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Superman vs Hulk: The Animated Video Series

Since 2011, independent animator Mike Habjan has been uploading to YouTube, videos chronicling his multi-part interpretation of a fight between Superman and the Hulk, which have since garnered millions of views and many fans, myself included. Alth...
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Dark Nights Metal or "What if DC played too much qliphoth content and thought 'I want this'"

I don't read comics often, but when I do it's dos equis I'll hunt and peck and when things catch my interest (my more comicy friends linking stuff I like). I'll go snag it and read it. I might get mildly spoilery so if you were thinking of readi...
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RIP Michael Satran

Author of Foxbat for President and many other fine Champions PnP books.You will be missed.
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What the heck, Marvel?

So, in relation to the publication and debut of below-mentioned characters, this post might be a little retro-reactive, but I still think it's an interesting topic for discussion. Point 1: Female Thor. I'm up to date with the most recent run of Th...
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First look at Hela

From Thor: Ragnarok.
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Logan (2017) - Official Trailer

I am not ready for this. And neither are you. international trailer with red band footage.
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Holy Revival, Batman!
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Civil War 2

So if you haven't heard the news Civil War 2 will be coming out around the time of the movie. Let me say that I was never a fan of the first Civil War I thought it was dumb and didn't make any sense what so ever for it to happen. But what do you a...
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Superhero color theory pushing too hard on the point, but it's nice to know there are other colors than red and black. :)
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Captain America: Civil War non-spoiler review

One Sentence Review - IMHO it's the best MCU film, should have been positioned/"branded" as a full-fledged Avengers film.My favourite MCU films have been the Avengers films for the team dynamics and the ensemble cast, Guardians of the Galaxy for f...
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B v S no spoilers

Just wanted to say I for one really enjoyed the movie. Possibly because I had my expectations set really really low, so it turned out to be quite fun. Wasn't too concerned about the plot, since I read the spoilers anyway, so whatever deficiencies ...
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Some thoughts on Sidekicks

From my friend Robert Dorf:"The key to the Superhero - Kid Sidekick relationship was in the wish kids had in war time for a perfect dad or big brother. Somebody they could hang out with, go on adventures with, be mentored and protected by, in a ti...
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More Canadian Superhero Propaganda

Captain Canuck returns. Another serial. Off to a good start.[video=youtube;yGk7cQGll2Y][/video]
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Happy birthday King

A day late, but well worth watching.
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MARVEL CIVIL WAR LEAKED TEASER? THIS REAL OR FAKE?! It looks real but I really don't know.
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Marvel Explosion: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Civil War and Avengers

SAYETH WHAT? Marvel promotes B-listers into A-listers. And does a Great job at it! Source
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In anticipation of Dr. Strange...

I am a long time fan of Dr. Strange, but I'm old and generally lost interest in buying comics in the early 00's. So, I know Doc has not had a series for quite awhile and has been living vicariously through guest appearances an mini's etc. Could so...
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Batman v Superman trailer

In case you haven't seen it yet: spoilers, there are 2 halves here.The 1st half is different yet interesting.The 2nd half is familiar yet still interesting.I mainly read Marvel, but this is very, ...
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Spider-Man in MCU

For those of you haven't heard, the webslinger Spider-Man has now joined the marvel universe. Reddit has also spoken on this...
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Stupid Comics Site is a website dedicated to writing about probably the worst comic books ever produced.Some books here are just epic:
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