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Order of the Crimson Dawn
Location(s): Millenium City, Thailand, China, England, and various demiplanes of earth
Focus: To convert this world into an extraplanar realm in which they are the gods.

Notes: Summoning extraplanars can lead to great power, either via mystical favours and services, ancient eldritch knowledge or raw, untapped mystical power. If a deal is not struck through commune prior to summoning, a binding spell may be placed at the time of summoning (often within a previously prepared warding spell) that will subjugate the will of the summoned entity, provided that the spellcasters' accumulated will is stronger than that of the summoned entity.

The Order of the Crimson Dawn summons extraplanars of many planes with only one stipulation: That when the time comes, should the Order seek their assistance, it be given. While it is not known what the order intends to ask of these extraplanars, they bring them in in vast amounts, wave after wave.

The members of the Order have their fair share of infighting, but this is mostly mitigated by permitting the various spellcasters to add whatever stipulations they see fit to the summoned beings provided that it not interfere with the "Cardinal Condition". This lends to many magi being caught up in the power and therein thwarted by heroes. This process is preferred, as anyone foolish enough to draw the attention of Heroes has already outlived their usefulness to the Order.

The most sinister aspect of the order is their seeming lack of concern for what is summoned or the independent machinations of their members. This allows members of the Order to join other groups, such as Cult of the Red Banner, DEMON, and the Sylvestris. Rumors say that some have even infiltrated the Trismegistus Council, but those are mere hearsay and conjecture.
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NAME: Brou
True Identity: no name assigned
Gender: M
Powers: Strength. Mystic attunement to an alien ore.
Appearance: Short blue hair covering body. Significantly longer in the back and a small patch at the back of the head.
Wearing heavily pitted and scratched red bracers that cover the knuckles and a collar for the neck.

Attitude: Charitable, approachable, playful, gullible.

Location(s): Quarry 2-00, Carmine Prairie.
Focus: Responsible for the acquisition of buried monolithic red ore for the tremendous and crude columns used in climate regulation.
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Dropping this in here since it seems like the best place for it!

The Galtoidian Empire

Galtoid the Infallible

The almighty and indisputable ruler of the Galtoidians.

Galtoidian Doomtrooper

A basic Galtoidian footsoldier that wields the fearsome handheld Deathray (May require several shots to cause death)

Galtoidian Doomcaptain

Galtoidian squad leaders keep the Doomtroopers fully devoted to their cause! Or suffer Deathray punishment!

Galtoidian Doomcommander

Pretty much do what Captains do, except to Captains. And with BETTER Deathrays.

Galtoidian Deathbrain

Galtoidian special forces, these deadly enemies employ powerful psychic abilities but are fortunately few in number.
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More of a P-NPC. I do roleplay him directly sometimes, but it's always arranged.

Madgod Matthias
True Identity: Matthias Swan
Gender: Male
Powers: Innate; Mimic. He knows many other things due to that.

Attitude: He speaks plainly but may have a dark sense of humor depending on his mood. As is his element, his personality can be all over the place, but one thing is for certain; He wears his emotions on his sleeves. If his speech is quick and witty, he's in a decent mood. If it's slow, low, and dark, he's impatient or angry. He's very easy to read in that regard but his face is completely hidden by a black veil, so one cannot see any facial expressions.

Name: The Vanguard
Location: Varies. They recruit outside Sherrera's sometimes, as well as Carl's Gym spectator/office area.
Focus: Anti Demon/Undead. Vampires specifically.

