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#14179959 Jul 24, 2019 at 07:05 PM
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Hi there!

Was wondering if anyone could provide information on the Thaar? Can they crossbreed with humans? Are mutations possible?
#14179980 Jul 24, 2019 at 08:50 PM
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Don't believe they ever get more than just a few paragraphs worth of information.

They live in the City of Thaar, located on the island of the same name. The island is a mist covered, mountainous landmass. They're bird people who're believed to have been mutated by alien visitors (No definite info on what aliens) to have said bird-like features.

Found in the 60s by the Fabulous Five who gained their trust by foiling an assassination attempt on their king that was led by his Captain of the Guard, Gyrefalcon. Gyrefalcon escapes and later becomes a reoccurring villain until he died in the 80s in a battle with UNTIL.

The Thaar's Princess Klee left the island and became the superhero Kestral and had a romantic relationship with the Hero Kid Chameleon, joining the Fabulous Five. After Dr. Destroyer killed Kid Chameleon and the Fabulous Five officially disbanded she returned to Thaar. When her father passed away she abdicated her right to the throne, her cousin Kea taking the title and is still the Thaar Queen to this day.

Thaar officially has protectorate status under the UN and the Atlantean Consulate represents them in the UN. The only people to have ever gone to Thaar are usually scientists or superheroes as traveling there requires special permission from the UN as the Thaar act similar to isolationists. While the only Thaar to have ever traveled off the island are Kestral and Gyrefalcon, many of the younger population have expressed interest in traveling off the island.

As for answering the specific question of crossbreeding with humans it's never mentioned but Kestral did have a romantic relationship with one.

I also see absolutely no reason as to why they can't have mutations although you might consider them all to be mutates already to begin with.
#14180229 Jul 25, 2019 at 07:20 AM · Edited 2 months ago
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Excellent summation, Bready, thank you. 😎 Just a few additional details that might help with role-playing:

Thaar is the name of the island, and the city, on which the Birdpeople dwell. In all published sources they're referred to as "Birdpeople." The Birdpeople are humanoids with several avian characteristics: functional wings, hollow bones, feathers instead of hair (covering their entire bodies), beaked faces, oversized eyes, and short talon-like nails on fingers and toes. They range in height from seven to nine feet, with wingspans of thirteen to fifteen feet. Birdpeople are quicker and more agile than humans on average.

All Birdpeople are trained to fight with polearms from an early age. From this, Thaar's long and continuing isolation, and a lack of any references to the contrary, it would seem reasonable to peg the Birdpeople's technological level as pre-industrial at best. Some Birdpeople have been considerably more physically capable than the average, just as well-trained humans can be almost "super" in their abilities; but there's no mention of any Birdpeople with other superhuman powers. Nothing that says they can't have them, either. 😉

As of 2010 (when the most recent edition of Champions Universe was printed) Kestrel/Klee was still alive, as was her cousin Queen Kea; so I think it's safe to assume the Birdpeople have life spans at least comparable to humans. Klee served as Captain of the Guard to her father and to Kea, which implies that gender parity prevails in Birdpeople society.

Since Thaar is in the Indian Ocean, the Birdpeople resemble Garuda the companion of the Hindu god Vishnu, and Klee's royal father was named "Gudra," I think we're meant to infer that humans and Birdpeople have interacted at some point before the modern era.

Most of this information is derived from the description of Thaar in Champions Universe: News Of The World, which was mostly reproduced in the latest edition of the main Champions Universe source book. More details can be found in Digital Hero #11, which fully describes Kestrel.
#14180233 Jul 25, 2019 at 07:36 AM
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#14179980 Bready wrote:

As for answering the specific question of crossbreeding with humans it's never mentioned but Kestral did have a romantic relationship with one.

The precedents in Hero Games books practically state that species which are physically and physiologically similar can interbreed, even if their genetic stock differs. So that notion isn't unreasonable for this setting.
#14180440 Jul 25, 2019 at 04:19 PM
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given that height and their wingspan, they shouldn't be able to fly. Can they?

*Secretly hopes they're penguin people*

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#14180454 Jul 25, 2019 at 05:07 PM
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Yeah, I don't think Steve Long and Darren Watts had much aviation engineering background when they came up with those proportions. 😉 But yes, they can fly quite well. Not especially great swimmers, though, so not penguins.

