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#13291771 Jun 09, 2017 at 11:21 PM
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I'm asking asking this question mostly out of curiosity since i know i can actually make some up since most of my characters take a very street level approach even when there dealing with so called "Big Fish"
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That's an interesting question. I assume from the way you phrased it that you're looking for contacts and snitches related to street crime, but which also may have connections to "super-crime."

The Champions PnP source book, Everyman, provides stats and descriptions for nearly eighty "normal" NPCs (i.e. non-supers, although they're often far from ordinary), covering a wide range of backgrounds and uses in a game. I spotted a few who sound particularly appropriate to your inquiry.

Julie Morgan is a smart, experienced, and ethical crime reporter who knows a lot about the Millennium City underworld. She's willing to cooperate with superheroes to some extent, especially if they'll trade information or give her an exclusive; but she never reveals her sources.

Allison Zuccarro is an up-and-coming assistant district attorney in Vibora Bay who's developed a reputation as a specialist in prosecuting super-crime. Because of that it's possible other jurisdictions could request her services. She respects heroes who risk their lives to protect the innocent, and tries to work well with them.

Frank Corsini is a top private investigator who's become known within the superhero community as the go-to guy for supers without investigative skills of their own. He's rather impatient and sarcastic toward heroes who aren't as shrewd as him, but association with them is good for his business profile.

Lieutenant Martin Dessart is a well-trained, experienced Vibora Bay homicide detective who has studied the occult, although he's no spell-caster. Among the wider law-enforcement community he's considered an expert on cult killings, Satanic rituals, and the like, so could be called elsewhere to provide his expertise.

Delbert "Del Loco" Zwickie is a tough, professional, and very successful bounty hunter, who's even brought in a few minor supervillains. Zwickie knows a lot about what's happening on the streets and can be a good source of information, but may insist on tagging along on a case if there's a bounty he can collect.

Ronald Thompson owns a comic store, Four Color Fantasies, as well as a reputation among hobbyists as an encyclopedic expert on superhumans -- not just those in comics, but all known real ones as well. He's an obsessive researcher on the subject, but far more widely read and personable than many "superhero nerds."

Eddie Ridolfi grew up poor on the waterfront, and with his size and strength easily fit into the role of dock worker. He knows just about everything that goes on at the waterfront, legitimate and criminal, although he has no direct connection to super-crime; and can be persuaded to provide that knowledge for a reasonable price.

"Louie" (he never gives his last name) is a professional henchman, the kind of thug supervillains hire when they need extra muscle. He's worked for many villains and acquired a wide range of skills. He's very familiar with the "henchman underground," the informal network of bars and pool halls where villains advertise for recruits.

Darryl Yates is a bookie who hit on a new gimmick to boost his business: taking bets on who would win when various heroes and villains clash. Other bookies have gotten into this field, but Darryl's the one who sets the odds. Heroes interested in illegal gambling could be drawn to Darryl due to his relevant specialty.

Note that Everyman could potentially provide many other useful contacts and experts, and other interesting encounters.
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thats exactly what i was looking 4 thx man
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