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The Satellite

Location: Earth's Orbit

Brief Description: Personal Headquarters of the hero Drake Shadow, From the Satellite Drake can pick up any emergencies on earths ground, track any threats approaching the planet, Identify any ship in SAM's Database either approaching or leaving the planet and launch a powerful particle cannon blast from the satellite on any large ground threats -Grond, A mega Destroyer etc-
Not every idea is a bad idea, It's often a horrible idea that needs more than plastic surgery.

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Name: Mvndvm (spelled as "Mundum", but most common form of native script is very similar to the old Latin one, with "v" used for writing "u").

Location: Mvndvm is a local name for parallel Earth from an alternate universe.

This is an early medieval world, with land masses and history roughly equivalent to that of Champion's Earth. Though an ongoing presence of magic, sentient inhuman species, and an absence of anything comparable with the Ban, made it quite different from Champion's planet. Also, there were no equivalents for Mu, Lemuria, Turakians or Atlantis there.
Should be also noted, that Mvndvm isn't a parallel Earth from the past - time on this world is flowing exactly like on the Champion's Earth. It's simply that somehow this universe was started a bit later, so timeframe from 1900 to 2000 A.D. in Champion's world is almost exact equivalent to the period from 500 to 600 A.D. on Mvndvm.

Historical age:
Mvndvm is in its Dark Age period, less than century ago western part of mighty Empire of Midium crumbled into dust. West of the central continent is divided betwen warring kingdoms carved from former provinces of the empire, while eastern part is still under imperial rule. It's a world in its aesthetics very similar to that depicted in the Dragonheart movie, it's also a relatively dark and unwelcoming place, forests are still dense and filled with beasts and monsters, and bigger cities are few and far between.

Civilisation level:
Steel isn't known yet, most metalwork is done in iron. Same goes for platemail armor - it isn't invented yet.
Most common form of government is a hereditary monarchy, but feudalism in his mature form doesn't exist yet, same goes for chivalry. Masonry is limited only to the greatest and richest cities - even fortresses are mostly made from wood, save for the strongest and most important strongholds.
Literacy is really limited, mostly to the nobility, priests and wizards.
Eastern part of central continent is however a bit more advanced, majority of middle and higher social classes are literate, and most cities are built from brick, or stone.

Major political powers:
  • Empire of Midium - roughly equivalent to the Eastern Roman Empire, but in this world it managed to reclaim its central provinces and now is preparing to reclaiming of the rest of its former belongings.
  • Kingdom of Avern - equivalent of the early Frankish kingdom, few years ago it was weakened by bloody civil war. Though it's still the greatest and most powerful of all western kingdoms and a major rival of the Midium on the West.
  • Farazshahr - equivalent to the Sassanid Kingdom, major political power of the East and also another major rival of the Midium.
  • The Iron Kingdom - it's a dwarven fledling empire, initiated in the central mountain range in the political void left by Western Midium Empire. It's smallest of all empires, but no less agressive.
  • The Feyland - remnants of the vast elven empire. Centuries ago elves were dominant, but their kingdom was weakened by Midium and now is limited only to the most western peninsula of the central continent. It's still stronger than majority of human kingdoms. Right now it's an ally of Avern but there is a lot of distrust between allies.
  • The Caliphates - in this world equivalent of early Islamic jihad was halted on the East by undead remnants of one of the elder empires, centuries ago crushed by elven armies. Albeit undead were finally defeated, jihad was weakened to the point where it was no longer possible to conquer, then weakened, Farazshahr. It's one of the main differences between Mvndvm and Earth - Caliphates are limited only to the northern parts of the southern continent.

Magic is very common on Mvndvm, but spellcasters aren't. Being a mage requires an expensive education and training, both are limited only to the upper (and literate) classes. There is little inherited sorcery in this world, having an innate magic abilities is very rare and still requires such training - otherwise it's dangerous for everyone, including such spellcasters. Mages are also supervised by Church, nobility and the Mage's Guilds. There is a damn good reason for such precaution - a single rogue mage can be a really bad news in this world, especially if he's playing with necromancy or demonology.
In general magic is considered not an art, but either a science or craftmanship. Many people can afford a basic protection talismans and enchanted gear. Such items aren't cheap, but also aren't shockingly expensive, and are accessible for everyone with enough money. Even common people doesn't fear mages - yes, they know that wizards are dangerous, as people on Champion's Earth know that man with a gun is dangerous, but that's all.
No form of resurrection magic works on Mvndvm, no matter if it's of divine origin or not. Even if spellcaster is from another universe, his or her resurrection supernatural powers have no effect in this world - unless they are of technological origin. It's a good habit to not dying there.
Only one man on Mvndvm was resurrected, ever, it was done by the higher power, and he's considered a Messiah.
There are of course magical beast, including dragons, demons, spirits and other similar creatures. In civilised regions they are usually attacked and killed as soon, as it's possible.

