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I know I have, but has anyone else considered what it would be like if your own characters had their own fighting games? Post your character's fighting moves, their quotes and their stages. You can have heroes and villains! Below is a template that you're certainly not limited to:

[b]Character's Stage:[/b]
[b]Stage's music:[/b]

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]
[b]Special Attack 1:[/b]

[b]Entry Quotation 1:[/b]
[b]Attack Quote 1:[/b]
[b]Success Quotation:[/b]
[b]Failure Quotation:[/b]


Character: Face
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: The highway that cuts through Millennium City. (Possibly chosen because of Face's catchphrase: "Time to take the express lane!") Cars pass by on the lane behind the stage, while the ends of the stage, on the other lane, are blocked off by striped hazard signs and police cars. It's a sunny day and there are birds flying over the horizon. Behind the highway is a billboard, that switches to three different ads. Most notably, the second ad is a picture of Face holding a glass of milk. Above his mask-covered lip is soggy and gray. The words almost randomly ask,"Got Face?"
Stage's music: Something like this!

Fighting Style: Kicks and punches!
Special Attack 1: Speedy Flurry!
Special Attack 2: Running Whirlwind! (Even though Face can't theoretically do this, the game designers must have gotten bored or needed something to balance the character)

Entry Quotation 1: ...Oh. You don't look so happy.
Entry Quotation 2: Get outta here and take the express lane!
Attack Quote 1: Hiyah, I say!
Success Quotation: *Chuckles* That was quick!
Failure Quotation: My face hurts, no pun intended...
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Character: Blue Bruiser
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Inside Crushed City Hall, Doves flying around like madmen, U.N. flag in right corner background
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Command Grab, Slow, Heavystrike, Suceptable to Ranged attacks.

Special Attack 1: Swat Attack: Back Blue.
An attack that makes a medium advance with a large hitbox swat, negates ranged attacks on hitbox. Distance of movement and frames on Light, Medium, Heavy button.

Special Attack 2: AoE Hitbox attack: Ground Smash. (Thinks Zangief spin)
Slams his fists into the ground three times, causing attacks to spruce up around him in the form of rubble attacking side first, then to backside. LP+MP+HP is 5 strikes, LK+MK+HK is 3 attacks.

Special Attack 3: Command Grab: Onehanded Blue Bomb.
Standard no movement command grab. Grab into a raised one handed power bomb in front of himself. Animation looks more vicious depending on button pushed. L-M-H Punches.
*Missed grab turns into a two step lumbering charge grab. Any attack cancels the animation and grab. On contact, the animation turns into a sloppy german suplex on frontfacing opponent. Direction change included.

Special Attack 3: Variation Command Grab: Onehand Blue Bomb.
Standard no movement command grab. Similar animation to the Blue Bomb but with an added direction change. Animation looks more vicious depending on button pushed. L-M-H kicks.
*Missed grab turns into a two step lumbering charge grab. Any attack cancels the animation and grab. On contact, the animation turns into a powerbomb, height of which depends on kick attack pushed.

Special Attack 4: Command Anti-Air Grab: Air Blue Bomb.
Air command grab that acts similar to the Blue Bomb but with two hands. Animation looks more vicious depending on button pushed. L-M-H Punches.

Ultra Attack 1: Ground Rush Command Grab: Capital Hit Homer!
A command grab animation that would start with a double hand smash to opponent's shoulders, queue cinematic throw animation. Hunched character would be Uppercutted into the air with "Capital!" being said, on fall Blue would grab the falling opponent in a blue bomb animation, bouncing the opponent off the floor with "Hit!" being shouted, BB would then twirl like the dancer he is with a massive clothesline punch that would smoke the opponent into the far 'wall' of the screen screaming "homer".
*This is a throwback to BB's ingame "Final Justice" binded attack combo but that's captain america's homage. :'C

Ultra Attack 2: Anti-air Command Grab: Liberty Hammer.
A command grab animation that would start into the air with a simple grab motion. If the grab connected, it'd be a bluebomb into the ground, with a bounce with the word "Liberty" being said. After that, the bounced opponent would be grabbed again into a leaping piledriver with the word "Liberty" being shouted. The piledriver would land and dirt explode.

Entry Quotation 1: "You stand against the Blue Bruiser!"
Entry Quotation 2 (Vs Villain): "These fists will BREAK your evil intents! ARRGAGRH!"
Entry Quotation 3 (Vs Hero): "Show me your heart, Frontliner of Freedom!"
Attack Quote 1: "Grah!"
Attack Quote 2: "Mmmmrhmph!"
Attack Quote 3: "Eat it!"
Command success: "Who-AH!"
Success Quotation: "My glory will be built on your defeat!"
Success Quotation: "Your down and out, so stay down!"
Success Quotation: "Get up and you'll just fall back down, Hard!"
Failure Quotation: "Justice never... dies! Grahbluagh."
Failure Quotation: "Wh-what!? It' can't... be."
Failure Quotation: "OOOGH-echo-echo."

