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NAME: Project Paragon
Location(s): North America. Headquarters are confidential.
Focus: The advancement of humanity as a whole, by the use of both genetics, robotics and sorcery, to create superhumans. However, it is greatly stressed that our advancement must never come at the cost of our humanity, the main disagreement with the rival european-based, Next Step Group and their New Gods backers.

Name: Next Step Group
Location(s): Europe and North America.
Focus: Genetics, robotics, cloning and sorcery. They use these to create superhumans. They do not emphasize morals nor ethics, believing that the end of human greatness justifies the means. They have been known to involve themselves with criminals, terrorists and extremists when it fit their goals. They are the rivals of Project Paragon, and the public front of the neo-nazi New Gods organisation.

Name: New Gods
Location(s): Global.
Focus: Neo-Nazi organisation, creating superhumans dedicated to a post-Nazi Aryan rebirth. Under the belief that the old gods had failed to support the Third Reich, the cell was creating “new gods for a new Reich”. Their ultimate goal is the dominance of the Aryan 'übermenschen' over the world.

NAME: Static
True Identity: NSG Clone 672
Gender: Male
Powers: Static was cloned by the Next Step Group and subjected to cruel experiments, to create from him a superhuman with power over electricity. This goal was reached, but his powers were unstable and he was prone to randomly 'exploding' with electricity, causing quite a few deaths. A suit was created for him, which allows him to control and direct the electrical currents. Also, this suit is fitted with a short-range teleportation device.
Appearance: Human in light blue and black poweramor. There are many wires outside of his armour working to transport electricity around the suit. His eyes are solid black. He appears the same as most of the other 'experiment clones' created by Next Step Group.
Attitude: He seems reserved and introverted when around others. His voice is often monotone, as if he's deeply depressed. He's silent more often than not, and when he finally speaks it's often in short sentences. He seems almost incapable of grasping humor, and is totally oblivious of sarcasm.
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Kinenel Defense Logistics
Location: Primarily manufacturing plant in Millenium City, Various Global Research and Storage Facilities
Focus: A Weapons Manufacturing Company that researchs and develops several 'High-Tech' Weapons Systems, Armour components and Military Vehicles. Reliable name in general Weapons Manufacturing, will make Armaments for Registered Heroes adove board/Legally at a Reasonable Price.
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Name: Iwo
True Identity: Unknown
Gender: Female
Powers: Dual Blades assassin
Appearance: Black suit, black shirt and white tie.
Attitude: Very quiet and reserved, once given a kill order she is silent and deadly.
Note: Only works with her twin sister Jima

Name: Jima
True Identity: Unknown
Gender: Female
Powers: Dual Blades assassin
Appearance: White suit, white shirt and black tie.
Attitude: Very quiet and reserved, once given a kill order she is silent and deadly.
Note: Only works with her twin sister Iwo

Name: Buju
True Identity: Jean Emmanuel Moreau
Gender: Male
Powers: Darkness and Ebon Sorcery
Appearance: Haitian decent, 6'7" tall. Normal attire is black pants and shoes with a bright red shirt.
Attitude: The self proclaimed Voodoo Don. He is normally very calm and collective unless his orders are not followed then is easily enraged.

Name: Cell Block
True Identity: Zachary Carmichael
Gender: Male
Powers: Might
Appearance: Wears a ratty pair of prison issue pants, combat boots. His wrist are still shackled though the chains are long since broken.
Attitude: Uncaring, self-centered, greedy and arrogant. Would turn on friend or family at the drop of a hat.
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"The Mark of the Heavens"
Location(s): Primarily Central and South-East Asia
Focus: Not an organization per se; The Mark of the Heavens refers to a little-understood phenomenon where children with animalistic features and hints of a mystic nature were born to ordinary human parents seemingly at random. Referred to as Ren-Shou (man beast) and Yiguan Qin-Shou (a play off of the Chinese idiom "beast in human attire"), these beings possess superhuman qualities and a magical affinity depending on what "type" of animal they represent. In fact, most Ren-Shou can link their strange appearances to 1 of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
While the majority of known Ren-Shou were born during a period from 1978 to 1990, there have been rare reports of human parents giving birth to Ren-Shou as recently as a year ago.
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NAME: Cocytus
True Identity: Melissa Crane
Gender: Female
Powers: Ice Control, Super Intelligence (Limited to economics, mathematics, social interactions)
Appearance: Young, sharp-dressed business woman with sharp blue eyes and short, white hair
Attitude: Calculating, manipulative, merciless, vain, and willing to betray those she works with for a reasonable gain in personal wealth or power