How to get there:
Any means of extraplanar travel, if they are allowing for reaching from one alternate dimension to the another. Doesn't matter if such power is of technological, or supernatural origin.
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Harland Technologies

"Building a Better Tomorrow, Today."

Location: Millennium City, Michigan

A multi-billion dollar corporation originally founded in 1951 as Harland Petroleum by Robert Harland, an Oil Prospector from Mississippi, Harland Technologies was formed when Robert's son and heir Henry Harland Sr., inspired by his father (a World War II veteran who lost his arm in the Battle of the Bulge), reorganized the Company in 1988 into one of the leading firms in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in the fields of Biomechatronics, Neural Engineering, and Biomechanics to develop advanced Prosthetics and Neuroprosthetics. After the Battle of Detroit in 1992 ,and Detroit's subsequent reconstruction into Millennium City, Henry decided to move the Company's Headquarters to the "City of the Future" as a show of dedication to the progress of mankind. Since then Harland Technologies has made several breakthroughs and began to develop Mechanical Prosthetics aimed at the general population, unfortunately advancement was significantly slowed by the tragic deaths of Henry Harland Sr. his wife Gayle Harland, and youngest son Henry Harland Jr. in a plane crash over Massachusetts on January 5, 2006. The crash left Thomas Harland (born October 2, 1989) as the heir to the Harland family fortune and the designated future CEO of Harland Technologies, a role he has filled, rather successfully, since his twenty-first birthday. Today, Harland Technologies is at the cutting edge of Biomedical Innovation and has made rapid advancements in the last two years, and has begun to expand into the Pharmaceutical Industry as well.

Employees: 6,400
Assets: 29.4 Billion
CEO: Thomas Harland
COO: Isaiah Jacobs
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HiradaCorp Robotics

"We help you make friends."

Location: Centered in Tokyo, Japan

Background: Founded in 2007 by Takahiro Hirada - a gifted programmer - HiradaCorp specializes in creating custom-built "Robot Buddies" and true, learning AI with some dabbling in military-grade hardware that isn't available to the general public. HiradaCorp has a strict limit of no more than two robots per household, charges prices in the millions, and has periodic mandatory testing to ensure that their products aren't being used improperly, though there are two known exceptions to this - both heroes. In short, HiradaCorp prides themselves on providing some of the safest robots on the market.

Jiamara Defense Laboratories

Location: Albany, Georgia

Background: Founded in 1986 as a gunsmithy, JDL eventually expanded into providing all sorts of technology to the superheroic community, ranging from cybernetic limbs to energy weapons, to even suits of power armor. They're endorsed by African-American tech hero Jet Spider and provide her upgrades and repairs. Somewhat strict about who has access to their technology, they've recently loosened the requirements to simply having access to the Champions Response and Protect channel or being a member of any supergroup in good standing.

Supermoves Gentleman's Club

"Westside's only superpowered strip club"

Location: Millennium City's Westside, Michigan

Background: Owned and run by Winston "Windstone" Gravez, a superpowered vigilante-turned-mercenary from the 1940s and 50s. Mister Gravez spent forty years in prison before he opened a topless bar called The Polehouse in 1997 as a way to atone for his past. He attracted a surprising amount of metahuman types and eventually renamed the building to Supermoves, emphasizing the powers of the dancers. Currently, Winston is trying to phase the alcohol off of the menu in order to allow a younger crowd with the intention of hopefully cutting down on gang violence in the streets. Staffed by forty dancers, fourteen of which have powers of some sort, five bouncers, two of which are psychic, and two DJs, with one of them able to copy the powers of nearby metahumans.
In-game handle is @Jhuno

...That's it. Stop reading.
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Location: Millenium City, Michigan, in a downtown office complex.

