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#13569281 Dec 15, 2017 at 04:55 AM
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So I have this concept for a character with an inhuman natural appearance, but one with shapeshifting or illusion powers so as to appear human when desired. I've been thinking along the lines of a kitsune, or some kind of humanoid chimera (in the sense of a species feature mashup rather than the classic greek chimera specifically). Is there any lore precedent for these with a supernatural background?
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The majority of mythical creatures will normally come from Faerie. A world within the imaginal planes, a collection of worlds in the astral planes closely connected to ours. As for if the denizens of Faerie moved their on their own accord allowing new relig ions or if the new religions pushed them there "for good" is something of a mystery.

Faerie put simply is a land of myth with most of it's denizens following the mythos of their species closely or closely mimicking common tropes in myths.

Your character can still easily be a long time denizen of regular ol' Earth. Maybe even have never been to Faerie. Even one of the big name superheroes in CO is from Faerie.
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To elaborate on Bready's helpful post, practically every creature from myth and folklore that the human race has ever imagined and still remembers, has real existence in Faerie, a dimension on the Astral Plane created out of collective human belief. (That includes the gods of every faith.) So you can have kitsune, rakshasa, anything with the qualities you desire. Pursuant to another point Bready raised, Champions Earth contains "ambient magic" which waxes and wanes over time. During periods when magic is high supernatural creatures regularly travel from Faerie to Earth, even abiding on Earth for lengthy periods. For nearly a millennium before the Twentieth Century Earthly magic was at too low an ebb for inherently magical entities to survive there; but since 1938 it's risen to the point where denizens from Faerie can return to Earth.

If you'd prefer a purely terrestrial origin for your character, there's a sizeable clan of therianthropes called the Chunhu based in China. Although the clan overall are motivated to acquire power in the Mystic World sub-culture, at least one Chunhu became a hero, known as Tiger-Man. Another possibility is a Lemurian "throwback." Lemurians are natural shape-shifters, but for millennia were magically frozen in human form. But occasionally one was born with the reptilian appearance of their ancestors, and sometimes other powers. During WW II one Lemurian throwback, who could assume a giant dragon form, served Japan under the code-name Bakemono.

You could also go for a completely non-magical origin. There are human mutants or mutates with shape-shifting and/or illusion powers, and a monstrous natural appearance can easily be part of their mutation. Some extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings also have such powers. Another possibility is a deliberate creation via genetic engineering. Teleios in particular is prone to crafting artificial beings with a wide variety of powers; and occasionally one slips from his control (or at least appears to).
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Since we're talking CU precedents, perhaps I should mention the most literal "chimera" on Champions Earth, Joseph Otanga the dictator of the West African nation of Lugendu. Otanga has magical shape-shifting powers to take the form of practically any African animal, and can even mix-and-match body parts from multiple animals to combine their abilities.
#13569888 Dec 15, 2017 at 05:52 PM
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If you have any followup questions, please don't hesitate to post them. 😃
#13569992 Dec 15, 2017 at 08:45 PM
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You're always so thorough, glad to see you're still around Liaden. :) These may be tangent questions that aren't strictly in line with the topic I asked, but...

1. Therianthropes - so like, any number of anthro animal folks in a clan in China?

2. I'm guessing Faerie would also be a viable origin for any number of magical artifacts? My concept's sorta origin story is that of a keeper/guardian of dangerous magic items, keeping them out of unwanted hands - and tracking down more that are being abused, for safekeeping.
#13570016 Dec 15, 2017 at 09:29 PM
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Nice to see you back too, Kyrt. Me, I'll probably hang around until they kick me out. 😉

1. I'm not certain I'm reading your question correctly. The Chunhu, aka "Tiger Lords," started during the Boxer Rebellion when one of its leaders became a weretiger. After the rebellion he became a warlord, and his family ruled an area of southern China until the Cultural Revolution. Since then they've worked to bring other Eastern shape-shifters into their "family" -- before the 20th Century few therianthropes met each other.

The Mystic World p. 60 outlines a bit more about therianthropes on CU Earth in general: "Some people become therianthropes by contagion from another were-creature; other shapeshifters come from family lines of their kind; still others are victims of curses, or deliberately use magic on themselves. But no matter how a person becomes a shapeshifter, he cannot avoid interaction with the rest of the Mystic World. For one thing, some mystically-savvy mortals hunt therianthropes who prey on humanity. Not all were-creatures are ravening monsters, though. Some therianthropes use their animalistic power to become bodyguards to mystics, or other sorts of mystical mercenaries. A few even become superheroes."

2. Sure. Faerie is the abode of magical races like dwarves, and forge-gods like Hephaestus, who can craft potent enchanted items. And there are other "imaginal realms" spawned from human belief, with their own distinctive inhabitants. But there are also plenty of possibilities from the prehistory of Champions Earth, since civilization there goes back many millennia earlier than on real Earth (although that's practically unknown to modern scholars). Previous eras when ambient magic was high spawned wizards, races, even gods forgotten today, who produced many magical artifacts: the Lemurians, Atlanteans, and their contemporaries; the many peoples of the Turakian Age; the Elder Worm. Some such items have already been discovered in the modern era, used by heroes and villains.

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#13570016 Lord Liaden wrote:

Nice to see you back too, Kyrt.

Back? Me? This is my 16th post, probably half that count are brand new, lol.

Thanks for the extra info, I'll see you around.
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Hey, this was our first exchange of greetings since you announced your renewed interest. I wanted to be polite. You're the one who sounded surprised to see me still around -- have you looked over the Champions Lore forum lately? 😝

If I can help further, you know where to find me. 😄
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