Since the Command grabs turn into lumbering slow rush command grabs, command grab failures usually sound like a wound quote.

What Doctor Awesome's mirror shows.

Are you ready for Pain? Are you ready for Suffering? If your answer is YES, get in CORP FORUMS!
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Character: Chivalry
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Circling around a large steel round table, the "I'd have it if I could" base for Chivalry, Avalon.
Stage's music: Your text to link here...
Fighting Style: Sword and board. Or, in this case, Energy Board.
Special Attack 1: A really quick jet-propelled charge from the left side of the screen to the right, knocking over the enemy if they get caught in the way.
Special Attack 2: An large energy blast from the chest.

Entry Quotation 1 (Hero): I shall show thee the true way of Honour, valiant warrior!
Entry Quotation 2 (Villain): Thy defeat draws near, cur! Prepare thyself!
Attack Quote 1: Have at thee!
Attack Quote 2: Taste the bite of Caledfwlch! Hyah!
Success Quotation: Hurrah! Victory is mine! *8-bit Fanfare*
Failure Quotation: No! Chivalry... will not... diiiie... *dies lololol*
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Character: Metal Raven
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: The Ministry of Order science labs
Stage's music: Some kind of upbeat hard rock tune
Fighting Style: Power Armor Hand Blasts
Special Attack 1: O-Oops, Sorry!: Raven attempts to rocket forward but trips over his boots and slams into the opponent, at which point he mutters, "Oops, Sorry!"
Special Attack 2: METALDOKEN!: A two-handed, charged energy blast that shreds the ground. Think Force Cascade with two hands.

Entry Quotation 1 (Hero): Good luck, h-have fun! And don't h-hit me in the face!
Entry Quotation 2 (Villain): You still have a ch-chance to stand down!
Attack Quote 1: FREEEEM!
Attack Quote 2: PEW PEW!
Attack Quote 3: BAMF!
Attack Quote 4: Eat powered f-fists!
Under Attack Quote 1: OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!
Under Attack Quote 2: OUCH!! H-Hey, I said not in the face!
Success Quotation: W-Wait, I won? Oh... wh-who's up for some Darren's Pizza!?
Tag Team Quotation - Swapped In: Time to kick b-butt and chew bubblegum, and I-- h-hey, wait, can I say 'butt' on cable te-television...?
Tag Team Quotation - Swapped Out: Nooo! C-C'mon, pick me, pick me! I've got POWER ARMOR!
Failure Quotation: AHH!! My shoes w-were untied!
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Character: Cnidarico.
Hero/Villain: Hero.
Character's Stage: A floating city in the clouds with castles off in the distance, golden light above the arena.
Stage's music:
Fighting Style: Elemental.
Special Attack 1: Chaotic Spark - Projectile lightning bolt, forward movement.
Special Attack 2: Frostcut - Ice uppercut.
Special Attack 3: Spirit Burn - Ground placement move, fire.
Special Attack 4: Rojosmaje - Red forcefield counter.
Entry Quotation 1: The winds have willed our contest...
Attack Quote 1: There's no going back!
Success Quotation: My ancestors watch over me, I will not find defeat.
Failure Quotation: Always there is more to learn...
Click here to read the Cnidarico comic.
Cnidarico's Primus Database page.

"I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly. I realized this too was a chasing after wind, for in much wisdom is much grief. And he that increases the knowledge, increases the sorrow."
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Amusingly enough, I wrote out a sheet like this for Shjade years ago. It was made with Guilty Gear XX in mind, though, meaning...shitload of attacks (no, I won't list ALL of them...but I've got a lot ^.^; ). Numbers are directional inputs according to keypad, assuming facing right, because I feel like including them!

Character: Shjade Nexayre
Hero/Villain: Neutral
Character's Stage & Appearance: Outside a mid-range bar (respectable, but not upscale) with a modest audience of its patrons and a few passersby stopping to watch, while others continue on their way ignoring the fight. It's late at night; streetlights do a good job of lighting most of the stage, but occasionally one flickers, not blackening that part of the street but dimming things a bit until it floods on again. Shjade wears a pair of faded blue painter's jeans and a white sleeveless midriff top. A leather jacket that probably belongs to her lies discarded on the sidewalk in the background beside a pair of black shoes.
Stage's music: Alpha Blade

Fighting Style: Wind's Shadow -- high-speed precision striking.
Combat stance: left foot forward, arms loose at her sides.

Normal attacks range from minimalist short-range jabs and swift kicks to long-reaching sword swipes and bladed-chain sweeps via shadow-style hammerspaced weaponry (dagger, shortsword, paired Japanese cane swords, greatsword, razor-chain).