Cy-Technologies is a non-profit research foundation established by Dr. Ophelia Setrakian in the early 1990's. It's mission is to develop innovations in the cyber-prosthetic and biotechnological fields while making these advances as affordable and accessible to the average person as possible - a prospect more easily said than done, in many cases.

It is a small foundation, employing Dr. Setrakian herself, a handful of assistant researchers, Robin Pierce, and a giant cybernetic gorilla named Kongor. No, really. Income is generated through research grants, wealthy donors, and the sale of patents or manufacturing rights to various corporate enterprises as Cy-Tech has little in-house mass production capabilities. Usually patent/production rights come with various contractual stipulations regarding pricing and accessibility to consumers. While this was easy to work in in previous decades when cybernetics was the domain of a handful of wonks and super-geniuses, increased competition has made it more and more difficult for Dr. Setrakian to make her manufacturers abide by her ethics.

A secondary and lesser known stream of revenue comes for 'custom work' Ophelia does for wealthy cybernetics enthusiasts, known in some sectors as Augmenters. Want color-changing artificial eyes or a sleek, fashionable new limb, just because why not? Setrakian will make to order, for a price. She secretly despises her own 'customers' however, despite having quite a few unnecessary augmentations of her own.

A few products or services the company is known for, though by no means comprehensive:

AL-15 'Strider cyber-leg: A strong, durable artificial leg built for longevity, ease of use and affordability, rather than a slew of additional functions. Notable in part as Cy-Technologies has recently won a contract with the Veterans Affairs administration to provide replacement prosthetic legs for wounded soldiers using this particular model. In particularly high demand in the era of IEDs.

Nanitic Targeting and Delivery System (NTAD): A class of liquid nano-tech solutions which enable a number of anti-cancer drugs to target tumor cells while sparing surrounding tissue. A particular cocktail of NTADs and chemo has already managed to become a reliable cure for one fairly obscure form of pancreatic cancer. It is not a magic bullet by any stretch, and is constantly in development given the myriad forms of the disease and diverse drugs used to treat it, but in cases where it's been applied there is at the very least substantial increase in life expectancies and quality of life.

STX-1 Mobile Suit: Cy-Technology's one major venture into weapons, this suit originally began as a project to help Ophelia's lab assistant Robin replace some lost super-power functionality and increase her crime-fighting and combat versatility. It is a light-weight powered frame of Kendrium alloy which houses a series of Tesla-coil based arc-conductors, allowing the user to project bolts of lightning in lethal or non-lethal fashions from their hands. Some peculiar manipulation of surrounding electrical fields even allows the user to hover and fly. Setrakian is banking on selling a simplified version to police departments or national security services at home or abroad to finance her endeavors. And to be sure, there are more than a few armies envious of PRIMUS and UNTIL's standard-issue deployment of powered armor.

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Location: Triangulum Galaxy (catalogue number Messier 33 or NGC 598), very far from the Earth.
Intentions Toward Humanity: Neutral, Structurals do not care about the Earth.
Propulsion Tech Level: Advanced (FTL ships able to cross Milky Way-sized galaxy within a month, antigravity propelled flight, starwells).
Military Tech Level: Advanced (energy projectors and force fields) but their level of military organisation is low - they are warriors, not soldiers.
Medical Tech Level: Highly Advanced (able to rebuild deceased Structural as long as brain is intact) but have next to none knowledge about organic biology.
Computer Tech Level: Highly Advanced but very often incompatible with technology of other species unless specially adapted for such interactions.
Physical Description: Tall (between 7 and 10 feet tall) armored humanoids made of various metallic alloys.
Homeworld: The Structure.
Government Type: Two large warring factions and a large number of independent city-states.
Territories: One solar system including one Dyson shell type artificial world and an asteroid belt.
Superpowered population level: High. While no known Structurals have superpowers they are able to upgrade themselves with various technologies giving them equivalent of metahuman powers. Known examples are flight, invulnerability, superstrength, built-in energy weapons and kinetic force projectors. Most powerful of them have built-in ability to manipulate cosmic power.

