's floppy ears. "It's good you came when you did though. But... now what will you do?"
"I have to go to police and explain. I have orders, am not supposed to kill...." The clone frowned, looking at the bodies in the alley, the blood splashed on the walls, a lone maniac staggering off woozily. "I probably be arrest. I am very grateful you and other man help."
"You'd turn yourself in? But you were defending yourself, and him?" The puppy nipped at her glove, she stroked his ears again.
"Have Vigilante License, I has to go to police, to explains. It was in the forms that came with." The clone shrugged at the woman and watched the puppy wiggle free, sniff around a little then limp over to one of the walls and do his business. "You are superhero?"
"I... yes. You could say that." The woman grinned, watching the dog meander back.
"I am Snookums." The clone nodded.
"I know. I've... seen your sisters. There are a lot of you." The Hero kept smiling. "Where is this vet? I can drop you there."
"...Really?" The puppy bounced and pounced a scrap of paper beside Machete, then paused to lick his face.
"....Ohhh man... no.." The gangbanger didn't move, just closed his eyes.
"Yes. I'll need the address... and I can let the police know what happened here. You're right, this needs to be reported, but he needs to be looked at first." The Hero nodded at the dog.
"If... you is sure?" The clone patted her leg like she'd seen dog owners do on the television, and the puppy hurried over to lick at her finger.
"I am." The Hero stood and stooped to pick up the dog- he wiggled in her arms- then held a hand out for the clone. "I'll take care of it."
The girl stood, towering over the woman and told her the vetrenarian's location. Then, very hesitantly, she took her gloved hand. There was a sharp flash of purple light and then, they were in a different, better part of town, on the streetcorner. A few passerby jerked away at their unexpected apperance, but no one stopped or stared for long. The hero passed her the puppy, and gave him a gentle swat on the rump.
"Good luck with him Snookums. And next time..." The hero smiled and pulled up her hood, tucking her hair out of sight. "Be a little more careful." There was another flash and she was gone, leaving the clone stammering her thanks to empty air.
Behind her the glass door to the vetrenary clinic swung open, a portly older man with a cat carrier stepping through then down the stairway and past the tall clone. Slowly, the squirming bloodied puppy in her arms, Snookums went inside.
She looked at the clerk and smiled. She had a dog.

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What would the clones want for Christmas? This was the only thing that came to mind and frankly I don't know if it's cute, pathetic or something else entirely.

Short, but I think it works. I forgot how hard it is to write in Klunspek. :)

"The Letter"

"Deer Sandy Claws,
We hop ewe are weel at the north poll. It must bee very cold their. Does the sun really stay down for six moths? Hoe dew ewe knot trip on thinks inn the dark? We are curious.
We are sorry a boot last ear. The police said we could knot half a rest train order bee cows ewe are knot reel. The police must half ben very bad when they wear small, they where very grumpy when we ask. Peas dew knot watch us wile we are a sleep, it is very creepy! We are all so knot sure hoe ewe watch everyone form the north poll- is it video cameras? Sister G thinks it is. Sister F told her it was magic bit the Magic Teacher at hour school twill knot say four sure.
All so, Sister Z wood lick two know if the rain deer wood lick some carrots or may bee a pineapple two eat when ewe comb two visit. All that fly inn must make them very hungary. Molly really licks pineapples so Z is think may bee rain deer would lick them two. Molly is our friend. She is a Mastodon. She get very lone lee some times. Could ewe bring here a no there Mastodon four company? A Mammoth wood bee okay two. We dew knot know what elves she wood lick. Maybe ewe can ask here when ewe comb this ear?

Any way we are righting early so ewe half a long time two fine what we want. We talked it over with all off us and we half decided we wood lick ewe two bring us a Mother four Winter Holiday Fun Time. We know it wood bee hard two fine. Ewe dew knot half two bring us any thing else, it is okay.
We all ready half a Father. We are knot soup post two talk a boot him. Bit we dew knot half a Real Mother so if ewe could bring us one we wood really lick it. We know we half a Mother some where bee cows we half a secondary DNA strain inn side us. Bit we can knot hug a centrifuge and a test tube can knot read us stories or tick us inn four bed. So we wood lick a Real Mother peas. Then we will half a Family lick normal people dew and thinks twill bee okay.

Thank ewe very mooch,
All us Snookumses.

P.S. Peas kiss face all the rain deers four us. We saw a Nature pro graham one the TV a boot them and they are sew cute!

