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Because this subject was recently inquired into on the main Champions Online website discussion forums, I thought it would probably be appropriate to post info here about this notable Champions Universe organization; particularly in relation to its potential for Player Characters. I'll just start by saying that, while I'll be happy to answer questions about the Star*Guard within the limits of Fair Use of the IP, the Star*Guard has an entire chapter devoted to it in the book, Champions Beyond, which describes in great detail the "space" side of the Champions Universe -- alien races and civilizations, individual NPCs heroic and villainous, cosmic entities, and the like. That chapter details Star*Guard history, structure, technology, major enemies, and types of StarGuards (the term "Star*Guard" refers to the organization as a whole, while "StarGuard" designates an individual operative).

In many ways the Star*Guard is analogous to the Green Lantern Corps from DC Comics. It exists to protect sapient life in the Milky Way Galaxy from all manner of threats, to foster cooperation between civilizations, and to help integrate species into the wider galactic community; but doesn't involve itself in "local politics" (which can even include interstellar wars, depending on the circumstances). Individual StarGuards may be recruited from any sapient species in the Milky Way. They're intensively trained on the Star*Guard's home base, the planet Odrugar, and given an extraordinary technological weapon, the Star-Staff. Once their training is complete a StarGuard is assigned duties, most often as the guardian of a particular "sector" of the galaxy. The current StarGuard for Earth's sector is a Human, a Spaniard named Andre Almena. Almena is featured on the center of the cover of Champions Beyond:

A million years ago the Odrugarans were the most advanced species in the Milky Way. At that time their greatest genius and hero, Gloran, was born. Gloran used his gifts to become a superhero, battling evil both to protect his people and other worlds in the galaxy. He created an incredibly sophisticated AI computer, called CONTROL, to assist him, and recruited other heroic individuals to fight alongside him. That was the genesis of the modern Star*Guard. When Gloran died his knowledge, memories and personality were downloaded into CONTROL -- this has become the pattern for preserving other notable StarGuards and Odrugarans after death.

Over the eons Odrugaran society has shaped itself to support the work of the Star*Guard, and CONTROL became the benevolent ruler of the planet and director of the Guard, assisted by an appointed Council of Overseers (many, but not all, former Guards themselves). CONTROL possessed telepathic systems enabling it to communicate directly with StarGuards anywhere in the galaxy, and to scan minds to find worthy recruits. However, an attack on Odrugar by the treacherous former StarGuard, Mordace (more-or-less an analogue for Sinestro) in Earth year 2009 left CONTROL severely damaged, forcing the Guards to become more self-reliant. Based on the notes in Champions Beyond it may be that repair efforts on CONTROL still have not returned it to full functioning.

StarGuards assigned sectors to protect inhabit a Star*Base constructed for them with Odrugaran technology, usually well away from populated worlds to avoid collateral damage from enemy attacks. Andre Almena's Star*Base is on Jupiter's moon Europa. While a StarGuard can travel between the stars using their Star-Staff, they're also assigned one or more small advanced starships called a StarJet for when they want to transport multiple persons. They also have one to five Marshals assisting them in various capacities, living with them at the Star*Base.

While the majority of StarGuards protect specific sectors, others are assigned to specialized units within the Guard and sent to wherever they're needed. One of those groups is the StarScouts, trained in reconnaissance and diplomacy, whose Star-Staffs and other tech are optimized for rapid travel and communication. They often serve as scouts or couriers, particularly since CONTROL was damaged. If considered desirable, a new StarGuard may also complete their training by being sent to "apprentice" to a veteran Guard. Either of these options would be appropriate to introduce a StarGuard PC to Champions Online. Alternatively, a PC could be one of Andre Almena's Marshals, recently recruited to assist him on Earth. Marshals don't carry a Star-Staff, but may be equipped with other advanced tech.
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For some reason I had always thought it was just the one guy bumming around in space. Makes sense he has minions though. And Europa is a good moon to base it on. Mostly oxygen atmosphere, but the ambient radiation level is too high for a human to live long. I suppose that's what supertech building materials are for :D

But what exactly do they do?
He tells people Sol system is a no speed zone, or try to keep FTL out of the non FTL society or...? or is it he just bases out of sol and does stuff round the area?