You want realistic physics, don't play a superhero game. 😝
#14180532 Jul 25, 2019 at 10:43 PM
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According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a Thaar should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The Thaar, of course, flies anyway because Thaars don't care what humans think is impossible.
#14180574 Jul 26, 2019 at 12:12 AM
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Do they lay eggs? What range of colours do they appear in? can I put shed thaar feathers on expensive clothes as trim? exotic home décor? can...I poach them ?

I need to know this stuff now! :D
Also, not penguins? so disappointed. :(

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Just to reiterate, they're called "Birdpeople." Thaar is the place, Birdpeople are the inhabitants. 😇

And to be fair, winged figures in art have often been depicted with far smaller wings than would be "practical."

An official Champions Universe winged humanoid extraterrestrial race, the Thrínú, treats the issue of wingspan and body mass realistically. Their home world (rather suspiciously named "Thar") has lower gravity than Earth, so the Thrínú need to wear gravity-diminishing equipment to fly on other worlds with higher gravity.

But like I said, this is a comic-book world. If the Birdpeople's wingspan offends you, assume they have limited telekinesis to help levitate themselves, or unconsciously generate anti-gravitons, or whatever other superhero technobabble floats your boat. 😜 (Such a gimmick might even be a source of super powers for a "mutant" Birdperson.)

Here is the description of Kestrel from Digital Hero #11: "Kestrel is a lovely example of the Birdpeople; she appears to be a cross between a tall human and a golden-feathered hawk. Her plumage is bright gold on her head and slightly duller and darker on the rest of her body. [Birdpeople plumage is noted as typically being brighter on the head than elsewhere.] Her eyes are large and black, and she has a short beak and talon-like nails on her fingers and toes. Her wings span nearly fifteen feet and grow from between her shoulder blades. Her costume is a modified version of the Fab Five jumpsuit with holes cut for her wings." I've found no other mention of the colors Birdpeople feathers come in, but just think of the range of colors of real-world plumage. If a particular color works for a design you want, nothing says they can't have it.

No mention of whether Birdpeople lay eggs, but it seems like a reasonable detail. Other CU alien humanoids like the Hzeel do, so why not? As for using Birdpeople feathers for decoration, we already have plenty of birds for that purpose, without traveling to an isolated protected island to harvest them from sapients. But for that reason, wealthy collectors of rare items might pay handsomely for some. Assuming would-be poachers can find a mist-hidden island somewhere in the Indian Ocean, sneak into a city built for flyers full of people who look very different from human... well, you get the idea. 😋
#14180907 Jul 26, 2019 at 05:43 PM
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haha fair!

So how are they keeping "mist covered island in the Indian ocean" off.... satellite maps? since you can get those in all sorts of flavours now [ currents, topo, photo footage...] is... it a un conspiracy to leave them off?

and wouldn't early explorors sailing there be "sighted strange misty island here, vanished next day" or " harboured in lee of island due to storm, not listed on any charts. Sent crew to look for water, supplies low, been 3 days, none returned yet"... any of that?

and if the island is in the middle of the indian ocean, why are they using European names?

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#14180932 Jul 26, 2019 at 07:26 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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Sailors throughout history have made a point of avoiding uncharted fog-bound areas for fear of wrecking on reefs or shoals (which Thaar could very well have). The general location of Thaar is almost certainly public knowledge by now, and could be found on satellite maps (which of course didn't exist when the island was discovered in 1964). But since the Birdpeople restrict visitors and are under protection of the UN, maps of the sea around Thaar probably aren't publicly available; while mist makes approaching by air tricky (not to mention swarms of suspicious flying natives).

I'm unfamiliar with the European nationality in which "Klee," "Kea," and "Gudra" are common names. If there is one I'm sure similarities were coincidental. If you mean "Kestrel" and "Gyrfalcon," those were just English super code names adopted by individual Birdpeople active in the wider world.
#14181712 Jul 28, 2019 at 06:24 AM
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BTW if anyone reading this is interested in other "furry" characters derived from the setting's lore besides Manimals, this forum thread offers an overview of the numerous possibilities.
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