"Is it okay?"
"Yeah, I wrote it out real good, see? And even photocopied it in case something happens to it before we get to the post office."
"You have such pretty hand writing!"
"Aww, Thanks!"
"I have the envelope. I hope Sandy Claws likes stickers, I put lots on, cause stickers are awesome."
"Oh that glitter butterfly one is nice, I like that."
"Batman stamp too, that's cool!"
"You sure is the right address? HOH OHO Canada?"
"The website said so. I kinda thought North Pole was in Russia, but it said not."
"Oh. Huh, well... okay."
"Lets go mail it!!!"

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With apologies to Daft Punk. :) Here's one for the de-powered original clone. She might have a few issues.
*edit* Thinking about it I'm pretty sure eventually she'd be noticed brooding in the dark after an hour or two and some old lady with a chipper Yorkshire accent would wander in all "Come along dearie, we're playing Stud poker by candlelight. I'll spot you twenty." ...and not take no for an answer.


A tap on the door and a muffled "Snookums?" The clone turned, a plush bear in her arms. A slim girl, Marianna, dark eyes and hair nearly black in the dim light of the hall. She was Aimie's replacement. Poor ambitious Aimie, she'd found religion- for all the good it had done her.
Marianna held a candle in her hands, a half-burnt cylinder of unbleached beeswax in a slightly soot-stained hurricane glass. One of the candles they put on the dining tables for special events. "AuTrain is getting hammered, trees falling all over. Everyone is worried the power might go." She indicated the room's desk and at the clone's nod moved inside to put the candle down, and crumpled pack of cheap bar matches beside it. Red Hook.

"You like it here Marianna?" The clone was watching her curiously, a tall silhouette against the glass.
"It's very different then the other retirement homes I've worked at." She chuckled. "So many of the clients in them... they were dumped their by their family, or because they got too sick to care for themselves, or living in a home seemed a better choice then alone with no one around. Here... These people? They're still so full of life. I don't know if it's the powers that made them different, or something they've all done or what they saw, being Heros. But... hmmm. Here? They aren't waiting to time out. It's... nice." She gave a little shrug and a quick flash of white teeth. "Gotta lot more candles to hand out."
"See ya then. And thanks." The clone lifted a hand in a slight wave, the aide matched it and hurried out of the room. There was a squeak of her hand cart in the hall and a moment later a tap at the next door down.

Snookums turned again to the window. Had she ever seen a tree felled by the weather, and not a Cape on a rampage, or a car accident? She wasn't sure. The small music player on the table beside the candle rolled into a new song. Daft Punk. Touch. A warble of chirping dissonance, hardly more then a whisper. Then a pause and a sad voice singing slowly, before the beat sped up. She liked the jazz trumpets in the middle.
"...Touch, I remember touch..."

The clone touched the glass, long fingers splayed. Double pane storm windows. She snatched her hand away and looked at the white frosted rings where her body heat condensed, then slowly put her hand there again. The last light was fading against the storm now, the weak watery late afternoon sun diminished into blue shadow and rolling grey clouds. It wasn't even five o'clock. A flail of snowflakes whipped the window, and a wrinkled old oak leaf pressed against it, just for a second. Through the barren trees and the snowdrifts where the manicured hedges were she could see the warm electric lights from the other buildings in the complex. Bright patterns thrown into the encroaching darkness that swayed and shivered when the trees shook, or someone passed in front of the lamp.
"A tourist in a dream, a visitor it seems. A half-forgotten song. Where do I belong..."

Different voices in the hall, laughter, embarrassing stories about a neer-do-well grandson. The clone kept her hand against the glass. It was like ice, only without the slick melting damp. It... kind of felt good.
She had been noticing that lately, without her powers, cold seemed colder, spicy food more spicy and the nubbly texture of the new wool mittens she'd received for Winter Holiday Fun Time seemed somehow... softer. Was that normal, she wondered. Did everyone without powers feel things this way? Or was it that she was merely getting used to being less then superhuman, after all these months.
She hugged the dark bear to her. Bear. Brought to her by her boss, Tamerlane, a special trip. And on the bed, the lighter bear, Teddy. Naming things was not one of the clone's strong points. She thought she understood why parents gave their children such plush toys. Not only because they were cute, or fuzzy or funny looking, but because in the depths of night, when that feeling of being utterly alone rose up in a strangling wave, the bear gave something to hold on to. To hold tight, that was real and safe, that you could hug until you fell back asleep...
Like babies curled into their mothers, and puppies piled together for comfort. Why her sisters lingered in clumps, never alone.
Except her. She stared out at the storm, the lashing wind. The lights flickered but the song kept playing. Battery backup. Footsteps in the hall again, hurrying now, alarmed. Something thumping the roof overhead, a tree branch.
"Suddenly alive! Happiness arrives! Hunger like a storm... How do I begin...?"