An average Structural is between 7 and 10 feet tall. Majority of population is closer to 8 feet in height but few of them can reach even an extreme height of 11 feet.
Typical form is a humanoid of male or female shapes and proportions. Head is usually quite humanlike with solid glowing eyes, but few of them can have much more outlandish look - majority of Structurals have statesque bodies of great beauty and ideal proportions, but some of them are quite monstrous, at least by human standards. Structurals do not have any hair and their body is always metallic.

Structurals are synthetic species, there are no organic parts in their bodies. Despite being created and unable to sexual reproduction, they aren't exactly robots - there is no programming inside their brains and their bodies are built from highly specialised cells made from non-organic elements.

Every Structural begins his or her life as a blob of so-called "core matter" and then is placed into reproduction chamber where this substance is coded with its syntetic replication sequence which works not unlike DNA of organic creatures. This SRS code causes core matter to divide into various organs like skeleton, brain, nerves, armored plating and other mechanisms. After this roughly twenty hours long period a new synthezoid is complete - there are no child Structurals, every of them begins life as a fully adult person, though lacking any specialised knowledge.

Structurals do regenerate their wounds, though despite being much stronger and durable than humans (or almost any other non-superpowered organic lifeform), their level of regeneration isn't much better.
While they can heal internal mechanisms and things like lost eyes, they can't regenerate lost limbs - such damage must be fixed with replacement parts, and it's more complicated than simply attaching new arm. Any new body part must be customised to the user's SRS code, otherwise it will be rejected.
They do not regenerate immediately.
Healing any serious damage may take a few days, also they can't create new body parts out of thin air - to regenerate Structural must be provided with electricity and metallic materials.

Some structurals do have very efficient healing systems granting them with complete and almost immediate regeneration, but those are very rare and such ability is considered an unique superpower. At any rate it isn't anything common amongst Structurals.

In normal circumstances Structurals have no need for any sustenance except energy, which is usually obtained by consuming raw electricity.
Few of them also have upgraded energy systems and are able to feed on power sources like radiation or chemical fuel.

A very specific trait of Structurals as a civilisation is their approach to including technology into their bodies.
While they are unable to change their base configuration and are always humanoid in form, this species do not bother with using hand-held devices or small vehicles. Things like weaponry, flight or communication devices are simply built into their bodies or straight written into their SRS code.

A typical Structural warrior doesn't wear additional armor, hand-held rifle or jet pack. Instead, he or she can change arms into cannons, reconfigure skin into harder armored form, and can fly thanks to internal atigravity projectors.

Structurals also aren't very attached to their look. It's very common for them to change shapes and details of their bodies just like humans are used to changing makeup and clothes.

"Thousands of cycles ago we were glorious.
We could build wonders, we could perform miracles. Nobody could match us in Triangulum galaxy.
We could rival Malvans!
And now... Look at us now, look at what left of the Structure!
We are reduced to scavengers fighting over a carrion of a world...
And it's all because of greed and ambitions of a one man!
May Overlight preserve us all...
There is no end to this madness."

Archon Lightbringer, Supreme Commander of the Protectors

Nobody, including Structurals themselves, knows who and why built the Structure.
From the beginning of its written history it was only a sole Dyson shell type world built around a single Type G star, with only other objects in its solar system being an external asteroid belt - the one very rich with many mineral resources.

It is speculated that so-called Creators were long extinct species of organic humanoids. This theory may be proven by the presence of water and inhabitable atmospheric layer on the internal sun oriented surface of the Structure (because Structurals themselves have no need for drinking or breathing), and by the fact that all Structurals have male or female personality pattern while not being able to sexual reproduction.
The last thing can be also considered a proof of the theory that the Structure was probably an autonomous manufacturing plant and its inhabitants were originated as a line of consumer goods.

100,000 years ago the Structure suddenly came to life, possibly awakened by the meteorite or other natural cataclysm, and its automated production lines gave life to the first generation of Structurals.
Not knowing who they are and why they were originated, the first generation arranged their world in their own way.

