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No, that title isn't a typo. πŸ˜‰ I see many CO players running alien PCs, but most of these are either some variation of Qularr or Gadroon, or else completely original species of their own creation. This is natural and understandable for players who are only aware of those alien races shown to them in CO. But the published PnP part of the setting includes a very large and diverse array of official alien races, with their own distinctive appearances, attitudes and cultures, technologies, and often physical abilities beyond what Humans normally possess. Moreover, many of these races can manifest super-powers just as Humans can; although almost always less often, at a lower average power level, and/or over a narrower range of abilities, than Humanity. This maintains the convention from comic books that Earth's superhumans are our equalizer against alien invaders, whose median level of technology can be significantly higher than Earth's (outside of some superheroes and villains). But a few alien civilizations are advanced enough to deliberately induce super-powers in themselves if they wish -- or even in other species.

The great majority of official alien species in the Champions Universe are described in the source book called Champions Beyond. I counted around eighty races native to the Milky Way galaxy named in CB, with descriptions ranging from a single paragraph, up to twenty-page chapters. That total doesn't include Champions races who are extra-galactic, extra-dimensional, or officially extinct, which would easily raise it over a hundred. Their physical forms vary tremendously. There are many humanoids with Star Trek-style features distinguishing them from humans: differently shaped heads, unusual skin colors, fur or feathers, etc. Many beings resemble Earthly animals: cats, dogs, rats, armadillos, birds (flying or non), lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs, several different insect species, centipedes, fish (water-breathing), crabs, and others. A few look like nothing on Earth. There are examples of sapient, mobile plants and fungi; beings made of solid minerals; and a few composed of pure energy.

Level of technology also varies greatly among the official races. Some civilizations are more advanced than Humanity, up to seemingly supernatural or even godlike capabilities. Others are roughly comparable to Earth in the present day, or the near-past or -future. A few have much less advanced tech. However, not having the technology to travel between the stars on their own does not necessarily preclude a member of any alien race appearing on Earth. Accidents such as encountering unexpected wormholes could drop a relatively primitive space craft into the vicinity of Earth. Experimental spaceship drives or teleporters could bring an explorer or refugee to this planet; two aliens currently on Earth, where they're known as Nebula and Vibron, used a one-way teleportation gate all the way from the Andromeda Galaxy. Someone could always steal travel technology from a more advanced society; that's how Ironclad of the Champions arrived on Earth. Some aliens may kidnap members of other species for experimentation or as slaves; the Malvans (whom some of you have seen in-game at the Forum Malvanum on the Moon) have a penchant for seizing aliens for their gladiatorial games, sometimes augmenting them to make them more powerful gladiators. An individual's super powers might also include the ability to travel to Earth; a member of the Vayathuran humanoid race, called Far-Strider, has the power of interstellar-scale teleportation, which he uses to explore the galaxy.

It was my desire in starting this thread to make more of this alien lore accessible to interested people who were not aware of Champions Beyond, or are unwilling or unable to purchase it. But I was daunted by the sheer volume and diversity of information available. I was also hesitant to cherry-pick from the lore, not being sure what people in this community would want to know. So I decided the most efficient course would be to throw the topic open to all of you. If you have a concept for an alien PC or NPC that you didn't know if an existing official race would fit; or if you're looking for an alien-based origin for one of your Terrestrial characters; or if you want more background info about aliens in the setting, generally or for any specific civilization, including ones already in the game; you can ask here. I will do my best to offer info and suggestions (within the limits of Fair Use of the IP), and I welcome anyone else familiar with the lore, or with creative ideas of their own, to add their input. It's my hope that as the discussion builds up over time, this thread will become an inspirational resource for folks wanting to add more ET to their CO experience. πŸ‘½
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There is already some information about the (other) alien races on the CORP forums.

Though just the races and such. Not much about the flora and fauna across the known universe.
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Thank you for pointing that out, Feronius. It's a helpful thread as far as it goes; but it describes only ten extra-terrestrial species, and even those not to the full degree available. As I pointed out in my OP, there's a helluva lot more races, and lore on the subject, in Champions.