She drew the curtains all the way back then stepped back a pace to sit on the edge of her bed, embroidered coverlet crinkling, Bear on her lap. Whiteout. The air beyond dark with snow, with wind, with primeval forces sweeping inland off the vast lake miles away. A branch scraped harshly against the glass, barely audible against the howl. Tomorrow, if it cleared before daylight, she knew would leave higher wind-sculpted drifts, and glittering hoarfrost in the trees, mounds of snow her sisters- so far away- would be rolling in and throwing, if the storm reached that far south. Her fingerprints were still on the glass: a crazy quilt of ice crystal where her palm touched, barely there.
"You've given me too much to feel. Sweet touch. You've almost convinced me I'm real..."

The lights clicked off across the compound, not unexpected. She watched matches flare in distant windows, hot gold light touching fingers and chin and hair. Reflected off the double panes. Happy Valley. She reached back to the table with one hand, pressed the Off button without looking. The sound of the storm got louder. Snookums hugged the bear close and sat, waiting for morning.

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Some background snippets for a kidnapping that hasn't happened yet, and might, or might not, depending on how things turn out. First time I've added one of the lore villains. I know he's supposed to be an egotistical sociopath but he's possibly... too nice? Anyway, this is for me to get a handle on what Z would be going through off screen. :)

*INTERLUDE 1* The clone woke slowly and stretched, confused. This was too stiff to be her bed, and it didn't smell right. Z opened her eyes. She was in a long half-moon shaped tube, the top covering her of a pale blue plastic. She frowned and wiggled toes then fingers. Something was not right here. She looked up to find a man staring down at her, blond with brilliant blue eyes.
"You're awake. About time." He turned away and she could see a row of strange machinery, and the bright monitors of computers. Definitely not right. Other men were working at those stations, men nearly identical to the one talking to her, in lab coat and turtleneck.
"Do you know where you are?"
She shook her head, no.
"Good. Do you know who I am?"
She shook her head no again.
"At least you're honest. Most of my specimens would have lied to me, there." The man smiled at her. "I am Teleios and I am... Perfection."
Z's eyes opened wide.
"Ah! You recognize the name. Much better. I would have liked to capture your Original model, but despite the taint of magic in you... you have proved sufficient."
The clone stared at him wordlessly.
"I have already taken several samples from you- I like to see how others in my field conduct their research. Not as well made as mine, but you have some potentially useful characteristics. Don't move too much, you might pop your stitches and I have no desire to sew you back up." He picked up something off the work table beside him and held it up for her to see. A small metal implant, with a spatter of dried blood in a vial "Do you know what this is? No? This is your tracking chip. Anyone else trying to remove it would have killed you. Very sensible of your creators to add it... but somewhat inconvenient for me. I've put it in stasis for the moment, but eventually some poor fool will come looking for you." His smile grew bigger, showing even white teeth.
The clone stirred uneasily.
"Hope for their sake and your own they find you after I've finished." Then he set the chip aside, looking bored. "Now, to continue I will need audible answers from you. Be honest, this is being recorded for Science!"
The clone's hands moved, sign language and he tapped the tank sharply. "None of that! I have given you a mechanical voice box- crude but sufficient. I could have replaced your defective one with a cat's or a cow's but this suits my needs. You will... are... are you crying?"
Z's hands moved up to touch the cool ring of metal around her neck, what she had assumed was some sort of shock collar. "...I... can..." Her first words were a breathless whisper and her hand moved to cover her mouth. Warm tears spilled down her cheeks. "..thank... you."
The man in the lab coat stared down at her critically. "An unexpected reaction. You are welcome, I suppose."