First 50,000 years of the Structure were its Golden Age. A time of unmatched prosperity.
Artificial world was governed by the First Council. Poverty and famine were unknown to this society and art and science flourished. A calm and gentle species, Structurals freely traded with the rest of Triangulum galaxy.
External and always darkened surface of the Structure was made into astroports and mining facilities used for exploration of the nearby asteroid belt, while internal surface bathed in eternal sunlight was populated with glimmering cities and synthetic gardens, with silvery pinnacles towering above golden metallic trees.
By all means, it was a synthetic paradise.
There was no crime nor strife, and the only military organisation was small starfleet needed for chasing occasional pirates or foreign smugglers. The only elite fighting force was the System Patrol, a militant body consisting the most powerful and best trained warriors of the Structure - but they were only a few in numbers.
There was no end to the wealth and splendors of the Structure.

Sadly, it was this wealth what has brought the end to the Golden Age.
50,000 years ago the Structure fell victim to the assault of a race of warlike organics.
Those invaders, for Structurals known simply as the Conquerors, were trying to seize control over the Structure's resources and to turn its inhabitants into a slave species.
Initially, war went badly for Structurals.
Their only military victories were claimed by System Patrol, otherwise synthezoids were vastly outnumbered and even though invaders technology wasn't up to the superior standards of the Structure, organics were much better trained and organised.
Losing one battle after another, with cities obliterated by invaders, leaders of the First Council were forced to the desperate measures - a new warlike line of Structurals was created.
Unlike previous peaceful generation, those new Structurals, in the course of war known as the Warborn, were made as aggressive as their opponents and coded with equally violent personalities.

This was the turning poin of the war.
Backed up with Structural technology, much better trained and much more durable than any organic soldiers, the Warborn were winning almost every battle against organics.
In the end, invaders were obliterated along with their invasion fleet.

War has been ended, but things were far from perfect.
The Structure was ravaged, with many of its settlements turned into seas of ruins. Marvels of science were lost during the wartime.
Many citizen lost everything to the flames of war.
To make things even worse, soon it became clear that many of the Warborn can't adapt easily to life in the time of peace.
They were violent and brutal, very often turning to life of crime.

Cities were rebuilt but the Golden Age was lost.
Next 10,000 years saw this once prosperous society slowly dissolving into social stratas, corrupted by crime and unrest. Meanwhile many of upper castes refused to notice it, instead closing themselves in their luxury places.
This was the time when even the System Patrol was very often forced to perform not their heroic duties, but to act as executors and enforcers of legal order - an armed arm of the Second Council, which was no longer able to keep things calm.

Then there was another problem. Because of war, Structurals no longer had any trust towards the other races and trade with the galaxy was no longer as common as before.
This growing paranoia also caused formation of the starfleet and a large standing army, composed mostly of the Warborn. This humongous war machine started to suck even more resources from crisis-ridden society.

Finally, came the man who claimed to have solution for all problems of the Structure.
The first of the Warborn. The one calling himself the Prototype.

In recognition of his merits during the First War, Prototype was promoted as a leader of all Structural military responding only to the ruling Council.
Many times he had criticized the weak and decadent Council and dissolving society, though never in a direct way thus not giving any reasons for his impeachment.

Finally, when situation reached the melting point, he did his move.

Gathering his personal fleet, Prototype made a pillaging raid on a small, but rich, planet inhabitated by peaceful population of organics.
While he refrained himself from performing a bloody massacre, his warriors quickly overwhelmed weak planetary defences and plundered that territory.
Then he came back to the Structure, offering this newly aquired wealth to the all Structurals along with his a rather clear message:

-"This is the new way for us, compatriots!
Nearly a lifetime ago we lost almost everything to the fleshlings, forced to hide amongst the ruins of our own cities, to fight a desparate war for retaining our own world. But no more...
Look at it, look at our solution!

A single conquest yields us enough resources for setting things right, taking back from those fleshy beings what is rightfully our.
This is the only fitting future for us as we are vastly superior to the any other lifeform of this universe.

Surely the Council understands how right we were taking that step and they will do what is in our best interest, appointing me as a new leader of our future conquests."

To Prototype's great dissapointment, the Council did not approve his actions.

Not even all of the Warborn were on his side - in fact only a roughly third part of their numbers agreed with this point of view. While he was praised within certain radical circles of Structural society, a general reaction was that of pure shock and disbelief.

Prototype was deposed and charged for a treason. He was, however, allowed to make a personal speech to the Council in his defence.
And that was beginning of the end of the Second Council and the Structure of old.