Character traits: triple jump, large frame window of invincibility on backdash (forward punch has none), variable fall speed.

Melee specials:
214+P/K - Parry/Evade (rolls backward)
4(hold), 6+P/S/HS - Blur-rush stab (short) / sword slash (med) / twin sword slash (far)
623+S/HS - upward X-slash/leaping upward X-slash
63214+S - Snowblind Slash (low damage, large increase to dizzy)

Projectile specials:
236+P - Kiss throw (can be executed in air)
236+S/HS - single/double air slice
41236+HS - Winter's Rose wave slash
632146+P/HS(HS)/K - dagger barrage/Frost of Eden (razor-chain sweeps; keep pressing HS for up to five attacks)/Cancel

Movement specials:
2(hold), 8+K - flash-launch jump (ie: teleporting upward rather than rising)
4(hold), 6+K - Blur-rush crossover (teleport, far)

Tension Supers:
236236+HS - Nameless Steel Torrent (ten air-slashes in a wave)
2363214+P - Shadow Dupe (command throw, results in a false Shjade picking up opponent's shadow and doing unpleasant things to it)
2141236+K - Rapid Rush (dash forward into 23-hit combo; will start combo on block for chip damage)

Instant Kill (It's a GG-series mechanic):
41236412362363214+HS - Ether's Embrace (shadow-teleport throw into the Ether)

Entry quotes:
"...but if I win you cover my tab at the spa. How's that sound?"
"Well, if you insist..."
*after opponent's entry quote* "Sorry, what? I was miles away."

Win quotes:
"Oh come on, don't take it so hard. Here, lemme buy you a drink."
"Wow, you were doing pretty good for a while there!"
"You're not tired already, are you? You owe me a massage!"
*against opponents using firearms* "I swear, a little gunpowder and they think they're unstoppable..."

Loss quotes:
"Alright, alright, just get it over with already."
*sigh* "And now I'm bored."
"Tch, didn't think we were taking this seriously..."
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Character: Stargirl
Hero/Villain: HERO!
Character's Stage: A street in Westside. Crowds have gathered to watch the fight. Many are waving signs expounding Stargirl's greatness.
Stage's music: Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity

Fighting Style: Punches. Punches. Additional Punches.
Special Attack 1: Freedom's Jackhammer: Stargirl leaps up and then down on her opponent, unleashing a flurry of punches as she descends.
Special Attack 2: Roll Charge: Stargirl rolls into a ball and rushes her opponent with a spin attack.
Special Attack 3: Sic 'Em Boy!: Barky leaps onscreen and strikes, dazing the opponent momentarily.
Special Attack 4: Punching Force: Stargirl taps into the power of the Punching Force, increasing damage for a short period of time.

Final Attack: Up, Up and Away: Stargirl delivers a series of escalating uppercuts and then delivers a final blow that launches her adversary into the horizon, Team Rocket style.

Entry Quotation 1: "To ACTION!"
Attack Quote 1: "Howdy!"
Success Quotation:"You forgot to believe in yourself!"
Failure Quotation: (Will never happen)


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Character: Space Lord
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Atlantis, likely encased in a glass dome with the surrounding undersea environment visible from inside. There are other Nebarrens present, but they look bored.
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Keep Away
Special Attack 1: Chest Beam; Space Lord fires a large, golden beam from his chest, causing multiple hits
Special Attack 2: Concussor Blast; Space Lord charges a moment before firing a blue beam at his opponent, knocking them back slightly (3 versions: straight, 45 degree angle up, and 45 degree angle down (in air) )
Special Attack 3: Graviton Lift; Space Lord reverses the gravity around an area, hitting his opponent and sending them skyward (vertical beam with 3 versions: close, medium, and far)
Special Attack 4: Shoulder Missile; Space Lord fires a missile that arcs downward at his opponent. May hit low or high depending on their proximity to him.
Ultra Attack 1: Alpha Strike; "You're finished!"; Space Lord activates all of his weapons (minigun, missiles, chest beam, concussor blasts, and blaster drones) and fires simultaneously; the huge stream of munitions and lasers can be aimed slightly after activation
Ultra Attack 2: Graviton Drop; "Sing the blues!"; Space Lord jumps into the air and creates a massive blue vertical beam around his opponent.

Entry Quotation 1: "A fight? You're no match for me, plebe!"
Attack Quote 1: "How dare you!"
Attack Quote 2: "Hngh!"
Success Quotation 1: "None can withstand the might of the true ruler of the Nebarren Sovereignty!"
Success Quotation 2: "You disgust me. Go be poor somewhere else."
Failure Quotation: "What?! This is absurd! I demand a rematch!"
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Character: Azunai
Hero/Villain: Neutral

Character's Stage: Azunai's Workshop. It looks similar to how the Inventions Store appears but with a lot more giant power armor and giant robots.
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Super Smasher

Attack Quote 1: "Hrragh!"
Attack Quote 2: "Take this!"
Attack Quote 3: "Here's another!"

