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[Pinned] Artists to Commission

Been meaning to do this for a few months now but never got around to it after mentioning it in an old thread. While there is another thread like this, I felt a more organized take with links would be less confusing to read for people interested i...
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[Pinned] Hero Art - Resources and links

Hi everyone! First off, you lot are creating some amazing stuff 3(I was recently looking around for the 'Im like' signature template (See my sig for an example). Well I found them in the end but it took some searching. I decided a thread linking t...
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[Pinned] Image Posting Guidelines [Please Read]

Please follow these guidelines when posting:• Large images will automatically get resized; you may post thumbnails linked to a larger image, however.• Do not post excessive nudity, gore or violence; post a warning in the thread and [NS] in the thr...
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Masamundane Junk 2014

My doodly style has been evolving a bit lately, and I'm pretty happy with the way it's begun to work. Still a bit more I'm playing with, but my newest is also my newest character. I drew her before, but prefer the way this looks.The white suit on ...
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The Final Twilight

I bet you weren't expecting a whole novel here?The Final Twilight is a Star Trek/Starfleet Command novel I wrote on the Taldren forums around 2000. Just in case anyone's interested and has a lot of free time.
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Project On Call Members Showcase

Hello there this is SoulStarisborn speakingFor the current month or so I'll be doing a series of designs which I will post on our main Project On Call site of various prominent members of our group.But will also show off some of them here tooDyna...
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We just got our 2018 teen team commission of the fantastic PROGENY!
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Just wanted to share our teams 2018 team commission as we near our FIFTH anniversary! Still a work in progress!
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Epel's Gallery (forgive me, for I have commissioned)

Basically, this is that inevitable topic I have to make where I explain I used to be good at art, but now I just want other people to do it for me. Most of the time.I've racked up quite a few commission pieces over the years. Naturally, most of th...
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Just sharing some art I have commissioned for the winner of a writing contest I held for my teams under the theme of VERSUS. The winner was Kaufmann, and he was awesome enough to state he wanted his character to be fighting my character in the pie...
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Champions Online Art - UNDEAD Costume Contest Winners!

Another year, another costume contest from the Champions Online Art DeviantArt group!This time with bloodWhat is THIS?The idea is that you take your player character and have them transform into a creature of the night! These can be, zombies, vam...
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CapslockRAGE's Comissions and arts.

Hiya, I'm planning on getting quite a bit of art done, So I wanted to share them. This thread is for that purpose. Feel free to comment on the pictures, and possibly suggest things or hell, doodle my characters, I'll post them all here.First, I'll...
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... just thought I'd share. :P
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Are you... MassivelyHeroic?

While I've mentioned the idea in CORP Discord, I thought I'd add a posting here in case there were those interested. Wanted to let people know that I started a group gallery on deviantArt that focuses on OC characters from superhero MMOs-- Champio...
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Art/Vlog Channel open

Small update just letting all know I got an art/vlog channel started up entitled SoulStar Sketchin'. Will be doing multiple updates and what not improving it as I know there are audio issues. (Really working hard on improving that overtime promise...
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Private Journals of a Wandering Magi

So I was bored one day so I started making visual references for the journal owned by a character of mine. The entries are done from his point of view etc etc.Old Paper Stock ImageFont
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Open Commissions are open

Technically it ain't news but I am a freelance artist and do occasionally make the bills by doing so. But for about I will say a month or so I will be offering commissions.Below will be a link to the commissions pricing listing on my deviant art ...
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Agent Canada - Lottery & Freebie Pics

Hello HeroesYou may not know me as I spent most of my time on the Champions Forums but some of my doodles or their sublect matter maybe a little familiar. Here's a small sample of the safer ones.CLIFF-01: One of the earlier Champions doodles, one ...
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Thundrax Story Collection

Collected all the stuff I wrote over the years into this:
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A referance program for you doodly-doodlers

Hey guys, So, I sometimes throw art at this page, and you might have seen it. I'm not grand at it, and in fact, I'm not great at all. I have a terrible time with hands, and my proportions are...unreliable at best.Which is not me trying to start a ...
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