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DCUO: The Search For RP

I've just recently started playing this (CO's content drought has been taking a heavy toll) and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to try to connect with the RP community there?
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"Alangara - New Dawn" ; Neverwinther Nights ( NWN 1 ) online RP server ( PW )

Howdy all :)I just want to advertise for our nwn1 server "Alangara - New Dawn". It is a 24/7 running persistent World set in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons universe and ruleset.The game ( platinum edition with all expansions ) can be aquired at...
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BUZZ FOCUS - BRIAN BENDIS TO SCRIBE MARVEL MMOSo yeah. It seems Marvel has been busy on their own MMO for the past year and a half, although I'm sure it has nothing related to the game that was announced about 5 years ago. <which is, well, CO n...
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One Shot, One Kill: All Ghost

Hello everyone, Leroy's Wish here. As some of you know, I like my first person shooters. Everything from Star wars Battlefront to Medal of Honor, Halo to Battlefield...if it has guns, I like it. There are a lot of Free 2 Play FPS online, but somet...
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Return to the Old Republic

Hello everyone, Leroy's Wish here. Not many of you know this, but i am a really big fan of the Star Wars Universe. I used to play Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), but never attempted to role play. I'm coming back to it, and was wondering if a...
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GW2 Players: Help me win up to 4000 gems!

So GameSkinny (a GameLaunch network affiliate) is hosting a contest where you basically submit a fancied-up article featuring screenshots and details of your best-looking Guild Wars 2 character's outfit. The prizes include up to 4000 gems, custom ...
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Rping in Neverwinter.

So. I downloaded Neverwinter. I want to Rp in Neverwinter.Only problem?I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, know nothing of the lore, no paper and pencil, nothin'. I feel sorta' ashamed of myself.Sooo, I was wondering if anyone could give me a ...
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Finding the Foundry

So... this is totally a feature we need in CO. It's amazing!Since we don't have it in CO though... I thought I'd start a thread for people to show off their foundry missions in NW... and in STO if you're into that kind of thing! I'll update this f...
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Its official Arena Net Has been doing a better job than Cryptic

Evidence here
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GW2: Forming a Static Group

The little guild we made for GW2 is named Tyrian Champions. Not many people used it after the first couple of months. I personally wasn't going to run a guild or anything so it was made just in mind for people that want to chat with other CORPer...
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A CORP Guild for Neverwinter?

Any plans?
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A CRP Channel for Neverwinter!

Since I'm terribly OCD at times when it comes to translating video game concepts into an in-universe thing, I have taken it upon myself to propose an in-character channel for adventurers to communicate with, and even a possible means of bypassing ...
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So yeah, mentioned this in CORP like once. It might be interesting to make a guild for us CORPers in Guild Wars 2, providing enough of us are actually going to play to make it worth it. You can join as many guilds as you like anyway, so I thought ...
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DCUO Roleplaying

Okay, I know this is a re-hash of older threads, but they've been left to rot. I really hate necro-ing old threads.So, here's the thing:I can't play Champions right now. For some reason, it lags like mad on my PC. It ran smooth & fast before a...
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DCUO F2P Guild: Virtue and Vice

Sup folks. For those thinking of testing out DCUO, I have some interesting information for you. When I was playing several months ago, I ran both a hero league and a villain legion. The hero league was named The Frontliners while the villain leg...
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Dungeons and Dragons online

Well, i decided to give this game one chance.Is anyone playing it so i can roleplay with?When the game is online again i'll say the server.
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Game is going to be released in the half year, or maybe even FEBUARY. It is going to be.. FREE TO PLAY ....I applied for Beta, waiting for respond, hope to be accepted
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Fallen Earth

Tomorrow a little game called Fallen Earth goes F2P. I found this gem when I was a little burned out from Champs. It provides a nice change of pace, and makes for a more realistic counterbalance to champions fantastic neon wonderland. Fallen Earth...
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DC Universe Online going F2P

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CORP APB server: Joker

Whoever is wanting to tag along to try out the open beta for the game, hop on over to Joker with some of us. We'll be putting clans for each side together to game with one another.
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