Block Animation: Energy Shield.
Azunai uses a clear honeycomb patterned energy shield to defend himself.

Successful Grab Quote: "No running away now!"
Missed Grab Quote: "D'oh!"
Grab Animation: Face Grinder
Azunai reaches out to grab his opponent by the head, turns them so their face faces the ground then slams them down, dragging their face on the ground briefly before throwing them the other way.

Ranged Attack: Rock Punch
Azunai slams his foot onto the ground to kick up a chunk of the ground that he uses to punch, sending it towards his target.

Light Punch: A series of light jabs.
Medium Punch: A series of left and right hooks.
Heavy Punch: A powerful haymaker.

Light Kick: A low kick sent for the targets shins.
Medium Kick: A forward kick sent for the targets mid section.
Heavy Kick: Azunai turns his body to send a kick for the targets face.

Special Attack 1 - M+H Punch: A strong uppercut. Performing a haymaker after an uppercut increases Azunai's damage very briefly.

Special Attack 2 - M+H Kick: A powerful foot stomp that knocks his target down. Must be within range.

Ultra Combo 1 - Ragdoll Charge: "You ready for this?!"
Azunai charges forward until he comes in contact with his target, grabbing them by the neck and continues running until they hit the "wall" that Azunai is facing. He slams them into the "wall" before lifting the target high into the air and slamming them down into the ground several times with full force. He ends the combo by turning around and flinging his target to the other side of the "screen."

Ultra Combo 2 - Perfect Defense: "Try and hit me now!"
Azunai's defenses are increased for a limited time. He loses the ability to block while this is active.

Ultra Combo 3 - Catastrophe: "You're done."
Azunai uppercuts his target high into the air, leaping after them to grab them by the leg, swings his arm around several times in a vertical rotation before sending his target into the ground below. He lands, lifts up a huge chunk of the ground, leaps up once again and sends the ground crashing down onto his opponent.

Entry Quotation 1: "You think you're ready for an ass kicking?"
Entry Quotation 2: "Feh. I don't have time for this, so hurry up."
Entry Quotation - Friend/Ally: "Just because we're friends doesn't mean I'll be going easy on you."
Entry Quotation - Enemy: "I'll enjoy smashing your face into the ground."

Success Quotation 1: "Well that was easy. Let's try this again sometime!"
Success Quotation 2: "Come back when you're actually ready to fight."
Success Quotation 3: "What a shame. That was the best you got? I bet your mother was just full of disappointment."

Failure Quotation 1: "Hrn...I was just going easy on you..."
Failure Quotation 2: "I lost?"
Failure Quotation 3: "Yeah, yeah. Enjoy it while it lasts. This won't be the last time we fight."
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Character: Trauma
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage:The Trauma Trove, underground lair, long hallway basically filled with ammo crates and the occasional humorous item (PANTIES EVERYWHERE), big hole in the background exposing sewers.
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Gun kata with some kicking, ranged shooting attacks
Special Attack 1: Junk Buster: Trauma slides between the legs of the opponent, firing upwards towards that SENSITIVE area as he does.
Special Attack 2:Here I am!: Trauma teleports, re-entering with a Bullet Ballet esque combo.
Special Attack 3: My Finger Hurts!: Trauma 'ports in a minigun. Pew pew pew.
Special Attack 4: Spin Two Pins: Two grenades in hand he spins towards the enemy (Think Haggar) at the end the grenades are thrown, exploding on impact.(A two part combo)

Hyper Combo 1 Maximum TRAUMA!: Trauma uses his lasso to tie up the enemy. Then teleports all over the place shooting at them.
Hyper Combo 2: Hats On To You(Level 3): Trauma dons his hat, pistol whips the opponents to stun them. Launches them, first juggling them with pistols, then a rifle, then a minigun and finally a rocket launcher.

Entry Quotation 1:"Are you really gonna try? I mean REALLY."
Entry Quotation 2:"I hope I don't ruin my costume, whilst I KICK YOUR BUTT."
Attack Quote 1:"Hyah!"
Attack Quote 2 "PewpewpewPOW."
Success Quotation 1:"Look, the better and fancier man won." he dons the hat.
Success Quotation 2: "Oh yeah! I was all "POW" and you were like. "HYUAAARGH."
Failure Quotation 1:"Guess this was a long time coming..." SERIOUS ONE.
Failure Quotation 2:"Take me! Just spare...the hat!"

