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A successor to my last guide, this one will give you some small tips on how to join an event, and what to expect/how to behave in one. Many people host events, and, if you're looking for your action and superhero fixes, this is usually the best place to get one. So, where should you look for RP?

1) Right here on the forums: The forums are a resource and are excellent for planning and signing up for events. You should try to check the forums daily, or at least once a week. There's also an events tab specifically for it.

2) CRP: Some people decide to throw events on the fly, CRP is usually where that happens. It's usually very disorganized and hectic, however.

3) CORP channel: The third option is the least used. but occasionally you still find them there.

All in all, you want to try and find events scheduled on the forums. It's well organized and gives you a chance to make sure you are clear that day to run one. It also might give you an idea on what kind of character to bring.

Now, for the rest of this stuff. Here's some things to keep in mind when your in an event.

1) Check with the GM on whats acceptable: Don't just perform an action and expect it to go through. You can't say that your character "Rushes in and kills all of the enemies" that's god modding and takes away from everyone's experience. The bigger the feat you wish to preform, the more important it is to whisper the GM and make sure it's okay.

2) Read the mood: The GM will most likely set a mood for the RP with his descriptions. Make sure your character reacts properly to it. For instance, If someone gets murdered right in front of you, or you come upon a gore splatter ritual site, it's probably not a good idea to be a total goofball. Even Spider-man has his super serious moments. whether your character silly or stupid, OP or under powered, Serious bsns or fool, sometimes you wont be a solid fit.

3) Remember, you're not the only one: When you rp in a group event, remember, you're not the only guy there. Do your best to collaborate with others. An event, in essence, is a story where everyone gets to write a part. Don't make your part seem like a non sequitur

4) Your favorite character might not always be a fit: Events, depending on the going ons in them, can be made to be more tailored to street heroes then Supermen and visa versa. Check with your GM and make sure the character your bringing is within the power level he expects of the event. Certain types might take away from the event too, like a psychic to an event where the GM wants people to find clues and detective it up.

5)Try to be literate, and descriptive, But don't overdo it: You want to be descriptive as possible in an event. It helps the GM figure out exactly what you're doing so he can react to it. At the same time, try not to be too long winded with it, you don't want to hold up the group.

6)If you don't get it, Ask: If you're not sure how to react to a situation, or you don't understand it, PM the GM and ask them to clarify. Most would rather you have fun and understand whats going on then not know whats up and get frustrated.

7) What the GM says, Goes: Whatever the GM's decision is, should be respected and gone with. If you don't like it, you'll have plenty of opportunities in later events to have fun. If you end up not liking a GM's style, you can avoid their events in the future, Don't ruin everyone else's fun by being a baby. However.....

8) Sometimes, you get bad GM's: If you don't like what the GM's doing, and it seems like they're just being terrible. Be respectful and bow out. Don't throw a conniption. it just makes you look like the one at fault.

9)Win or Lose, have fun: Your character shouldn't be unstoppable in any scenario, and a good GM, in an encounter scenario, should be able to project at least a threat to your character (Unless they don't want to) Sometimes you will lose a scenario, sometimes the villain will get away. The objective in an event is to tell a story, not to win the game.

10) It's not all about you: Remember, your toon is just as important as everyone else's. If you don't get your chance to be in the spotlight, you'll get other opportunities later. GM's will usually try to let you have your glory, but sometimes your actions wont fit, or you wont do much more then be a distraction. That's all okay too. Keep joining events and you'll have your glory.
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Interesting guide, you don't often see a guide addressing the participant's side of things.

One tip I would like to give everyone is to not just check the forums, but to also click the Events tab every once in a while. Not only does it provide an easy overview of the events that are being held each month, occasionally events from allied sites (usually events that are posted on the website of a SG) will also show up on there.
These events are not always posted or advertised on the CORP forums, but that does not always mean they are necessarily members only events. So it's always worth keeping an eye out, just in case. At the very least it will help give you a better idea of what else may be going on in CO, outside of events directly associated with CORP.

On a side note, if you set your time zone correctly under your User Settings, it will automatically display the starting times of events in your local time zone. So you do not have to trouble yourself with calculating the time zone difference.
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