The media has branded them as terrorists and extremists (The latter being somewhat true), but they have depth that the media won't mention.
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Name: Nightbringer
True identity: Currently unknown.
Gender: Male
Powers: Magic manipulation, Enhanced strenght, stamina, speed and reflex.
Appeareance: Blue skin, Red hair with black and white highlights, four black and red horns.Athletic constitution, yelows eyes.
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Name Eagle Express
Location Downtown Millennium City, Michigan
Focus Super-human Courier service

A small but growing start-up company who recruits super-humans who want to put their abilities to use peacefully. Eagle Express mostly hires super speedsters as city-couriers for Millennium City, boasting one of the fastest average delivery speeds in the courier business. They frequently air cheesy commercials with poor acting that have become a bit of a joke locally. They feature a "damsel in distress" needing a package delivered before her deadline in ten minutes, and a hero in an eagle express uniform showing up to save the day. The uniforms are modeled after hero costumes, but branded with their logo of an eagle dropping down to grab a package.
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Name: Hex Industries
Location: Global, major offices in Chicago and Millennium City
Focus: Technological Development, R&D, Pharmaceuticals

Now a multinational conglomerate, Hex Industries has expanded its reach over the past ten years exponentially through a series of incredibly successful mergers; its most famous being with Carlyle Technologies shortly after the unfortunate accident that claimed the life of the Carlyle family. While conspiracy theorists love to claim that HI was involved in the plane crash that left the Carlyle company in the hand of its board of directors who proposed and organized the merger, there is nothing to suggest this was indeed the case.

Currently lead by the young billionaire Kaiden Hex, HI has become involved in numerous charity projects across the globe after the company came under public scrutiny several years ago for its lack of involvement in such affairs. The most recent of these has been supporting new restoration initiatives in West-Side Millennium City.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Kaiden Hex and HI are rotten to their core and have been involved in all manner of inhumane bio-engineering research projects, as well as been behind several violent political conflicts in third-world countries. Kaiden's recent humanitarian streak is likely part of his bid to become increasingly involved in US politics.


Name: (the rookie) Officer Brian O'Connell
Location: Millennium City, MCPD Officer
Focus: Protecting the peace, as of late, fighting vampires

Officer O'Connells is a recent addition to MCPD's MARS team and has found himself thrust into numerous situations already that have tested his resolve, and considering his survival through the various ordeals thus far, his luck. His first appearance was when Malyca, Asylum's 'sister', besieged Mercy Hospital with numerous ghastly creations and O'Connells almost found himself among them. Since then, he's had several run-ins with MC's vampire related criminals and cannot seem to escape supernatural happenings. O'Connells himself is a pretty simple single guy who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in MC Center; its not luxurious but its nice enough. He has a secret fondness for comic books.

Name: Sgt Jonah Lambert, Veteran MARS officer
Location: Millennium City
Focus: Making it through to retirement, Helping heroes

Jonah Lambert has a bit of a gruff exterior, his weathered features, a few scars, rigid jawline, and almost perpetual scowl give many the wrong first impression about the tough-as-nails old cop. Lambert has been with the force for more than twenty years and has seen a lot. He's found himself working beside superheroes on multiple occasions and has no problem calling the shots even when they are involved, but is always ready to listen when needed; he's seen more than most first-hand and the weight of every officer and super he's seen not make it has worn pretty heavy on him. All that considered, his resolve is exceptional and he's always been there to get the job done. Lambert is the very model of a heroic normal and has repeatedly survived impossible odds. When Lambert speaks, other MCPD officers listen, he's become something of a legend around them.

Name: Detective Peter Harlson
Location: Millennium City
Focus: Obsessively pursuing justice and solving crimes, making sure that the 'good guys' win, seeing to it that the MCPD gets the job done without vigilante interference.

Detective Harlson is a good man, an incorruptible cop who zealously pursues justice in his investigations, sometimes to the chagrin of his superiors when he wont' let an old case die. However, the 30-something year-old detective has one problem, he cannot stand vigilantes. Superheroes destroy a crime-scene, they often make off with evidence that the PD could use to resolve a matter legally and efficiently, vigilante intervention lessens public respect for local law enforcement, and most of all, reckless heroics endanger lives. Harlson can't help but be somewhat openly hostile towards vigilantes (all super-heroes who aren't law enforcement) when they show up at a crime and he'll do everything he can to keep them from interfering and letting the real heroes (the MCPD) handle the job; he'll certainly threaten them with arrest, though he won't go so far as starting an open conflict. As if cursed, Harlson often finds himself thrust into situations where he's forced to tolerate or even sometimes work beside the vigilantes that he feels endanger the public good.