Entry Quotation Westside Warden:"Westside William! Be careful with the arrows, you might hurt yourself!...Or me!"
Success Quotation Westside Warden: "It's okay Westside Wallace! Next time I'm sure you'll hit me at a couple of times!"
Failure Quotation Westside Warden: "You've got style and skill, Warden, and pointy arrows that hurt...mostly the arrows though."
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We need more villains. SO!

Character: Cold-Bone McCoy
Hero/Villain: Villain
Character's Stage: A wild west stunt show conveniently placed in uptown Millennium City! Some of the audience members look like cowboy cyborgs!
Stage's music: This here's the song, partner.

Fighting Style: Rough-Tough-Tussling-Punches.
Special Attack 1: Ice'splosion: Cold-Bone McCoy throws a cyrogrenade at his opponent, entrapping them for two seconds in ice!
Special Attack 2: Snow Gun (Get it? It's a pun!): McCoy fires a barrage of cyrobolts after drawing his two hi-tech pistols!

Entry Quotation (Villain):
"This city ain't big enough for the both of us."
Entry Quotation (Hero): "This is gonna end badly for you. I suggest you run."
Attack Quote 1: "Yah!"
Success Quotation 1: "Time to ride off into the sunset..." *McCoy leaves the stage*
Success Quotation 2: "Maybe next time, cowboy." (Who says villains can't be nice?)
Failure Quotation: "The Millennium Bandits will get their revenge!"
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Character: Brou
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Farmer's Market
Stage's music: Fuzzy FM radio oldies coming from the ceiling speakers.

Fighting Style: Untrained
Special Attack 1: Pilot Run (Grabs the foe and holds it out in front of him while charging through obstacles.) Can be broken out of.

Entry Quotation 1: UR UR UR UR!
Attack Quote 1: Smashie!
Success Quotation: *roars* *couple seconds of silence* Okay, look for tasties, now.
Failure Quotation: Maybe is not be... the best... at smashie...
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Every part of this post is a homage to something.

Character: Livepool
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage:Dustbowl
Stage's music:Imperial March

Fighting Style: Guns and Fists
Special Attack 1: Kicks them in the balls. "You're gonna love my nuts!"
Special Attack 2: Teleports around the enemy dealing a punch each time. "THIS! IS! NIGHTCRAWLERRRRR!"
Special Attack 3:0:54

Entry Quotation 1:Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people!
Attack Quote 1:Bang!
Success Quotation: Aww, dangit.. Wha.. oh, I won? SWEET!
Failure Quotation: Great, kid! Don't get cocky!
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Character: Smiley
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: A round room with Mirrors everywhere! Think like Conan that weird Mirror Room that's in it, except behind each mirror was either a good or bad outcome. If you smashed one a Smiley face could pop out and smack you, or your met with a rocket launcher, or whipped cream.
Stage's music: Vega's Theme Music (Cause he was always my favourite Street Fighter char :P)

Fighting Style: Fast, Agile, Wacky, Dual Wields Truncheons
Special Attack 1: Nightstick Knockout! - A whirlwind style attack!
Special Attack 2: Freakin' Laser Beams! - SHE SHOOTS LASER BEAMS TO MELT YOUR FACE!
Special Attack 3: Game Ender! - A 26 button long combo that looks something like gun-kata. The Truncheons have guns built into them. YES.

Entry Quotation 1: Fighting is like baking. I just have to beat this egg!
Attack Quote 1: By the power of Yellow skull!
Attack Quote 3: Hiiiiiii-yaaaaaaah!
Attack Quote 4: That hurt my fist!
Success Quotation: <Starts singing and dancing in 8-bit mode, 'Another one bites the Dust'>
Failure Quotation: <Pops up in the center of the screen and falls down off the screen to this sound effect>

(I'm clearly not taking this with a SRS face :P)
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Character: Roomsweeper 12
Hero/Villain: Hero (unlocked - normally only encountered in "flashback" mode)
Character's Stage: Central Assembly - a catwalk above a factory floor, with mechanical arms assembling further robots in the backround, cutting pieces into shape, etc. First character to impact the ground with sufficient force breaks through and lands on ground for extra damage.
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Ponderous and powerful. Slow but hard-hitting attacks easy to counter or avoid unless player makes use of longer than average hit stun. Takes less damage from front but more from back. Hard to trip but slow to get up. Very strong in a grapple, good thrower. Poor air fighter. Considerable inertia makes him hard to move around but also hard to stop. Slow to turn around. Primarily uses punches.
Special Attack 1: Decade Strike: Quick offhand strike with long recovery. Decently strong, high knockback makes it impossible to chain into a combo but good finisher.
Special Attack 2: Decade Back-strike: Similar to above, but aimed behind and turns around. Stronger, but even longer.
Special Attack 3: Sonic Crash: Only when on his back. Omnidirectional strike with heavy knockback but damages self.
Special Attack 4: Shockwave: Quick ground-travelling projectile. Stuns and pushes back. Can be chained by quickly hitting the last button afterwards but every strike will knock target further away until range runs out.
Special Attack 5: Charge: Only when moving at full speed. A lunge combined with a downwards fist or shoulder strike. Powerful, but grounds if missed.

