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Upcoming MMOs

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - Founders Program & Packs are LIVE![The 40K:EC Founders Program has gone live!]In the grim darkness of the future -- there is only Eternal Crusade! Make your purchase and stake your claim in the war trenches TODAY! [Game Overview] [In-Game Factions] [...
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Upcoming MMOs

Pantheon: RotF Kickstarter (for those who liked EQ and Vanguard)

I didn't play EQ at the time, but I did play Vanguard. It was a fun, deep game with a lot of content and less of the modern twitch gameplay.Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a new MMO from Brad McQuaid and his team, looking for Kickstarter funding t...
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Upcoming MMOs

SOE Surprises Star Wars: Galaxies Veterans with... wait what? [Possible News?]

So my friend linked me the latest Reddit AMA about Everquest: Next and John Smedley (yes, as in the very head of SOE itself) *dropped a bit of a bomb on us...*TL;DR: straight from Smedley himself: "SWG PLAYERS - OUR NEXT GAME (not announced yet) I...
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Upcoming MMOs

Everquest: Next details announced, complete with gameplay videos & beta signups

...IF they do this right, and fully deliver on their promises: [Link]Let's look at this in a nutshell. Some of the slated features that excite me the most about Next (again, these are just promises at this point)...*Allows the entire playerbase ac...
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Upcoming MMOs

Should know city of heroes

hello you all hear the the phoenix project coming and heroes and villains coming and valiance online is coming so before city of heroes was closed by NCsoft so you should know about CoH before CoH Death so here is a questionsi said if is correct o...
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Upcoming MMOs

Spearheading through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Beta Test - PS3/PC)

It was four years since I got the original promotion code to sign up for the beta of XIV 1.0. We all know how 1.0 turned out. The wait finally is over! Last weekend was the beginning of the third stage of beta testing for ARR, which introduced the...
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Upcoming MMOs

Runo's Hands-on Preview of Neverwinter (Beta) [Screenshot-Heavy]

FOREWORD, GREETS & DISCLAIMER:Hey there!So you may have noticed that the Beta Weekends for Neverwinter have absolutely no NDA for BWE testers. I decided to take advantage of this by writing up a preview that should hopefully offer some insight...
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Upcoming MMOs

The Elder Scrolls Online: Beta Signups Available NOW! me now, thank me later. <3
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Upcoming MMOs

Fortune's Favoured and the FIC/ARK! [NEW Guild Wars 2 RP-Community Ad]

Have you ever wanted to be part of an MMO's pre-launch community? Are you a roleplayer? Are you a sexy stud-muffin in need of a home for your Guild Wars 2-based roleplaying, sexy, studly muffin-ness? Look no further than Fortune's Favoured to plac...
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Upcoming MMOs

The Secret World

So, after three freakin' days, I figured I'd make this post. Whats the MMO about? The long version, check the website: Http:// short version is this: Everything is real. Every urban folklore, myth, legend, biblical story,...
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Upcoming MMOs

Farewell, Dark Millennium Online (as an MMO); we hardly knew ye.
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Upcoming MMOs

SWTOR's 'Main' RP Servers

Thought I'd give a little heads up, also long time no post!For those eager to get in to SWTOR Tomorrow (I know I am :P) A site much like how CORP started got together to decide which servers to roll on. Seems the Server names were released today I...
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Upcoming MMOs

Looking forward to 40K: Dark Millennium Online? From THQ? Yeah, not anymore you're (probably) not!

Let's hope this guy is a huge bastard and is trolling us all or is misinformed:
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Upcoming MMOs

TOR Early Access Pushed FORWARD: You may get in as early as Dec. 13th!

Courtesy of Darth HaterWhat do you guys think? I'm hopeful that I nabbed a spot on the 13th!
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Upcoming MMOs

Join us in SWTOR

Hey CORP:It's been a while since I played Champions, but I loved my time here. I used to run a small, but active RP group called Genesis League. You can review some of our antics on this thread...Genesis LeagueLike many of you, I'll be RPing in SW...
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Upcoming MMOs

HDHatred Presents ... Hate-On #1: "The Coming sTORm" [Adult Language!]

The Nutshell:Star Wars: The Old Republic is not a sandbox MMO. Players and even the developers have carefully phrased its sales pitch as a "theme park" MMO: there's a lot of rides and games, but all the rides are on rails and the games reward you ...
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Upcoming MMOs

Please Consider Joining My SW:TOR Guild!

We have a few days to finalize our guilds and hopefully survive the cross into beta. I'm really hoping my heavy RP guild will make it. Here is the synopsis:Vanguard (As in Vanguard Party. They're socialists, get it?)Protecting Trade. Decrying Myst...
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Upcoming MMOs

Get your TOR beta key now! it while supplies last. :P
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Upcoming MMOs

Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online

Original article, with HD720p quality in the link below![youtube]hHu4Na0lsd0[/youtube]I don't usually fanboy over pre-alpha trailers, or trailers at all, but OMG OMG OMG OMG-- hold on must take a second to breath. OKAY. Here is what we "know" abou...
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Upcoming MMOs

Deadpool. Of course it would be Deadpool...

They've released some art from the upcoming Marvel MMO:Free to play and I get to run around as Deadpool? [Sarcasm] Hold me! I may swoon! [/Sarcasm]Video game update from SDCC:
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