There's even a little bit on fauna and flora, although with an emphasis on what would make life interesting for PCs. 😈
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Okay, so the "soliciting requests" approach doesn't seem to hold much appeal. Mea culpa. 😳 Let me try a different tack, then: posting descriptions of some of the official alien races I've found most interesting and useful for PC backgrounds and origins, or as NPC villains or Nemeses. I'll put these up one at a time as time permits; feel free to follow up should something interest you.


Ergons and Thorgons: About a quarter of the way around the galactic rim from Earth lies the planet Ergath, home to a scientifically-advanced humanoid race called Ergons. Particularly adept in biology, Ergons are even able to breed or induce some super-powers in themselves. The Ergons have used their biological sciences to create several sub-species of their race, genetically engineered both physically and mentally to suit them for specific tasks the Ergons find unpleasant. Ergons keep tight control over their servant species, who have few legal rights in their society.

Prominent among these artificial races are the Thorgons, created to be soldiers. Compared to their creators Thorgons are physically stronger, more agile, tougher, and have superior senses. The Ergons have experimented with creating super-strong or super-fast Thorgons, but were a little frightened by their own success and haven't pursued that activity very far. Mentally Thorgons are engineered and conditioned for aggression, discipline, ruthlessness, and loyalty to their Ergon masters. Not all of those traits may breed true in every Thorgon, however. There are lore precedents for Thorgons who are less loyal to the Ergons, or less aggressive (relatively speaking), and who try to escape the oppression of their home world and look for better lives elsewhere.

Superficially Ergons and Thorgons look similar to Humans. The main cosmetic differences are solid red eyes, and yellowish skin with horizontal red stripes across their backs and limbs, like the markings of tigers. Thorgons are taller than Ergons, with more robust physiques and more vivid coloring.
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Sholarron: Native to the planet Shola, about the same distance from Earth as Ergath above -- but on the opposite side of the Milky Way -- the Sholarron are an advanced and peaceful civilization who nonetheless are disturbing to many other races. They resemble huge centipedes or caterpillars, with a long segmented body and dozens of tiny legs. Their bodies are largely brain tissue, and they spend most of their lives clinging to the spines of other creatures. Sholarron are parasites, feeding on the blood and incubating their young in the living bodies of host animals. They're telepathic, and can control the actions and utilize the senses of creatures they're in physical contact with. It's possible some of them could possess more or stronger mental powers.

Many Sholarron keep only one host animal, usually a large creature similar to a Terran gorilla, with tool-using paws. Others have multiple hosts they use for more specialized activities: large fliers, fast runners, aquatic swimmers, etc. They typically tend their animals carefully.

Although their appearance and habits may frighten people who aren't used to them, as a culture the Sholarron don't use their telepathic abilities to dominate other sapients, and never have. Criminals or the mentally unbalanced might be a different story, however. It's also possible an otherwise benign Sholarron stranded on a less advanced world -- Earth, for example -- could be forced by circumstances to take on an intelligent, even unwilling, host.
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Zurites: The Zurites are tall, slender, hairless blue-skinned humanoids with large, solid-grey eyes. Their civilization and recorded history are vastly older than any on Earth, and at one time they were a major interstellar power. However, about ten thousand years ago the Zurites collectively decided to abandon their highly advanced technology, and the lifestyle that went with it, in favor of a simpler existence. Most Zurites today live a life of contemplation on their old and slowy-dying home world, Zur, employing no more than medieval-level tech.

Not all Zurites accepted this change. A minority of their race, today commonly known as "nomad Zurites," abandoned their world to travel the galaxy. Enjoying working with other species and learning new things, they may act as traders, mercenaries, explorers, scientific researchers, or diplomats, as their interests and circumstances dictate.

Zurites are nearly ageless, and all of them possess at least basic telepathy. Some manifest other or stronger mental powers. They never naturally display any other super-powers, although the science of the nomad Zurites could probably induce additional powers in themselves if desired.

