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#14480320 Jan 05, 2021 at 03:44 PM
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Many of you have interacted with one of the longest playing members of our community, Scott Bennie, either here on the forums or in game as his PC, Thundrax. Some of you are also aware that Scott is a professional game author and one of the most prolific contributors to Champions PnP over many years. If you encountered VIPER or visited northern Canada in CO, you've played with some of Scott's creations.

Today Scott's friend and fellow game author, Sean Patrick Fannon, put out that Scott's health has taken a serious turn, and how his friends and fans could offer him their support:

From: Sean Patrick Fannon

For those among my friends and followers who know Scott Bennie - or who know his work - I have the difficult news that he has been hospitalized and undergone surgery. I do not know what his current condition is, but according to his sister, he is undergoing significant rehab. He has no access to a computer or the Internet and is very much cut off. As I understand it, you can send him an email address to the following address, using the following information to ensure a message is hand-delivered to him by the Volunteer Resource team. This will be the only way he knows friends and fans are thinking of him. Robert Scott Bennie Unit: Baker 3 Room 109

The Fraser Health website specifies that the above address is not for correspondence, but just to pass on short messages to the patients. Think of it as equivalent to an electronic get-well card.
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