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Humans for Humanity
Location(s): Washington, D.C., various major cities throughout the U.S.
Focus: A Super-PAC that has no traceable connection to IHA, but seems to share a common goal. Openly supports IHA sympathetic politicians and their pet projects. Suspected of providing financial support to more militant IHA operations, but nothing proven yet.

Tiki-Toki Timeline of My Characters' Lives, site brought to my attention courtesy of @Realsorceror
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New Order Legion

Unknown. N.O.L. sometimes uses local bases but they are always temporary hideouts set only for duration of latest operations. Real headquarters are kept secret to avoid any possible retaliations.

New Order Legion is terrorist organisation devoted to forcing superiority of powered beings, especially mutants and mechanoids, over mankind.

N.O.L. claims that mutants are next step in human evolution, what makes them rightful new masters of the Earth. Organisation counts also any fully sentient and self-aware synthetic being as a part of this next step of human evolution, as long as this mechanoid was built by humans, mutants, or N.O.L.
Organisation opposes to any kind of superhuman registration, or forced dismatling of sentient robots. First is perceived as an act of oppression and slavery, while latter is considered a murder. Lack of legal protection and rights given to sentient machines is also considered an act of slavery.

In theory it seems that N.O.L. wants only a fair treatment for mutants and some mechanoids, in practice their ideology is far more aggressive, and centered around making them an upper caste of new society, while non-powered humans would be forced into servitude. New Order Legion claims that "old" mankind is flawed, and should be replaced with superior beings in power over the Earth.

N.O.L. resurfaced fairly recently, in 2012, starting from terrorist attack on I.H.A. bureau located in Prague, and followed by recent attack on I.H.A. office in Millenium City. This latest one, performed on 5 January 2013, left many civilian casualties, as organisation used laser guided bunker buster missile for bombing I.H.A. local headquarters.

N.O.L. is openly hostile towards I.H.A. and their supporters.
Organisation is also hunted by UNTIL, PRIMUS and other law enforcement agencies.
Strangely, N.O.L. seems also to be aggressive towards ARGENT and VIPER, though reasons aren't known to anybody except high-ranked N.O.L. members.
New Order Legion is also hostile to any extraterrestials, extraplanars, or non-human species of the Earth, with only exception being the manimals, who are seemingly considered mutants and might be recruited into N.O.L.

N.O.L. is often employing mercenaries, though their ideology makes hiring humans both difficult and risky.
Apart that, only a few individuals are known for being with N.O.L.


The Supreme Commander of the New Order Legion, Haywire was known to both UNTIL and PRIMUS as a beta level villain, mostly for gathering dangerous tech, like scavenging leftovers from operations againts Mechanon or Dr. Destroyer.
He seems to be the founder of the N.O.L. and to this time the most powerful member of organisation.
Nothing is known about Haywire's origin, though he seems to have a grudge, if not seething hate, against ARGENT.
He's also known for his past attacks against UNTIL and PRIMUS squads, as well as for assaults made againts ARGENT and VIPER.


Real name Klaus Donner, citizen of Austria, and a mutant with powers of flight and electricity. Former military member, Klaus was known as a hitman and mercenary long before he allied himself with N.O.L.
According to UNTIL, he may be responsible for planning of all recent N.O.L. operations.


Real name Maria Alonso Ortiz, citizen of Mexico, she's a mutant with powers of becoming invisible and phasing through solid objects. She has large criminal record both in Mexico and in US, mainly for thievery with use of her powers.
UNTIL speculates that she may be responsible for majority of field intel that N.O.L. gets.

Autonomous Aggressor Unit M3A2:

Aggressor Units are standard footmen of N.O.L. They are almost always organised in squads consisting of five soldiers with regular weapons and a sixth one with heavy support weaponry. Usually they are equipped with pulson rifles, albeit their weapon is most often charged and set to kill.
In terms of training, equipment and firepower, they are close equivalent to the UNTIL or VIPER soldiers.