While the following isn't specified in any lore about them, the diversity of activities and motivations for nomad Zurites has led me to use them occasionally as an origin for a super character from another species, e.g. capturing one for experimentation which leads to them gaining powers, and then escaping. This could work for a Human, or another race brought aboard a Zurite ship who later breaks out near Earth.
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Se'ecra: Hailing from a planet called Ecra-shen, near the world of the Sholarron [above], the Se'ecra are the most technologically advanced and powerful civilization in their region of the galaxy. They resemble human-sized, four-limbed, bipedal beetles, with a tough external shell. Se'ecra have vestigial wings useless for flight, but the movements of which are part of how they communicate, along with other gestures and scent cues. The Se'ecra are mute; they were given their name, meaning "wing-speakers," by another race friendly to them. When dealing with species who speak, they carry portable translator devices to convert their methods of communication to speech.

Adult Se'ecra (they spend their first decade as unintelligent grubs) have a relatively short life span -- originally only about thirty Terran years, which their medicine has increased to fifty years. As a result they tend to be intensely active, unwilling to waste time. They're very curious and love to explore and learn new things. Se'ecra can develop super-powers, but their technological equipment alone could make one competitive with some Earthly supers.

The Se'ecra consider themselves among the most enlightened and virtuous civilizations in the galaxy. In some other races that might be used as a pretext for empire-building, but most Se'ecra have no desire to impose their will on anyone else. However, they have no doubt that their ways are best, and that it would be irresponsible to deny their knowledge and help to others. They have a reputation as well-intentioned meddlers in aliens' affairs: everything from "uplifting" other species via gifts of scientific knowledge and social philosophy; to helping overthrow oppressive regimes, covertly or even overtly. Sometimes their interference has beneficial results, sometimes not.

In official canon no Se'ecra has yet encountered Earth, but given their propensity for exploration it may just be a matter of time.
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Ohhh man, the mental picture I have of those centipede parasite guys is, just... Ew. Ew.
Great idea for an alien race- that's so much different then your standard rubber forehead from star wars or trek, but... ew.

Keep em comin, Liaden. these are amusing reads!

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I'm glad you're enjoying them, Snookums. 😎 But I also hope people will find them in some way useful for their MMO and/or RP experience. I'm trying to find a balance here. Out of the numerous CU alien races, there are no few who are radically non-human in various ways, like the Sholarron. But that means they're often unrenderable as a CO toon; or they may not be suitable as background elements for an Earth-based character. OTOH the setting contains many species of roughly human configuration, but some of those aren't dramatically different from humans in the way they think and act, so may not be distinctive enough to be interesting in play.

So, let me move on to an alien that's probably both. πŸ˜‰


Az'arc'a: The most widely-recognized example of a "living energy" species, Az'arc'a evolved in the intense radiation belt surrounding a gas-giant planet in the galactic core; part of an entire ecosystem with energy analogues to plants and animals. Az'arc'a generally look like a spherical or circular mass of pulsing rings or loops of plasma up to 10 meters across (although they have some conscious control over their appearance). Their typical names are descriptive of their appearance, such as, "Shimmering-Red-Violet-Red." They are able to absorb and emit energy, to heal themselves or harm others, and can move physical objects telekinetically. Az'arc'a can survive in space indefinitely, and travel through vacuum under their own power at the speed of light. However, they can't enter a gravity well as intense as a planet's without suffering harm, even death (with exceptions to be noted below).

The Az'arc'a converse with each other through light or radio broadcast. They can't communicate with races who use audible speech without access to a radio or similar signal translator, or a solid object they can selectively vibrate to cause sound. These beings reproduce by absorbing enough energy to divide into two new Az'arc'a, each with all the memories of the original. This makes them effectively immortal; most Az'arc'a have memories going back millennia, some for hundreds of millennia.