NAME: Crane Investments
Location(s): Millennium City
Focus: An investment and insurance company for minor super villains, gangs, and organizations. Run by villainess Cocytus. Acts as a bank for minor super-villains, storing money and granting loans for the return of heist profits. Offers limited insurance which is paid off on severe injury by super-hero or on getting out of incarceration. Also used for recruiting thugs and villains by Cocytus or any other master or arch-villain looking for muscle for schemes or heists. Fronted by a legitimate banking and investment firm.
Rocket Bell
Graviton Gal, a member of Prometheus Group.
Spell Slinger, a member of The Independents.
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NAME: Rage
True Identity: None
Gender: Male
Powers: Super Strength, Beserking
Appearance: 7foot + draconic being, covered in spikes and a thick leathery hide
Attitude: Always pissed off, always looking for a fight. Seems to despise all other dragons immensly
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NAME: Krugerrand
True Identity: Bheka Nkosi
Gender: Male
Powers: Power Armor, Mercenary army
Appearance: Bald strong middle-aged Zulu man, with scars over his face and all down his arms. Serpent tattoos on his chest.
Attitude: A ruthless warlord from eastern South Africa. He finances himself through blood diamond trading, enslaving villages into labor. He's amassed an amazing fortune and has recently been sighted outside the African continent.
Nemesis: African Violet

NAME: Carbine Industries, Ltd.
Location(s): Bexhill-on-Sea, UK
Focus: A global contractor for correctional facility defense systems, specializing in robotic and android applications and development. They are one of the leading vendors for top of the line munitions bots. They originally were founded as a small arms contractor post-WWII.
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Name: Mr Malevolent.
True Identity: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Powers: Shadow, Ebon Sorcery.

Appearance: A skeleton with a top hat, gold rimmed spectacles, a handlebar moustache and a crisp old fashioned suit.
Attitude: Haughty, well bred british aristocrat.


Name: Mr Malevolents Magnificent Magical Melangerie.
Location: Travelling.
Focus: Mostly a front, the magical Melangerie is a selection of Mr Malevolents accomplices and victims. They travel in the guise of a carnival or circus, turning up in towns and putting on shows while the populace are kidnapped and nefarious deeds are commited.
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Name: Neflheim
True Identity: Neflheim
Gender: Male
Powers: Ice

Appearance: Very large and robust, bluish skin and hair with a braided beard. He also wears an armored chestplate, big black boots, and stunning shoulder guards. He is an ice giant.

Attitude: Gruff, overbearing, ruthless, angry, savage, domineering, perhaps a little foolhardy.
Main Characters: Black Corsair, Witch Trigger
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True Identity: SO Group ANGAEL, Call-sign "Epsilon" (ANGAEL Epsilon)
Gender: Male
Powers: Munitions Expertise; Epsilon was trained under the Congressional Act a135, otherwise known as the Army Metahuman Special Operations Program, which trained all of its recruits and pushed them beyond their capabilities, being able to handle any weapon and situation.
Appearance: Black/Green Battlesuit. (Cannot be more descriptive)
Attitude: Epsilon holds a bit of a strange personality; cold to many, it was widely believed that a certain incident during his training had caused him to go mad, and he vowed to have his revenge on those who trained alongside him. As of now, Epsilon is in hiding.
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True Identity: James Sutherland
Powers: None