Pecularity of Aggressor Units is their design. Each of them seems to be fully sentient and self-aware. It's very likely that they are loyal to Haywire because they are either terrorised, or indoctrinated, not because they are programmed for loyalty.
Aggressor Units are never issued with built-in weaponry, their equipment, including jet packs, is worn or hand-held. Only exception is light armor, being a part of their bodies.
All of them are also equipped with explosive charges inside their skulls, what makes reverse engineering their brains impossible - every time when Agressor Unit is dead, or forcibly disabled, it explodes leaving only a shattered and melted mass of nanochips.
UNTIL speculates that Aggressor Units may have personality backups made before every deployment, but there is no direct proof for such practice.

Aggressor Units may be also built without external armor, but with fake human bodies, allowing them for undercover operations.
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Name: Consejo Intergalatico de Lucha Libre (CILL)
Location: México city, México
Focus: One of the first Mexican Lucha Libre federations, the Intergalatic Wrestling Council were world renknow for their high paced and fun for the family matches. With the Defensores de Méjico scandal, being a super hero in México became a taboo. CILL saw this as oportunity to hire most of the super population from México, give them masks and trainning and create a product they call "Super Lucha Libre", with athletes working matches with their powers.

Name: El Superstar
True Identity: La Estrella Jr.
Gender: Male.
Powers: Lucha Libre. Dashing good lucks. Money.

Appearance: A slim, tanned young luchador sensation with bleached blonde hair and an attitute.
Attitude: Doesn't take anything seriously, he lives life to it's fuellest indulging in whatever he wants. A arrogant know-it-all to boot.


Name: Superstar Inc.
Location: Travelling.
Focus: Low lives, failed luchadores and all sorts of petty criminals joined El Supertsar personal gang. Superstar himself teaches his own twisted version of Lucha Libre to his goons. They are know to be extremely loyal to their master, but not to themselves which results in the members fighting amongst themselves. El Superstar even hosts underground shows with his group to make some money out of it.
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(Not sure if this is still going on but I'm posting anyway :P)

Name: Thornblade
Location(s): Various branches worldwide, main branch migrated to Eastern U.S. from Eastern Asia
Focus: Mercenary organization, focused mostly on bringing out human potential to complete tasks and difficult feats rather than relying on some supernatural religion or power source. Considered to act with high efficiency in their jobs. (Popular from late 1960s to their supposed disbandment in early 1990s due to the death of it's leader, the Thorn)

Name: The Thorn
True Identity: Rose Thorn
Gender: Female
Powers: Nothing supernatural. All skills are natural as she believes in only relying on physical potential above all else. Highly skilled in various fields and skills, including sword play and martial arts, using mixed styles and variations of both. Famous for wielding dual blades in her rare combat experiences. Considered one of the most dangerous people on the planet.
Appearance: Approx. 6'2, slim figure, Caucasian, fair physical build, not overly muscular, considered fairly attractive. Long pitch black hair that matches with the dark mercenary equipment she often wears as per her career.
Attitude: Very serious and straight forward with clients and other aquaintances not well known to her, but would often be fairly friendly with those she was familiar with, as well as those who work for her, unless they cause trouble or fail an assignment.
(Rose Thorn was the renowned leader of the Thornblade mercenary organization, but was pronounced dead in February of 1998 as the result of an invasion into the main Thornblade hideout which resulted in the deaths of most of the several dozen agents residing inside, the assailant(s) in this invasion still unknown)

Name: The Blade
True Identity: Maximus Steel
Gender: Male
Powers: Nothing supernatural. Considered one of the greatest and deadliest swordsmen alive, among various other skills similar to The Thorn as a result of being her right hand man and apprenctice. Said to be just as dangerous as the Thorn, if not more, as he would be the one to carry out the majority of Thornblade's toughest jobs.
Appearance: Approx. 6'6, good physical build, muscular, Caucasian, short darkish blonde hair. Large scar across his right eye (origin of this unknown)
Attitude: Gruff and serious with the majority of those he interacts with, but will sometimes show a sense of humor. Will almost immediately respond with violence upon being threatened. Is known to, on average, act with honor.
(It is rumored he was the one responsible for her death, but this was never proven as he had disappeared mysteriously long before her death and has yet to be found, though it is also rumored he has recently arrived in Millenium City under a new alias.)