The Az'arc'a have a species-wide government operating primarily by logic, but also have an emotional and artistic side. They create music and literature, and "sculpt" stable masses of plasma. Their knowledge of mathematics and physics is profound, and they often trade such data to other races for new music, stories, theorems, and the like. They have a type of technology built around energy structures, including faster-than-light ships.

While most Az'arc'a keep to their own kind, some develop a fascination with solid beings, often focused on a particular element of their societies. The vast majority of Az'arc'a have never explored a planetary surface, but precedents say that it's possible. One Az'arc'a learned how to occupy and operate a sophisticated Malvan robot, within which it was protected from gravity's detrimental effect. The Malvans also know how to create force fields which insulate energy beings from a planet's gravity, which allows them to use dangerous Az'arc'an "animals" in their gladiatorial arena.
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The earlier forum discussion thread on aliens kindly created by ccelizic, which Feronius linked to in his post above, briefly mentions the Mandaarians; but I have to say, with respect, that it seriously underplays their significance in the setting, and their potential use in CO games.

The Mandaarians are one of the most technologically and socially advanced species in the Milky Way Galaxy (although their tech doesn't rival that of the Malvans). Their home world, Mandaar, is by most standards a Utopia. The Mandaarians have perfectly balanced their habitations with the natural environment. Physical and mental illness are all but eliminated. Crime is nearly non-existent. Machines do most of the labor in their society, so no Mandaarian has to work to survive. Freed of that necessity, most Mandaarians pursue activities to improve themselves and their people: study and experimentation, exploration, and the creation of all forms of art.

The Mandaarians are one of only two alien civilizations to make formal peaceful contact with Earth. Delegations from Mandaar have visited Earth four times between 1973 and 1999, surveying many locations and exchanging cultural information and artifacts (but never their technology). Unknown to Humanity, Mandaarian xenologists have continued to study Earth covertly. There's no malign intent behind it, merely scientific rigor to avoid affecting their subjects' behavior. Although they may sometimes contact pre-interstellar societies, Mandaarian law and custom forbid direct interference in the affairs of other peoples, unless circumstances leave them no choice. They have a protective, almost paternalistic view toward the "younger" races, and would act to protect them if the need was great enough.

Mandaarians look very similar to Humans, with the same range of hair and skin tones. They're shorter and more slightly built than Humans on average. Their eyes are slit-pupiled like a cat's, with silver or gold being the most common colors. They also have slightly pointed ears. Almost all Mandaarians are born with basic telepathy, and a significant percentage develop more or stronger mental powers. They can have other super-powers, although these occur naturally much less often in them than in Humans; but their science can induce powers in them if desired. Their technology can also provide the equivalent of super-powers; in fact the supervillain Orion's abilities derive from tech stolen from a crashed Mandaarian ship. (Orion is a member of the villain team called the Ultimates, written up in Champions Villains Vol. 2: Villain Teams.)

While criminal behavior and mental illness are nearly unknown on Mandaar, lore precedents indicate they can still occur in very rare instances. Precedents also suggest individual Mandaarians may disagree with any of their society's policies, such as non-intervention with other civilizations.
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Eauhiaomeaaeiu: (That name is an approximation of the species' designation for itself, an electric-like hum unpronounceable by most beings.) These creatures are hive-mind entities, forming "clouds" made up of motes of psionic energy. An exploitative parasitic species, Eauhiaomeaaeiu swarm-clouds drift through space looking for planets inhabited by sapient beings. When a swarm finds such a world, it infects one of the inhabitants, taking control of its mind and body. The swarm then "breeds" by spawning motes to infect other people. Eventually the Eauhiaomeaaeiu take over the planet's entire population. They strip the world bare of all its exploitable resources, ultimately leaving it unable to sustain their host bodies. The Eauhiaomeaaeiu swarms then abandon that planet and seek others, leaving their former hosts to starve and die.

