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The Hero Ads

Westside Hero Academy is looking for students and faculty!

Just wanted to follow up on this. Perhaps I can be of assistance in being a faculty member with regards to defensive tactics and survival.
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The Hero Ads

Young mage and stand up comic looking for work!

The Amazin Mr. Hex!Available for weddings, birthdays, funerals, mercenary contracts, public shows, divorces, funerals, divorces and funerals, hero work and much more!
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The Hero Ads

Construction Services

This small, tasteful advertisement could be found tucked away into the back pages of a local newspaper, on a msall stack of flyers left at a cafe, or even tucked under the windshield wiper of your hover tank. It would read as follows:Petrovich Sp...
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The Hero Ads

Aeron's Mercenary Services!

In some newspaper ads, posted on some websites, or hung up as fliers in certain bars, there's an ad that reads as follows: Tired of having to deal with problems yourself? Tired of having annoying people pester you at every moment? Tired of having ...
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The Hero Ads

The Winter Millennium Foundation

((The following flyer can be seen either posted on various community boards, or in some newspapers here and there. Thalia Winters runs this Foundation (haven't build a hideout yet) and she uses contacts she's made over the years to help people. Fe...
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The Hero Ads

1/25/2013 For Sale on Ebay

Crystal Throne by Man In The HatOne of a kind artifact, full-size, exotic manufacture. Recommend keep stored in cool, dry place.Starting bid at $40,000.00Time left to bid: 14 days 6 hours 15 minutes
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The Hero Ads

Tesla Prep; Now enrolling!

Are you unsure of your new abilities? Lost within a sea of madness, and endless talk? Are you in need of training, or perhaps, an education? Then Tesla Prep is for you!Now Enrolling students of all ages.Contact Snowblind @ 1-800-529-3268 extension...
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The Hero Ads

Mad Murphy's Gunshack

Does your gun not quite do the trick anymore?Are you tired of running out of bullets before that f*ckin' huge brute runs out of steam?Do you feel like a fifth wheel alongside all those superheroes spewing fire and magic and whatever out their a**e...
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The Hero Ads

Private Investigator and Witch for Hire

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AND WITCHParanormal and extraordinaryhappenings of a supernatural nature as well as mundane affairs investigated for a nominal fee. Do not tellfortunes, no love potions,no birthday parties,will not bring loved ones or pets bac...
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The Hero Ads

Hiring for an Armor Engineer.

Seeking skilled Engineer to repair, upgrade, etc. a suit of Power Armor. Can provide a place to work, a place to stay, and moderately good pay. Preferably one that can fight when needed as well.Contact this number for more information.*A cell phon...
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The Hero Ads

Mortie the Merc-for-hire..for you!

*This advertisement would be pretty easy to find in the Phonebook, websites,ect...*Are you in need of professional muscle? Or maybe someone to get a cat out of a tree?Look no further!Mortie the Mercenary. Any job is doable...for the right price!Re...
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The Hero Ads

Mage needed.

Mage needed for consult. Must be extremely familiar with Greek spirits and pantheon and able to recognize such.Contact Maxi Baker via Until terminal or at Moon Base Hepharchus-13-theta.
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The Hero Ads

Staff wanted for new restaurant.

We need waitstaff and kitchen staff for a new restaurant. All applicants must be telepathic, precognitive a plus. Kitchen staff should have graduated a recognized cooking school and have appropriate references. Send resume to: Psy...
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The Hero Ads

Gizmotech Innovations

Recently, a large scale advertising campaign has cropped up for a relatively new company known as Gizmotech Innovations. The ads vary, from billboards to newspaper ads, to internet adverts, to radio and television commercials. A website for the co...
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The Hero Ads

Looking for Secretary

The newspaper ad reads as follows:"Sascha looking for secretary who can help Sascha with planning of building Bear district on Island of Fuchsia. Need work with planning schedules for workers, payments, finding right people for right jobs and othe...
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The Hero Ads

For Auction: Authentic Miss Maize Costume

For auction by anonymous seller: Costume worn by teen sidekick Miss Maize III in August, 2007. Set consists of:1 green, bespoke-crafted, knee-length dress of faux-leather bulletproof Xyvlar with buckskin and beaded detailing. Item has burn marks f...
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The Hero Ads

Wanted: System Admin

Flux-Carson Enterprises and the Carson Foundation are looking for experienced server administrators. If you have five years experience, are knowledgeable with UNIX, and can pass a security check, Flux-Carson offers extremely competitive rates and ...
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The Hero Ads

For Sale - Pile of Giant Robot Scrap - $6000 OBO

Alright. I've been beating up some giant robots lately and collecting their scrap. I had some armor made out of a bit of it. None of that crazy tech suit stuff, just something to prevent minor cuts and scrapes.Anyway. I got tons of this junk left ...
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