[Additional info inavailable]
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Name: Ironguard Dominion

Locations: Unknown (not a single base has ever been officially discovered)

Focus: A military organization scattered across the globe, they are filled with ex-soldiers and psychopaths who care about nothing but violence and control. Their topics of interest include World domination, terrorism, militant xenophobia, Witch-Hunting, cybernetics R&D, powered armor R&D, and genetic modification R&D

Colors: Blue and Gold
Symbol: Globe Shield

Rules: No magic and no Aliens
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Name: Dragoon
Identity: Isaac Dwayne
Powers: Wears a set of modular powered armor including wrist-mounted guns and a jetpack.

Appearance: Caucasian male, 6ft tall, blue eyes, blonde hair, very fit. Power Armor is blue and gold, it modular so has no flight suit or connectors, has a flight helmet.

Attitude: Isaac is certifiably insane. He is a delusional revolutionary who enjoys wanton destruction but is also a brilliant tactician until he gets provoked into a rage-filled head-on assault.

Affiliation: Ironguard Dominion
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NAME: Hell hounds biker club

Location(s): Chapters all across the world

Description: The Hell hounds started there club back in 1975 in lowr New York state. Soon after they spread out establishing chapter clubs not just all over America but soon the world. From the start they caused mayhem and trouble wherever thy went.
From bar fights to arson to on some occasions murder though it was always hard to prove the actions of the member were linked directly to the club.

They have also been known to hire themselves out as delivery drivers for different people in the underworld. From organised crime to super villans looking to shift sensitive items from A 2 B. But the one side that noone until recently knew was that this group took the name hell hounds a little to seriously as it was found out that members had more than a unhealthy obsession with the dark arts. From worshipping to summoning and even practising dark rituals and dark magic.

Now there is a rumour that the leader of the hell hounds has a plan to try and take over the world through the dark arts one country at a time but this also has not been proven. Nor has this leaders idenity which still remains a mystery. Recently there has been a spate of robberys into public and private collections of magical books, scrolls, and artefacts also rumord to be the work of the Hell Hounds.

And if so just what is there plan?

Focus: Unknown

Colors: Red, black, and silver

Symbol: A demonic dogs head surrounded by flames
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Name: The Hunter Guild

Locations: Various hidden outposts throughout the Milky Way, Mobile frigates throughout the Milky Way

Focus: The Hunter Guild (aka The Bounty Hunter's Guild) is a very old and secretive group comprised of the galaxy's deadliest Bounty Hunters and Contract Killers. No job is too dangerous, brutal, or complex for this organization to handle and their reputation is known and feared by most civilizations throughout the stars. The history of the group is lost to time but what is known is simply that the group's reputation grew to a point where they completely controlled the market on paid assassination and Bounty collection.

Even to this day most wealthy parties seeking the assistance of a skilled Hunter will always present the job to the Guild before any freelancers. Because of this, government officials throughout the galaxy know better than to oppose a Hunter operating within their sphere of influence for it is better to be on the Guild's good side.

Known Members: Sullagarr the Mindbreaker (Zurite Mastermind)

Former Members: Legatus (Malvan Gladiator)
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Name: The Eternal Alliance for Restoration of Stable Environment - ERASE A.K.A The Cult of the Orderly.

Locations: Origins in Ancient Rome, largest cells of the cult in Turin, Italy; Tokyo, Japan and a small town of Penitence, Michigan.

Description: A terrorist organization, recently implicated in a string of small-scale attacks on various places in Italy, Japan and the US, which appears to keep a large number of mystically inclined mercenaries on payroll. ERASE has yet to reveal its existence to the general public but the various strikes have been connected and recognized as perform by the same organization.