Also why would people from other worlds who may have never heard of these star guards ….respect one showing up? Its a self-imposed jurisdiction right? What happens if one comes up and the guys he's trying to help [ or stop] are all toss off as they have no idea who he is or what he's supposed to represent.

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All fair questions. 😎 I think the best way to answer, would be to quote a few passages from Champions Beyond pp. 233-34.


The primary tenets of the Star*Guard Code (as it’s usually referred to in formal writing) are:

- A StarGuard must strive to preserve sentient life whenever possible, and must never use deadly force unless absolutely necessary for the defense of himself or others.
- A StarGuard must not interfere with the activities of local planetary, interplanetary, or interstellar governments without the express permission of the Council of Overseers. (This tenet has created more difficulties for the Guard than any other, particularly since Mordace’s attack. It’s definitely not unknown for the Council to decide, for example, that an evil despot must be overthrown no matter how legal his regime, that a rebellion is unjustified and must be stopped, or that a law is unjust and shall not influence a Guard in the conduct of his duties. But the Council wants to make those decisions itself, not leave them to StarGuards in the field.)
- A StarGuard must respect the cultures, traditions, and laws of the civilizations in his sector, where such things do not contradict other tenets of the Code or inflict significant harm that a Guardsman believes, in his best judgment, must be prevented.
= A StarGuard must honor all request for help from other StarGuards unless circumstances prevent him from doing so.
- A StarGuard will not interfere with the natural evolution or disintegration of a civilization without the express permission of the Council of Overseers. (This is another one that often causes some difficulty. Even with the Star*Guard’s experience and long-term perspective, deciding what constitutes “natural” societal evolution, and what’s “unnatural,” is often problematic.)

As a significant player on the galactic stage, the Star*Guard interacts with planetary, interplanetary, and interstellar civilizations on a regular basis. Most of the galaxy’s major governments welcome, or at least tolerate, the presence of the Guard as an adjunct to their own law enforcement agencies. Others actively reject their assistance or consider them enemies of the state and threats to local authority. The Guard respects the wishes of the latter governments and doesn’t interfere with them... unless and until they begin inflicting significant harm on innocents. Not wanting to have the Star*Guard around, and not becoming a target of the Star*Guard’s crusade, are very different things.

The Guard tends to play several roles in galactosociopolitics. First and foremost Guardsmen see themselves as one of the threads that binds the greater galactic community together. They often carry news from one species to another, introduce one civilization to another so they can begin trading or open diplomatic relations, and generally try to improve the overall state of the Milky Way for the benefit of all its citizens. They tend to look at sentients who have starfaring capability as part of the galactic community first, and citizens of their respective local governments/members of their respective species second.

Second, the Star*Guard often helps to usher new civilizations into the galactic community. According to the Guard’s traditions, when a species develops faster-than-light travel capabilities (and sometimes before that point), it’s ready to become a part of the greater galaxy. In more than one case the first alien a new starfaring civilization has met has been a Star*Guard bringing them the greetings of the Council (and other responsible governments), databases of information on the galaxy (including both its history and the current state of affairs), and other useful gifts.

Third, the Star*Guard often acts as an arbitrator between species or civilizations that are in the middle of a conflict or building up to one. Since there’s no “Galactic United Nations” to handle intergalactic disputes peacefully, the Star*Guard thinks of itself as the “next best thing” and tries to help as best it can. Some Guardsmen and Overseers are renowned for their diplomatic experience and skills. After all, saving a life by preventing a war from occurring is even more effective than saving one by intervening in an ongoing battle.
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As this thread is mirrored on the main Champions Online discussion forums, I want to transcribe answers to questions arising there; in this case, what notable battles the Star*Guard has been involved in, particularly on Earth.


