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[Pinned] Preemptive Hello and Welcome.

This is a little preemptive strike on welcoming new members to the site on behalf of myself and the other CORP moderators in case we don't get the chance to post a hello on individual introduction posts. Hello to you and welcome to the group! We...
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[Pinned] Welcome Heroes! [Please Read]

Welcome all! We're very pleased to have you and please feel free to tell us about yourself; that's what this forum is for. ;P Be sure to read the forum rules too!
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A greetings and a question

Hey all. My name is Chris and I play Justin Zakat, formerly the Outcast Resurrection, as well as Adamant Resurrection. I am a gay male serious RPer who has RPed in a million different places and love creating grand storylines and cool events.I sta...
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Hello, everyone! I recently decided to search for fellow RPers in my currently most favorite game, and came across this most amazing group! I look forward to roleplaying with all of you, and seeing you in-game!So, a little bit about me.My name's D...
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Hi There

Hello Everyone, I'm actually a returning member of CORP but it has been such a long time I may as well be totally new again. I have been craving a fun role playing community for some time and decided to jump back into my old superhero tights. I ho...
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Hi everyone, my name is Sarah and I play a character named Roxy Jimenez, a psionic sorceress ("Mind Witch") who hangs out with shady characters, occasionally investigates paranormal occurrences and can either be a bubbly social butterfly or a dark...
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I'm Erica. I play Alleviate. I took a VERY long break and now I'm back to see if this game's rp can hold my attention again as it once did.
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Heya. I'm Fixer. I've been playing CO for a couple years now, but I've been doing RP's (Forum, Chat, and Tabletops) For over a decade. Looking to forward to some fun.Cheers.
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Heya Again

Heya folks. after a few years of not playing, I decided to take a look again at the game, I was wondering how Active CORP still is. Some may remember me as Aracanus, a Lemurian Spellsword that surfaced a long time ago. However jsut saying Hi again...
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Hello World!

...or at least Hello CORP. 😉I've been playing CO for two years now, doing some casual rp once in a while, and now finally decided to join CORP.Hope to see you in game.
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Heyo CORP, @goshnova1 popping in to say hi here.Recently returned to the game after a year longish hiatus. Wanted to say hi to the rest of the RP community.I've been playing CO since launch off and on, and since launch over at CoH until closure. P...
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So I joined up awhile back, but actually never posted. AS I plan to make a return to CORP, I figured I'd slide back on and make a PROPER hello this time. Despite knowing the RP scene isn't as alive as it used to be :PThat aside, hello all! Sune is...
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Hello there!!

Hey all you superhero RPers! Stumbled upon this site while looking for role playing communities for Champions Online and figured this looks like a good place to post up! I play a toon in game named Biome, an environmentalist superhero (or eco-terr...
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Hello everyone. I'm new to the group, although I already have experience with roleplay, in games and digital games
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Ahem. Introductions are always rather akward, do pardon me.So, my name is Andreas. I'm 23 years old, and I've been involved in Roleplaying for about...3 of those years. I started with Guild Wars 2, then had a brief stint in Champions, actually (th...
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Hi ya!

Hello fellow Champs !I'm Brandon and 23 years old. Been in the 'P&P-Business' since I'm 5 years old hehe. Grew up with it. Also a DM for 4 years now in our ongoing DnD campaign. :-) The four of us switch back and forth on who's next Sunday's D...
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Hey howdy hey

Not sure if I introduce myself properly but I'm Fared; I RPed in games like City of Heroes, Second life and most I couldn't even name. But I've known about the roleplaying since 2007. I hope I roleplay with you soon! :D
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Hello all. I first started with PnP RPGS more than thirty years ago (yes, I am old...thank you). I grew up on comics, and wonder if anyone remembers the old PnP Marvel Heroes RPG? FASERIP anyone? lol. Anyway, thats where my 'main' character, Spect...
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Hello there!

Hello folks. I have recently returned to CO after a i think it was a 3-4 year hiatus. I used to be quite active with my over 2000 clocked hours of gameplay ( yes i am a gigantic nerd :P )Anyway feel free to hit me up ingame for some RP and stuff. ...
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New Girl Question: The State of Roleplay in Champions Online

Greetings to one and all. Avid roleplayer and somewhat amateur writer. I have RP'd for quite a while, over a decade(I was like 12 when I started on some weird site called Neopets), and I have done RP in let's say 2 and a half MMOs. I really like t...
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