-"You have the nerve to brand me as a traitor, while I were the only one who did anything to save us in this hour of need...
To strip me from my honor and dignity, while you were hiding in your platinium houses, separating yourselves from all this misery caused by your own incompetence.
The Council... Bah!

There will be no more of this Council or any other, not after all of you will be punished for your treason of the Structure!"

- Nothing could be more surprising for gathered elders than Prototype yelling those words as soon as he came to the Council chamber, and his loyal retainers did a quick work with dispatching guards.

But the greates horror had yet to come, as Prototype started to change his form.
Already hulking Structural started to grow, his armored skin splitting and shifting, changing its shape and color.
Replacing his former body of gold with the new appearance - sharp and spiked crimson red armor, completed by horned head and a pair of wings, as Prototype rejected his old identity.
Now his physical form perfectly matched his twisted personality - an image of pure cruelty and wrongness.

-"So if you couldn't stand me as the Prototype, then you will know me as the Lord Terror. The Supreme Ruler of the Structure, the one who will lead our species to the most glorious future...
Without any of you amongst living!"

- Those were Terror's last words heard by the Council before all the elders were murdered by him.

This was the first accord of a new war, and soon this one proved to be even more destructive than the previous.
It became clear that Terror had this coup prepared from the long time, having his followers gathered and armed immediately and not giving loyalists any chance of fighting back.
Roughly third part of army sworn their loyalty to his cause and soon this force became known under the name of Aggressors. Soon they were joined by others disillusioned with the Structure of old.

Loyalist forces weren't completely helpless. Many of the Warborn and the System Patrol remained true to their military oath.
With all of the Council dead, loyalist were now governed by the military command and soon started to calling themselves the Protectors. After few a rather bloody defeats they managed to regroup and even regain some of the lost territories.

But unlike the first one, this war was slowly becoming a stalemate. With two factions of equal power, the Structure was falling into a state perpetual struggle and a devastation of proportions never before seen.
There was no turning point at the horizon, no end to this massacre.

Ironically, Terror was not the one destined to see the end of this war and it was his hubris that caused his own demise.

Enraged by millenia of fruitless warfare and his own inability to crush the resistance, Lord Terror devised an insane plan to use the starwells - a network of massive octagonal teleport gates long time ago built for delivering mined resources from the asteroid belt - for ejecting some of the asteroids into the Structure, destroying a large parts of the world along with his enemies.

It was the sheer insanity of this plan which ended with Terror betrayed by his own second-in-command and in the subsequent battle against Protectors even the tyrant's own army turned against him.

In the outcome the largest starwell imploded, consuming Lord Terror and rendering the whole teleport network unusable.

Today the Structure is only a shadow of its former glory.

Artificial world is divided between territories controlled by Aggressors and Protectors, and it's dark side is occupied by many independent city states populated by those who had no intentions of choosing sides - and now are very often hostile to both warring factions.
There is no real peace and last two millennias were a state of uneasy armistice, disrupted by small border skirmishes.
All cities of old are now lying in ruins, with all sides of this war hiding in massive fortresses, or secret bases. Old landscapes of glittering silver and gold are now replaced by rust and gunmetal gray.

Nobody can tell for how long this period of relative calm will last, with both Protector and Aggressor armies constantly preparing for yet another full scale war.
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The Emerald Moon

Location: Located in the irish district lower east side

The Emerald Moon is a small pub run by Brian Mac bride.
The pub cators to both local's, Heros, and villans and is known as a place for neutrality were all can come and meet in pace. No fighting of any sort is allowed in the pub and if a fight beaks out between villans and heros or anyone else Brian has his own way of dealing with things and the ones responsible are literally thrown out the door and onto the street and depending on the severity of the fight either barred for life or for a period of time
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Location: Floor of the Arctic Ocean, North Pole

Hyperborea, the "Land Beyond the North Wind" was a mystic land at the North Pole that sunk below the waves of the Arctic Ocean in a great cataclysm thousands of years ago during the Turakian Age.

Little is known of the mysterious island nation, save what little has survived of it in myth and legend. Recently, however, it has been in the news since Cam-Teth, Hyperborea's absolute monarch at the time of its sinking, has recently resurfaced and has been on a goodwill tour of the US, hoping to drum up support in the international community to restore his homeland to a place, once again, above the waves.