Appearance: Average height, athletic build, steel gray hair, gray eyes, pale complexion. Usually dressed in a black dinner jacket, black dress pants, black dress shoes, a white dress shirt and a black tie.
Attitude: Gruff. Has worked his way up to his current high-standing position in the Millenium City underworld. He originally created the Casket name as a way to protect himself when doing illegal business - he would never be connected by name. James Sutherland has been revealed as Casket recently, however, and now uses the name more because it is the one he is best known by than any level of protection it offers.
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...Yes, really, just. Preemptively. >.>

Name: Captain Obvious
True Identity: Unknown (surprisingly not obvious)
Gender: Male
Powers: Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Appearance: early-middle aged hero in a Yellow and Black suit with an exclamation point logo
Attitude: Captain Obvious is a bombastic hero stationed in Washington DC. Cap is a legacy hero, having inherited the name and guise from the previous Captain Obvious. The hero has been an established part of the DC culture for decades, becoming an accepted and well-known persona in the city's hero community, if still regarded a bit as a bit on the silly side. In combat with the forces of evil, however, Captain Obvious is all business.
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NAME: Nuclo-Corp
Location(s): An international conglomerate, Nuclo-Corp can be found all over the world, with a headquarters situated opposite the Harmon Industries lab in Millennium City.
Focus: Nuclo-Corp is the worlds largest supplier of clean, efficient nuclear energy, providing power to 30% of the planet. With a reputation for being on the forefront of eco-friendly energy, the company suffered a knock when their Manhattan reactor suffered a critical overheating issue, causing the core to leak and then explode violently. Having now recovered from that slight setback, the company also now does Nucleonic Symbiosis research in secret for the DoD, after witnessing several superpowered metahumans rise from the rubble of the Manhattan complex core explosion.

Whether the research is humane is a mystery.

The Manhattan Island Nuclear Complex

(This is part of my main hero's backstory, and I'm planning on creating a few more heroes from the same event. Feel free to use this as a backstory for you if you'd like.)
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HERO: Lepton Lass
True Identity: ??
Gender: Female
Powers: Electrical
Appearance: Completely covered in blue armor, approximately 6'3" in armor.
Attitude: Dedicated crimefighter in the Chicago metropolitan area. Possibly connected to the Fermi National Laboratory.

HERO: Miss Maize
True Identity: ??
Gender: Female
Powers: Plant growth.
Appearance: Knee-length green dress and tights.
Attitude: Novice superhero attached to the Farm Family in Denver, Colorado. Currently the 4th to hold the title.

HERO: Old MacDonald
True Identity: ???
Gender: Male
Powers: Superstrength and invulnerability.
Appearance: Plaid shirt, jeans, suspenders, and a straw hat.
Attitude: Leader of the Farm Family.

The Farm Family
Locations: Denver with missions events in the northern plains and mountain states.
Focus: Corporate-sponsored superteam of Massgrow and Good Foods Inc. A strongly conservative and by-the-books superteam that responds to super-criminal threats.

Massgrow and Good Foods, Inc.
Locations: Worldwide family of businesses with a corporate centers in over 20 countries.
Focus: Mass production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products. Suspected criminal involvement and funding of superhuman research through a series of front organizations outside of the United States.
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The Foundation

worldwide, with a station on the moon

robotics, advanced weaponry, biochemistry
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NAME Pick Nick the Masterthief
True Identity: Pierre Voleur
Gender: male
Powers: athletic, acrobat, stealth, lockpicking, maybe got an spy training
Appearance: tall and slender man in black suit with nightvision googles , a pencil mustache, and a cape which looks like a picnic rug
Attitude: steals money, diamants and jewelry at night, sometimes also from the neck of beautiful and rich women.

