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#13872103 Oct 03, 2018 at 10:49 PM
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Hi this is SoulStar speaking. As a part of our celebration for the 4th up and running year of Project On Call we have started up a near year long build up of our next big multi part event. Going to drop two links here;

The first is a summary of everything that has occurred leading up to this three parter event.
Summary of what's been going on

The second link is the actual forum rp event taking place
Warriors of Mettle forum rp

Not all parts will be based in forum . Really only this part is the most appropriate for it.

Enjoy reading and feel free to drop in your thoughts here if you like. And before anyone asks , no you cannot join this part so late into play by this point. But if you want any kind of interaction with it by the next part or even wish to just rp with the players of Project On Call feel free to ask and/or drop us a line. Thanks!
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