*INTERLUDE 2* "...And that is why you are the only Z model? How ironic." *The man in the lab coat sat perched on a stool, writing notes on a clipboard in shorthand. Beside him a half-eaten sandwich on a plate. Around him his identical creations worked silently. The only time they seemed to be alarmed was when a red light above the tube across from Z's began to flash and the person locked inside- the clone couldn't see much of them save they wore an identical gown of silvery fabric- began writhing in pain.
After a few moments Teleios calmly put his sandwich down and walked across the room to watch. "Note the time the cellular degeneration began to occur." The figure in the tank pounded at the plastic lid, and dimly Z could hear him screaming- then moaning then nothing, as he slowly dissolved into a horrific puddle of pink goo, with the occasional long bone sticking out.
"How disappointing. Flush the tube." Teleios mused, then returned to his stool, and picked up the sandwich and took a bite. He shrugged at Z, seeing her watching him. "Not everyone can tolerate my modifications. You, for example. I have turned off your nanites and stopped you body's natural healing abilities. I also blocked your telepathy and your super-strength... for now." He chuckled. "I know you could ruin this lab if you so chose to so I did it as a precaution before I woke you up. I can do that you know. It's well within my abilities. Remove powers, give new ones...." He gestured vaguely over his shoulder at the other tube. "He begged me to give him fire powers. So desperate. So foolish."
One of the other men moved a machine beside her tube and a probe-arm swung out and down from it, through the top of her chamber as though it wasn't there. "This may hurt a little. I'm going to amputate your left leg below the knee. Don't worry- I'll put it back." He laughed again at her expression and adjusted his lab coat. "Be honest now... on a scale of one through ten, with ten being the maximum, how much does this hurt...?"
A saw flipped out of the probe, touched her leg and began to chew in. Z, held tight to her metal bed, began to scream.
"...I'll take that as an "Eight"... sound about right?"

*INTERLUDE 3* The clone woke slowly, feeling sick. Had she fainted, or had she been drugged? She didn't know. There was a new line going through the neckline of her silver gown she noticed, vanishing under the skin just below her collarbone, and another snaking under her lower left ribs. Medicine maybe? It was hard to guess. There were white patches of gauze on her arms and hands, wrapped around two of her fingers. They ached. She shifted slightly to have a look at her legs and sighed, seeing both there, the left wrapped thickly, but knees, feet, toes.
"I confess I am surprised at your reaction just now." She could hear The geneticist but not see him. The tube across from her had a limp figure inside. "Knowing that you regenerate, even if you are incapable of it right now, and still you check to make sure everything is attached. Do you think I, Teleios, would not keep my word?" He sounded amused. Z supposed that was something, at least.
"Now, Snookums Model Clone: Designation Z. I understand your sisters are musically inclined. I never bothered to give my creations such a useless luxury but your creators apparently felt it needed. Oh yes, I have given you much study before I acquired you. You have a choir at that super-school you attend. I know you conduct it. Sing for me."
Z blinked and frowned then opened her mouth and sang the first thing that came to mind: "Dreamer" by Ozzy Osborne. Then song after song- Rock into Pop into Jazz into Folk into Traditional hymns and finally into Opera. Z sang for five hours straight. Then, at the end of Carmen's Habanera she faltered.
"Did I tell you to stop?" Teleios demanded peevishly, working at his computer.
The clone shook her head and slumped back against the metal bed, licking dry lips. "I... do not know any more other songs that can ....can be sung alone."
"Ah." A noncommittal noise. He busied himself with papers, looked at her, and then at the other tank, and his minions gathered around it, working on that poor fellow inside. She saw some sort of tool pulled back, dripping red and shuddered. "I think you have served your purpose then."
"Wait!" Z flung a hand up to the roof of her tube.
"Yes, what?"
"May I go home now?"
"I haven't decided yet."
Z licked her lips again, thinking. "You.. recorded all this? Could... I have a copy? So my sisters can... hear me. Please?" The scientist shrugged. "Perhaps. I doubt it could do any harm." He turned away to run a simulation. From then on it was as though the clone did not exist, the geneticist's attention fully on the other tube.
In a way, Z was grateful.

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Well it's definitely scribbling...

Was working on silly crayon drawings for the Mastodon's PDB and figured.... why not? Fuzzy Elephant!

Fan art by my clones! Enjoy! :P

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Congrats Faye & Brad!

<3 the Clones!

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It would arrive as a note on Priest's desk, cheap folded stationary, the main page printed with stars and a rearing unicorn. The envelope itself covered in heart-shaped glitter stickers. "PRIEST" in crude block lettering on the front.