The truth, however, is slightly more complex. ERASE, is, in fact, a front for a millennia old doomsday cult, formed by a group of Germanic slaves in the days of the Roman Empire. The Orderly are a low-level occult organisation, at the moment preoccupied with amassing artifacts of mystical value (especially those of importance in Norse mysticism.] The operations of the cult, and in extension of the terrorist cells are largely hindered by the far more widespread and ultimately more powerful organisations like VIPER and the secretive Circle of the Scarlet Moon. While the 'Orderlies" care little for their enemies, they lack the resources and personnel to start open conflict with they're villainous rivals.

In recent days, it has been reported that an implied high-ranking member of the Cult has made contact with the leader of the supervillain team The Devil's Advocates, the Demonologist himself. Although, given the secrecy surrounding both the Orderly and de Faussesflammes himself, it is likely a figment of a particularly paranoid wizrdly imagination.

Known Members: Great Brother Nordicus - the leader of the American branch of the cult; Atticus "General Typhoon" O'Sullivan - metahuman terrorist, the figurehead leader of ERASE.

Known Former Members/Associates: Alistair 'Valkyrion' McAlpine, Klaus 'Baron Bloodtide' von Schnautz, Aoife 'Shamrock Slasher' O'Sullivan - three mystical supervillains; Valkyrion has since began work as a mercenary for various powers in the Faerie.
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Location(s): Amygdala do not appear to have a base of operations, or they have multiple safehouses worldwide. Either way, little is known of their background operations.

Description: Amygdala is a group of five internationally known supercriminals. They have been active for nine years as of 2017. Amygdala was comprised of six members until 2015, when the sixth appeared to have deserted. Their current roster is composed of...

Emperor: High-level emotion manipulator, clad in regal golden power armour and armed with a staff that is capable of projecting forcefield blades as well as bone-crushing blasts. Skilled in close combat, appears to be the tactician of the group as well as the leader.

Acuity: Acuity appears to be either an extremely skilled but unpowered person or a probability manipulator, enhanced with similar (if less flashy) power armour to Emperor. He uses two swords that project a variable sharpness forcefield around themselves. Power armour noticeably increases speed and reflexes.

Malice: Malice can induce pain in any target capable of feeling it with an unknown range limit. She does appear to be limited by line-of-sight, though. She is equipped in black power armour similar to Acuity's, with a silver pattern of thorned vines wrapped around the forearms and hands. Some form of high-energy "lightning generator" is concealed within the arms of the armour.

Whisper: Often considered the scariest of Amygdala, Whisper can manipulate hearing on a citywide scale. He can mimic someone's voice, as if they are thinking what he is causing them to hear, or slowly drive someone insane with subtle sounds. There is a rumor that he can manipulate more senses than just hearing, but there is no evidence to back this up. He has rarely been seen in person, but is suspected to use the same style of armour as the rest of them.

Paroxysm: The newest member of Amygdala, Paroxysm is a nerve manipulator who can induce convulsions in anyone within line of sight. Heroes and law enforcement often believe her to be the weak link of the group, due to her apparent lack of experience and weak ability. She carries a baton that also doubles as a high-power "anti-brick Taser". Wears dark silver power armour, much like the others.

They have a reputation for being dangerous far outside what their "weight class" should be as well as rarely failing, leading some to suspect they have outside help or hidden members with precognitive abilities. Their death tole is minimal, with the only major incident being when their former sixth member killed five metahuman members of the superteam "Defenders of Liberty" after having been rendered unconscious in a Chicago skirmish. No Amygdala members have ever been captured.
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Organization Name: Dominant Reptilian Alliance for Global Oppression and Nonhumanism (or D.R.A.G.O.N.)

Location(s): D.R.A.G.O.N. has chapters and bases (referred to as Wings) all over the globe.

