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As a note, the event this proceeded happened on the 3rd of this month(October 2021)

The Other Side, Mare's Howl: Prologue

Somewhere in the woods of Michigan there lay a woman dying, her mind rattled with pain that almost seemed to fade by every passing minute, she had lost an arm? A leg? She barely knew anymore, “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!”, Her mind seemed to echo this over and over and over like a panicked banshee’s wailing as her eyes moved erratically to peer at the bodies of her friends, she swore she could see them move... Or.. did she move? She tried to make sure by careening herself upright, she felt her exposed femur scrape against the dirt and rock, the pain shot right up what remained of her leg.. She let out an ear piercing shriek as she went back down on the ground hard, warm blood gushing out from an already wet stump, she heard her mind scream again almost audibly. She tried crawling.. that didn’t seem to get her anywhere, only driving more dirt in her nails like microscopic razors into her desiccated flesh,“Ow, ow, ow, owwww!”, she muttered into the dark, she heard the sound of something big.. it was coming straight for her! Before she could only wish for death but this.. whatever it was made her fear for what remained of her life, is it that… thing again? That… same creature that ripped her and her friends apart in both body and mind? No! It walked on two legs… at least she thought it did, this thing walked on four.. how did she know that? With the breaking of twigs and gust of wind, this new horror had arrived but.. it kept to the treeline, a pair of large glowing silver eyes watched her from the darkness as it snarled like a dog, with her heart bursting from within her chest she screamed, “Get it over with already! KILL ME FUCKER!!”, the beast simply watched, she could feel it’s inhuman glee at her plight, it wanted her to die.

She thought of Josh, the creature showed him wolves tearing at his insides.. she took a good long look at his body and it sure looked like wolves did that or.. something feral anyway, her eyes met with the dead eyes of Emma’s next to her, she couldn’t remember who Emma was but she seemed important… close friend? sister? girlfriend? her memories were fading fast and she knew it but the last question made her question if she even swung that way and she could swear she -would- know that, she looked back to the eyes only to see they were gone, she could still.. feel it nearby? She craned her head around to find it.. out of nowhere something huge fell against her back, she heard her ribs crack with what felt like glass, it was on top of her she knew this was it! Finally she could die and all of this would be over with, yet.. the beast only held her dying frame down into the dried leaves beneath her, she could feel her ribs bleeding on the inside, she felt it’s warm breath against the side of her face which was now firmly forced against the ground, with what felt like a much needed coughing of blood,“What is... taking you.. so long?”, the sharp pain in her chest made even something as simple as speaking feel like a herculean task, she could still feel the sticky warm blood mixed with saliva in her mouth as she tried to speak again.. she couldn’t.

The hyena-like cackle the beast let out soon after sounded almost human but stopped suddenly as a whisper from a much smaller creature came from nearby. The girl wanted to run but her bisected leg made that impossible.. everything seemed to come to a crawl as consciousness faded only to snap back, the larger beast spoke with a thundering yet guttural bark, “NOT YET!!”, what? She could swear she felt herself succumb but now she’s dying again everything hurts.. it’s not fair! She didn’t care that the thing that was pining her could talk, she had already witnessed worse tonight with her now very dead friends.

She came here with them for a camping trip but now she could scarcely remember things as simple as they’re names or what they meant to her, the beast snapped her back to reality with a press against her broken ribcage and a low snarl, “Who are you?”, it asked in a menacing tone as the girl groaned in pain before answering the beast, “I.. i.. i.. don’t know”, she really didn’t, like her name was stolen from her or worse, she did -not- like what worse could have meant, the beast barked at her again, “What.. happened here? What did this to you?”, the image of the thing, what Fred saw before the waking nightmares began shot into her mind like a fever dream, “Something big.. “, she coughed up more blood into the forest floor, “It was tall.. And.. it’s arms, oh god it’s arms and that damn grin”, her eyelids peeled back as the images came back to her, “They… were just..”, she paused in horror at the realization, she had no idea why she was telling this thing this, the words just came out like… the spiders from Emma’s mouth! she muttered the dead girl’s name under her breath before the beast spoke again, “FOCUS!!”, her face contorted into that of anger, “Fuck.. you..”, as yet more blood dripped from her mouth, the beast growled down at her as it lowered the side of it’s head into view to reveal a menagerie of wooden fangs twisted into a cheshire grin amongst white fur, this thing was a wolf but it sure as hell was not of this world yet.. That grin would be burned into her mind for the rest of her life if she wasn’t currently dying here, the beast’s eyes flashed as it spoke, it’s jaws unmoving, “Do you wish to live.. or die?”, she was stunned a moment, “I.. I.. don’t even know my name, who am I?”, the wooden wolf’s glowing gaze burned into her soul, she tried to look away but couldn’t find the strength to do so, “The story is not finished, finish it and I may give you either life.. or death, choose wisely.. Little girl”, what little she remembered of the horrors she had witnessed was enough to make her not question this, it had brought her back from the brink already once before but she remembered being smart, don’t look the gift.. monster? In the mouth but anyway she knew this was not going to be easy either way.

she let out a pained sigh, “I choose.. “, the beast shushed her in an almost comforting manner, “Tell the story.. The choice -will- wait”, the tone of the beast still put her chills down her spine, her eyes darted about as another quiet whisper came from nearby.. she was released and turned over so she could look at the monster that had been keeping her in place for so very long, the wolf was massive with a pair of giant blood tipped wooden antlers like tree limbs held aloft, what she could see of the beast determined it to be a thin creature, it kept it’s eyes trained on her as she took in the sight of the thing, it tilted it’s head, “Finish the story, Little girl”, her head was pounding from stress mounted with blood loss but she did as she was told to the best of her ability.

The next day a girl by the name of Alexandra Jennings was found bloodied by a group of hikers with a missing leg and several injuries on eighty percent of her body, she was taken to a local hospital for treatment and made what seemed like an impossible recovery, it would seem she chose life after all.
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