Entry Quotation 1: You are under arrest. Resist, and unit will have to use force.
Entry Quotation 2: On the ground. Now.
Entry Quotation 3: You are under arrest. Surrender peacefully. ... Refusal acknowledged. Combat mode engaged.
Attack Quote 1: Impact event.
Attack Quote 2: Compensating.
Success Quotation: You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used... (fades out)
Failure Quotation: System errerrerr--...
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Character: Dead Eye
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Snake Gulch
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Several kinds of guns and basic martial arts.
Special Attack 1: A barrage of fire from many guns simultaneously.

Entry Quotation 1: "Yer barkin' up the wrong tree, Jack."
Attack Quote 1: "Think fast."
Success Quotation: "Dang it, I lost good drinkin' time because of you!"
Failure Quotation: "Ain't this a bitch..."

Character: Spirit
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: Sidewalk outside UNTIL HQ
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Energy blasts, teleportation, light punches and kicks.
Special Attack 1: Teleports back and forth between front and back of opponent, hitting them each time before unleashing a big blast of energy upon them.

Entry Quotation 1: "Do we reeeeaaally have to do this?"
Attack Quote 1: "Keep up with this!"
Success Quotation: "You thought you'd beat me? Fat chance! UNTIL's training me, ya know!"
Failure Quotation: "You big bully!"
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Character: Legacy
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: The edge of the Ren Center park that overlooks Westside
Stage's music: This right hurrrr

Fighting Style: Balanced. Good mix of range and punches. Essentially he's that character that's fairly easy to use who has pretty good damage, but no real depth.
Special Attack 1: Ragdoll physics! Grabs enemy in a bubble of gravity, and flings them about.
Special Attack 2: Oh snap! Snaps his fingers, causing a little outward push of force behind the enemy, bringing them closer to him. Good for starting a combo.
Special Attack 3: Kinetic punch! Jet boots come on while he flies straight ahead like a spear while his fists are packed with extra kinetic force.
Super Ultra Special Move: Rod from God Flies off stage, then SLAMS back down with huge kinetic force. One of his few moves that require considerable skill to pull off.

Entry Quotation 1 (hero): A little sparring match, eh?
Entry Quotation 2 (hero): After this, there shall be pizza!
Entry Quotation 3 (villain): You are scum.
Entry Quotation 4 (villain): You are done hurting people!
Entry Quotation 5 (neutral/whatever): Alright, it's time for this to end.

Attack Quote 1: Can't fight gravity, buddy.
Attack Quote 2: Sir Issac Newton is the deadliest son of bitch in space! ... And here, I guess!
Attack Qutote (around 25% health): I'm done playing by the rules!

Success Quotation 1 (hero): So I'm thinking onions and pepperoni. You?
Success Quotation 2 (villain): You deserve a whole lot more.
Success Quotation 3 (neutral/whatever) Ohhhh man, I do love having powers.

Failure Quotation 1 (hero): Ouch. Guess I need more practice.
Failure Quotation 2 (villain): I'm sorry, mom and dad. I did my best..
Failure Quotation 3 (neutral/whatever): *speaks into comm* Hero down, requesting assistance!
"You ladies are women of justice, like I was in Hong Kong. I understand."- The GLORIOUS JUDGE DI.
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I felt obligated to do two of my other guys, but so I'm not annoying I'll just put them in one post.

Character: Westside Warden
Hero/Villain: Hero/neutral
Character's Stage: Chinatown section of Westside, near the gates.
Stage's music: This

Fighting Style: Ranged, with maybe a few close ranged attacks designed for quick damage and getting away. When up close fights with a nightstick
Special Attack 1: Grapple-paunch! Fires his grapple gun at yo' FACE
Special Attack 2: Split the arrow Fires one arrow that stuns, then fires a second that splits through the previous arrow and explodes.
Special Attack 3: Play nice! Close range. Takes nightstick, brings it right up into crotch.

Entry Quotation 1 (hero): Feh. You have no idea what it's really like out there.
Entry Quotation 2 (villain): I'm not like other heroes. I don't play nice.
Entry Quotation 3 (neutral/whatever): You are wasting my time.

Attack Quote 1: This is how we do it in my neighborhood!
Attack Quote 2: Stay down, before I embarrass you some more.

Success Quotation (hero): Welcome to the neighborhood.
Success Quotation (villain): This is my
city, and these are my streets.
Success Quotation (neutral/whatever): Next time, don't do it on my watch.