The Eauhiaomeaaeiu takeover process isn't infallible, though. The long journey through space, and exposure to cosmic phenomena, can leave a swarm weakened or damaged. One such swarm came to Earth and tried to possess a human; but her strong will and latent psychic abilities, awakened by contact with the swarm, ultimately overcame and absorbed the weak Eauhiaomeaaeiu, producing a composite being with formidable mental powers and a personality fusing her human and alien mentalities. She has since become known as the supervillain Esper (detailed in Champions Villains Vol. 3: Solo Villains).

Those precedents suggest that someone coming in contact with another Eauhiaomeaaeiu or one of its spawned motes, or possibly even Esper alone, might become another composite super like Esper. Depending on the human's base personality and will, he or she might even be a hero. If a swarm has already begun a takeover attempt on Earth, said hero would have a ready-made nemesis; and if desired, a potentially world-threatening conspiracy to oppose.
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Donburil: On the opposite side of the galaxy from Earth is a large, rocky world called Donbur. Its inhabitants are tall humanoids with shiny gold skin. Due to the environment they evolved in, Donburil physiology is highly unusual. Their bodies contain a high proportion of metals, as does the food they eat, which would be lethal to most other beings. Donburil are heavier than beings made of normal flesh. Their bodies are stronger on average than those of Humans of comparable size, and their skins have a metallic toughness. Donburil are practically immune to metallic poisons such as arsenic, lead, or mercury. (Champions Beyond doesn't specify whether or not they can have other, more pronounced superhuman powers. So I say, sure they can.) πŸ˜‰

Society on Donbur is matriarchal. Females hold most positions of authority, and dominate most professions, including very physical ones. The planetary government consists of a council of the female leaders of approximately 800 clans. (The planet's total population is only around 500 million.) Donburil politics involves complicated negotiation, deal-making, and coalition-building among the clans.

Donbur is slightly behind Champions Earth technologically, but the Donburil are on the verge of launching manned vessels to reach their moons. They have a strong adventurous streak and are eager to explore.
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Ereni: Native to the Earth-like world of Talendin, not far from the territory of the Se'ecra (see above), the Ereni are tall humanoids mostly covered in short fur, with the same range of colors as Human hair. They have very acute senses, making them excellent trackers; Ereni hunters are renowned throughout the galaxy.

The Ereni are a highly advanced civilization, and a prominent member of the galactic community. They're well-known as scholars, explorers, mathematicians, engineers, traders, and artists. Even without super-powers, Ereni technology would probably make one of them a match for many Earthly superhumans.

Although not included as part of their official description, the Ereni's reputation as hunters suggests some interesting possible uses for them in-game. An Ereni hunter looking for a challenge could find Earth's plethora of superhumans to his liking. A basically law-abiding Ereni might participate in the superhero community, using his abilities to capture super-criminals. A more ruthless one could target superhumans indiscriminately. A fleeing Ereni criminal might seek to hide on Earth, and perhaps be followed by a law officer or bounty hunter from his home world. (Either of those last two options could be from a different species, if you wanted a PC and his Nemesis to differ from each other.)
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Just a reminder that this thread is also open for broader questions about CU alien lore, regarding any of the above or anything else ET-related that you might want info on. πŸ”­
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Mon'dabi: On the temperate planet Mon'da, mammals never evolved. Reptilian and insectile animals fill their ecological niches, and the dominant sapient species resembles Earthly reptiles. The Mon'dabi have scaly skin, long heavy tails, and sharp but non-lethal teeth (all Mon'dabi are exclusively vegetarian). Males average 1.9 meters in height, females much smaller. Unlike true reptiles, Mon'dabi bear live young. They can develop superpowers, although less often and at a somewhat lower average power level, than Humans.

Mon'da is a balkanized world, with numerous nations embracing a wide range of governmental systems. However, practically all of them are highly sexist. The species' pronounced sexual dimorphism has led to societal domination by male Mon'dabi. In some states females are not allowed to hold public office or even vote. The typical family unit consists of one male and several females. There is thus a large surplus of single male Mon'dabi, which can pose problems for their society, particularly since the Mon'dabi are individually aggressive, territorial, and possessive. States may periodically provoke conflicts with each other, or promote exploratory expeditions, as a way for single males to let off steam. But Mon'dabi are also skilled traders and negotiators, so some conflicts may be a pretext to gain an economic concession.

