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Thaaat's right! Now, in case you don't know, Discord is an app/program that functions like Ventrillo, but is free like Skype! Anyone can make a server, and manage it. It's super easy. So, since we don't have a voice server I figured I'd make one. There will be a few separate channels for gameplay, Roleplay talk, and just general bantering. There's an AFK timer as well so we don't have rooms full of people not talking. There's separate text chat channels as well. So there's multiple ways to communicate!

If you'd like to join in, visit and sign up with an account. When you Verify your e-mail, you're good to go. Just click the invite and you're good to go! Remember though, you -need- a verified account.

If you need help on figuring stuff out, go to for all things Discord.

When you're all ready, let a moderator know and we'll get you in!

One last thing. I know I shouldn't have to tell you guys twice but just in case: All RULES for the CORP channel in-game also apply to the Discord. We're all friends here, and we should all keep it that way. Please be respectful and we'll all have a great time!
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