Failure Quotation (hero): You think you're better than me?!
Failure Quotation (villain): No! I won't let you...!
Failure Quotation (neutral/whatever) Hnng... You got lucky!


Entry whilst facing Trauma: ... Oh God, you again.
Attack quote whilst facing Trauma: It's -Warden-. WARDEN.
Success whilst facing Trauma: Westside Warden. Remember it. No seriously, I'm tired of correcting you.
Failure whilst facing Trauma: OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

Character: Court Magician/The Silver Mage
Hero/Villain: Hero
Character's Stage: A weird multidimensional mash-up. Appears to be medieval castles mixed in with MC downtown.
Stage's music: This!

Fighting Style: Ranged, plain and simple. If up close, has quick rolls and dodges, but most of his attacks work better from afar. As the Silver Mage, his skill set switches a tad bit, allowing for better short range attacks, but mainly just ups the anti on his existing attacks
Special Attack 1: Magic flames! Large green fire appears around the enemy, engulfing them. Whilst doing so, he yells, "This is not TRADITIONAL fire!"
Special Attack 2: Glyph of Much Hurting A symbol appears beneath his feet, shoots out little blasts of arcane energy at the enemy.
Special Attack 3: True Form If certain conditions are met, he changes into the Silver Mage. Think Dark Phoenix to Jean Gray. This leads too...
Silver Mage End Attack: Silver beams of energy shoot out from under his hood, arching about and following the enemy

Entry Quotation 1: *flies in on rock* Oh, thats not very nice!
Entry Quotation 2 (villain): *deeper, more serious voice* Halt.
Entry Quotation 3 (hero): Oh, you wanna' play hoops after this?!

Attack Quote 1: Man, am I glad I don't use a wand!
Attack Quote 2: You, my friend, are a jerk!
Attack Quote 3 (as Silver Mage): *in a very ethereal voice* Submit, you cannot last.

Success Quotation 1 (villain): Well, that's taken care of!
Success Quotation 2 (hero): *changes into stereotypical basketball outfit, complete with afro and sweatbands* Get your head in the game!
Success Quotation 3 (Silver Mage): *ethereal voice* I am pure.

Failure Quotation 1 (villain): What do I DO?!
Failure Quotation 2 (hero): OH GOD, SO MUCH BLOOD. (beat) Nah, just kidding.
Failure Quotation 3 (Silver Mage): *fading voice* What awaits me... beyond the veil?
"You ladies are women of justice, like I was in Hong Kong. I understand."- The GLORIOUS JUDGE DI.
"Is pushups a sandwich?"- DB
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Character: Danakh
Hero/Villain: ...neutral.
Character's Stage: The Dark Place, a nearly pitch-black arena with the occasional flicker or pulse of visibility near the combatants, revealing glimpses of some sort of archaic corridor. Periodically, pairs of faintly-luminous eyes appear and roam around briefly, then vanish. As the time limit for a round runs out, the area picks up a dull red glow, as long black phantom limbs begin to reach toward the combatants from the edges of the screen, grasping fingers growing longer as the time closes on 0. With infinite time set, this would always be the case.
Stage's music: A Raging Emperor's Banquet

Fighting Style: A complex character with a broad series of moves, all stemming from an ability to swap stances. He'd have four movelists for four basic stances: unarmed, shadowy rope dart, ghost blades, and swordfighting.
Unarmed attacks for Danakh are mostly palm and sword-hand strikes while standing, with kicks and leg sweeps when crouching. They come out slowly, but are high damage, and flow into each other very naturally.
Rope dart attacks are low-damage and with predictable angles, but stretch quite a ways. Think Dhalsim, or Axl from GGX.
Ghost Blades attacks are his fastest movelist, and as such, should have his highest combo potential but due to their inherent speed, the combos would be difficult to string effectively.
Swordfighting attacks would be his slowest, meatiest moves. Broad attack arcs, long thrusts, but each with a telegraphed windup animation.
Movement Special: Danakh double-jumps by teleporting upward, and can air-dash, again, by teleporting.
Block Special: Danakh cannot block normally. Instead, if you press to block the moment any attack lands, he will simply evade it. For multi-hit attacks, this is required for every blow. Visually, he simply teleports out of phase for a moment.
All Stances 1: At The Threshhold - A command teleport, with button input determining target location.
All Stances 2: Tools for Any Task - Change stances. Using the command for a stance you are in reverts to unarmed.