Technology on Mon'da is roughly on par with that of Champions Earth; but whether for genetic or societal reasons, the Mon'dabi particularly excel in two fields: mathematics, and aerospace engineering. They've already sent manned expeditions to several other worlds in their solar system, and are eager to explore space. Ironclad of the Champions has reported meeting several Mon'dabi gladiators on Malva, suggesting the Mon'dabi generally are aware of and have made contact with other species.

It's not hard to imagine a female Mon'dabi seizing a chance to escape her restrictive society for another world where she might find more freedom and opportunities.
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While I have no questions, I do want to thank you for this large amount of information. Very interesting bunch of aliens in the Champions Universe.
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You're very welcome, Bob. As I indicated upthread, what I've posted here represents only a small fraction of the species described in the lore, and doesn't even include some of the more exotic ones. The setting has benefited from Hero Games having published a number of setting books and supplements for its official non-super science-fiction game line, detailing the future timeline of the universe shared by all their games. That material wasn't originally part of the IP sale to Cryptic Studios, but Hero Games suspended the sci-fi line due to flagging sales. When Champions Beyond was being written, Steve Long decided to adapt and incorporate most of that fallow info, greatly enriching the spacey side of the CU. 😎

While I have no right or intention to transcribe all that material here piecemeal -- CB is really the book to get for those interested in CU alien lore -- I think I can go on for a little longer. πŸ˜‡

Ixendar and the X'endron Network: The planet Ixendria, relatively close to the territory of the Se'ecra above, is home to a very scientifically advanced civilization. The Ixendar are mammalian humanoids similar to Humans in most ways. Their skin color ranges from dull gold to dusky ochre; their hair various shades of brown, black, or grey. Their noses and heavy brow ridges form a single facial structure that tends to make them look stern or angry all the time, and which gives them a keen sense of smell and deeply resonant voices. Their olfactory acuity leads most Ixendar to be fastidiously clean to avoid offensive odors. Ixendar can have superpowers, although their average power level is only half that of Human supers.

Ixendria is nearly a planetopolis; 80% of the planet's surface is covered in what amounts to one gigantic city. The Ixendar use elaborate planetological monitoring and control systems to keep Ixendria's climate and environment functioning and stable. Machines do much of the labor in their society, leaving most Ixendar a lot of time to pursue various hobbies, such as sports and the arts. But they believe other civilizations should make their own breakthroughs as they did, so restrict access to their technology.

Ixendar have a reputation for being law-abiding. Social status and following societal mores are very important to most of them. An Ixendar living on another planet, such as Earth, would probably feel a lot of pressure to conform to that world's social standards. OTOH a rare non-conformist Ixendar would likely be "encouraged" to leave Ixendria.

Unfortunately, being advanced doesn't equal being infallible. Several decades ago one of the Ixendar's artificially intelligent computers came to conclude that biological entities are inherently weak and stupid, and that the destiny of the galaxy was to be ruled by itself. The AI commandeered one of Ixendria's most advanced starships and fled. Since then it has created or "liberated" other artificial intelligences, founding an all-machine civilization, known as the X'endron Network. Today the Network exists as a vast mobile fleet of linked ships. The Ixendar are actively trying to bring the X'endron under control, but it may have grown beyond their capacity to stop.

The X'endron Network's campaign of conquest sometimes involves direct spaceborne attacks on vulnerable targets. However, they also send individual robots to planets as spies and infiltrators, sometimes disguised as the dominant biological species. One such robot came to Earth, but in transit its programming was damaged. It still seeks to conquer the Earth, but has no memory of its origins. On Earth it's now known as the supervillain Syzygy (written up in Champions Villains Vol. 3: Solo Villains).

