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CapsLockRage on steam

Evilmasta on PSN

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Figured I post this up here since this is a thing.

The following is what I play, the gamertag/username, and what I am open to group up and play on:

Xbox One/360- S0uth3rnN3rd (Its supposed to be a zero)
  • Destiny- Love Raiding with Friends and have been Raid Leader often
  • Halo- Take your pick :) I just do about everything except get competitive PvP
  • Minecraft

Nintendo 3DS- 1134-9601-4814 (Message Me Somewhere to let me know)
  • Super Smash Bros- I main Samus to death
  • Pokemon- Currently building up my fighting forces on X & OR

This will update as I get more information on consoles and games, hope to see y'all in game!
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