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What are some the most terrifying monsters in lore that scare the living hell out of both heroes and citizens of Champs earth?

That arn't the Kings of Edom or some other cosmic level horror. I want to hear about the creatures that if ya saw in the real world you would just soil yourself on the spot no questions asked just "RUN!!!"

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You like some dark stuff in your gaming, dontcha? 😏

As a class, creatures from the Qliphoth probably fit that classification best. Not the things you see in Champions Online, but the monsters from PnP sources. You can read a survey of them here. Beyond that I think you have to look to individual supervillains. Supers are notoriously difficult to intimidate -- the things normal people flee in terror from, supers are more likely to punch in the face (or comparable body part). 😉 However, there are a few horrors with such a terrifying appearance and/or reputation, even superhumans quake when facing them. For example:

The Curse was an archaeologist transformed by an ancient curse into a supernatural assassin resembling a classic cinematic Egyptian mummy -- a bandage-wrapped desiccated corpse with some Pharaohnic-era costume touches. It's extremely difficult to hurt, and bears an aura of Death so potent it can kill most people, even superhumans, with a single touch; and even disintegrate inanimate matter.

Dragonfly was a common thug involuntarily mutated by the scientist-villain Hornet into a superpowered human-insect hybrid like himself. Over the years Dragonfly's body has continued to mutate, while his mind has grown more bestial. Today the left side of Dragonfly's body is still superficially humanoid, with tough green skin and compound eyes; but his right side has changed far more, growing a chitinous exoskeleton, huge deadly pincers instead of a hand, and a grasshopper-like leg.

Fleshtone suffered a laboratory accident turning him into a "biokinetic," able to manipulate organic tissue at will. He used this to enhance his own body, making it stronger and tougher, massive like a bodybuilder, with a frightening face like a cross between a skull and a gorilla. Fleshtone is a psychopath who enjoys "sculpting" people's bodies according to his whims, which can kill them in various ways, or leave them alive but crippled and/or hideously disfigured.

Leech was an ordinary man randomly chosen by an unspecified magical villain to be transformed into a repulsive man-leech servant, strong and tough and able to drain the vital energies from anyone in its grasp. Its body is a mottled grey-brown, with other putrid colors showing through here and there. Its mouth has been subsumed into a mass of mucousy flesh, and its hands and feet are suckers surrounded by a fringe of cilia.

No one knows what The Monster is or where it comes from (it's not even defined in Champions lore). It's a Gothic-themed mad slasher dialed up to eleven. It exists only to kill and destroy. Its thoughts are so evil, a telepath will experience severe pain just from touching its mind. The Monster stands nearly seven feet tall, with a massive build. It wears a black cape and floppy hat that look to be made of charred leather. Its skull-like face glows green, and its long claws drip with blood.

The Reaper was the result of a deadly tragedy, although the precise circumstances and its true nature are unclear. It looks like a human with a white skull face and glowing red eyes, wearing a voluminous dark cloak and hood. Its right hand is a huge, lethal metallic scythe blade. It has supernatural powers, including a terror-inducing aura. The Reaper has killed thousands of people around the world; its purpose is not just to spread death, but the fear of death.

But Fear is the province of Samhain, a spirit existing since before recorded history. It feeds on human fear, and has the power to inspire fear in others both by its presence, or subtly in people's minds; or to make them perceive their greatest fear as though it was real. It's skilled at manipulating people from hiding, but when it appears resembles a muscular man with a deer’s head and antlers; but the antlers are black and the deer fur (and its body in general) are speckled with ever-bleeding wounds and suppurating sores.

All of the preceding villains are written up in detail in Champions Villains Vol. 3: Solo Villains. They aren't the only examples of Champions terrors, just some of the most notable.
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ya got me there. 😛

While i wasn't expecting much horror elements in a somewhat censored comic based game i have seen some horrific things in comics before such as when i saw the aftermath of what i think was Atrocitus eating someone and a few other moments which may or may not be forgettable.
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While it doesn't quite go full-on SAW or Se7en, the Champs Uni does have some pretty dark and disturbing elements. I wouldn't expect much along those lines to make it into CO, though.
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You know, if someone being eaten is part of your definition of horror, the CU does have an entire alien race that falls into that category. When Humanity officially encounters them in the future of the CU timeline, we'll call them Xenovores. They derive physical pleasure from consuming the flesh of other sapient beings, and have expanded to the stars to find and enslave other races to satisfy their hunger.

