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#12769407 Oct 08, 2016 at 07:37 PM
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<Everyone please feel free to add news reports concerning their IC exploits to this thread>

This evening, 14 employees of Forge Incorporated, including CEO Christian Troy were taken hostage by the bloodthirsty villain, "The Lash". "The Lash" threatened to murder a hostage an hour until the Forge Inc. sponsored Superhero who takes his name from the company presented himself, unmasked, for what the villain called "Crimes against Lemuria". The Superhero Forge, in company with the French, UNTIL-sponsored heroine "Invincibelle" attended the scene but did not act as the villain expected. In the subsequent scuffle a number of short, pale humanoid creatures were captured, along with the villain herself and two of her strange, tunnelling transport vehicles.

Sources at PRIMUS have confirmed that the captured tech has been transferred to Forge Incorporated for study. The Lash and her minions are due to be transported to Stronghold to await trial.

Mr Troy and the majority of his staff were rescued without injury, a rare event for hostages taken by the bloodthirsty Lash. Mr Troy's PA, Melanie Reed, was the only civilian casualty, having suffered a small laceration to her head and a mild concussion.
#13059643 Feb 12, 2017 at 09:26 AM
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“A political bombshell was dropped today when a videotape of Cam-Teth, the King of Hyperborea, surfaced.

The tape, which has already been authenticated as security camera footage from the SS Bayou Queen in Vibora Bay, Florida, shows the Hyperborean monarch assaulting an unidentified man.

*a video still would show on the screen, showing a muscular, red-haired man with a diadem on his head, standing with his clenched fist raised over the recumbent form of a far smaller man with white hair*

Just to remind our viewers, Cam-Teth, the absolute monarch of the sunken nation of Hyperborea, has been on a good will tour of the United States, hoping to drum up support in the international community to aid him in restoring his homeland above the waves.

While the monarch has diplomatic immunity, and thus is unlikely to face any legal action as a result of this videotape, it is almost certain to impact his attempts to build a favorable consensus in the UN.

A spokesperson for the Bayou Queen casino refused to comment, citing the ongoing investigation. We also have not received any responses from Cam-Teth or any member of his staff, despite numerous requests for comment.

We will continue to follow this story and report details as they become available.”
#13061009 Feb 12, 2017 at 10:18 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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(SNN) - Today it was reported that customs agents detained Craig "Thundrax" Carrson and questioned him for four hours before relasing him.

Mr. Carson declined to comment on why he was detained, but confirmed the detention. He came into the Windsor office of the INS under his own volition at the request of customs. A Captain in UNTIL, Carson possesses diplomatic immunity on American soil. Also, he has been a harsh critic of American metahuman registration laws and has offered to sponsor American metas who relocate to Canada. Mr. Carson is a former MP with Canada's socialist party, the NDP. Mr. Carson's team, the Protectors of the World. did not speak to SNN about the incident. The INS declined to comment.
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#13061344 Feb 13, 2017 at 02:51 AM
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((Since I totally overlooked that this was a thing, here's a continuation of a current series of events building up from this post.))

In incidents that occurred roughly an hour apart, two financial institutions were held up and looted by what witnesses described as a gang of 'superthugs'. One branch manager of First National Bank in West Central district described being confronted by an "oil-soaked" man who ignited himself with a lighter and proceeded to melt his way into several safe deposit boxes-- including those belonging to individuals alleged to have ties with the Black Aces and the New Purple Gang.

MCPD officials are investigating a possible connection between the two incidents, as both crimes were reported to have been preceded by electrical surges that caused power failure in the affected buildings.
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(The following press briefing would've been covered by every television, radio and internet news service across the country. Broadcast from the press room of the White House, the briefing was given by the White House Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.)

"I will be reading from a prepared statement and will not be fielding questions at this time. When the time is appropriate, the White House will hold a formal press conference and we will answer whatever questions you may have at that time.

Beginning at 0800 this morning, eastern standard time, numerous sites within the United States were the subject of brutal bombings. The first target, the MCPD weapons depot in Millennium City was the first to be struck, with subsequent attacks occurring at 5-minute intervals at the BP Oil Rig just off the coast of Vibora Bay at 0805, the Incubus nightclub in Millennium City at 0810, the Windsong Mall in Vibora Bay at 0815, and concluding with the attack against the Barlowe Building in Millennium City at 0820.

While no group has yet stepped forward to claim responsibility for these attacks, the level of coordination and sophistication necessary for such a tight timetable would indicate that this was a terrorist attack conducted by an extremely well organized group. Indeed, PRIMUS, who is currently spearheading the investigation and coordinating their efforts with the Office of Homeland Security, the FBI and local law enforcement, is treating it as such.

We will be releasing more details over the coming days and weeks as they become available. In the meantime, we ask that as Americans, you continue to go about your daily lives and not be intimidated by the actions of a group of terrorist thugs. At the same time, we would ask that you remain vigilant and, if you see anything suspicious, you report it immediately to your local law enforcement.

We have no further comment at this time. Thank you, and God Bless America."

[OOC Note: While I won't have anything formal events for this (the investigation is just a prelude), if anyone has any toons they would like to get involved in the investigation behind these attacks - either as a sanctioned hero, free-agent, or even counter-intelligence, let me know either here or in game - @cabraxusb.

Just a heads up, though. PRIMUS is going to be playing this investigation close to the vest, so unless your sanctioned, be prepared to have to go rogue on this one.]
#13089318 Feb 24, 2017 at 07:48 PM
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The short article did not occupy any major spaces in the news, aside from in magazines and websites centered around nature and etymology.

Over the past few months, notable changes in insect behaviour in the Detroit area have been observed. A heightened tendency to swarm as well as increased aggressiveness, even in normally harmless species, is the primary change. Experts advise those living in the affected area to keep pets inside and homes sealed during these surges of activity. The behaviour persists even during the winter, during which most of the insects should have gone into hibernation or died, though this does not seem to be the case. Extranormal influence may be the cause of this, though there is no concrete evidence. Resilience and immunity to pesticide has also been noted. Some ecologists have expressed worry at the possibility of the spread and breeding of these enhanced arthropods disrupting the North American ecosystem, though the long-term effects have yet to be seen.
#13478974 Oct 11, 2017 at 04:03 PM
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A short news introduction was presented with the voice-over saying "THIS IS SKYLINE NEWS! WITH JOSEPH BLAINE!"

The well dressed gentleman in a smart blue suit with a white shirt and black tie looked to the news camera.

"Good Evening this is Skyline News, I'm Joseph Blaine. Tonight's story, Veteran Superhero Nicole Washington AKA Valor has announced she is to build a Charity after her late Husband, The Jason Sharpe Foundation to help give vunerable young adults and Homeless Army Veterans shelter and education to help them to enter future employment."

"In addition, Miss Washington has stated she is to offer Two Hundred thousand dollars of her accumulated wealth to The Veteran's Assist Charity, A charity to help homeless Veterans give shelter and food, When asked why she was doing this, she responded to the press with this quote."

The news-feed cuts to Nicole Washington at on the Street in Hell's Kitchen New York.

"I don't believe people should face their problems alone, This charity and my donation is a call for anyone in New York or around america who needs help, 39,471 veterans are homeless and most of them can't adjust to civilian life because they've been in combat for so long, that's all they know how. No matter if you're a 16 year old kid from the streets who wants to get away from the gang life or a 50 year old Veteran, We're here to help. It's what my husband would've wanted above else."

The camera switches back to the studio.
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