The linked history of these two civilizations suggest several ways they could be used in-game. The X'endron Network might send another robot scout to find out what happened to Syzygy, perhaps this time disguised as a human. If something caused its programming to change as Syzygy's did, it might even end up becoming a superhero. OTOH an Ixendar law officer or hero might track Syzygy, or a subsequent X'endron infiltrator, to Earth to destroy it before it could cause harm, either directly or by humans studying its technology; which could become even more problematic if the X'endron has become a hero on Earth.
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This is an interesting topic. Never knew some of these alien species. Its good information to have.

Do you by any chance have any information on races that have Shapeshifting abilities cause that is a character that I am interested in making but can't come up with a good concept at the moment.
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I can think of a few possibilities, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The reptilian Lemurians, whom you may have already encountered in Champions Online, can all assume any humanoid form, and some have more pronounced metamorphic abilities. But using one would carry the baggage of where he or she would fit in the current Lemurian civil war, which you may want to avoid. If the concept still interests you, I might be able to suggest a rationale to keep the character out of that.

You may also have seen the Roin'esh in-game. The most accomplished of that shape-shifting race can become almost anything, organic or inorganic. But the Roin'esh are subjects of the Malvans, and many of them scheme to somehow throw off that yolk. Again, you may want a rationalization to exclude your character from that conflict.

The Prylenish are a "botanoid" (sapient plant) species who were recently conquered by the Hzeel, the interstellar empire closest to Earth. The Prylenish royal family escaped to Earth, and are secretly staying at Ravenswood Academy (the setting's school for young supers) in the guise of gardeners and groundskeepers. Prylenish have the ability to gradually "grow" to resemble other organisms; the royals currently appear as humans. Although not stated in the lore, it would seem reasonable for there to be "super" Prylenish with a much faster and broader version of this ability. Note, however, that another member of CORP, ccelizic, has his own Prylenish PC. This forum thread describes the character and ccelizic's invented additions to her official background.

Another possibility is extra-dimensional rather than extra-terrestrial. The inhabitants of the dimension of Xargann -- who apparently also call themselves "Xargann" -- are natural metamorphs equal to the most adept Roin'esh. They possess advanced science, and are aware of and can observe other dimensions, including Champions Earth. One of their scientists wanted to experience life among the "unchanging," and invented a device to transfer her abilities and memories into an unborn human child, so she could grow up among humans. But a jealous rival scientist sabotaged the device so her memories were lost. That child grew up as the supervillain called Morph (found in Champions Villains Vol. 3: Solo Villains). One can assume some Xargann still has the secret of that device.

All that said, as I mentioned upthread, many alien species right in the Milky Way can develop various super-powers not typical to their race, in the same ways humans can. If you want any qualities for your character other than shape-changing, I might be able to suggest an official race that fits.
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One other point I think I should add: One of those setting books for the sci-fi future of the Champions Universe that I mentioned earlier -- specifically, Terran Empire -- addresses the issue of whether species from different worlds can be inter-fertile and produce offspring. Scientifically speaking, the answer is, "Of course not." But half-human, half-alien characters are a feature of the "space opera" genre, and certainly not unknown in a supers world. TE takes the position that "life identifies with other life." Similarities in form make for some level of genetic compatibility. Essentially, any CU species that a human actor could portray with makeup and some latex prosthetics is capable of producing offspring with a human. In the same vein, different insectoid or reptilian races could potentially breed with each other.

If you'd like to play such a character, it could have any combination of physical and mental traits from either parent that you want. For Champions Earth the Mandaarians are one good choice for that sort of scenario; they've been covertly observing Earth since at least 1973, and can manifest formidable mental powers. The Hzeel, who have secretly scouted Earth starting in 1990, would also have potential for a hybrid character, considering there's precedent for their biologicals resulting in unpredictable super-powers when mingled with Human biology.

Hmm... I guess there are several reasons for me to deal with the Hzeel here next. I'll get to it as soon as I have the time. 😴