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NAME: Raidan
True Identity: Zor-Elzan
Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Electricity, Invulnerability (Resiliency)
Appearance: Despite his ability to take punishment with no outward damage, he can still hurt. As such, he wears armor of dark black steel, and a painted blue logo and other areas that match his color scheme. He wears a long cape around his neck that flows behind him, fitted with a Spartan-like brooch. He most often wears a hood, but when he does not, he sports a medium beard and shoulder-length hair.
Attitude: Zor-Elzan can be various in his attitude depending on the situation. When with friends or allies, he is very happy-go-lucky and friendly, able to converse with almost everyone. When in a serious situation, he responds in kind. He can become very stoic and prideful, showing off the darker side to his personality. Regardless, Raidan possesses a heart of gold.

Zor-Elzan was an average, everyman who wanted what every normal person wants: a nice house, beautiful wife, good paying job, a few kids. However, everything changed for the worse when he had unintentionally angered the Greek God Zeus by having both a love interest in his half-blood daughter AND for unintentionally defiling a monument to him (he had fought off some ruffians trying to rob him). Angered, Zeus hurled a mighty thunderbolt at Zor-Elzan. However, instead of killing him instantly as was the intent, the lightning bolt supercharged him, granting him incredible powers. He gained strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, and the ability to wield and manipulate electricity. With these powers, he fights crime and the efforts of his nemesis, Black Mantra as the mighty Raidan!

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NAME: Frost International

Location(s): United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, South Africa, India, China, and Australia

Focus: Cryonics Research, Cryonic Medical Care, Cryonic Weapons, Cryonic Energy, Coolants and Refrigeration, Private Security

((The following is copied from a Protectors of the World thread; a memorandum sent by Captain Adamant to his teammates. While the specific contents of the email are not really for anyone other than Protectors, the details inside are either public knowledge, or easily obtainable through contacts in the world of science, defense contractors, and/or PRIMUS. I plan to use them for some events, some of which might be on CORP in the future! I also wanna do a PDB entry on these guys. So, keep thine eyes peeled!))


An email memo has circulated around the Protectors' email inboxes, sent by Carter Williams, a.k.a. Captain Adamant.

"PRIMUS has had recent, but minimal contact with a fast-growing contractor called Frost Dynamics, which specializes entirely in cryoweapons. The interest at PRIMUS has been lukewarm, but their products are growing in popularity among private interests around the globe. The weapons are expensive, and their unconventional nature makes more traditional forces uneasy towards adoption. But cryoweapons show promise, as they are able to affect a wide range of metahumans, and can be used in a multitude of scenarios where conventional weapons would be useless or even dangerous. Frost Dynamics weapons range from non-lethal to extremely dangerous, to those for personal use and for mounting upon vehicles or weapons platforms."

"Beyond pointing out the growing distribution of these weapons around the globe, especially among the wealthy, and private security interests, this memorandum's purpose is to expand on the strange, and perhaps suspicious history behind Frost Dynamics, and their holding company, Frost International. Below, are links to Frost International's homepage, and relevant news articles concerning the Frost enterprises, including a primer on the subject of Cryonics for those out of the loop. I know I was."

"Frost International, and its surprisingly broad range of holdings began in 1977 as Frost Life Extension, a cryonics practice in London, England. Founded by Dr. Gordon Frost (M.D.), a Cambridge graduate and friend of Edward "Meddie" McPhearson, a notable proponent and writer on the subject of cryonics. Dr. Frost had shown interest in the subject since high-school, and McPhearson convinced Frost to open his own practice in the field. Frost Life Extension was one of the first firms to offer cryonic preservation services, and it languished for years under public and scientific scrutiny alongside its competitors. At the time, cryonics was considered to be pseudoscience, an urban legend, or a scam aimed at the wealthy who thought they could 'buy their way to immortality'."

"But a major breakthrough in 1985, the development of their proprietary, synthetic protein "Thermozyne", allowed Dr. Frost's business to skyrocket, as it garnered quite a bit of media and scientific attention. Thermozyne showed the best results yet for preventing ice-crystal formation in the tissues of cryonics subjects, meaning increased likelihood of revival in the future. No one is sure how Dr. Frost, with his limited resources and research staff managed to manufacture the protein, but it single-handedly turned his business around. The recent advances in nanotechnology also served to legitimize his enterprise. Frost Life Extension soon had over fifty members, and four preserved patients."

"This spike in applicants and positive attention was brief however, and by 1987, funds were dwindling. In 1990, Dr. Gordon Frost fell ill, and handed the business over to his son, Ian Frost, whose experience was not in the medical field, but electrical engineering. Ian was something of an inventor, and though unproven in the professional or scientific spheres, he made many improvements to the equipment used by Frost Life Extension, most notably a specialized vacuum container that improved "neuro" preservation results. Upon taking the reins, Ian took the advances made by his father and staff to a new level, expanding the focus of the enterprise beyond anything Dr. Frost imagined."

"By the new millennium, Ian Frost had built an efficient and focused business empire. Dr. Gordon Frost had passed away, and with his inheritance, Ian built Frost International, and its multitude of holdings. Ian Frost proved a shrewd and principled businessman, and a true believer in what his father had begun. Over his career, there were many opportunities to sell his business, or buy others to increase the money-making potential of his enterprise, but Ian turned most of them down. Many consider him to be a quack, like his father; a close-minded businessman, and a far too open-minded man when it comes to science."

"Today Frost International has made the Fortune 1000, and through its various holdings and interests, employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. Headquartered in London, Frost and/or its holdings have branches in the United States, Canada, Germany, South Africa, India, China, and Australia. It funds, perhaps unsurprisingly, a research station in Antarctica, and among other accomplishments, is still at the forefront of cryonic preservation."

"Frost International's holdings include:

  • Frost Life Extension Foundation: A continuation of Dr. Gordon Frost's legacy, though since 1995, it has been a non-profit organization. It offers full body or "neuro" preservation.
  • Frost Dynamics: A defense contractor, with limited, but profitable interests and manufacturing centers around the world, specializing in the use of cold, or cold-resistant materials.
  • Borealis Energy Systems: A burgeoning clean energy company, that pioneers the use of cryogenic power cells for personal, automobile, and even grid energy use.
  • Frost Coolant and Refrigeration: An obvious, and profitable use of his father's cryonics experience, FCR actually uses a form of Thermozyne, combined with other chemicals and a catalyst to produce energy efficient means of industrial coolant and refrigeration. Its being tested for use in nuclear reactors to encourage greater output, as well as commercial grade and home-use freezers and refrigerators.
  • Blizzard Risk Control: The latest in the "Frost Family" of companies, BRC is a private security contractor, growing from Frost International's own security personnel, as well as veterans in the field, who often carry Frost Dynamics weaponry. They provide security free of charge to Ian Frost's interests, and contract out, from time to time, often in the face of metahuman threats.

"I urge all of you to look into this cryogenics powerhouse. Its growth is remarkable, considering its narrow focus, and its weapons enterprise alone demand a closer look. I don't think I have to elaborate on what happens if these cryoweapons become widespread, or fall into the wrong hands. The following news articles and reports may also throw into question the motives and methods of Ian Frost himself. A strange figure, to be sure, but one who seems interested in giving ARGENT a run for its money, in every respect. The media isn't paying much attention, so I am. I hope you all do the same, even for a few minutes. Thank you."

- Captain Adamant

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NAME: Katsumoto Technologies
Location(s): Japan and USA.
Focus: Physics, Genetics, R&D, Robotics/Cybernetics, Pharmaceutical, Clean Energy, Consumer Goods/Services