Unarmed Special 1: How Dare You - A counter vs either low or high strikes, not standing pokes. A way of punishing the opponent for not fighting on his terms. Danakh freezes in place, then counters the attack by teleporting above and slamming them to the ground forcefully.
Unarmed Special 2: Icy Grip - An arcing projectile, following either: a straight path and terminating short, a medium arc and crossing the stage, or a high arc and simply travelling toward the sky. Low-damage projectile, but knocks the opponent down when it hits. Short-range version flings opponent behind Danakh.
Unarmed Special 3: Impatience - A command sprint. Input while in motion converts this to a sliding takedown, a lungethrough, or a palm strike that breaks blocks but does no damage if the opponent is not blocking.
Unarmed Super: Heart Ripper - A single, highly damaging attack to the opponent's chest. Should be difficult to execute, like raging hell murder or whatever Akuma's blackout is called in moonspeak.

Rope Dart Special 1: Dark Lash - A whiplike ranged attack, angled low, medium, or high. Draws the opponent toward Danakh.
Rope Dart Special 2: Gallows Drop - Short-ranged command grapple; strings the opponent up by the throat before exploding.
Rope Dart Special 3: Darkness Falls - Aerial, whiplike move. If it lands, draws Danakh toward opponent to slam into them.
Rope Dart Super: The Iron Web - Super-counter; strikes a pose for about a second, and if struck, strings the opponent up in an intricate black spiderweb, before the strands withdraw violently.

Blades Special 1: Castigate - A combo of three identical inputs, carrying Danakh toward the opponent with an attack. The last strike knocks the opponent into the air.
Blades Special 2: On Wings of Corpses - Phantoms lift Danakh into the air, in a spiralling uppercut.
Blades Special 3: Dead Ward - A burst of phantoms in a short radius around Danakh, reflecting projectiles and, if an opponent is within the radius, knocking them upward.
Blades Super: Not Now, Never - Accelerates Danakh and increases his attack power by a ratio determined by the amount of health he has left; the less, the greater the effect. Visually, he turns pitch-black and pale phantoms crawl across his body while the effect lasts.

Swordsmanship Special 1: Arteriokinesis - Mid-ranged, very rapid attack. If it strikes, Danakh's sword and arm become enshrouded by motes of blood. If it does not strike, Danakh takes a small amount of damage, and becomes enshrouded with his own blood. This secondary effect stacks up to three times.
Swordsmanship Special 2: Guillotine - Brief windup activation, then a powerful downward stroke. If enshrouded, sends a damaging shockwave of blood upward, more dramatically the more blood exists on his arm.
Swordsmanship Special 3: Bloody Grasp - Upward sword-stroke. If enshrouded, slings a broad spray of blood towards opponent, more effectively and more dramatically the more blood exists on his arm.
Swordsmanship Super: Even Death May Die - Two powerful mid-range strokes. If enshrouded, two additional strokes of blood arc from Danakh to the opponent per layer of the effect. While easily avoided, this super is capable of dropping almost any opponent from 100% to 0 health if fully empowered.

Entry Quotation (hero): "Another interruption. Stand down, or suffer."
Entry Quotation (villain): "Useless. You might as well kill yourself now; I so hate wasting my time with the likes of you."
Entry Quotation (neutral/whatever): "What is this? Who are you? Nobody, that is who."
Attack Quotes: None. To snap off lines while fighting would be... undignified.
Success Quotation: "It can't be helped. Remember - there is no shame in remembering your place. On the ground."
Failure Quotation: "...Next time, you will not be so fortunate."

e2: added some basic gameplay info.
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Character: Charnel
Hero/Villain: Neutral
Character's Stage: The Great Beast bookstore, the floor covered in downed DEMON cultists.
Stage's music:

Fighting Style: Fights using her claws. Low damage but very quick attacks. Requires good timing to chain efficiently. Light, vulnerable to knockback. Medium ground speed. Wings let her double-jump, changing momentum in mid-air. Hovers when attacking in the air - deadly air combatant. She is fairly frail, but damage he takes constantly regenerates. However, the amount of damage she can "store" to regenerate is limited and a good combo will cut into her health quite a bit.
Special Attack 1: Voidwalker - Turn into a shadow and quickly dash in a selected direction. Phase through most projectiles, can quickly launch a claw attack but have to recover afterwards. Can phase through enemy to end up behind, with back turned. Can be used in the air, but can't double-jump afterwards.
Special Attack 2: Voidswap - Turn into a shadow and quickly dash away from the enemy, reappearing behind them, in the same distance you were before using this. Can also be used in the air.
Special Attack 3: Massacre - Powerful upward swoop with claws. Likely to knock enemy into the air, just in range of a voidwalker followup.

Entry Quotation 1: You're in my way. Get lost.
Entry Quotation 2: *annoyed hiss* You just had to get in my way.
Entry Quotation 3: (Hero) Very well. If this'll make you see reason.
Entry Quotation 4: Oh, I'll enjoy this.
Hit Quote 1: Ngh. Good one!
Success Quotation 1: Stay down. I still have work to do.
Success Quotation 2: (Villain) Hmpf. You call yourself strong?
Failure Quotation: We're not... done yet... heh. *collapses*