Description: D.R.A.G.O.N. is a terrorist organization with seemingly unlimited resources and access to technology far beyond most military groups, founded on the belief that humanity as it is (and indeed, always has been) does not have the right to self-rule, and is thus dedicated to creating a world where super humans rule over humanity with an iron grip for what they perceive as its own good, ostensibly keeping them in line through fear. Think the very worst aspects of the philosophies Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes with a heaving helping of meta-supremacism. Unsurprisingly, the group as many mutants, psychics, irradiated members, cybernetically augmented members, spliced members, and even a few magic users, even though D.R.A.G.O.N. is mostly a super-scientific paramilitary organization at heart. However, there are many, many non-powered human members of the group, two of which make up the High Command. There are very few, if any, aliens and extra dimensional entities present. However, all are fanatically devoted to a world in which D.R.A.G.O.N. reigns supreme, free to enact its ideology upon the world. They have been responsible for a number of high-profile terror attacks, almost all of which have had numerous civilian casualties, (a few of which took place in Millennium City), and it is believed that they are stepping up their game.

Enemies: D.R.A.G.O.N. has no shortage of enemies. They have regularly clashed with UNTIL and PRIMUS alike. By far their most persistent foe is Night Frost of Paragon Dawn, who has had a... long history with the group, with them being responsible for the deaths of his father, as well as the fact that his biological mother, Baroness Coldblood, is one of the High Command. Also, D.R.A.G.O.N. once captured Night Frost's one-time girlfriend, and indoctrinated and cybernetically augmented her into becoming the psychic Talon Operative Mind Drake. Night Frost tried to break her free of their control, to no avail. He was eventually forced to kill her. Totem (@Dragonlord247's character) of the Young Sentinels and Mesozoic Man (@nadazdy's character) of Blood Oathed Honor Bound have both been captured and mind-controlled by the group, but both have since broken free from their control.

Known Members: Doctor Reptilian (their founder and supreme leader), Baroness Coldblood (their intelligence officer), Dragon Knight (their primary battlefield commander and technician), Skeleton King (their primary magical expert), Crimson Lightning (their top assassin and hand in the criminal underworld), its various Talon Operatives and Wing Commanders, its legions of Kobolds (their footsoldiers, ordinary humans spliced with reptile DNA to become faster and stronger), its Associates (normal, non-powered members who act as the group's eyes and ears in the rest of society, even helping in carrying out their operations, essentially a Fifth Column) etc.

Colors: Black, red, silver, maybe light blue as well

Symbol: A red silhouette of a dragon with its wings unfurled

Click here for more information on them.

((By the way, D.R.A.G.O.N. is an actual, if very tiny at the moment, RP super group, and one of my evil characters, Doctor Reptilian, who was originally Night Frost's nemesis, is the leader. I am planning to do some RP story arcs with these guys eventually. If you have a character you think might be a good fit for its ranks and/or want to join, please contact me through in-game e-mail, or just PM me if I am online.))
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Name: Asterion Security

Locations: Headquartered in the United States but with small offices in various other nations

Description: Asterion Security is a private security company that specializes in using enhanced operatives (Meta, Cybernetic, Bio-Engineered,etc) to oppose meta-human, extra-dimensional, and extra-terrestrial threats for a price. They serve many wealthy individuals and organization around the globe as defensive specialists.

A sub-branch of A.S. is Asterion PMC, a group that performs discreet operations of a questionably legal nature. It is believed (but not proven) that they specialize in wetwork against meta-humans. The organization denies that they participate in any operations considered illegal by the standards of the UN.

Known Operatives: Armiger, Longshot (formerly)

Known Enemies: Ironguard Dominion, VIPER, Argent, DEMON

Symbol: Bull

Alignment: Neutral
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Name: Tau Abraxas Soter (real name unknown)
Location: Cardiff, Wales, UK
Description: A tall, gaunt, imposing man with a rigid bearing and an aristocratic accent.

Frater Abraxas Soter is a Cardinal of the Satanic cult of the Dragon known as Ouroboros. He is a titled aristocrat with a diverse portfolio of investments, possessions, and properties at his disposal. He is a ritual magician with only a modicum of power, but he has a world-class collection of magical artifacts to draw upon, should need arise.

He is a patient man, content to manipulate from the shadows, and does his utmost to avoid attracting attention, always working through layers of intermediaries.

Recently, the Cardinal has learned of a magical book rumored to contain a ritual used to transform the subject into a demon. Rather than balk at such a prospect, the Cardinal is delighted, and is devoting a considerable amount of money and influence to locating the book.