NAME the Brick
True Identity: Brad "Big Boots" Big
Gender: male
Powers: extremly big and extremly strong,
Appearance: he looks like a giant, red muscle berg who is a Trucker ... in an burst jail suit.
Attitude: mercenary, thug, wrecking ball. the one who destroys things

NAME the Puck
True Identity: Matthew Mangina
Gender: male
Powers: Fast Brawler
Appearance: a Canadian Guy in a Icehockey Dress.
Attitude: Kidnapper, Murderer and Headhunter

NAME the Thought-Master
True Identity: Stanley Zeman
Gender: male
Powers: evil genius
Appearance: a nerdy Scientist in his Laborjacket with an open brain and some Lasers
Attitude: Mad Inventer and Smartass

NAME Lord Deathmist
True Identity: unknown
Gender: male
Powers: Ninja, evil Mastermind
Appearance: He wears a Hooded Cape, is muscular, and somewhat like Yakuza tatooed. He wears a mask and a army pants. Like all Deathstrokes he wears Black and Grey with a bloodred Stripe over one Eye.
Attitude: He is the Leader of the Deatstroke Assassins.


NAME the Deathstroke Assassins (Villains, huge Group of Badass Badguys, Archenemys of the Superhero "Swift / the Ghost")
Location(s): Paragon City, Rogue Islands and now Millenium City and everywhere else in the world.
Focus: Organized Crime. Ninjas, Stealthy Assassins and Thiefs.



NAME Spectre Inc.
Location(s): Downtown-Millenium City, and some offshoot in the whole USA.
Focus: very well known Special Effect Company for Cinema, Theatre and Movie Productions (and Fashion)


NAME "Westside Kittys", the Girlscouts of Milleniumcitys Westside
Location(s): Duh! Westside of Milleniumcity
Focus: Group of Boyscouts just for Girls... so.. Girlscouts.

NAME M.I.T - Milleniumcitys Institute of Technology
Location(s): Downtown-Millenium City
Focus: The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century
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True Identity: Ryu Kensai
Gender: Male
Powers: Enhanced Senses, Speed, and Strength. Powers Originate from his sword, The Blade of Akashi.
Appearance: Keeping to his traditions of being an Ex Assassin, Shadow keeps his face Shrouded to all except his closest friends.
Attitude: Light hearted, Friendly, Sarcastic Humor, Prefers a silent approach to a Forward conflict.

True Identity: Nathan J. Hawk
Gender: Male
Powers: With the exception of his Aim, Hawk has no true powers. Granted a suit of Powered armor, Hawk fights with his guns.
Attitude: Light Humor, Friendly, Prefers a forward conflict than subtly.

True Identity: Jason Hoffman (Character name)
Gender: Male
Powers: Werewolf.
Attitude: Keeps to himself for the most part, highly Protective of friends, and extremely loyal.

ORGANIZATION (All of the above belong to the group)
The Arc of Arms
Location(s): World Wide.
Focus: Founded by Mind Crier, Shadow, Luna Fortuna, and Sebastion, to combat an extra dimensional threat, the Arc of Arms has since dedicated itself to crime fighting around the globe. The Arc of Arms is simply a group of friends.


True Identity: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (Assumed male)
Powers: Greater Fire Demon.
Attitude: A thoughtful planner, Vessir has slowly been taking over the gangs of Westside, in an attempt to build an army. Although he hates Humanity, he seeks to preserve it, for his people feed on the sin and malice of them.
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NAME: Izumi.
True Identity: N/A.
Gender: Male.
Powers: Flight, superhuman strength, superhuman pain threshold.
Appearance: Izumi is tall male, muscular due to his martial arts training. He is of Japanese and Italian descent, though he appears to have taken more of his father's Italian features.
Attitude: Izumi is quiet, always calm, and he can be very stoic when he wants to be.

NAME: The Invictus.
Location(s): Millennium City. Tokyo, Japan. Afghanistan. Israel. Greenville, Liberia.
Focus: To start a new world order under Invictus control with other villains joining or allying with them.