The history of the Star*Guard is replete with major confrontations over many millennia, from Gloran's leading the struggle with extra-dimensional invaders, the Sklaar; to the depredations by Queen Lyrane of Naxar; to joining the Malvans in their war against the Elder Worm; to thwarting the attempt by the evil mentalist species called the Ghok'pa to enslave other races. That also includes helping defend Earth from Istvatha V'han's second major invasion of 2007. These and other battles are recounted in Champions Beyond.

The most notable Earthly battle Andre Almena was specifically involved in may be against the fearsome alien menace, Valak the World Ravager (see Champions Villains Volume Three: Solo Villains) in 2006. Valak had already battled the Star*Guard (at one point over four dozen Guards at once), and although greatly weakened was killing every StarGuard in every base he could find. Almena was on Earth visiting the Sentinels when he received the alert that Valak was on the way to the Sol system, and the Sentinels joined him in space to intercept Valak. Their battle started in the Jovian system and eventually worked back to the streets of New York, where they were joined by the hero team Nova and several solo superheroes. Valak was finally defeated and imprisoned in Stronghold, but escaped in the mass breakout of 2009.

The first StarGuard to interact with Earth was actually an alien of the humanoid Dendrian race, named Brin Rei Tarn. Tarn set foot on Earth in 1969 in pursuit of an extraterrestrial criminal, when he met the renowned Sentinels superhero team. Over the following decades Tarn was a frequent ally of the Sentinels, fighting such menaces as the time-traveling conqueror Korrex in 1973, and joining with all of Earth's superheroes to repel the second Gadroon invasion of 1977.

Brin Rei Tarn was a frequent nemesis of the traitorous former StarGuard, Mordace. In 1990 Mordace raided an ARGENT laboratory in Germany to steal experimental technology. Tarn intercepted him and the two had a fierce battle in the sky over Berlin. The battle carried into the Black Forest, where Mordace managed to kill Tarn. But two years later Tarn's successor Almena tracked down and captured Mordace, sending him to the Star*Prison on Odrugar.

Brin Rei Tarn had a long romantic relationship with a Human, a reporter named Anna MIlls. Not long after his death Mills wrote a book about her time with Tarn, Stand On Guard, which is a major source of information for Earthers about both the Star*Guard and the Dendrians.
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A standard Star-Staff can fire potent offensive blasts of energy in various configurations. It can also telekinetically manipulate large masses at a distance. It surrounds its Star-Guard with a protective force-field, and can also raise a "wall" of energy to protect other beings. The Star-Staff allows its wielder to fly very rapidly through atmosphere or across space, even to other star systems. However, a StarGuard can't use all these powers at their full strength simultaneously. The staff's reserve of energy requires direct exposure to the light of a star to recharge. A Star-Staff can also be used as a hand-to-hand weapon, and all StarGuards are trained in staff fighting techniques.

Every Star-Staff is "attuned" to its designated wielder and its powers can only be used by him/her/it. It can't be wrested away from its wielder against that person's will. Should a StarGuard die his staff will fly back to Odrugar of its own accord, to be "cleansed" and given to a new Guard.

If a StarGuard's species lacks the anatomy to handle the traditional staff, the Odrugarans build its powers into a helmet, suit of armor, or whatever would be appropriate. As mentioned previously, the StarScout division of the Guards use staffs with faster flight capability. The members of another specialized unit of the Star*Guard, called StarAvengers, are the Guard's heavy combatants, and wield staffs with more potent offensive powers.

The standard StarGuard uniform is armored for added protection, and also allows them to survive in extreme environmental conditions including space. Star*Guard training enhances their resistance to mental control or influence.
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oooooh now that is useful information. I had wondered about the "magic sticks" as well, a staff seems an easy focus to grab or break...

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It was careless of me not to fill in those details sooner. My apologies. 😕

The golden alloy a Star-Staff is made from is extremely durable; and a StarGuard can mentally summon it to his hand if it is taken away, as long as it's fairly close by.

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that's an opportunity for classic slapstick there, let the guy run off with the staff, summon it back, wooopwooopwooop! it carries the thief along with it, feet comicaly kicking air!

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