Inside, better handwriting.
"Priest,' It began. "We went to visit the forest fae. He told us many things, and led us to another fae. He was helpful as well. We spoke for a long while and then something the blue fae said kind of clicked... I reviewed R's memories of the past few days while she 'helped' the until teams. The blue fae spoke of Takofanes taking human form, to blend with supers. and the little Plant fae said something similar. Now it might be completely coincidence, but R saw this Ramone. *enclosed is a photocopy of a blurry picture of the man.* at Yellowstone. She saw him again at the villa in Europe. And she says the little plant fae that I spoke to today was trying very hard not to be seen by Ramone. You already know he tried to warn her, and what he said to Irios and myself today seems to settle it. This Ramone could very well be Takophanes in disguise. Irios seconds this conclusion and we spent some time trying to divise a plan to separate "Ramone" from the magical item's he's been having heros collect.
The best we could think of was having a magic hero or a mage, type guy sneak into the until vault where we assume he's keeping the pilfered magic stuff, disjunct any spells he might have placed on them. [Like "my cover is blown! magic junk appear! POOF!" that kind of thing.] Then we stash some not subtle punch-it kind of guys in there, wait for him to check on the items, and blow his cover. Hopefully someone like you, or your friends will be able to keep the until mooks out long enough we don't get a massive body count, and we thump him until we win or he leaves or something? It's a rough idea.
Irios is going to talk to some people she knows. I do not believe we should mention this plan on the Hero Radio, we do not want to 'tip our hand' and let Ramone know we might be on to him. I have set my sisters to discovering what there is to find about him in the public record. Can we count on you to help? Let me know.


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More Clone Fanart!!

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These are awesome and tell a very interesting story-behind-the-story.

More action at Champions Online Comics at
#12770901 Oct 09, 2016 at 01:00 PM · Edited 3 years ago
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Hello Stupid Diary. It's me Linden again.
I'm writing to complain about The Elf's "pet" Gnasher, Bubba. I HATE this thing. H. A. T. E.
I woke up this morning and it was sitting on my shoulder chewing on my hair. I'm a light sleeper and it was Sitting. On. Me.
The other day I opened my closet and it was in there and it hissed at me. I know she's an Elf and they have wierd ideas about what is acceptable behaviour here. I've tried to just carry on. But this thing. Bubba. This is worse then some pet cat, this thing is evil. It's smarter then it looks. It's stolen all the bullets from the gun I keep for emergencies.
I've seen it, it waits for the elf then snuggles up with her all cute, and it looks at me and grins across the room as she dresses it in doll clothes.
I heard it got vaporized in a lab accident. I heard it got frankensteined by a former student. It's still here. I don't know if it really is one of those Magic Bleak critters. But whatever the case this thing is super creepy. I think I should ask the Magic Department head about getting rid of t ng. It s , I th

*The rest of the sheet is ripped and unintelligible. It looks like it was torn by tiny claws.*

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Hey, Snookums, I just want to compliment you on your "scribblings." I really appreciate the strong sense of character that comes through in your writing. Even when it doesn't tell a story as such, the personality and attitudes of your characters are always vivid and entertaining.

I particularly liked your use of Teleios (note the spelling). I didn't find him "too nice" at all. Intelligent sociopaths can be quite charming when the mood strikes them (and Teleios is as intelligent and sociopathic as it gets), but IMHO you captured the Perfect Man's total emotional disconnection from humanity very well.

The thought that Takofanes is walking unnoticed in disguise among normal humanity is quite a disturbing one, particularly what his purpose would be in mingling with creatures he considers so far beneath him. The fact that no one knows the Archlich's true agenda makes his seemingly random actions even more frightening.
#12771726 Oct 09, 2016 at 11:51 PM
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Ah! I always miss that middle E- thanks for catching that!
I appreciate it Liaden. Even a little snip sometimes helps get a handle on the character for me. Almost all of this stuff is out of RP in some way so you get my guys....unique... perspective. Plus it's good practice for keeping the clones personalities straight.

I like Teleios as a villain [aside from Eurostar] he might be my favorite. I figured he might be a natural one to take an intrest in my cloneswarm, given what he, and they are. Tako- I think he is a lot more subtle then "dead guy smirking on a chair" as the game portrays him. So having him with multilayered plots and go around unnoticed- that's a lot more menacing then I Zombie.

<3 Thanks BB!

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In his previous life in the antediluvian past, Takofanes spent centuries weaving numerous covert plots to sow dissension among and weaken his potential enemies, preparatory to his armed campaign of global conquest. In the decades since his appearance in the modern world he's repeatedly engaged in seemingly random rampages; but past precedent suggests they're actually steps in a much bigger scheme whose full scope is yet unseen.

The likes of Dr. Destroyer and Mechanon are comic-book megalomaniacs, staging grand plans designed to gain them their desires at a single stroke. But Takofanes is at his roots a fantasy Dark Lord, patiently playing the long game.