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I'm going to point you right to our site's link so you can read the full information.

All you need to know is by clicking here

But in case that link doesn't work for some reason? Here's a copy of what's said right here too:

Hello! SoulStar speaking, as of right now we are looking for about 3-5 new players/characters to join our RP-focused Supergroup. Our theme is that of superheroes for hire. Think Avengers meets Heroes for Hire for simplification sakes.

For those who want more detailed information on our group? All that info is found on our FAQ link right here. We've been around for about 3 years running and have several characters and players on-hand but we've been looking to expand our numbers for some time. This month, we're starting that process.

Now, you're probably wondering what precisely we are looking for - by the way reading the FAQ link earlier would help you out tremendously (hint hint) - so here is a listing of the Do's and Do Nots.

Do Not's:
1)No characters who infringe on existing copyrights. Given the policies of Champions Online, we shouldn't have to say this but let it be said in the interest of complete disclosure.
2)No characters under 18 years of age. Our RP may deal with mature themes where we do not feel involving children is desirable.
3)No god-modding or powerposing. As with Point 1, this is just in the interest of complete disclosure.
4)No grating OOC attitudes. While we are a RP SG, we are also enjoy cultivating a welcoming, hospitable OOC atmosphere.
5)Lastly, try to avoid concepts that are purely cybernetic in nature. We are not a tech-themed or cyberpunk group and any character whose concept feels to be purely based around those ideas may not fit with On-Call. This is the most subjective of these guidelines.

1) Original and interesting character ideas are what we're looking for! What makes your character stand out?
2) Ensure that your character has some experience in the superheroing field or similar. We are unlikely to take inexperienced rookies. What can they bring to the On Call organisation?
3) Story hooks. We love story hooks. Feel free to present and offer your own stories with the group so that we can intermix them together. With enough discussion, of course.
4) Be considerate of other people and their time please. A mirror to Point 4 above.
5) Feel free to look through our archives. We have a ton of things catalogued.
6) Lastly, have fun! Have fun with how your character(s) interact! Go wild and experiment a little.

Finally, once we make our choice the decision is final. We may be unable to accept all applicants. If we do not pick you, it is not anything personal and you are welcome to reapply in the future - or we may reach out to you if we feel we can take on another set of new players.

Got all that? Good you can place your proposed character right here and we'll get back to you soon as we can.

Recruiters currently are myself @soulstarisborn and @milkymoor ingame. Feel free to contact us with tells or in-game mail to express interest.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate your interest and time.
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Just the weekly bump!
Also a shout out to those in the COJ channel for letting my group have a chance to shine on the channel and for spectating too!
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