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Eurovision year, another Eurovision. Here we go again.
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Celtic Thunder concert tonight!

I won tickets to this from a Celtic monthly newspaper, so I'm taking my gran 'cause she's the one that made me enter and wanted to go.Really excited! I'll try and let you know how it went.
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Presenting: LDDC

I think that's my first time posting in the Music Center!?!I'd like to show you a rather obscure HipHop/Rap group from Switzerland called LDDC (Los Diablos Del Cielo). They sing in English, Spanish and sometimes French and have currently released ...
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Songs that give you goosebumps?

Everyone has some! Good memories, bad memories, or just songs that are incredible.Even better if you can point out where in the song the goosebumps kick in!From about 2:11 onwards... love that.From about 3:35 onwards. Never really understood why...
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F-777 love this guy's stuff. Actually known about him years ago from searching for music on Newgrounds, so when I was trowling the site for the first time in a long time I found...
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GROUNDBREAKING: The BMS of Fighters Compilation

For five years I've looked forward to every winter for this to come out.If I'm understanding this correctly, these digital albums bring together the best tracks of a certain Japanese competition. Some of the artists have even gone onto create song...
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When you need a sad song...

Here is the best one!
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Even though this song is from a Final Fantasy game, I found it to be pretty powerful, especially the lyrics. It was also a song that made me think it could fit superhero stuff. song also plays during ...
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What does the fox say?

Really. It's a legitimate question.(I don't care if this is the new fad song or whatever. Someone got me hooked on this.)
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The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: CORP Edition started as a gag between Mahoff and me. Then it got out of hand!Ol‘ Azunai was hoppin‘ around, Millenium City like a big playground,When suddenly Kaufmann burst from the shade And hit Azunai with a sonic grenade,Azunai got pissed and began t...
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Animated music in their proper languages? How can this be?

Stumbled across this. hellfire (the hunchback of notre dame) - french; ii. once upon a december (anastasia) - russian; iii. a whole new world (aladdin) - arabic; iv. bare...
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Two Videos from Biting Elbows

It's a russian band that I really know nothing about. I've only heard these two songs by them. But good god... the videos... they... just watch them. And don't prejudge the second one based on the thumbnail like I originally did. https://www.yo...
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Hood Internet

No silly, that's their name.R-R-R-REMIX love this one.
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Rediscovery is a Beautiful Thing

While working on another project I dug up my old copy of Mirror's Edge and burned through it again, bought the soundtrack on my phone to listen to dealing with work things. Cheers ya'll.
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Guilty Pleasure

Wellp, post yours here
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Haz tu lado más humano - I did the video there corp. I made a videoclip for my brother's friend.I'm not into that kind of music, but I made the edition and effects. If you don't mind some bad spanish rap music, look at the video and tell me...
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Raiser - Sharp Hammers (Yep, I do music!)

Hello friend! Is your good brotherman friend-dude, Raiser!You want the music of the internet box, I got the music of the internet box. Maybe I even give you internet music!Look at the fine musicbox internet thing here! Is is being Raiser Sharp Ham...
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Bruce Lee remix thing. just thought this was super cool. Carry on.
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What's Your Champion's Musical Preference?

I'm pretty sure this thread exists. But I can't find it. So! Let's hear it! What does YOUR character listen to?Wanderer listens to classical and country. He's a big fan of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Oddly enough, Wanderer has the exact opposit...
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Boss fight music.

Some boss fight type music when a major villain makes an appearance during one of your RP events (especially if your hero is a chick).Speaking of bosses...
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