Teleios has also produced some pretty nightmarish things, such as the "Piranhagators" he uses to guard his Central American laboratories; or his "Chameleon Claw" assassins, blending human, cat, and octopus DNA. You may have encountered his Teleiosaurus and its smaller spawn on Monster Island, but before he made them Teleios produced the "Monstersaurus," a T-Rex mingled with pterodactyl to enable it to fly... which he also gave the ability to breathe fire like a dragon.

You can let your imagination run wild over what the Perfect Man could cook up.
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Thinking about Teleios reminded me of another creation of his, called the Lodge (written up in Champions Of The North). He made it by tinkering with tissue samples from a psychic predator from an Hzeel world, which the Warlord gave him in exchange for services. Teleios set it loose in rural Canada to see how it would react. The Lodge looks like a huge (20'+) stony-hided humanoid. It "feeds" by engulfing humans within its body; they don't die, but experience claustrophobic panic which the Lodge draws sustenance from. It can also tap their knowledge and skills. Sometimes a limb or face of one of its victims pokes out through a gap in the Lodge's rocky skin.
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The Millennium City based villain Freakshow might count. Appearance wise he's just a regularly (outrageously 90s punk looking) human but he sees himself as an Avatar of Fear. Through a mutation he gained from an accident involving some muck in a landfill he gained a plethora of powers he uses to scare people. He can induce waking nightmares through physical contact. Has boosted physical abilities that he uses to do some of that stereotypical slasher villain stalking which he combines with his ability to track people via their fear.

Necrull and his minions are also a good choice for a horror thematic. A zombie-like immortal, he gives similar abilities (and maladies) to his minions. Functionally immortal they can heal and lengthen their life by absorbing flesh. Lots of minions are sent as "harvesters" collecting flesh matter to bring back to Necrull. Often times through kidnapping. Most commonly this is done by disguising themselves as EMTs (by quite literally wearing the actual EMT's skin) and picking up injured people before anyone knows what's going on. While I don't know off the top of my head if this ability extends to his minions (I imagine it would) Necrull can gain powers by absorbing the flesh of supers. So in practice you could make a Necrull minion with any collection of powers you needed.
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Those are excellent observations, Bready. Necrull is one of the most hideous, disgusting villains in canon. Anyone knowing his reputation may be terrified of going up against him, if not for his power and appearance, certainly for his habit of "assimilating" the flesh of his victims.

"When not in a Flesh Disguise, Necrull looks like a cadaverous, skeletally emaciated corpse with glowing red eyes. He wears a blood-soaked hooded robe; the blood soothes the degeneration of his flayed nerve ends. Sometimes he wears a belt of human skulls for horrific effect. At times his raw, decomposing flesh oozes a strange, glowing green fluid." (Champions Villains Vol. 1 p. 129)

That fluid is the basis for formulas Necrull has developed, to grant his main servants, the "Necrulticians," parasitic immortality like Necrull's, and lesser versions of his powers. Necrull has also used it to make a poison that kills and then reanimates people as obedient zombies; and has fashioned monstrous hybrids of superhumans and animals.

"When not wearing a Flesh Disguise, a Necrultician appears as a flayed corpse at an early stage of decomposition oozing a green glowing fluid. His exact level of decay depends upon how many days it’s been since he assimilated any new flesh through the Necrullitic Healing process: a Necrultician who’s recently assimilated new flesh resembles a freshly dead corpse, while one who hasn’t replenished himself for over a week is quite ripe."

"Necrull has another version of the Necrultician known as a Flesh Reaper. Designed for operations where subtlety isn’t called for, they’re much larger and tougher... and usually armed with terrifying weapons like butchers’ cleavers, chainsaws, scythes, and the like. They dress in spiked black leather and wear blood-smeared white aprons." (CV 1 p. 132)

What's also interesting about Necrull is that while his origin may be mystical, he approaches his biological researches like a scientist, but the most conscienceless kind of "mad" scientist. He's deluded himself into thinking he can perfect a process to grant true immortality he can give to the world, but that's really a mask for his own self-preservation and aggrandizement.

BTW Necrull's backstory strongly implies that he was the historical basis for Jack the Ripper.
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